Chapter 1764: Bodhi Bodied

Nezha, Yang Jian, and the Howling Celestial Dog were closest to Wu Yu, and Pillar of the Skies sent them flying, badly injured.

The spectators who were only barely grazed by the shockwave were sent flying as well.

This battle would go down in the legends of the sky palaces.

All three of them could stand individually as a mighty asset of the sky palaces.

And yet their combined strength had bowed before Wu Yu's.

Besides, he had beat them convincingly enough to send them flying. The golden staff had smacked them to within an inch of their lives, and even their apotheosis realms had cracked.

Whether Yang Jian or Nezha, neither would dare to stand in Wu Yu's way again.

They could only flee with their injuries. If they continued fighting,  they might die!

Wu Yu let them go.

For him, the priority was Luo Pin and the others.

He ignored the other immortals and leaped right back into the Well of Eternal Life, continuing downwards.

Wu Yu had expended a lot during this fight.

On the bright side, all the energy he had Immolated was from the peaches.

The seemingly infinite immortal essence qi within him had not only allowed him to reach the fifth tier of the Eternal Immortality Realm, but also to defeat Yang Jian and Nezha.

Before he left, he looked at the ravaged state of Ziming Sky. Even he could not believe how strong he had become...

Once he had watched the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and his companions surrounded, fighting elite immortal emperors.

And now it was him, fighting with comparable strength.

Wu Yu felt like he could destroy an entire sky palace now if he had to.

Of course, the peaches' immortal essence qi reserves were all used up now.

If he was to fight opponents as strong as Nezha and Yang Jian again, he would probably be unable to beat them.

However, Wu Yu was quite sure that there would be no one else in his way.

Very soon, he would meet up with Patriarch Bodhi, who was with Luo Pin and the others.

Besides, the Patriarch Bodhi's tone seemed to indicate that he was on the same side, and intending to hand them over to Wu Yu and for them to flee.

Wu Yu was starting to feel that perhaps some in the Heavenly Domain could be trusted after all.

At least, the Patriarch Bodhi had never once harmed him. Even with the whole of the sky palaces persecuting him, still he stood on Wu Yu's side.


As Wu Yu flew down the Well of Eternal Life, news of Yang Jian and Nezha had already spread far and wide.

Even the ghostly immortals from Hell learned of his victory over Nezha and Yang Jian, and were aghast at his power.

Yang Jian and Nezha were veterans, highly experienced, highly positioned, and highly skilled. And they had been beaten by Wu Yu!

Besides, they had teamed up alongside the Howling Celestial Dog. And they had been beaten in one blow from Wu Yu.

It sounded too fantastic to believe.

But the news from Ziming Sky could not be wrong. Some had even gone to take a look at Ziming Sky, and the damage was undeniable.

The immortal essence qi had been badly scrambled, and it was all a mess here.

And if Wu Yu had lost the battle, he would have been taken in here.

And since all that was heard was Yang Jian and Nezha fleeing in a wretched state, then Wu Yu was clearly still on the loose.

The pair had lost.

It was unthinkable that Wu Yu had risen so quickly. Tens of thousands of years ago, he had just been the Patriarch Bodhi's disciple, and not even an immortal emperor then.

Each tier of the Eternal Immortality Realm normally required hundreds of thousands of years to climb.

But in the short span of a few years, Wu Yu had risen from the Great Void Immortal Realm into being able to defeat two seventh tier immortal emperors at once.

What frightful speed!

The whole of the sky palaces was abuzz with wonder.

Still, the greater his reputation, the more humiliating it was for Jade Emperor and the others.

Especially Taiyi Zhenren, Heavenly Queen Mother, and of course Nangong Wei.

Heavenly Queen Mother had originally bid her to cultivate well, and catch up to Wu Yu.

And now he had already beaten Nezha and Yang Jian together. How in the world was she supposed to catch up to that?

Even if she was the Heavenly Queen Mother's disciple, and spent day and night in Yaochi Lake, she could not improve that quickly!

