Chapter 1766: River of Time

Wu Yu walked the 8,000 Sky Palaces as an ordinary immortal.

He could see the celestial soldiers searching everywhere for him, but they did not recognize him in his current form.

Of course, Wu Yu still moved cautiously.

He very quickly headed for the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's location.

Along the way, he heard that the whole of the sky palaces was on the look out for him. Not just the celestial soldiers, but even the normal immortals were keeping an eye out.

The trouble he had caused this time round had angered the most eminent group of rulers.

They had put out juicy bounties for the capture of Wu Yu which had encouraged many of the immortals to work hard on it.

Of course, the bounty was also on Luo Pin, Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi.

Capturing any one of the four would be richly rewarded.

Wu Yu knew that he was labeled as a criminal now, and would be  thrown into Heaven's Prison if he was caught. The consequences would be dire. After all, he had committed a major violation of many heavenly rules and restrictions.

Very quickly, Wu Yu tracked his Spirit Hunter Mark to a misty palace.

It was roughly in the middle of the 8,000 Sky Palaces, and not a very special place.

Wu Yu found no one here. It was likely that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had concealed herself in order to digest the peaches' immortal essence qi.

Even now, there was a lot of the peaches' immortal essence qi that he had stored in his Devouring Apotheosis Realm.

He planned to use this for future cultivation, and had earmarked it away from immolation purposes.

In the last battle against Yang Jian and Nezha, he had only Immolated the excess energy in his body that the Devouring Apotheosis Realm could not store.

Not even Wu Yu at the Eternal Immortality Realm could process so much immortal essence so quickly.

Of course, it must be the same for the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

Following the Spirit Hunter Mark, Wu Yu crept noiselessly towards the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's location. She could not possibly expect that Wu Yu would track her down to this misty palace in the middle of nowhere.

As Wu Yu got into position, he began to use the Nightmare Praying Art!

The Nightmare Immortal Prayer tumbled off his tongue, and caged the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord in it.

At this moment, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was currently chasing a crucial breakthrough to the Eternal Immortality Realm. How could she contend with these illusions?

Heaven Devouring Evil Lord sank into the dream world, and her eyes went blank. She had lost her ability to think.

Seeing the situation, Wu Yu immediately cast her into his Devouring Apotheosis Realm!

As long as she was there, he could continue to chant the Nightmare Immortal Prayer and keep her in a blank state, unable to think.

Wu Yu took her Saintly Lotus Frame and left the sky palaces!

He moved past the celestial soldiers and other immortals easily. He was untraceable.

Perhaps only a visit from the Jade Emperor himself to the Demon Immortal Realm could expose him.


Wu Yu was soon back in Eternal Emperor Tomb.

He put her in Eternal Emperor Tomb, since she could not get out unless the bronze ball allowed it.

However, Wu Yu still summoned 10,000 doppelgangers to continue chanting the Nightmare Immortal Prayer and keep her in a docile state.

The many phantoms kept her unable to regain consciousness.

Wu Yu now had to find a way to separate the two souls within the body.

Of course, he had to banish the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord and leave the body entirely in Ming Long's control.

Luo Pin, Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi were also trying to think of a way.

However, Ming Long's frail condition made things tricky.

Wu Yu felt like his previous solutions would not be able to work as well.

For Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and Nangong Wei, he had used the Spirit Chaser Art and almost succeeded. At least, he had ensured a coexistence.

But now, it seemed like Nangong Wei's spirit was very small within the body already.

The most successful example had been Jiu Ying. The Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer and Chaos Demon's spirit remnant had all been expelled.

That had been thanks to the mystical dragons' immortal design.

But that immortal design would probably not work here. After all, Ming Long's situation was a little more complicated than that.

She had fused with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's spirit, and it could not be separated by any normal means.

"Seems like there's no way......"

Wu Yu spent a few hundred years working on it, but came up with no solution. He could only give up for now.

"I should go to the sky palaces to look for information. Maybe someone there can help." Full Moon of Nanshan finally suggested.

"You? That's very dangerous!" Ye Xixi fretted.

Although she usually treated him with scorn, but she cared deeply for him. After all, they had cultivated for so long together.

"No problem. I'm a man of many means. How could I be so easily caught by them?" Full Moon of Nanshan cackled, not at all worried about the celestial soldiers.

Now he was at the immortal emperor realm, his original Mystiques had already been reinvented as apotheosis Mystiques.

Just like Wu Yu's Mystiques, his had been perfected, and the results were astonishing.

Of course, he was planning to rely on his greatest Gone from the Skies Mystique to see him through.

Not even Wu Yu could detect him when he used it, and it was likely that not even Yang Jian or Nezha could either.

It was like the ultimate camouflage.

Even Wu Yu envied him for it.

With this technique, he could wander the entirety of the sky palaces unseen.

Besides, he also had some basic shapeshifting skills. Although it was not flawless like Wu Yu's Replicate, but it should be enough to bluff some ordinary immortals.

Wu Yu let him go. Of course, it was with a lot of words of caution.

"Hey hey, don't worry! Wait for my good news! I have to hit up more chicks this time as well. Might not get a chance again......" Full Moon of Nanshan gave a sleazy smile.

Ye Xixi's face immediately stiffened up in disapproval. "That's your real goal isn't it! Vulgar!" "Not at all! I am tall, handsome, and charming, is all!" Full Moon of Nanshan laughed loudly and left Demon Immortal Realm.

After he left, Luo Pin and Ye Xixi naturally worked hard on their cultivation.

Wu Yu too decided to work on his own.

Back at Eternal Emperor Tomb, he had many eternal demon emperor corpses available which he could use to grow stronger. Besides, he also had a lot of peach immortal essence qi at his disposal.

In his apotheosis realm, he now had a full cycle with hell, and had also created a heaven, which gave him immortals and ghostly immortals.

This made his Devouring Apotheosis Realm a proper lesser realm.

However, his Devouring Apotheosis Realm was still in a very rudimentary state, with the mortals and immortals cultivating purely based on the immortal essence qi.

Especially the heaven in his Devouring Apotheosis Realm - it was flush with peach immortal essence qi.

"Sixth tier of the Eternal Immortality Realm is the river of time!"

The River of Time could change the flow of time in the apotheosis realm.

If he sped it up 10 times, then the mortals within would become immortals 10 times faster.

If he made it 100 times, then they would become immortals 100 times faster!

This was a huge level up for immortal emperors. After all, the more immortals they had in their apotheosis realms, the stronger they were.

He created more clones to continue chanting Nightmare Immortal Prayer and keep Heaven Devouring Evil Lord subdued.

As for himself, he settled down to create the River of Time.

There were more than enough eternal demon emperor corpses for him to devour.

There was also plenty of peach immortal essence for him to cultivate with.

This time, 100,000 years passed!

In 100,000 years, he had learned and experimented and cultivated, and managed to build his River of Time!

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