Chapter 1760: Heaven's Prison

Previously, Wu Yu had eaten 27 peaches when he lost control. That had not counted for much.

After all, Peach Garden had about 3000 peaches.

Wu Yu had eaten less than 1 percent of the peaches. It could be forgiven on the Jade Emperor's account.

But now he had eaten all of the ripe peaches. Not a single one left on the trees, and all of them resting snug in Wu Yu's stomach!

This was no longer classifiable as mischief. It was... malice!

Not even the Jade Emperor's own disciple could be allowed to get away with something like this. It concerned the reputation of the entirety of the sky palaces, and every immortal emperor within.

Even if Wu Yu had not done it on purpose, but he did not know how to even explain regarding Ming Long.

He did not want others to know the truth about her. It concerned her survival, which he dearly wanted to protect.

He recalled how faint her presence had been in the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's consciousness. It had been all Heaven Devouring Evil Lord just now.

The merest hint of her true feelings in those eyes was the only confirmation Wu Yu had, that somewhere inside her soul was still fighting.

His heart went out to her.

However, he was in hot soup himself right now.

The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord could leave as she wished but he? He had to consider many different aspects. One of which was Luo Pin, Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi.


As the Queen Mother's Eternal Death formation faded, the immortal emperors saw Wu Yu.

The Heavenly Queen Mother looked at her barren garden, her beautiful features frozen in stupefied horror.

An unbelievable rage!

The Feast of Peaches was her event, held for the whole of the sky palaces, and the center of anticipation for many immortal emperors.

Wu Yu had eaten all of the peaches right before the Feast of Peaches was about to start?


How was the Feast of Peaches to continue?


Heavenly Queen Mother flew into a terrible rage as she shrieked at the immortal emperors by her side.

She had already informed the Jade Emperor, and believed that he would soon be here.

"Yes your Majesty!"

At her order, True Lord Erlang Yang Jian, Lotus Prince Nezha, Pagoda Heavenly King Li Jing, all of them joined forces to try and catch Wu Yu!

These three in particular already had a grudge against Wu Yu. They would not hesitate when given this chance for revenge.

"You bold robber, the Jade Emperor asked you to guard the garden, and you ate it all. Not even a single one left, you brazen rebel! What do you think the sky palaces are?!"

Pagoda Heavenly King Li Jing roared in a towering rage.

All of his frustrations regarding his grandson now fueled his anger at Wu Yu.

Lawless, unscrupulous, thinking the sky palaces beneath him, eating all the immortality peaches. Wu Yu had broken the heavenly rules and restrictions at every turn. A terrible sin!

As he ranted at Wu Yu, the other immortal emperors were convinced that Wu Yu had indeed gone overboard.

This little thief had gotten so bold. Just because he had become the Jade Emperor's disciple he thought he could be so shameless?

He had to be properly punished!

True Lord Erlang Yang Jian hid it well, but his killing intent surged forth. Wu Yu had been a pain in his ass for way too long, not to mention the defeat of his son Yang Qiang, delaying his progression into the immortal emperor realm.

Nezha was angry on behalf of his master, Taiyi Zhenren.

Although Taiyi Zhenren had already gotten the Milky Way Pill from the Jade Emperor, but denying his master the Ruyi Jingu Bang was still a slight on his honor.

It would definitely affect the reputation of Taiyi Zhenren hereon.

Therefore, the three immortal emperors reacted instantaneously. Of course, for such a huge problem, they would leave the final judgment up to the Jade Emperor.

As they shouted and chased him, Wu Yu had no chance of explaining himself at all.

Besides, he had no time to explain

More, inside his body was 2800 immortality peaches' worth of immortal essence, and it was hard to even speak.

More, he didn't even know what he could say this time.

"If I don't go now, I'll be too late......"

Wu Yu held on to that thought.

Once he was caught, he would either be killed or imprisoned for a long time. By the time he was out, things would probably have changed again at Heavenly Buddha's Domain and Heavenly Domain......

Not a good outcome.

He had already sworn to take revenge for the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and help the eternal demon emperors of Demon Immortal Realm!

