Chapter 1769: Jade Willow Dew

Guanyin Pusa smiled as Wu Yu agreed to wear the Jingu Headband.

"Wearing the Jingu Headband is for the sake of all life!"

She said, as she placed the golden headband on Wu Yu's head.

The Jingu Headband fit perfectly, and Wu Yu could not even feel its presence after she put it on. However, he realized that he was unable to take it off no matter how he tried. He felt a little uneasy about that.

He had thought that there would be some way surely.

But only after putting it on, he discovered that it was stuck to his skull.

He could chop off his head, and still the Jingu Headband would be stuck to it.

He felt a bit apprehensive about it.

But Guanyin Pusa seemed to have no plans to do him in right there and then. It seemed like it was as she had promised him. She would only use it when he lost control, to subdue him.

She did not waste any time in immediately pulling out her Vase of Purity epochal immortal treasure.

A deft flick of her wrist lifted out several droplets of jade willow dew, which she scattered on Ming Long's Saintly Lotus Frame. They transformed into pure spiritual qi which entered the Saintly Lotus Frame.

Nothing happened.

But as more and more jade willow dew entered the Saintly Lotus Frame, finally it reached deep into the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's spirit!

The purifying powers of the jade willow dew caused indescribable agony to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.


The Saintly Lotus Frame turned into a white haired red eyed form that thrashed violently. Her face was bloodless as a ghost, and her entire body hissed with white smoke!

This white smoke was the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's spirit being purified by the jade willow dew.

"No, no!"

The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord could feel the jade willow dew's purifying powers, and was gripped by extreme terror.

She had a feeling that she might be thoroughly destroyed today, and reeled in denial at the thought.

Her bloody eyes lost their redness, turning milky white. They stared hatefully at Wu Yu, her mouth seemingly trying to say something.

But as the jade willow dew's purification immersed her entire body, her entire Saintly Lotus Frame was clouded by the white smoke!

Before long, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's screams grew fainter and fainter.

Wu Yu was moved by this scene, watching anxiously. He was afraid that Guanyin Pusa might fail to purify the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

But as the Saintly Lotus Frame's white hair turned to black, and the red eyes faded away, Wu Yu felt relief flood through him.

When her vision returned, she smiled at Wu Yu with a simple happiness. He knew then. Ming Long had returned!

There was no longer any Heaven Devouring Evil Lord within the Saintly Lotus Frame. She had been thoroughly cleansed by the jade willow dew.

"Wu Yu?"

Recovering her senses, Ming Long smiled weakly at Wu Yu.

"It's me. Ming Long, how do you feel?"

Wu Yu felt a happiness deep within him, just as when Taiyi Zhenren had first resurrected her.

With it came a sense of accomplishment. He had worked so hard for this, even making the sacrifice to wear the Jingu Headband.

"I'm alright. A bit weak......"

Looking at Wu Yu, she spotted the Jingu Headband and asked: "What's that on your head? Looks silly."


He explained simply: "The Guanyin Pusa made me wear it for my own good. If I lose control, she can chant the Tightening Cantrip to control me and stop me from causing chaos."

"Oh, this is the Guanyin Pusa. It was her who removed the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord from your body. Otherwise you would have been completely devoured."

Wu Yu introduced.

Ming Long nodded. She roughly understood now. Wu Yu must have consented to wear the silly Jingu Headband thing in exchange for her life.

She was very touched by this.

Wu Yu had been willing to hand over the Ruyi Jingu Bang to revive her, and now he had handed over his freedom.......

She felt so useless.

However, she was alive now, and she would do everything she could to help Wu Yu.

Still, she felt weak for now.

Besides, when Wu Yu had tracked her down with his Spirit Hunter Mark, she had been challenging the Eternal Immortality Realm. Held in the sway of the Nightmare Praying Art all this time, she had not been cultivating, and was still not yet an immortal emperor.

Given where Wu Yu was at, it would be difficult for her to help him if she wasn't an immortal emperor.

"Guanyin Pusa, since Ming Long is recovered, this junior will bid farewell."

Wu Yu said reverently.

He was still a little nervous about her control over his Jingu Headband.

Although he guessed that Guanyin Pusa bore him no ill will, but if anything happened he was chained down.

Still, it seemed that Guanyin Pusa was true to her word.

She nodded. "Go then."

Wu Yu put Ming Long in his Devouring Apotheosis Realm to cultivate and challenge the breakthrough.

He prepared to leave.

What he did not notice was the complex expression that Guanyin Pusa had on her face as she watched him leave.

An expression of hope and anticipation, and yet also worry.


Wu Yu left the white buddha world, intending to return to Demon Immortal Realm to continue cultivating.

But when he returned back to Nanhai Region, the two child immortal emperors told him: "The outside of this place has been surrounded by immortal emperors from the sky palaces. It will not be easy for you to leave."

Wu Yu paled.

They had actually tracked him down!

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