Chapter 0177: Sky Fox Forging Jindan

Whoosh swoosh!

The silver chain lashed out repeatedly. Following which, a phantom brought Wu Yu back into the mist.

Phantoms bloomed before his eyes, causing his whole world to blur.

Wu Yu knew that this was the Ninth Spirit's skill. But even though he knew this clearly, the sheer suppression caused by the difference in their levels made it impossible for him to escape this demon technique!

Even if Wu Yu used Visualizing the Inner Ape and chanted the Inner Vajra Buddha Sutra, he could not stop the attacks of this fox demon's demon technique!

The Ninth Spirit had defeated even Lan Huayi!

Wu Yu deeply realized that the road of dao cultivation was limitless. No matter how fast one rose, one had to maintain an attitude of respect!

And now, the Ninth Spirit's strength demanded his respect!

But it also made him rile!

"Ninth Spirit!"

Even Ming Long was despairing now.

"I will kill you! I will kill you!" Wu Yu's anger flared. In this misty world, he searched for a trace of the Ninth Spirit.

As they clashed again and again, he had already shifted into his Immortal Ape form. A golden ape fought for its life against the seals that battered it.

But the Ninth Spirit was demon charm incarnate. Not a trace of her could be found.

Instead, it was the silver chain that continued to lash against Wu Yu's body, whipping him bloody!


That time, the silver chain caught against Wu Yu's head.


In that moment, Wu Yu felt a fatal concussion. This was not an ordinary concussion, but rather an effect of the spiritual immortal treasure. It had an Immortal Treasure Spirit Design that caused one to swoon. Wu Yu felt the world swim, as though he was thoroughly drunk.


After he fell to the floor, the world still continued to swim, as though he was drowning in the sea. The mud itself turned to seawater, and he floated on the waves.

Countless apparitions began to appear and play with his mind.


"This is the Argenti Chain. A present from my sister." Suddenly, a warm voice was by his ear. Before he knew it, a small pair of hands was caressing Wu Yu's face.

"Wu Yu, don't be angry with Jiu Er. All that Jiu Er said was a lie." Vaguely, he could make out a girl of unearthly beauty. If all the praise in the world were used on her, it would still be lacking. Her beauty thoroughly shook his being. A single look took one's breath away, almost to the point of suffocation. One would drown in her beauty.

She asked tearfully, "Will Wu Yu forgive Jiu Er?"

Wu Yu's memory of her was hazy, but how could there be such a perfect woman in this world? And how could he refuse her? He nodded slightly. "Of course I'm not angry with you."

"Wu Yu treats Jiu Er so well. Jiu Er is willing to devote her whole life to Wu Yu. Everything that I have, my virginity, even my life, is yours." She put her face on Wu Yu's chest, and spoke shyly, "Wu Yu, please never let Jiu Er down. After tonight, Jiu Er will be Wu Yu's. In this life, no other man will touch Jiu Er, on pain of death."

Wu Yu seemed to be living in a dream. He considered this. Truly he was in a dream. Suddenly, he remembered that he would ascend the throne to be the emperor tomorrow. From then on, the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom would be under his control. He was the first emperor.

"Who would have thought that the night before my ascension, I would actually dream of such a beautiful girl? Could this be a sign from heaven? In the future, will I strengthen Dong Yue Wu, and become the first successful emperor?" At this point, Wu Yu cheered up. Since it was a dream, then he would not care so much. He roughly began to press himself on the girl. He nuzzled her, and she quickly lit the flames of Wu Yu's arousal. He was like an oil fire that burned and burned. The flames were unquenchable!

"Why is this dream so realistic? Such a passionate woman!" Wu Yu was shaken. He looked down at the sexy Ninth Spirit, and she smiled back at him. Her every move was a fatal seduction. He could not possibly have come to his senses at this point.

"Wu Yu, you must pity Jiu Er. Gently...." The girl moaned like a dream, and her voice drove one to the brink of madness. This had to be the most beautiful night of his life.

"Since it's a dream, then pleasure it is! Who cares about the rest!" Thinking thus, Wu Yu did not hold back. His hands ran all over her body, leaving no area untouched. The girl was like a vortex, sucking him into a world of pleasure.

They proceeded smoothly. Within the cave, the Ninth Spirit's eyes were intense as she wrapped her body around Wu Yu's. Her fox's tongue caressed Wu Yu's neck. A pity that Wu Yu could see none of this at all.

"The mouth and tongue are the exit of Yuanyang energy. Such a body of pure yang can only be savored once in this life. I should take my time." The Ninth Spirit saw that this man was already completely under her thrall, and her malevolent eyes struggled slightly.

"Honestly, he has such a pure heart. He longs to protect his sect, and his intentions are just. He's a good man, only... his mistake was to meet me.

"To repay you, you will be the husband to I, Jiu Er, in this lifetime. After you die, I will erect a tomb for you and pay my respects every year. In this lifetime, I will never again consider matters of men and women, nor will I hold company with any man."

Jiu Er mulled over this for a moment, then kissed Wu Yu. That, too, was a demon technique. With her mouth, she took Wu Yu's energy for herself, to complete her own body of yin and yang.

