Chapter 1752: Great Sage, Heaven's Equal

Given how strong the Ruyi Jingu Bang was, it followed logically that many people should know about it.

Yet, Wu Yu had not encountered anyone who knew it yet.

Wu Yu had already prepared what to say to this question. He answered respectfully: "This object appeared to me in my dreams, while I was still in the mortal domain. I followed its arts, and cultivated until I reached immortalhood."

This was a flawless explanation.

Although it sounded too fantastic to receive an epochal immortal treasure in one's dreams, but receiving it in too easy a fashion would also elicit doubt.

In comparison, the mysticality of receiving it from a dream might go down better.

Hearing this, many of the immortal emperors marveled to themselves at Wu Yu's luck. Could one really dream a treasure of such caliber?

This Ruyi Jingu Bang was lusted over even by the likes of True Lord Erlang and Pagoda Heavenly King, and even an elite immortal emperor like Taiyi Zhenren chased it to the ends of the world. That was testament to how precious it was.

Jade Emperor continued to ask amiably: "They tell me that you exchanged the Ruyi Jingu Bang with Taiyi Zhenren. Are you planning to keep your word and return the Ruyi Jingu Bang to him?"

There was a sharp increase in the tension of the immortal emperors. After all, this was the reason why they were gathered here.

"As for Zhenren, I feel bad as well. Is there a way to salvage the situation?"

Wu Yu was quiet for a while, then made a proposal of his own. "I can compensate Zhenren in other ways. As long as he names it, I am willing to do it."

He wanted to smooth the situation over, but also wanted to keep the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

He wanted to give Taiyi Zhenren something else, and trade back the ownership of the staff.

However, Taiyi Zhenren did not agree. He gave Wu Yu a withering look. "I only want the Ruyi Jingu Bang! Otherwise, you can return the Deathless Lotus to me, and I'll take it that you regretted the trade."

Although he said this, Taiyi Zhenren was very sure that Wu Yu would not return the Deathless Lotus.

Besides, the Deathless Lotus had already become a Saintly Lotus Frame, and could not return to its Deathless Lotus state.

So even if Wu Yu was willing, it was an impossible offer.

Taiyi Zhenren was merely mocking him.

Of course Wu Yu knew this!

However, even if there was a way, Wu Yu would not choose to do it. Ming Long was still too important to him, and he would not let her die.

"Zhenren, will you not consider any other compensation?"

Wu Yu was conflicted.

Taiyi Zhenren was too stubborn and irascible. Would he leave with nothing less than the Ruyi Jingu Bang today?

Taiyi Zhenren nodded. "Indeed. I want nothing else besides the Ruyi Jingu Bang."

This negotiation had reached a stalemate.

Neither Taiyi Zhenren nor Wu Yu was willing to give way.

If it was just Wu Yu alone, the other immortal emperors would definitely have pressured him. However, the Patriarch Bodhi was now by his side!

Although the Patriarch Bodhi simply closed his eyes in meditation, but his very presence alone demanded respect.

Therefore, they could only leave it up to the Jade Emperor.

As they all looked towards him, he gave a friendly smile.

He said lightly to Wu Yu: "You won my 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King. I consider it dear. How about this. Patriarch Bodhi, are you willing to part with him, and transfer Wu Yu's discipleship to me? If he becomes my disciple, I will compensate Taiyi Zhenren on your behalf!"

Consternation among all the immortal emperors present.

The Jade Emperor favored Wu Yu and wanted him as disciple?

The Jade Emperor had never accepted a disciple before. If both the Patriarch Bodhi and Wu Yu agreed, then he would be the first disciple of the Jade Emperor, with an exalted status.

At that time, many of the immortal emperors would have to pay respects before him.

Taiyi Zhenren was very unhappy about all this. He was not expecting such favor from the Jade Emperor.

From beside, Pagoda Heavenly King Li Jing counseled him softly: "Zhenren, do not fret. Although you might not get the Ruyi Jingu Bang, but the Jade Emperor will definitely provide something better than what the little monkey can give you. I believe the Jade Emperor will do right by you."

Taiyi Zhenren nodded imperceptibly, his expression clearing up somewhat.

Still, he had been here to execute a culprit, and now the culprit was being favored. No one could take that lying down.

It depended on how the Jade Emperor would satisfy him and win his consent.

As the Jade Emperor said this, the most speechless of them all was Wu Yu himself.

He looked at Patriarch Bodhi, who was still meditating with eyes closed. He smiled peaceably: "Whether to move to the Jade Emperor's side is Wu Yu's choice alone. As long as Wu Yu is agreeable, an old coot like myself naturally has no opinion on the matter."

