Chapter 1753: Feast of Peaches

Wu Yu went rigid with shock when the Jade Emperor declared those four words!

The legacy of his Ruyi Jingu Bang had come from the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, but he had never mentioned the name to anyone in the sky palaces before.

And if all the immortal emperors had lost their memories of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, then they should not know the name.

And yet the Jade Emperor had given him that title. What could it mean?

Wu Yu was in the dark, unable to read the Jade Emperor.

Could it be that the Jade Emperor had memories of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal from back then?

That was a possibility. But if that was so, how could the Jade Emperor not recognize the Ruyi Jingu Bang?

After all, the Ruyi Jingu Bang was the iconic treasure of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

Back at Sage's Equal Sky, Wu Yu had seen from the stele that the Jade Emperor had been among those who had killed the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and his companions.

"If the Jade Emperor still has memories of that time, I'm in danger! But it seems unlikely... I think......"

Wu Yu was having a bit of a mental breakdown.

He had searched high and low for clues, but was completely unable to find the truth anywhere. Now he had come all the way to see the Jade Emperor, and he had been sucked deeper into the mystery!

There were so many things that he wanted to know, but he had to stay alert and wary. He concealed it to prevent suspicion.

"Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. What does everyone think about it?"

Jade Emperor repeated it. He had a pleased look on his face, as though excited about having come up with a good name.

From his behavior, it did not seem like he had attached any special meaning to the title.

"Not bad at all, befitting of a disciple of your Majesty!"

The other immortal emperors were quick to offer praise, but they also asked: "Besides the title, what duties should he have?"

"As for duties, let the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal be exempt."

The Jade Emperor said after some thought. He did not assign Wu Yu any tasks.

"A free job, and the disciple of your Majesty. The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal is special indeed. Congratulations to your Highness for acquiring such an uncommon disciple!"

The immortal emperors again offered their congratulations.

They were very envious of Wu Yu. Becoming the Jade Emperor's disciple meant an instant rise to glory.

Besides, the name Great Sage, Heaven's Equal sounded seriously cool.

Although his status was not clearly defined, but it was at least equal to those of True Lord Erlang's caliber.

This meant that most immortal emperors would have to respectfully greet him as Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

If he encountered the Dhrtarastra or Mighty Miracle God, they would not dare to treat him with the same attitude again.

As the disciple of the Jade Emperor, Wu Yu was now beyond them in status!

If he met the 9 Great Dragon Emperors of the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, they would have to respectfully call him Great Sage.

"Wu Yu, since you are now the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, and the 7500th level of Heaven is called Sage's Equal Sky, it is now yours. It stands ownerless." Jade Emperor continued beaming. Of course, he would give his disciple a level of Heaven.

However, this had special meaning for Wu Yu as well.

First the title Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, and then the gift of Sage's Equal Sky. What did this all mean?

Wu Yu was absolutely confused!

All he knew was that Sage's Equal Sky had belonged to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, and had remained sealed after its destruction.

Marshal Tian Peng's Marshal Sky and Curtain Lifting General's Curtain Lifting Sky were all similarly sealed.

What did the Jade Emperor know? Or rather, what did he remember?

Wu Yu could not make head or tail of it.

He could only bow again: "Disciple Wu Yu thanks Master for the gift!"

Many of the immortal emperors murmured their admiration anew. Not many immortal emperors had their own level of Heaven.

After all, there were many sky palaces where the immortal qi was simply insufficient to satisfy the immortal emperors.

Only a small number were dense with immortal essence qi, and they were basically all occupied, such as Taiyi Zhenren's Reality Origin Sky.

Mettle Sky too was among their number. Although it was Patriarch Bodhi's territory, he had generously made it public, and those not from his sect would not be chased away.

As the disciple of the Jade Emperor, Wu Yu now also had his own sky palace, and they were all jealous of him!

Cheers rang out across Lingxiao Palace, and many hastened to make ties with Wu Yu. It was a lively setting.

Of course, they wanted to have connections with the first disciple of the Jade Emperor.

They had thought that Wu Yu was about to be laid out on the chopping block, but instead his luck had turned in a way that no one would have thought possible.

Jade Emperor discussed briefly with the Heavenly Queen Mother, and then patted the air for silence.

"In order to celebrate us having disciples of our own, the Heavenly Queen Mother has decided that we will have a Feast of Peaches. We will invite immortals from the sky palaces and hells!" Jade Emperor announced with a broad smile.

This news was met with loud cheers from the immortal emperors.

A Feast of Peaches!

The Queen Mother's peaches were among the greatest immortal essences in existence. They only bore fruit once every 100,000 years, and just tasting one was said to be divine bliss.

Besides, it could help increase the cultivation potential of the immortal emperors!

The immortal emperors broke out into excited chatter, their pleasure and anticipation written all over their faces.

Wu Yu was amazed at the information he gleaned from their conversations.

He could guess that, similar to divine sarira, the Queen Mother's peaches of immortality was a great boon for the immortal emperors.

Each Feast of Peaches was a grand occasion that all hoped to be able to enter. Each time, they were able to improve greatly, equivalent to tens of thousands of years of cultivation.

That the Jade Emperor and Heavenly Queen Mother were willing to go to such lengths and organize a Feast of Peaches showed how much they favored Dancing Flame Phoenix Empress and Wu Yu.

Of course, they all referred to him as Great Sage, Heaven's Equal now. His name would echo around the sky palaces.

The Jade Emperor had even organized a Feast of Peaches for the two of them. What more clarification was needed about their status?

It seemed like Wu Yu was now on par with those like True Lord Erlang!

They felt extremely bitter. Back then, Wu Yu had just been an ordinary mortal who had ascended, and then Patriarch Bodhi's disciple who had risen to immortal emperorhood.

How many disciples did the Patriarch Bodhi have? How many mortal-born immortal emperors were there? None of them had risen high.

Just by his dream-received epochal immortal treasure, Wu Yu was able to rise so aggressively, even becoming the first disciple of the Jade Emperor.

"Wu Yu."

Jade Emperor personally addressed him now. "The peaches in the Peach Garden are already ripe. Since you've nothing to do in the next 10 years, how about going to watch over Peach Garden?"

"Your disciple obeys."

Wu Yu immediately answered respectfully.

This was his first task from the Jade Emperor, and could not be refused. Besides, watching over the Peach Garden should be an easy task.

More, the Peach Garden was in the level of Heaven below Lingxiao Sky, and very close to the Jade Emperor.

Perhaps he might be able to learn something at Peach Garden.

"A word of warning, no sneaking a bite! Haha!" Jade Emperor roared with laughter, and the other immortal emperors joined in good-naturedly.

Guarding Peach Garden was a idyllic task that many immortal emperors wished to do.

Wu Yu was highly valued by the Jade Emperor to be given this task.

As for secretly eating, the immortal emperors felt that it was unthinkable that anyone would do it.

After all, the peaches were treasured by the entirety of the sky palaces, and whoever stole a bite would be committing a major breach of the heavenly rules!

Not even the Jade Emperor's own disciple would dare to do this.

The Jade Emperor was clearly joking, and elicited a lighthearted response from the others.

After confirming the Feast of Peaches, the group at Lingxiao Palace dispersed.

Who could have imagined that Taiyi Zhenren taking Wu Yu to court would end up as such a celebration?

The immortal emperors left, hurrying away with great eagerness and delight. After all, many of them could attend the Feast of Peaches, an opportunity that Wu Yu and Nangong Wei had created for them.

And news of the events at Lingxiao Palace soon spread across the sky palaces.

The sensational news made ripples not just in the sky palaces, but even reached the 10,000 Levels of Hell!

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