Chapter 1762: Battle By Immolation

The overwhelming power had completely swamped Wu Yu within the Well of Eternal Life.

However, his Ruyi Jingu Bang was planted firmly, his Vajra Shield holding out against the barrage.

Under the combined onslaught of Splitting the 9 Skies Vortex and the Fire-tipped Spear, the light of the Vajra Shield dimmed but very quickly recovered.

It shook, but held firm!

Only after Yang Jian and Nezha's powers faded did Wu Yu's Vajra Shield shimmer away. Their first combined attack had been unable to bring him down, and their shock was identical.

It had not been long ago when Wu Yu had just beat Mighty Miracle God and Sky Heart Dragon Emperor.

They were fifth tier immortal emperors, of that Yang Jian and Nezha were sure.

Either one of them alone could defeat them in a heartbeat, let alone both of them together.

Such was the difference between immortal emperor tiers!

But now Wu Yu had defended against the two of them together. It was uncanny. Was this the power of the Peach Garden?

"No wonder your greed got the better of you. But the Heavenly Queen Mother's peaches are the common property of all the sky palaces! You think you are invincible just because you ate her peaches?!" Yang Jian challenged him. Lifting a hand, he opened a portal beside him.

His black Howling Celestial Dog bounded out, a bloodcurdling howl filling the Well.

This was the true Howling Celestial Dog, Ruler!

It was on a completely different level from Yang Qiang's Tyrant. This Ruler was Tyrant's father.

"Get him!"

Yang Jian ordered. Without hesitation, the Howling Celestial Dog opened its mouth, shooting black flames at Wu Yu!

These black flames seemed to have come straight from the 10,000 Levels of Hell itself. They filled the Well of Eternal Life with an aura of death.

"10,000 Hells' Silent Flame!"

The Howling Celestial Dog's power burst forth, and the black flames caged Wu Yu.

At the same time, Nezha attacked together.

His Three Heads, Six Arms Mystique filled the Well of Eternal Life. A command from him, and the Flaming Wheels of Two Realms rolled out at Wu Yu with searing fires.

"Flaming Wheels of Two Realms!"

It spun at Wu Yu, bringing forth deadly flames that looked to be on the verge of incinerating Wu Yu!

"Violent Art!"

"Pulverized World!"

Wu Yu met the attack calmly.

After the first test, he now knew that he could take them both on!

His eyes glowed again, but he did not attack immediately with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. Instead he used Violent Art, and then struck out with his fist!

The power of this punch caused the Well of Eternal Life to creak and groan!

10,000 Hells' Silent Flame was actually dispersed by this punch. It was thoroughly defeated, and unable to harm even a hair of Wu Yu's.

Pulverized World was the final tier of the Somersault Cloud, and incredibly strong.

This punch not only scattered the 10,000 Hells' Silent Flame, but also smacked the Flaming Wheels of Two Realms away!

As the void cracked, an opening appeared nearby, and many immortals peered in, startled by the three in Well of Eternal Life.

This was one of the 8,000 Sky Palaces, called Ziming Sky.

There were many immortals and immortal emperor in Ziming Sky who were trying to get around through the Well of Eternal Life.

But they could feel that something was happening within, since the Well of Eternal Life kept shuddering.

As the Well blew open and the three appeared, the immortals were alarmed.

"True Lord Erlang! And Lotus Prince Nezha!"

"I hear the Feast of Peaches is about to start. Why are they here? And they look like they're catching someone?"

"Didn't you hear? Kunlun Sky is in shambles. I hear the Jade Emperor's disciple Wu Yu ate all the peaches in Peach Garden. He's committed great crimes! So True Lord Erlang and Lotus Prince Nezha are chasing him. And they've cornered him at Ziming Sky."

The immortals gasped.

They could feel the epic tremors shaking the Well of Eternal Life, and were inwardly marveling at how much Wu Yu had grown. Even Yang Jian and Nezha together couldn't take him in?

Otherwise, why would they be making such a huge ruckus at Well of Eternal Life!

