Chapter 1756: Kunlun Sky

Wu Yu had no other choice. He was a fourth tier immortal emperor, but had caused trouble by eating so many peaches.

He concluded that the only option was to tell all to the Heavenly Queen Mother and beg for her forgiveness.

However, even as the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, he could not casually drop in on the Heavenly Queen Mother. He had to think of a way to find her.

Luckily, she had to be somewhere on the same level of Heaven.

"This level of Heaven is called Kunlun Sky, and I hear that the Heavenly Queen Mother stays at Yaochi Palace. Perhaps I can find her." Wu Yu secretly left Peach Garden, starting to roam about Kunlun Sky.

Flitting about in Kunlun Sky, he realized that he barely saw anyone around.

Wu Yu would occasionally come across some beautiful maidservants moving about.

All of them were immortal emperor level, and lived idyllic lives here at Kunlun Sky. If no accidents happened, they would be able to enjoy their lives here forever.

That was why many mortals would risk anything, even death and the fading of their dao, just for the slimmest chance of rising to immortalhood.

And again the same among immortals, to rise to immortal emperorhood. It was a competition for cultivation resources, for eternal life, for survival.

Failure to reach the eternal immortal emperor realm meant that one would fade from existence.

Wu Yu wandered around Kunlun Sky, astonished at the level here.

Each of these waiting women would be the envy of any ordinary immortal, and there were so many of them serving here.

Of course, these waiting women immortal emperors had not progressed much after attaining eternal life.

To them, it was a way to skirt the difficult route of cultivation. To stay by the Queen Mother's side for eternity and wait on her was not a bad life.

After all, in such a high sky palace, there was little to fear.

All of the sky palaces would protect them.

Each time he came across them, Wu Yu wanted to ask where Yaochi Palace was.

However, they flitted by quickly, hurrying off on tasks. He could not get hold of them.

Wu Yu had no idea where they were going, and had no chance to even ask anything of them.

He could only continue searching by himself. The whole of Kunlun Sky was covered in a faint immortal essence mist.

"Where in the world is Yaochi Palace?"

Wu Yu continued to search frantically.

As he continued on, he saw a large lake in front, with immortal qi floating in thick clouds above it. H heard voices drifting across the water.

Wu Yu crept forward slowly, and saw that the lake waters were actually immortal essence qi in liquid form.

It would be even more efficacious to cultivate in this lake compared to Peach Garden!

Wu Yu was wonderstruck. The immortal essence qi in Peach Garden had been dense enough already. To think that a lake full of liquid immortal essence would actually exist!

If ordinary immortals could cultivate in this lake, they would be 10 times more likely to reach immortal emperor status.

As expected of the sky palaces, a majority of the resources were concentrated in the hands of a few. And the immortal emperor descendants would have much greater access to cultivation resources compared to ordinary immortals.

This was also why the immortal emperor descendants matured so much more quickly.

"There's someone cultivating ahead. Perhaps they will know where the Heavenly Queen Mother is."

Wu Yu thought to himself. He headed over the lake, and saw the back of a person, fair as snow.

An immortal woman was bathing in the lake!

"Which manner of lecher is that! Who dares to be so bold as to peep!"

Wu Yu was about to turn away, but he had already been seen and accused.

The crisp voice rang out like the call of a phoenix. Nangong Wei!

She turned away as she shouted, her hands protecting clasped in front of her chest. There was embarrassment in her beautiful eyes.

The upper half of her body was sticking out of the water, and pearls of liquid immortal essence rolled off her perfect skin, pale and glowing in the mirrored radiance of the waters.

Her beautiful features were fixed in a cold expression, which only made her even more rapturous.

Hiding her body, she cocked an eyebrow at Wu Yu and demanded angrily of him: "Why are you trespassing at Yaochi Lake and offending my modesty?! If you don't explain yourself, you're not leaving!"

Wu Yu had already turned away.

He now knew that he was at Yaochi Lake. And he had seen what he should not have, and offended Nangong Wei.

However, he was here for a different reason, to apologize to the Heavenly Queen Mother.

He did not want to let this matter blow up, and so he apologized. "I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose. I did not know that this was Yaochi Lake, or that you were bathing here."

"Not on purpose? You think that flimsy excuse will wash you clean?"

Nangong Wei demanded sharply. She immediately attacked Wu Yu!

With a twist of her body, the pale white flesh was now clothed in black gauze. At the same time, jet-black flames rose from the lake, roaring towards Wu Yu!

Feeling the immense heat, Wu Yu immediately punched out!

He was a fourth tier immortal emperor now, much higher than Nangong Wei.

His punch had the power of Pulverized World packed into it. He managed to disperse the flames.

If not for him pulling his punch, it would probably have crushed Nangong Wei to bits.

"Inky Phoenix Flame Dance!"

Nangong Wei did not see him check his strength, and instead turned even more aggressive. Her black flames morphed into nine black phoenixes that swooped towards Wu Yu!

Wu Yu was irritated that she was being so hard-headed about it, especially when it had been an  accident and he had apologized for it.


Wu Yu shot golden fire from his eyes, which beamed out towards the black phoenixes.

In an instant, he had burned all of them to a crisp!

Wu Yu was much stronger than Nangong Wei at this point, and could defeat her easily.

However, Wu Yu had not controlled his strength well with this attack. A beam of Omnifire was flying straight at Nangong Wei!

"Look out!"

Wu Yu used In The Same Breath to reach her in a flash.

He reached a hand and yanked her away!

She had not yet realized what had happened, until the jet of Omnifire grazed past her head, burning everything in its wake.

She knew that she had narrowly escaped death.

Her black fire was far from Wu Yu's powers now......

She realized that she was still clad in the same flimsy black gauze, and now pressed against Wu Yu, still holding his hand.

A masculine and unfamiliar feel... Nangong Wei tried to draw her hand back quickly.

But Wu Yu would not let go. What if she attacked again?

"Calm down. I've already apologized. I really didn't know you were here....." Wu Yu said in a hushed voice.

"Does an apology help? If you don't let go, I'm screaming for help!" Nangong Wei hissed at him.

Wu Yu had no choice but to let go.

Recalling that Wu Yu had just saved her life, she felt even more conflicted.

Still, she had now calmed down a little.

She demanded: "You could be in the Peach Garden cultivating. What are you doing running amok around Kunlun Sky?"

Of course, Wu Yu could not tell her his reasons.

Therefore he said: "I have a private matter to discuss with the Heavenly Queen Mother. Could......"

Even before Wu Yu finished speaking, she sneered at him. "I won't lead you anywhere. If you want to find my Master, find her yourself!"

Her icy tone and look showed no warmth at all.

Wu Yu gave it up.

He turned away. "Do as you please then. I'm leaving."

Moving away from Yaochi Lake, Wu Yu calmed down a little. That had been embarrassing. Luckily she had calmed down enough to let go as well.

After all, he was already feeling guilty for eating the peaches. And now this incident had only compounded his sense of guilt.

He shook his head, putting the matter at the back of his mind.

Since Nangong Wei had let him go, she was probably not going to pursue the matter.

He just had to find the Heavenly Queen Mother and beg forgiveness for eating the peaches.

He continued forwards through the immortal essence mist of Kunlun Sky. Finally, he saw a vast palace before him.

"As expected, Yaochi Lake and Yaochi Palace aren't far apart."

He quickened his pace forwards, and saw two immortal emperor maidservants standing outside. He went up and said: "Sisters, could I trouble you to inform the Heavenly Queen Mother that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal begs an audience?"

The two girls looked at him and bowed. "Please wait a moment, Great Sage."

One of them sent an immortal message talisman which flew into the palace. 

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