"Elder Sister and I both acquired the Sky Fox Forging; Jindan Immortality Art. We vowed that we would both fulfill it. A pity that today, only I am left on Fox Branch Mountain....

"Sister, I have succeeded."

She could see it now. Wu Yu's body to her was like a huge treasure chest, an ocean full of yang energy. She used her Sky Fox Forging; Jindan Immortality Art to pierce Wu Yu's body like a straw, and she began to gulp.

This was just the beginning.

The Ninth Spirit was only tasting him. If the Sky Fox Forging; Jindan Immortality Art activated in full, then both would merge, and Wu Yu would not hold out for more than 10 breaths of time. His entire body would be sucked clean to a husk. The Ninth Spirit was simply tasting him through an oral exchange right now. But this taste alone nearly drove her wild. A thousand years of waiting, all for this moment!

Bang! Bang!

The roiling yang energy in Wu Yu's body flared to life, becoming a fire visible to the naked eye. The hotter this fire burned, the more his flesh would begin to wither up. The Invincible Vajra Body that he had spent so long refining would begin to disintegrate. As it did, his body would not be able to hold his spiritual power, and then it would very quickly conflagrate into nothingness.

The roiling yang energy was devoured by the Ninth Spirit's mouth. It entered her body slowly enough that the naked eye could see it. Although this was just the beginning, it also triggered the Ninth Spirit. She pushed Wu Yu to the floor and furiously gulped!


At this moment, Wu Yu suddenly felt extreme pain. The withering of his flesh was a horrifying sensation that could not be hidden. He suddenly saw the beautiful woman on him turn back into a fearsome demon sucking his blood. Most frightening of all was that he had been completely bound by the spiritual immortal treasure Argenti Chain and could not move at all. He was fully in her control.

"Ninth Spirit!"

Wu Yu suddenly recalled her.

The Ninth Spirit ignored him, forcing apart his teeth with her hands. She was crazed; even at this speed, she was not satisfied. She must have recalled that Sky Fox Forging had not yet been fully employed. She tore off Wu Yu's clothes, her eyes filled with pure lust. It made Wu Yu's hair stand on end.

"Wu Yu, Jiu Er won't stand on ceremony." Although the Ninth Spirit's eyes were red, her smile was sweet. It seemed both angelic and demonic at the same time.

But even so, she did not stop the absorption from her mouth, not even for a moment. It was as though some proboscis had extended into Wu Yu's body, sucking in a frenzy. The terrible Sky Fox Forging; Jindan Immortality Art began to strengthen. Once she fully merged with Wu Yu, then Wu Yu's death would be sealed.

No more words were needed.

Death was so close.

He had not thought that being ravished by a beauty would be such a terrifying thing.


Anger that could flip the world!

After so many days of arduous training, he had to watch the Ninth Spirit take it all away before his eyes!

From the day he was banished from Dong Yue Wu and entered the Heavenly Sword Sect, even coming back from the brink of death, he had come so far. He had become a godlike genius, surging forward to take his own revenge and protect the Bipo Mountain Range. All his efforts - why did it have to be buried in the Ninth Spirit's hands!?

He was not content....

The scene before his eyes turned and turned. Wu Yu was extremely wistful. He missed Capital Wu's luxury, Wu You's clarity of thought and warmth, the green waters and scenery of the Heavenly Sword Sect, the camaraderie and pride of the sword dao....

He missed Su Yanli and his other senior brothers' concern and love. He missed Feng Xueya's care, and more, the guidance he had given Wu You on his path of dao cultivation....

It was said that there were 3,000 immortal kingdoms in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, and the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom was only one of them. And the total area of the 3,000 immortal kingdoms did not even occupy a third of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. The entire Dong Sheng Divine Continent had plenty of other immortal sects!

He was even more unwilling to part with the heavenly immortal inheritance! That was something handed to him by an immortal. Wu Yu dreamed of becoming an immortal, but his soul would be broken here. What a waste!

Thinking thus, Wu Yu recalled the huge pillar of the sky that he had dreamed of, known as the Ruyi Jingu Bang. It had reached all the way to the sky. A mystical object wielded by the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. How majestic! How cool!

Ramrod straight and overwhelming power. That was Wu Yu's own style!

"Any rule of this world can be broken if it is unreasonable!

"The strong create the rules. The strong write justice!

"If Heaven imposes no order, then all is chaos. If immortals have no dao, then immortals can kill gods!"

Inexorably, Wu Yu's will was completely drawn to the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

He could not help but think: if he could become the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal in this lifetime, and proudly roam the world - how wonderful that would be!

A pity that a demon was holding him here!


"I will die with you!"

He still had a weapon. His teeth.

However, the Ninth Spirit was even more crazed now. She still pinned him down, preventing him from even biting.

This scene might seem extremely erotic to an outsider, but to Wu Yu, it smelled of death.


His eyes were red as he raged.

Suddenly, just as his will and mind were stimulated to a peak, he suddenly experienced the rage of being held down. As his rage rose to a critical level, he actually began to resonate mysteriously with the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

The Ruyi Jingu Bang appeared within his mental world. It shook once, and a thin ray of golden light pierced the Ninth Spirit through where she was swallowing.

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