Chapter 1768: Tightening Cantrip

Full Moon of Nanshan had not only learned of Guanyin Pusa, but had also learned the location of Nanhai World.

The door to Nanhai World was at the 1st level of Heaven, the lowest.

However, there was an area at the 1st level of Heaven where ordinary immortals were not allowed. It was called Nanhai Region.

The Nanhai Region was thronged with many epochal immortal designs that would kill any trespassers.

They were multi-layered and very complex. It was incredibly difficult to break them.

Only a few immortal emperors could break some of them. There was probably no one in the whole of the sky palaces who could break all of them.

However, Wu Yu realized that he could undo most of them.

Mainly thanks to the bronze ball and his studies in the Eternal Emperor Tomb, which gave him a unique understanding of ancient epochal immortal designs.

Many of the Nanhai Region epochal immortal designs were also repeats of the ones that he had broken before.

Still, it was hasty to conclude that the Eternal Emperor Tomb was linked to the Nanhai Region.

After all, many immortal emperors knew how to make epochal immortal designs such as the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere, including the Jade Emperor.

Wu Yu quietly approached Nanhai Region, and then began to unravel the epochal immortal designs.

If he wanted to get into Nanhai World, he first had to deal with these designs.

Guanyin Pusa had not appeared for so long. Wu Yu was not sure if he would be able to find her even if he could make it past the epochal immortal designs.

He loafed around in the guise of an ordinary immortal, and those who passed him did not even spare him a second glance.

3000 years later, Wu Yu had finally managed to undo all of the epochal immortal designs!

A blinding white light appeared before him.

Behind him, the epochal immortal designs appeared again. It would not be that easy for Wu Yu to leave either.

Only forwards now.

"That white glow of light must be the door to Nanhai World."

Wu Yu guessed. He had brought Ming Long's Saintly Lotus Frame all the way here. There was no reason to get cold feet now.

He stepped into the dazzling nimbus, and realized that it was not Nanhai World but a rather unique space.

There were two childlike immortal emperors before him!

However they looked strange. They looked like a golden boy and jade girl.

One was golden yellow, the other white jade. It was hard to imagine that these two young children would be stronger than many other immortal emperors in the sky palaces.

The golden boy and jade girl asked Wu Yu curiously about his purpose.

Wu Yu indicated Ming Long's Saintly Lotus Frame, and told the story of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. He then asked: "I wish to meet Guanyin Pusa and see if she can help to purify this?"

The golden boy and jade girl nodded, as though conferring with a higher being. They then nodded again.

"Pusa allows it. Follow me."

They moved as one, leading Wu Yu and Ming Long's body through an invisible door.

That was the real gateway to Nanhai World. Without them leading the way, Wu Yu would probably have been stuck outside for a million years.

Passing through this door, Wu Yu reached a world of white mist.

He looked up and saw a gigantic buddha world!

This white buddha world was about three times the size as Xuanzang's!

Of course, Xuanzang had nine golden buddha worlds, so it was hard to say who was absolutely stronger.

In any case, Wu Yu had finally made it to Nanhai World.

He could see that on that pristine white buddha world, there were many mortals and ordinary bodhis, who were all white in color. They were different from the immortal buddhas of Heavenly Buddha's Domain.

These white bodhis were everywhere. They filled the world, which was free of conflict, of violence. Peace reigned.

"This way."

The golden boy and jade girl pointed at the buddha world, indicating that Wu Yu should enter.

Wu Yu nodded and flew forth into the white buddha world.

Before long, an ordinary looking young woman in white clothes appeared from the white mists.

[TN: Guanyin is also commonly known as the Goddess of Mercy, but early sources depict Guanyin as male (usually whether the statue/drawing's chest can be bare). Technically, buddhism as a whole is not really supposed to care about gender though. Ultimate reality is emptiness.]

She seemed to exude purity and holiness that made one feel at peace.

Wu Yu guessed that she must be Guanyin Pusa.

On the surface, she looked like an immortal woman, and yet there was something different about her aura.

Wu Yu was seized with a compulsion to worship her the moment he laid eyes on her.

"If junior Wu Yu may ask senior: are you Guanyin Pusa?"

Wu Yu bowed to the woman.

"I am. No need to be so formal Wu Yu. Tell me, what's the matter?"

Although she stood so close to him, her otherworldliness made him feel as though she was not all there.

She smiled warmly at him.

Wu Yu presented Ming Long, and told the story from head to tail.

How Ming Long had been preserved in the Ruyi Jingu Bang, and then later the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord as well. Finally the two had entered Taiyi Zhenren's Saintly Lotus Frame together to be resurrected.

It was a long tale, full of twists and turns.

However, Wu Yu managed to explain it simply.

After hearing all of this, Guanyin Pusa said kindly: "I can help you in this matter. But, Wu Yu, you will need to agree to one condition of mine."

"What is it? Tell me, Pusa." Wu Yu immediately said.

He would do anything for Ming Long to truly live, purged of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

"You have to wear this epochal immortal treasure, called the Jingu Headband."

Guanyin Pusa took out a golden circlet which she presented to him with a slight smile. 

Jingu Headband?

Wu Yu had never heard of it before, and he asked apprehensively: "What will it do to me?"

He definitely had to know everything about it if he was going to wear it.

"When you wear the Jingu Headband, I can incant the Tightening Cantrip to punish you. Of course, I will not do so if you do no wrong." Guanyin Pusa said seriously.

Jingu Headband, Tightening Cantrip.

Wu Yu frowned slightly to hear this. He felt that it would be leaving him extremely vulnerable.

Once he wore the Jingu Headband, it was like entrusting his life and death to Guanyin Pusa.

His immediate reaction was to refuse.

But even before he could say this, Guanyin Pusa continued: "I hear that you ate all the peaches in the sky palaces. This shows that your personality is still flawed. You may lose control. Once you do, you may cause the destruction of many lives!"

"Besides, the other side of your body is the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. I also understand what it is capable of. If one day you lose your sanity and go on a rampage, I can also control it with the Jingu Headband."

"What do you say, Wu Yu?"

This point hit him deep.

He had not expected Guanyin Pusa to be so cognizant of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's movements in the Jambu Realm. She probably also knew that his peach feast fiasco had to do with the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast as well.

Still, Wu Yu was conflicted.

To hand over his freedom to a mighty being he had just met was not an easy decision to make lightly.

Besides, it not only concerned his freedom, but perhaps even his life.


Wu Yu's eyes drifted to Ming Long, and her unstable condition.

If he stopped chanting the Nightmare Immortal Prayer, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's soul would appear, and she would escape.

And this time, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord would know about the Spirit Hunter Mark.

If she escaped again, it would not be so easy to capture her.

"Besides, this Guanyin Pusa seems to be a saint. She's probably not anyone bad."

Wu Yu thought, recalling all he had seen of Nanhai World so far.

Guanyin Pusa's buddha world was pure white, and there was a tranquility within it that was reassuring.

Everything about Nanhai World made Wu Yu feel like he could trust Guanyin Pusa.

This trust was completely based on his observations so far, and nothing more.

Finally, Wu Yu nodded gravely. "Very well. Junior Wu Yu accepts the Jingu Headband in exchange for senior's help to completely remove the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord!"

Guanyin Pusa smiled.

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