Chapter 0174: Swansong

Fixed Body Art, success!

As Wu Yu used it more and more, he became more familiar and practiced with it. Although he relied on the Great Sage's guidance in order to use such a marvelous spiritual art, his success rate was getting higher and higher.

Facing against Tian Yijun's Paranormal Pillar of Blood, the Fixed Body Art was Wu Yu's only chance to turn the tables! He had already been prepared to die if the Fixed Body Art had failed.

Perhaps the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had been guiding him in battle all the while. This time at least, Wu Yu gathered all his focus, funneling all his will into employing the Fixed Body Art. Even if it was just for a moment!

In a battle of experts, a moment could decide many things!

Tian Yijun had a hundred ghosts at his bidding, and his Paranormal Pillar of Blood was world-class. But a moment's paralysis allowed Wu Yu's Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike to pierce through his body!

Right now, the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike had been honed to an even higher peak. It had become the sword embodiment of taiji. With the immortal root Yin Yang Sword Wheel as its base, its fatal power and penetrative power were enhanced. A single stroke riddled Tian Yijun's body with wounds, and his blood spurted!

The Paranormal Pillar of Blood was sent flying. It clattered on the ground, then rolled down the mountain. Along the way, all the trees and rocks that it touched were instantly destroyed, while the water it touched evaporated. Sea creatures burst in a puff of blood, consumed by the Paranormal Pillar of Blood.


Tian Yijun still had some consciousness. Slumped on the ground, he crawled to his feet with much difficulty. His bigger eye had been pierced through by Wu Yu, and only his smaller eye remained, filled with shock and disbelief. He stared at Wu Yu. Even up till his death, he had not known why he had been held for that moment!

He had the upper hand and was about to finish Wu Yu off. But suddenly, the tables had turned, and Wu Yu had taken his life.

"You, what Immortality Art......" Tian Yijun struggled on with his last breath, his veins bursting.

"Someone like you is not qualified to hear the answer." Wu Yu's Onyx & Pearl Dao Swords left his hand, flying out to behead Tian Yijun. The ghostly hero fell to Wu Yu.

The Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts had lost six of their members in battle. Only Yu Sanji was left!

In the moment that Wu Yu had beheaded Tian Yijun, no one responded. They only knew that Wu Yu had again surpassed all expectations to kill Tian Yijun when he himself had been at death's door!

Tian Yijun was the strongest fighter below the Jindan Realm. But he had been sent to the next world without even a chance to offer last words!

The crowd was cheering and was unable to calm down for a long while. They looked at Wu Yu as if he was a god. From that moment on, he became someone for whom nothing was impossible.

In truth, Wu Yu was already extremely fatigued from the battles so far. Especially after he used the Fixed Body Art - the drain was stupendous - and his vortexes of spiritual power were dim now. Although they were recovering rapidly, his mental strain could not be easily shed, especially when the ghosts had been in his body, and he hovered on the brink of death. The ghosts had only vanished when Tian Yijun died.

But he would not stop fighting!

This was the moment when he was needed most!

After killing Tian Yijun, Wu Yu fixed his gaze on the sole survivor of the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts - Yu Sanji!

She was locked in an equal fight with the Lone Elder! The Lone Elder's swordwork was also extremely polished!

Wu Yu rushed behind Yu Sanji. She detected his presence but was unable to extricate herself from the Lone Elder. She was pincered!

"Wu Yu, your death will be horrible! We Scarlet Sea's Seven Immortals have many good friends in the East Sea! Countless Jindan experts!

"You may have killed us Scarlet Sea's Seven Immortals today, but our good friends will come to collect our debt of vengeance! When the time comes, you will wish that you were dead!

"We ghostly cultivators will become your worst nightmare! You will never be free of us! Don't think you can do as you wish just because you are talented! You have made a grave mistake!"

She had not expected that her big brother and second brother would die in battle; she was still reeling from disbelief. But the reality was before her. And now the one that Wu Yu would destroy was her!

Wu Yu did not even reply.

He charged up, adding the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword into the fray. He attacked Yu Sanji in coordination with the Lone Elder! Yu Sanji was not even as good as Shen Erjun. Under the combined onslaught of Wu Yu and the Lone Elder, her brains were spilled by Wu Yu before long!

With this, the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts were no more. As they died, all the evil ghosts and vengeful spirits faded as well. The eerie aura that had hung over the battlefield was finally gone....

All that remained were martial cultivators and demons. And the demons had fled without stopping!

Tian Yijun and Yu Sanji were dead. Even the ordinary disciples of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect, let alone Jiang Xie, knew that their three-way alliance had suffered a thorough defeat! The Bipo Mountain Range still belonged to the Heavenly Sword Sect. At this juncture, they were at a disadvantage and had nowhere to return to!

Wu Yu was so strong that he could even kill Tian Yijun. Naturally, that made Jiang Xie sick.

And now, with Yu Sanji dead, it freed up Wu Yu and the Lone Elder to enter the remaining three battles between the 10th tier Qi Condensation cultivators. Two of them were Zhongyuan Dao Sect elders, while one was a demon!

