Chapter 1774: Lesser Immortal Wu You

Lingxiao Palace.

The last time Wu Yu had been here, Taiyi Zhenren had reported him to the Jade Emperor.

That time, Wu Yu had been in a bad position as well, and no one had thought he would leave Lingxiao Palace in good shape.

In the end, he had become the Jade Emperor's first disciple, was crowned Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, bestowed Sage's Equal Sky, and even assigned to the luxurious job of guarding the Peach Garden!

However, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's interference had eventually brought him low again.

Chased by the whole of the sky palaces and marked as a criminal by the Jade Emperor, 100,000 celestial generals and soldiers had been sent to capture him.

It seemed like whether one lived or died here depended on the whims of the mighty.

All was controlled by the Jade Emperor and his allies. A single word from him could mean unspeakable riches and influence!

At the same time, a bad word from him could end one's life, or bring an eternity of torture.

In the sky palaces, the Jade Emperor was king.

No one dared to disobey his orders.

And now he had ordered Wu Yu caught, and Wu Yu had fought back. The celestial soldiers sundered, Yang Jian and the others taken hostage.

It was a series of preposterous crimes!

As Grand Supreme Elderly Lord led Wu Yu into Lingxiao Palace, all of the immortal emperors turned as one.

Jade Emperor, Heavenly Queen Mother, Dancing Flame Phoenix Empress and many others were present.

The Jade Emperor and Heavenly Queen Mother looked largely emotionless, their simmering anger held in check.

The sky palaces was under their leadership. Was Wu Yu's recalcitrant behavior and blatant disregard for the rules not a sharp challenge to them?

Of course they would not feel happy about it!

On the other hand, there was mockery in Dancing Flame Phoenix Empress' eyes, as she watched an immobile Wu Yu being carted in, collared by Carved Vajra.

Perhaps Wu Yu was indeed a super prodigy far beyond her talents.

Perhaps she would never be able to catch up to him no matter how hard she cultivated. Usually.

But now the winds of fortune had changed. Wu Yu had squandered all of his chances!

His greed, she thought, had ruined him utterly.

Perhaps Wu Yu thought he was above the law since he had become the Jade Emperor's disciple?


Seeing how wretched he was, she smirked in satisfaction, reveling in his misfortune.

"Wu Yu, you have committed great crimes. You not only ate all of the peaches in the garden, but also caused trouble in the sky palaces, and injured many celestial soldiers. Outrageous!"

The Jade Emperor continued in a severe tone: "Let out True Lord Erlang and the others immediately! Since you are my disciple, I can treat you with a lenient hand. Otherwise, you will suffer the full wrath of the heavenly restrictions!"

To think that the Jade Emperor would still play the emotional card at this time. Disciple?

How could Wu Yu believe that?

If the Jade Emperor truly treated him as his disciple, would he take Wu You hostage?

Wu Yu ignored this, but spoke frankly. "If you want me to release True Lord Erlang and the others, you have to let my sister go! Otherwise, you can write them all off as dead!"

He truly had too many hostages at his disposal.

True Lord Erlang, Nezha, Pagoda Heavenly King Li Jing, Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor, Central Ecliptic Great Yellow Horn Immortal, and so many more.

Of course, even the scrubs like the Four Heavenly Kings and Mighty Miracle God were all scooped up alongside as well.

They all had important roles to play in the sky palaces.

Wu Yu was sure that the Jade Emperor would not ignore them.

"Alright, give the order to Heaven's Prison. Release the lesser immortal Wu You!"

The Jade Emperor immediately gave the order.

Since Wu Yu was right before him now, then there was no more need to hold Wu You. He did not mind if she was set free.

Wu Yu did not trust him. "I want to see my sister safe before my eyes, or you can see True Lord Erlang's corpse right before yours!"

Jade Emperor considered this. He gave another order. "Bring the lesser immortal Wu You here!"

All of the witnesses muttered among themselves, unhappy at the rude manner in which Wu Yu was addressing the Jade Emperor.

An impertinent and badly raised child.

Broke the heavenly rules and restrictions, but unrepentant!

It seemed like this Wu Yu still did not know his wrongs!

Dancing Flame Phoenix Empress continued to smirk. She was more and more delighted at Wu Yu's attitude.

The bigger a fuss he kicked, the heavier his punishment would be. Perhaps it would be for eternity.

She did not believe that Wu Yu had any way to escape the Jade Emperor and all of the sky palaces.

When Jade Emperor gave the order, the report soon came that Wu You was here.

In the whole of Lingxiao Palace, perhaps only Wu Yu cared about those words.

After all, she was a puny immortal that meant nothing to the other immortal emperors. But to Wu Yu, she was a beloved sister. He would never allow her to come to harm!

Wu You was the very picture of concern for him.

No one knew what she had suffered in Heaven's Prison.

She was but a "lesser immortal", the lowest of all in the sky palaces.

In the mortal realm, she would be the daughter of an ordinary peasant. To these immortal emperors, her existence was equal to that of an ant's.

In the span of eternal life, a lesser immortal like her would pass in the blink of an eye.

That the Jade Emperor would take her to threaten Wu Yu with...... It proved the extent of his shamelessness!

Wu You's eyes were full of worry. She had a fright of her life when she saw Wu Yu held by Carved Vajra.

Lingxiao Palace was already a place out of her imagination.

To see Wu Yu in a wretched state here, how could she help but worry?

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