Patriarch Bodhi was a good person, and was not at all angry that his disciple was being poached. He left it all up to Wu Yu.

After all, if Wu Yu wanted to keep the Ruyi Jingu Bang, his only option was to take the Jade Emperor as his master.

The decision rested with Wu Yu.

He was very conflicted.

In this time, the Patriarch Bodhi had been a highly respected benefactor to him. He had helped him so much on his journey to becoming an immortal emperor.

Whether the Heavenly Devil Battlefield or the Immortal Emperor Trials, or even his routine lectures, they had all helped Wu Yu out greatly.

Without Patriarch Bodhi, Wu Yu would probably not be where he was today.

He could not forget the kindness that the Patriarch Bodhi had shown him.

He looked at Patriarch Bodhi, who was still meditating, eyes closed, expression neutral. He seemed completely unsurprised... could it be that he had already predicted the Jade Emperor would take Wu Yu as disciple?

Wu Yu somehow got that feeling.

To him, the Patriarch Bodhi remained an unreadable enigma from start to finish. Very few knew what he was thinking.

Wu Yu felt that Patriarch Bodhi was somehow different from the other immortal emperors in the sky palaces.

And yet, it was an inexplicable difference that he could not put a finger on.

Finally, Wu Yu made his decision. He bowed to the Jade Emperor. "If you are willing to let me keep the name of Patriarch Bodhi's disciple, I am willing to become your disciple!"

That was his final decision.

He wanted to know the truth about the past, and so he had to go higher, closer to where the truth was.

Perhaps the Jade Emperor himself was the only one who knew the truth about that time.

Wu Yu was thinking that if he could become the Jade Emperor's disciple and get closer to him, perhaps he could be privy to secrets that others would not know.

About the Demon Immortal Realm, about the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, about Heavenly Buddha's Domain. All of it was mystery upon mystery that Wu Yu could find no purchase in.

At the same time, he did not want to turn his back on the Patriarch Bodhi, and at least wanted to preserve their master-disciple relationship.

If it was just a name with no substance, it would not worry the Jade Emperor too much.

Hearing Wu Yu say this, the Jade Emperor burst out into laughter. "Good, good! Excellent! In that case, call me Master. As for the Patriarch Bodhi, he can remain your master in name, and no one can change that."

He had accepted, and Wu Yu's face flooded with joy.

He had thought someone as eminent as the Jade Emperor might not allow him to have more than one master.

But it seemed like the Jade Emperor was rather relaxed about this, and not about to take it to heart.

With this, there was nothing left to hold him back, and the matter was resolved perfectly.

Except for Taiyi Zhenren.

However, the Jade Emperor would not just dismiss him. He turned to Taiyi Zhenren and said: "Taiyi Zhenren, to compensate your loss, I will give you one Milky Way Pill. How do you see this?"

Taiyi Zhenren's eyes bulged. He reeled with incredulous joy.

"I can only offer a thousand thanks to the Jade Emperor."

Taiyi Zhenren laughed exultantly.

Clearly this Milky Way Pill was more than satisfactory for him, and much dearer than the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

Wu Yu had no idea what a Milky Way Pill was, but this was no time to be thinking about that.

Taking on his master was the most important thing now!

He got onto his knees, and spoke seriously: "Disciple Wu Yu pays respects to his master. From now on, I will accept my master's teachings, abide by my master's rules. I will cultivate hard and not let my master down!"

"Rise, Wu Yu."

The signature smile of the Jade Emperor, cultured and courteous. He lifted his hand, bidding Wu Yu get to his feet.

The ceremony was not a very solemn one, but the expression on Wu Yu's face left no doubts as to how seriously he took it.

Through the process, Nangong Wei aka Dancing Flame Phoenix Empress did not say a single word. She simply sat by the side of Queen Mother of the West, observing silently.

Of course, Pagoda Heavenly King Li Jing and True Lord Erlang would not be happy.

They had thought to use this chance to teach Wu Yu a lesson, and take revenge for past offense.

And now Jade Emperor had taken him as disciple!

It was a sound slap to their faces. They glowered, embarrassed and resentful.

Still, there was nothing they could do about the Jade Emperor's decision. They were forced to swallow their anger and watch Wu Yu take the Jade Emperor as his master, right before their very eyes.

"Wu Yu is my first disciple. Naturally I should give him a title. What do you think, my fellow immortals?"

The Jade Emperor asked of the others smilingly.

Of course they murmured and nodded their agreement. The curious questions followed: "What shall be his title?"

The Jade Emperor looked fondly at Wu Yu. "Great Sage, Heaven's Equal!"

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