Wu Yu's growth was terrifying, and the immortal emperors felt that he must have some remarkable legacy, or it was somehow linked to the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

However, their only hope of catching Wu Yu was Patriarch Bodhi now.

"The Patriarch Bodhi hasn't fought for a long time. I wonder how strong he is?"

In Kunlun Sky, there were many such questions.

The memory was from too long ago, and they could not remember.

However, in the recent 1 million years, the Patriarch Bodhi had never once fought. However, they simply had a vague impression that the Patriarch Bodhi was very strong, and also highly respected.

As for what level he was actually at, no one knew for sure.

Not even the Jade Emperor and Heavenly Queen Mother knew.

"No fear. The Patriarch Bodhi can definitely bring the guy down!"

"Even if he can't, he just needs to hold them for a while, and our celestial soldiers will arrive. Outcome's the same then!"

Wu Yu's crimes this time were extremely humiliating to the whole of the sky palaces - eating all the Peach Garden immortality peaches and wounding Nezha and Yang Jian.

After about half a year, Wu Yu finally saw the Patriarch Bodhi.

Traveling in the Well of Eternal Life was not instant. One usually spent a year or two inside, which was like a day or two for immortal emperors.

There were many immortal emperors accompanying Patriarch Bodhi.

Not actually escorting, but more like along for the ride, since they knew how far they were from the Patriarch Bodhi in strength.

However, of course they could not just ignore such a major affair.

Even if they could just be of a tiny bit of help to Patriarch Bodhi, perhaps when they saw the Jade Emperor, some small favor......

"Master, where are Luo Pin and the others?"

Wu Yu asked immediately in private.

He did not dare to speak openly, for fear of the other immortal emperors listening in. He had to protect the Patriarch Bodhi as well.

"They are in my apotheosis realm. They are safe. However, I can't really explain myself if I just release them. Let's fake a fight."

Patriarch Bodhi told him in secret.

Wu Yu knew that he was still on his side, something that he had not expected.

It seemed like Patriarch Bodhi was the only one who could be trusted!

A fake fight was not at all difficult for Wu Yu, given his newfound reputation after beating Yang Jian and Nezha.

Besides, the Patriarch Bodhi was a mystery, and no one knew how strong he was.

It was not unreasonable that he would lose to Wu Yu.

"Watch yourself!"

Wu Yu roared. Hefting the Ruyi Jingu Bang, he charged Patriarch Bodhi.

Of course, this was just an ordinary Bedlam of Heaven and Earth and not Pillar of the Skies. It was much weaker.

His actions raised appalled and disgusted cries from those around.

"He's actually attacking his own master!"

They could not believe this act of blasphemy!

In their minds, Wu Yu's staff dished out death. They would all die without question to that attack.

However, the Patriarch Bodhi would not be defeated that easily, would he?

Even if it was a fake fight, the Patriarch Bodhi could not appear too weak. He had to at least show a seventh tier immortal emperor's ability.

He lifted a hand and sent forth a rippling barrier which blocked Wu Yu's attack!

"Unruly disciple, turn yourself in immediately!"

Patriarch Bodhi used a sound wave Mystique!

His enhanced shout made all of the others feel a little disoriented and woozy.

Those who had apotheosis realms had their internal qi disrupted!

But in truth, the sound wave Mystique did not affect Wu Yu at all.

He simply copied their actions, grabbing his head and feigning misery. His Ruyi Jingu Bang glowed with golden light.

He knew that the Patriarch Bodhi wanted him to show more.

And so he charged his Eyes of Fire and Gold, expanding in size.

"Violent Art!"

"Pillar of the Skies!"

Wu Yu did not have any more peach power to burn, but his Violent Art and Pillar of the Skies combination was definitely capable of taking down a seventh tier immortal emperor!

The space in Well of Eternal Life shook, and the golden staff tore a rip in the fabric of space itself, sweeping out at Patriarch Bodhi!

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