Chapter 1772: Clean Sweep

"I'll kill you!"

Pagoda Heavenly King Li Jing screamed. Leading the charge, his Dainty Pagoda epochal immortal treasure grew to an enormous size and smashed down on Wu Yu's position!

Dainty Pagoda was a wondrous epochal immortal treasure. It smashed down so hard that it created rifts in the fabric of space in its wake.


Wu Yu's Omnifire shot forth from his eyes in strong beams, burning it in mid-air.

The continued stream of fire prevented Dainty Pagoda from suppressing Wu Yu. It was blocked halfway!

"Damn! Return!"

He could sense the immortal designs within it being broken down by the flames. Pagoda Heavenly King feared for his treasure and had no choice but to recall it.

Seeing True Lord Erlang and Pagoda Heavenly King's attacks fail, the other immortal emperors pressed on.

They too knew that they would fail to bring him back unless they combined their strength.

Although it might look awkward and humiliating, but there was no other choice.

Nezha's four epochal immortal treasures moved as one. Universe Ring, Chaotic Sky Band, Fire-tipped Spear, Flaming Wheels of Two Realms. They all gathered a powerful circulation of immortal essence in the air!

Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor waved his hand in a grand gesture, summoning a giant palm print from the skies,  glowing with sacred qi!

Sublime Gracious Palm Attack was a little like the majestic buddha techniques that Wu Yu had encountered before in Heavenly Buddha's Domain. However, this was ultimately an apotheosis immortal technique, and so fundamentally different.

Of course, as an immortal emperor of the same caliber as True Lord Erlang and Pagoda Heavenly King Li Jing, Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor's attack would not be that weak.

"Golden Body of the Great Yellow Immortal!"

At the same time, Central Ecliptic Great Yellow Horn Immortal turned into a golden creature ringed with light. He shifted into a golden tornado and whirled towards Wu Yu!

Central Ecliptic Great Yellow Horn Immortal's signature family legacy.

Back during the Immortal Emperor Trials, his son Jiang Taiji had used the same move, although he had still lost to True Lord Erlang's son Yang Qiang.

But now the move in its original power and intention was being unleashed, and the difference was night and day.

After turning into the yellow horned beast, his body grew incredibly tough. It was invulnerable to any below his cultivation realm!

Of course, this included Wu Yu, even now.

However, the trade off was that his offensive ability suffered.

In the chaotic fight, Central Ecliptic Great Yellow Horn Immortal had chosen to protect himself. Still, his attack would lay quite a bit of pressure on Wu Yu.

Besides him, Father of Thunder and Mother of Lightning also joined forces.

The weather master couple called on the winds and rains, and lightning flashes snaked out towards Wu Yu's location.

They still remembered that Wu Yu had defeated their son Lei Tianyuan at the Immortal Emperor Trials, and bore him no goodwill.

Let alone Wu Yu eating all of the peaches and breaking the heavenly rules which had made him public enemy number one in the sky palaces.

It was time to beat him to a pulp!

They just had to catch Wu Yu, and the Jade Emperor would reward them greatly.

However, the Four Heavenly Kings and Primeval Mighty Miracle God did not dare to attack at this time.

A fight between Wu Yu and the seventh tier immortal emperors was way beyond their depth.

If they got close they would die. A stray attack would wipe them out.

They could only watch from the sidelines and offer moral support.

The seventh tier immortal emperors all used their strongest moves.

At this time, the color of the skies in the sky palaces changed, caving before the sheer agglomeration of power here.

Even light itself bent and warped before such power!

The sky grew steadily darker, illuminated only by the flashes of lightning.

Sublime Gracious Palm Attack smashed down!

Nezha's immortal essence vortex howled through the air, sending the unfortunate celestial soldiers in its wake flying.

The golden horned beast charged around, savaging Wu Yu with its impregnable form.

At the center of all this madness was Wu Yu. He was not afraid.

He had already seen the likes of such power back at Ziming Sky.

Facing the same level of power after his breakthrough was laughable. He could split the clouds themselves with his Ruyi Jingu Bang alone!

"Violent Art!"

Wu Yu grew huger and huger. The golden light grew brighter and brighter.

"Pillar of the Skies!"

The Ruyi Jingu Bang flashed out, and smashed through all of the immortal emperors!

It seemed like there was nothing else in the world but the shadow of this golden staff.

First, the golden horned beast was sent flying, cratering heavily in the ground.

Next, the Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor's Sublime Gracious Palm Attack was sent flying, the palm broken into two.

Nezha's four epochal immortal treasures were whirled away, their own winds outclassed. They had flown so far that he had lost them.

As for Father of Thunder and Mother of Lightning, their meagre electric attacks did not even tickle Wu Yu.

One staff to rule them all!

True Lord Erlang Yang Jian, Lotus Prince Nezha, Pagoda Heavenly King Li Jing, Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor, Central Ecliptic Great Yellow Horn Immortal, Father of Thunder and Mother of Lightning. All of them fell, beaten into unconsciousness by Wu Yu's staff.

"Nightmare Immortal Prayer!"

Wu Yu had no time to marvel at his own handiwork. He used his Nightmare Immortal Prayer to hold them all.

Nightmare Prayer Art held all of the immortal emperors in a deep slumber of dreams.

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