Somersault Cloud, In The Same Breath.

Wu Yu blew out past the immortal emperors, vanishing from Peach Garden. He sped past the rest of Kunlun Sky, shooting for the Well of Eternal Life!

Not expecting him to flee, True Lord Erlang, Lotus Prince Nezha, and Pagoda Heavenly King Li Jing froze in hesitation.

By the time they responded, Wu Yu was already gone!

They were infuriated.

The brat had not only committed great crimes, but was fleeing instead of accepting his punishment?

That was an extra crime compounded on his long list of wrongdoings!

Even the Heavenly Queen Mother had not expected this level of lawlessness.

Her face turned grim, and she sent an immortal message talisman to Patriarch Bodhi at Mettle Sky.

"Imprison Luo Pin, Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi!"

This was the message from Heavenly Queen Mother, and Patriarch Bodhi was shocked to receive it.

However, the order had come from the Heavenly Queen Mother herself, and he had to obey.

She and the Jade Emperor were the absolute authority in the sky palaces.

Not even the esteemed Patriarch Bodhi could go against their direct order.

Besides, the Patriarch Bodhi had also learned that Wu Yu had eaten all of the peaches in Peach Garden and then made a run for it.

Patriarch Bodhi could do nothing but stand on the side of the sky palaces on this.

Luo Pin, Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi were currently cultivating at Mettle Sky.

Before they knew what was happening, Patriarch Bodhi had already captured all three. There was no chance they could get away!

They were absolutely bewildered as to what was happening.

A moment later, Wu Yu's immortal message talisman had come, bidding them find a place to hide. A moment too late.

As the three were captured, the situation grew a lot more urgent.

Heavenly Queen Mother's next order was for Patriarch Bodhi to send the three directly to Kunlun Sky through the Well of Eternal Life.

Again, Patriarch Bodhi could not refuse.

He had already been preparing to leave and head for the Feast of Peaches. To think that Wu Yu had ruined the whole thing......

Kunlun Sky.

Jade Emperor was here.

Heavenly Queen Mother and the other elite immortal emperors crowded around him, explaining.

After they had explained everything, the handsome young face of the Jade Emperor was frowning seriously.

Even if it was his new disciple, to commit such great crimes and break the heavenly rules put the Jade Emperor himself in a difficult position.

"Seems like I have backed the wrong person. Rest assured. I promise all of you to take this Wu Yu to task." Jade Emperor quickly made his decision.

The whole of the sky palaces was mobilized now, a rigid hierarchical system that moved as one.

Upon the Jade Emperor's declaration to catch Wu Yu, battalions of celestial soldiers were sent out to scout for signs of Wu Yu.

Yang Jian immediately opened his Eye of Heaven to search as well!

Whoever caught Wu Yu would definitely be richly rewarded by the Jade Emperor and Heavenly Queen Mother!

Hearing the Jade Emperor's decision, Nangong Wei smiled at the Heavenly Queen Mother's side.

Given her otherworldly good looks, her smile could bring entire nations to ruin, but there was an unconcealed hate in her eyes.

Wu Yu had dared to commit such great crimes, and was asking to die.

Since the start of the Great Void Immortal Path, Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord had a grudge against Wu Yu.

As for her now, she was a little like Ming Long - more hate than goodwill towards Wu Yu.

Although she did not join the discussions to cpature Wu Yu, she celebrated inwardly.

"Nezha, Li Jing, you two head for Mettle Sky. Patriarch Bodhi is bringing those three over."

The Jade Emperor ordered, his face serious. "Announce it everywhere. Wu Yu must turn himself in at Kunlun Sky, or Luo Pin and the others will be put into Heaven's Prison, never again to see the light of day!"

A sharp gasp from all the immortal emperors who heard this command.

Heaven's Prison!

They had thought that the Jade Emperor would treat the three with a softer hand.

After all, the one who was in the wrong was Wu Yu.

But now it seemed like the Jade Emperor's anger was indeed uncontrollable. Of course, Wu Yu's escape was too pointed a challenge to the sky palaces.

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