Chapter 1775: 3000 Years of Smelting

Wu You did not know what Wu Yu had done for the whole of the sky palaces to be hunting him.

However, she knew that this was not the time to ask.

When he saw her, Wu Yu opened his Devouring Apotheosis Realm and had her enter. He could protect her inside.

At the same time, he let out the bunch of immortal emperors and removed Nightmare Praying Art from them.

The wounded immortal emperors finally came to.

When they realized they were in Lingxiao Palace, they reddened. So many immortal emperors together, unable to defeat a new immortal emperor Wu Yu!

All of them slunk off to one side, afraid to speak.

Still, they too were enjoying Wu Yu's misfortune.

All's well that ends well. He was here.

Now they could see how the Jade Emperor dealt with him!

Wu Yu did not care. He only looked at the Jade Emperor, waiting for him to speak.

Seeing that Wu Yu had let the immortal emperors go, the Jade Emperor's features relaxed.

He spoke to Wu Yu in a normal tone: "Wu Yu, you ate all of the peaches in Peach Garden, and even hurt so many beloved elders! Do you admit to your numerous crimes?"

Wu Yu was silent.

After all, his peach gorging had to do with Ming Long and the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, and he was reluctant to speak about it.

Even if the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had been thoroughly cleansed by Guanyin Pusa, he did not want her to be constantly watched by them. It was too dangerous for her.

And Wu Yu had realized something.

The elite immortal emperors of the sky palaces had no knowledge of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

Wu Yu had heard that it was True Lord Erlang of the sky palaces who had been sent down to rid the mortal realm of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

But that didn't seem right.

Back in the Jambu Realm, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had not even been at the level of an ordinary immortal. It had had a mortal's strength.

To destroy such a Heaven Devouring Evil Lord did not require the likes of True Lord Erlang. A random immortal must have done it, and then mistaken as True Lord Erlang.

There were too many immortals in the sky palaces, and the mortals had never seen True Lord Erlang before. How could they recognize him?

Since the Jade Emperor and the others were ignorant of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's power, Wu Yu did not want to tell them either.

This too was a huge secret that he kept, alongside the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's legacy.

He was silent for a while, and then said: "I made a mistake while cultivating. I lost control of myself, and ate all of the peaches......."

His explanation was the same as he had said back at Yaochi Palace.

This was already an unbelievable excuse, and now neither the Jade Emperor nor Heavenly Queen Mother were incliined to think well of him.

"Liar! Wu Yu, you still dare to lie at this time? Despicable!"

The Jade Emperor was so angry that his accusing finger was trembling, his face slumped in disappointment.

If Wu Yu had a good reason, he might have been able to overlook it, but Wu Yu was unrepentant. Such fantastic lies would have to be severely punished!

Heavenly Queen Mother looked at him with a strict face as well.

She had let this excuse of Wu Yu's pass once before.

He was naive to think that they would let him get away with it a second time.

Dancing Flame Phoenix Empress was sniggering to herself.

She was celebrating Wu Yu's suicidal choices.

What good was it to lie in Lingxiao Palace?

Grand Supreme Elderly Lord stood up now. "Highness, what about putting the child in my Brazier of Eight Trigrams to burn for 30,000 years? Through the trials and pain, he can be made to feel regret. How do you see this?"

The Jade Emperor nodded simply. "Very well."

He raised his hand slightly.

Wu Yu's heart sank. Wu You had vanished from his Devouring Apotheosis Realm!

"My sister?!"

Jade Emperor looked at him coldly. "I put an apotheosis immortal technique on her that will summon her no matter where she is. Even if it's your apotheosis realm."

Wu Yu reeled in horrified disbelief.

That he had imprisoned her in Heaven's Prison to threaten him was bad enough.

To use an even more despicable move?

That was a betrayal of trust!

The agreement had been that Wu Yu would let the immortal emperors go, and the Jade Emperor would set Wu You free.

Now the immortal emperors were free, but Wu You was captive again.

How was this any different from being a cheat?

The Jade Emperor, as the highest ruler in the sky palaces, should not have stooped so low.

"Don't look so angry."

Jade Emperor said indifferently. "You are too stubborn. I must keep you in fear, so you will quietly submit to Laojun's punishment in the Brazier of Eight Trigrams. Otherwise, who knows what you will do! She will go back to Heaven's Prison. When you come out of the Brazier of Eight Trigrams, I will of course let her go if you are repentant."

Wu Yu could not believe his ears.

He clenched his fists. The hatred consumed him, but he would not let it show.

He did not want to make Wu You suffer any more.

"30,000 years later, when I'm out of the Brazier of Eight Trigrams..... I will save my sister by my own hand!"

Wu Yu's nails were biting into his flesh already.

"Move along. To the Brazier of Eight Trigrams. Reflect well!"

Grand Supreme Elderly Lord looked at him, ignoring his look of resentment. He lifted him up by the Carved Vajra and left.

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