Chapter 1763: Pillar of the Skies

Ziming Sky, Well of Eternal Life.

Two extremely high-ranking immortal emperors of the sky palaces, True Lord Erlang and Lotus Prince Nezha. In order to catch Wu Yu, they had fought him down the Well of Eternal Life.

And even after fighting out of it, they had been shut down by Wu Yu!

Seeing Yang Jian and Nezha weaken, the immortals nearby cried out in dismay.

Those who were strong enough could at least track Wu Yu attacking, but no one could tell what attacks he was using.

Wu Yu was using the 72 Transformations, Spirit Absorption Art. How could an ordinary immortal see through it?

As the Spirit Absorption Art flew out, the mortals and immortals in Yang Jian and Nezha's apotheosis realms began to have their souls absorbed by Wu Yu!

It was akin to having the source of power in their apotheosis realms plugged.

Without this power, their fighting ability was definitely severely discounted. Only a 30 percent cut for them was already quite an achievement.

"Punishment, Condemnation, Destruction!!"

True Lord Erlang felt his mortal souls being taken away. He was indignant and fearful, and immediately activated his third eye, using all three of his moves in alternation.

Each of these three were extremely destructive apotheosis Mystiques.

Even against immortal emperors of the same cultivation realm, Yang Jian only needed to use one. He had not used all three before.

And that was all because of the threat he sensed Wu Yu posed.

His instincts were screaming for him to surpass himself, to produce a super attack the likes of which he had never used before.

Eye of Punishment, Eye of Condemnation, and Eye of Destruction were each different colored Eyes of Heaven, and they circled on his forehead.

Each time they switched, Wu Yu would be blasted with a devastating beam.

The Well of Eternal Life near Ziming Sky was a warzone now.

Dark clouds, lightning criss-crossing, flames all over!

The three calamitous energies sucked in more and more around them as they lashed out, forcing the immortals nearby to retreat further and further.

Even at the extremes, they felt nervous that the three great powers would suck them in and kill them.

It was too horrifying!

True Lord Erlang's onslaught was an amazing display of power.

Back then, he had been able to hold Wu Yu and the others with his Eye of Heaven from a different level of Heaven entirely.

And now face to face, with his Eye of Heaven fully open, he was a much more formidable force to deal with!

The entire of Ziming Sky was groaning and shaking, shuddering under the infliction of various power vortexes that ravaged the environment.

"Devour it!"

Wu Yu saw the three powers continually firing from above, and he had to change into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast form. He opened his maw to swallow them.

Even for his Heaven Devouring Avatar, the three powers were difficult to assimilate.

After swallowing it, he could feel the power wreaking havoc on his insides, threatening to make him implode.

But very quickly, the devouring ability took effect.

Inside the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the power was weakened, and finally broken down!

If his foe had been just a tad stronger, Wu Yu would not have succeeded.

After all, True Lord Erlang was such a respected immortal emperor. How could his ultimate killing move be easy to deal with?

But in the end, Wu Yu had still managed to absorb the power.

Before long, the entire fight had quietened, and everyone watched with quiet fascination.

After the disturbance had ceased, they saw that the three Mystiques, Eye of Punishment, Condemnation, and Destruction, had actually failed to take down Wu Yu.

True Lord Erlang could not believe his own eyes.

How had Wu Yu suddenly become so strong?

"Quit zoning out!"

From beside, Nezha prodded with his Fire-tipped Spear, sending more white flames licking out towards Wu Yu.

In its wake were the Flaming Wheels of Two Realms, Chaotic Sky Band, and Universe Ring. The three epochal immortal treasures came at Wu Yu from different directions.

Each of them was a treasure beyond treasures in the sky palaces.

"Four-Directional Immortal Essence Maneuver!"

His four epochal immortal treasures attacked at the same time, and even invoked Heaven's Thunder in the process. The immortal essence qi at Ziming Sky was sucked up into his attack.

The whole of Ziming Sky felt thrown off-balance by the sheer magnitude of his attack, as if all the immortal essence qi had been pulled to this area.

All the cultivating immortals in Ziming Sky looked up, and saw the patterns in the immortal essence qi as it moved towards the Well of Eternal Life.