Wu Yu frowned when he saw the entrance to Ziming Sky.

He did not want to leave the Well of Eternal Life. He wanted to head on downwards to meet the Patriarch Bodhi, who had Luo Pin and the others in tow.

If the Jade Emperor's people met them first, the situation would deteriorate.

Still, he could not get free of Nezha and Yang Jian easily.

"If I don't deal with them, I won't be able to take Luo Pin and the others away safely, even if I meet up with Patriarch Bodhi."

Wu Yu thought.

He had to seize the initiative and take them down.

Besides, he had to do it quickly, and in a way that would injure them seriously and discourage them from chasing further.

"Get away from me!"

Wu Yu knew that this could be one of the most crucial moments in his life.

Whether he could take revenge for the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, for the eternal demon emperors of Demon Immortal Realm, whether he could find the truth behind what had happened 1 million years ago in the two immortal domains.

One failiure would end it all.

"Immolate! Immolate! Immolate!"

Wu Yu continued to burn away the apotheosis immortal energy within his Devouring Apotheosis Realm. His strength climbed and climbed.


His Eyes of Fire and Gold would burn them all.

As they shot out of his eyes, the void within the Well of Eternal Life caught fire, and the entire Well was lit up with golden flames.

Even outside the Well of Eternal Life, the immortals of Ziming Sky could feel the terrible heat of the attack.

If it were directed at them, they would probably be reduced to ash in a trice.

But they believed that Yang Jian and Nezha would not be so easily beaten. The two were old hands and elite immortal emperors.

They were seventh tier immortal emperors, for gods' sake. How could they lose to Wu Yu?

Even if Wu Yu was a fifth tier immortal emperor himself!

The immortals heard the pair howl, alongside the yelps of the Howling Celestial Dog. They were chased out of the Well of Eternal Life by the Omnifire.

Wu Yu's immolation of his apotheosis immortal energy had brought his strength to unprecedented levels.

Eyes of Fire and Gold, Omnifire. With these temporary buffs, he could even force Yang Jian and Nezha back.

There was nowhere to flee to within the Well of Eternal Life.

Ziming Sky was right beside. If they just left the Well of Eternal Life, Wu Yu would not be able to reach them.

However, that would be humiliating indeed.

Yang Jian glanced out at the immortals, who were looking at him surprised. His anger returned anew.

"Ruler, go!"

Yang Jian could not bear to let Wu Yu get away. With a snarl, he raised his trident glaive and transformed it into a chain of knives that circled his body.

As for his black Howling Celestial Dog, it turned into a dark shadow and fused into his chain of knives.

"10,000 Hells' Knife Chain!"

Following Yang Jian's cry, the obsidian knives formed a long chain that reached deep into the Well of Eternal Life and lashed around Wu Yu.

"Get OUT here!"

Yang Jian gave it a tremendous yank, and Wu Yu's body was dragged out of the Well of Eternal Life as well.

Nezha was right beside him. He lifted a hand and unleashed the Chaotic Sky Band.

The red Chaotic Sky Band landed on Wu Yu, locking down the space he was in and ensuring he could not escape.

Besides the Chaotic Sky Band, Nezha also threw out the Universe Ring, which landed on Wu Yu and bound him tightly.

Various powers were all layered on Wu Yu, suppressing him tightly!

"How are you going to run now?"

Yang Jian sneered. His third eye also activated.

Eye of Heaven!

However, just as it glowed, Wu Yu's body shrank to the size of a speck of dust, and he vanished.

"Somersault Cloud, In The Same Breath!"

Even caught by the Chaotic Sky Band and Universe Ring, still Wu Yu could escape.

The Somersault Cloud Mystique won himi free.

Wu Yu appeared miraculously behind them!

"Spirit Absorption Art!"

Golden light glowed in his eyes, and Spirit Absorption Art's power burrowed into their apotheosis realms, stealing away the souls of all their mortals!

Both Yang Jian and Nezha felt their power being stolen, as those their bodies were being hollowed out. They felt at least 30 percent weaker!

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