Wu Yu stared at the demon. In order to let the four elders take on the two Zhongyuan Dao Sect members, he would face the demon alone!

After all, they were the Zhongyuan Dao Sect's opponents. Two against one, they could end the fight without too much of a delay, and then turn to help Feng Xueya and Lan Huayi for the Heavenly Sword Sect to take a complete victory!

The demon was an ox, a completely different beast from the Thunder Seabird which specialized in speed. This ox was berserk and possessed enormous strength. It could even stomp the ground, causing the earth itself to shake as it directed. Shockwaves could ripple out like the sea's surface. It could even call down huge stones from the sky.

Wu Yu was focused now. Although his own fighting strength was diminished after fighting for so long, he was still confident that he could destroy this demon! But after this, he would have to rest before he could continue fighting.

"Master and Sect Protector's side is the most crucial...." Wu Yu turned back to look. Those two battles were the most crucial. If either of them went badly, all that Wu Yu had done would be for naught!

But sometimes, what one worried about came true.

Wu Yu realized that he had underestimated the Ninth Spirit, and also her desire to acquire him. In this fight to the last, she had fought furiously. It was impossible that she would neglect Wu Yu; on the contrary, all that she did was in order to acquire him. At this time, even the Bipo Mountain Range was not as important to her.


Suddenly, a huge sound.

Everyone started. High in the skies, a huge sea had opened up. Lan Huayi was drifting down through the sky, hanging as limply as a kite's string. She landed in the mountains and did not get up again. No one knew if she was dead or alive.


The Ninth Spirit landed on the ground, her huge, demonic tails fanning out. She twisted like a snake, her red eyes locking on to Wu Yu.

She had actually defeated Lan Huayi!

Lan Huayi might even be dead. After all, she had landed in the mountains but had not gotten up. Even if she was not dead, she would be severely injured!

Wu Yu was still preparing to fight the ox demon at this time.

Wu Yu's eyes met the red stare of the Ninth Spirit!

Evidently, all of her battles had been for this moment! Her demon body snaked towards Wu Yu, covering five kilometers of ground in a flash. She reached Wu Yu quickly, and the ox demon helped the Ninth Spirit as well. He trapped Wu Yu there, preventing him from escaping. And now his opponent was on him.

"Ninth Spirit!" This 1,000-year-old demon had caused too much havoc to Wu Yu's heart.

Wu Yu had never been afraid of Tian Yijun or Jiang Xie. Only the Ninth Spirit put a scare in him, even terrified him. Till date, the Ninth Spirit was his nemesis. She was a thing of pure yin.

"You should call me ‘Jiu Er.’"

In a flash, the fox demon was just 10 zhang away from him. She crept up in front of him, her nine tails bouncing jauntily in the air like a peacock's tail. 

This scene made everyone nervous.

"Wu Yu, Jiu Er is too disappointed by you. Jiu Er treated you so well, but you used Jiu Er. You let Jiu Er down," the Ninth Spirit said resentfully.

Wu Yu's gaze was cold. At this time, the ox had withdrawn, but the Ninth Spirit was too close for him to attempt an escape.

"It was you that let me down, you that deceived me!"

Wu Yu's mind frantically sought a solution as he played for time. He had expended a lot of energy in the fight against Tian Yijun, and now he could not possibly resist the Ninth Spirit in his weakened state.

"Stop delaying for time. I will take you far, far away from this place.

"Wu Yu, don't blame Jiu Er. It was you who broke my heart first."

The more she spoke, the more worked up she became. As she spoke, she used even more incredible demon techniques to enthrall Wu Yu deeply. This was not just seduction, but hypnosis. Wu Yu could resist seduction, but not the mind-breaking hypnosis of the Ninth Spirit. In her thrall, his brain continued to play miserable memories, such as Sun Wudao's death, the night at Imperial Concubine Xi's palace when he had consumed the Spirit Severing Powder, the time when he had been eaten alive by Wan Qing....

He stood in agony before the Ninth Spirit, unable to even hold his Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword.

Just at this moment, the Ninth Spirit snared him up with her tail. Wu Yu offered no resistance.

And then they thought that the Ninth Spirit would use Wu Yu to threaten Feng Xueya. But instead, she turned north without a word and departed, taking Wu Yu and vanishing from the battle!

The Ninth Spirit had left!

Wu Yu had also been taken away!

She did not want the Bipo Mountain Range, or anything else!

Of course, the demons had already withdrawn, and the remaining ox also took off after his brethren.

The Ninth Spirit had actually given up on this place.

Now, with the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts dead and the demons gone with Wu Yu, only the Zhongyuan Dao Sect remained. Jiang Xie and two 10th tier Qi Condensation elders.

They could not help but wonder, how would the battle change?

What would be the conclusion between Feng Xueya and Jiang Xie?

At least, the Zhongyuan Dao Sect had no hopes of invading the Bipo Mountain Range now....

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