Shocked, there was a flurry of alarmed questions, and they learned that Yang Jian and Nezha were catching a criminal!

And that criminal was none other than the Jade Emperor's new disciple Wu Yu!

Ziming Sky was galvanized into action, and they all rushed over to the Well of Eternal Life for a look.

Just to look, from afar.

The fight was so intense, the attacks so powerful, that if they got too close they would die without question.

More and more immortals were gathering to watch.

The immortal essence qi of the entire level of Heaven continued its slow march over, triggered by the four epochal immortal treasures. It formed a tremendous attack that bore down on Wu Yu.

As the immortal qi tornado ripped through the air, Wu Yu could feel that it was even stronger than what he had just dealt with.

"The Heaven Devouring Avatar...... can't take this!"

Wu Yu was concerned now.

Lotus Prince Nezha. Truly a distinguished immortal emperor.

But this was not all.

Yang Jian had dug deep and used all of his power to open his third eye!

When he fought, he always only opened his Eye of Heaven halfway.

But now it was fully open, as when he was searching for the most profound mysteries in existence.

"Ultimate killing move, Eye of Heavenly Wrath!"

His strongest apotheosis Mystique. He closed his two normal eyes, and fresh blood seeped out from them.

The Eye of Heavenly Wrath was powerful enough to harm him in return, and so he seldom used it.

When he did, there was never any doubt about the outcome!

As his Eye of Heavenly Wrath opened, the entirety of Ziming Sky was gripped by his divine thunder.

Lightning of the heavens began to crackle and sizzle. Lightning serpents snaked through the electrical air towards Wu Yu's position!

Eye of Heavenly Wrath and the immortal qi tornado homed in on Wu Yu and destroyed the area where he was.

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar could sense the overwhelming power rush towards him.

At the same time, the Howling Celestial Dog also struck.

"Celestial Dog Swallows the Moon!"

The devouring power of this Howling Celestial Dog was much stronger than its child Tyrant. This Mystique swallowed the space where Wu Yu was.

Originally, Wu Yu would have been able to escape with the Somersault Cloud, but the Howling Celestial Dog isolated the space he was in, separating the void around Wu Yu from the world outside. It was almost as if he had been transported to a separate immortal domain!

Although Celestial Dog Swallows the Moon was only a temporary separation, but in that time the victim would be unable to flee. Even the Somersault Cloud was no exception.

There were very few constriction techniques like this in the sky palaces, which was where the Howling Celestial Dog shone.

Yang Jian, Nezha, Howling Celestial Dog. All three had used their strongest moves at once.

This was their true power!

Back at the Well of Eternal Life, they had still held some strength in reserve, not expecting Wu Yu to hold them off again and again.

Only now did they sense an urgency to end this battle quickly!

Wu Yu's body trembled as the attack came for him.

He had no other choice now. 

He gripped the Ruyi Jingu Bang tightly. In his heart, there was a golden immortal ape, screeching and yowling its heart out.

It spoke to the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

Ignoring the annihilative move bearing down on him, the Ruyi Jingu Bang slowly began to vibrate as well, shivering not in fear, but with joy.

Joy, that this was finally a worthy battle. His battle will surged forth.

The strong battle will was an aspect where Wu Yu and the Ruyi Jingu Bang were perfectly aligned. It felt like the sky had opened up, and the sun was shining on him.

Fifth seal, unlocked!

"Pillar of the Skies!"

Wu Yu transformed into a golden battle monkey, glowing with golden light as he grew under the effects of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth.

Ruyi Jingu Bang in hand, he lashed out with earth-shattering power.

"Eat this!"

His golden staff swept across the whole of Ziming Sky.

The blinding golden light forced all the onlookers to shut their eyes. They could feel a wave of pressure blow past, sweeping them all up within it!

Whether the Four-Directional Immortal Essence Maneuver, Eye of Heavenly Wrath, or Celestial Dog Swallows the Moon, they were all blown apart by this one strike from his staff.

Nezha, Yang Jian, and the Howling Celestial Dog were all sent flying!

They were bleeding from every orifice, unable to see, unable to hear, their apotheosis realms battered and broken!

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