Chapter 1767: Nanhai Guanyin Pusa

With the River of Time, time in Wu Yu's apotheosis realm sped up by a factor of 10.

This meant 10 times faster cultivation for the mortals inside, and more immortals which formed the base for Wu Yu's strength.

An ordinary immortal could live for very long, even if they did not become immortal emperors. The first batch of immortals in his apotheosis realm had not even died yet.

And even if they did, they would return back to the cycle, and many other mortals would rise to become immortals at the same time.

The increased number of immortals in Wu Yu's Devouring Apotheosis Realm led to a pronounced increase in his ability.

Also, with the River of Time completed, Wu Yu was now a sixth tier immortal emperor!

In these 100,000 years, he had devoured hundreds of eternal demon emperor corpses, and also used up his peach essence reserves.

It was a tremendous leap in his power.

If he faced Yang Jian and Nezha again, he would be able to defeat them without Immolate.

He was strong enough to compete with the greats in the sky palaces now.

Of course, Wu Yu knew that the highest of elites were still beyond his reach, but there were not many in the sky palaces who could match him now.

And all of this was thanks to his devouring.

If not for the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast's devour, Wu Yu would not be able to build his River of Time in a mere 100,000 years.

In this time, Full Moon of Nanshan would drop by once in a while, but had no news.

However, in this time Wu Yu grew sure that the Jade Emperor could not reach the Demon Immortal Realm where he was hiding.

"Which means that the Jade Emperor has probably also lost his memories about the annihilation of Demon Immortal Realm!"

"But if he lost his memories, why would he crown me Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, and give me Sage's Equal Sky?"

Wu Yu felt that the Jade Emperor must have his reasons. He must be hiding something.

Which Wu Yu still did not know about.

Wu Yu had been chanting the Nightmare Immortal Prayer for 100,000 years now, and Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was still trapped.

In this time, Wu Yu had not thought of any good way to resolve the situation either.

He had tried searching through the memories of all the immortals and immortal buddhas, but had not come up with anything.

His hopes were fading......

However, one day Full Moon of Nanshan returned from the sky palaces bouncing excitedly with good news.

"Old Wu, this handsome brother here finally heard something in the sky palaces which might help sister Ming Long!"

He beamed.

"Oh? What is it?"

Full Moon of Nanshan's lusty shouts had brought Luo Pin and Ye Xixi over as well.

In these 100,000 years, they had all grown much stronger thanks to Wu Yu's Imparting.

Only Ming Long remained unable to move an inch.

Full Moon of Nanshan got straight into it. "I heard of someone in the sky palaces called Guanyin Pusa! She should be able to help."

He rattled on all the information he had.

This Guanyin Pusa was said to live in a place outside of the sky palaces, called Nanhai World. She was an ancient and mysterious immortal.

This Guanyin Pusa was said to be close to the Jade Emperor in strength. She was stronger than the Patriarch Bodhi, and not even the Heavenly Queen Mother was her match.

Of course, strength alone did not mean that Ming Long would be saved.

Rather, Guanyin Pusa used an epochal immortal treasure called the Vase of Purity.

Within the Vase of Purity was jade willow dew, which could cleanse all evil.

It was said that a ghostly immortal emperor had once possessed the immortal spirit of an immortal emperor's child. A single drop of Guanyin Pusa's jade willow dew had purified the evil!

There was another rumor that Guanyin Pusa's true form had 1000 arms, and she was almighty.

However, she had not appeared in the last few million years, and only the other ancient immortal emperors had some vague memories of her.

It was already good work that Full Moon of Nanshan had found so much.

Still, who knew if Guanyin Pusa was still in this world?

"Old Wu, you know what's the biggest thing?"

Full Moon of Nanshan got more and more excited as he waxed on. "This Guanyin Pusa is not under the rule of the Jade Emperor. She's not in the sky palaces. Heavenly rules and restrictions don't mean anything to her!"

"Even the Jade Emperor doesn't rule her?"

Wu Yu immediately knew what a powerful being she must be.

Full Moon of Nanshan even said that when the Jade Emperor visited Guanyin Pusa, it was with a very respectful attitude!

That was amazing.

Full Moon of Nanshan's description went on. On her true form, there were even mortals living on the 1000 arms.

Why did these traits sound like an immortal buddha?

The immortal buddhas he had met in Heavenly Buddha's Domain were like that. A huge buddha world true form, on which many mortals lived.

"Well, it's definitely something to pursue."

Full Moon of Nanshan rubbed his hands in glee. "Well, I've looked all over the sky palaces. Seems like this Guanyin Pusa is the only one who might be able to solve Ming Long's problem. Besides, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord is evil right? Literally in the name? Guanyin Pusa's jade willow dew should work wonders on it."

"It's just scant information, but the reliability of this information is fairly good!" Full Moon of Nanshan concluded.

Wu Yu nodded. "Well, there's no other choice but to bring Ming Long to Nanhai World. If Guanyin Pusa is willing to help, that would be ideal!"

Wu Yu got to his feet and took Ming Long. He was ready to leave immediately!

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