Chapter 0173: Showdown with Tian Yijun

The Paranormal Pillar of Blood was upright on the ground, crushing Elder Shentu's body. The pillar was more than 10 zhang tall and one foot thick. This humongous Paranormal Pillar of Blood had already crushed Elder Shentu.

He had lost his breath and ability to speak. His eyes had lost their spirit, and his pupils seemed to be controlled by countless ghostly beings. As for the blood on his body, it was being rapidly absorbed by the Paranormal Pillar of Blood. In a flash, his old body had become a dry husk....


The ground shook. Tian Yijun unhurriedly retracted his Paranormal Pillar of Blood.

This was the fastest fight resolved on the battlefield. Everyone's attention was drawn here. Tian Yijun's sinister bloodsucking and Elder Shentu's horrific state began to spread an impending sense of fear....

The grotesque Tian Yijun was shrouded in his fog of blood. Now that the Heavenly Sword Sect's strongest elder had fallen in battle, the power of the ghostly cultivators seemed unstoppable. They seemed like gods of death that had strode straight out of hell, the bodies of millions beneath their feet.

Previously, the only reason why the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts could fight Feng Xueya on equal ground was because of Tian Yijun.

Seeing this, the good mood of the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples plummeted to rock bottom in a flash. Elder Shentu had been one of the strongest bastions within the Heavenly Sword Sect. He had died so quickly, so painfully! Wu Yu's victory had just shaken them free of the fear of an Immortal Dao battle, but the fog of blood had again put those thoughts back in their hearts.

Many turned pale, their immortal treasure longswords clutched in trembling hands.

Wu Yu had just finished off the evil ghosts and vengeful spirits, and now turned to face this!

Seeing the battered corpse, the memories that swamped him were of Elder Shentu's magnificent defense of the young disciples in the Sky Region Forest. Faced with so many strong enemies, he had fought to the death to protect them.

Elder Shentu was also Feng Xueya's old friend, and they were as close as brothers. He was also the one who Feng Xueya trusted most....

A distance away, Feng Xueya's face was livid. He roared in lament. Wu Yu had never seen him so incensed. If not for the fact that Jiang Xie was holding his attention, he would definitely have come for Tian Yijun.

He could vaguely make out the two lines of hot tears running down the face of his master and benefactor.

"Wu Yu...." Suddenly, his gaze met Wu Yu's.

He realized that Feng Xueya was conflicted. Clearly, he wanted Wu Yu to occupy Tian Yijun and prevent him from massacring the Heavenly Sword Sect. At the same time, he was extremely worried that Wu Yu would be killed by Tian Yijun. He had fought Tian Yijun before, and he knew his deadliness all too well....

However, reality did not offer Wu Yu much in the way of thinking time. After Tian Yijun killed Elder Shentu, his fog of blood churned, and the Paranormal Pillar of Blood flew towards the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples. His Paranormal Pillar of Blood could definitely achieve the same effect as Wu Yu had on the evil ghosts!


Wu Yu held his twin swords in hand. In a flash, he arrived to block Tian Yijun's way!

A clash between the towering golden ape and the squat and ugly ghostly cultivator. A huge shockwave burst forth. Their eyes met. Wu Yu clearly knew that behind Tian Yijun was a mountain of corpses and blood, as well as countless evil ghosts and vengeful spirits!

"Wu Yu. I would never have thought that you would become my hated enemy. If I had known, I would have killed you back then. How wonderful that would have been," Tian Yijun said unhurriedly. He spoke in a chilly tone, his eyes sizing Wu Yu up.

How could he have known that five of his seven siblings would be killed by this junior Wu Yu? This small fry had risen to this point, where he actually stood against him with power that could not be ignored.

Not far away, Yu Sanji was battling the Lone Elder. She said, "Big Brother, leave him alive. Ninth Spirit is in a frenzy now. If you kill him, things will get even more hairy."

Tian Yijun chuckled by way of reply. But from the look in his eyes, he clearly did not buy Yu Sanji's words.

He was on the same page as Jiang Xie. Once all their opponents had been dealt with, they would kill the Ninth Spirit.

The Ninth Spirit had allowed Wu Yu to develop to this level. He was already at an intolerable level of power.

"The opportunity to make a breakthrough lies with me." Tian Yijun surveyed the surroundings, laughing. As long as he finished Wu Yu off, his support would see all the elders of the Heavenly Sword Sect dead. Finally, they would gang up on Feng Xueya and Lan Huayi!

What these group battles needed was a weakness!

The first side to find a weakness could take a complete victory!

"Can Wu Yu stop that ghostly cultivator....?"

"Even Elder Shentu died so quickly. Wu Yu must be in extreme danger...."

"If Wu Yu dies, then we...."

Elder Shentu's death and the terrible Paranormal Pillar of Blood had affected their mental state immensely.

The East Sea's ghostly cultivators were even more terrifying than demons to the orthodox martial cultivators!

A few of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect elders who had fled to the periphery laughed from the shadows upon seeing Wu Yu bar Tian Yijun's way.

"Wu Yu's really too brazen. He even dares to stand in Tian Yijun's way. Cheeky, reckless fellow."

"I'm afraid he doesn't know that Tian Yijun is twice as strong as Shen Erjun!"

"He could defeat Shen Erjun, who was only slightly stronger than Shentu. But Tian Yijun is known as the unbeatable expert of the Jindan Dao, a real murderer! It's said that he killed dozens of 10th tier Qi Condensation cultivators!"

"As it goes, it seems like the chances of us winning are really high!"

"That's true. If not for this Wu Yu, how would we have been beaten so badly?"

"That's right. Tian Yijun must kill Wu Yu! Otherwise, our hatred will find no rest!"

"So many members of our Zhongyuan Dao Sect have died...."

In truth, nobody knew the true power of Tian Yijun better than Wu Yu did. He understood Elder Shentu's capabilities. And for him to be killed so quickly by Tian Yijun evidently meant that he far surpassed him in power.


The battlefield was a place of constant flux. Tian Yijun smiled coldly, holding the Paranormal Pillar of Blood in both hands. The Paranormal Pillar of Blood's Shapeshifting Design activated, and it grew to 10 zhang long. It was like a pillar that reached to the skies. The powerful smell of blood accompanied the materialization of the ghosts. The scales glittered coldly. Tian Yijun wrapped the Paranormal Pillar of Blood in spiritual power. With a taunting laugh, the Paranormal Pillar of Blood swung out with awesome force!

Even before the spiritual immortal treasure reached, a torrent of blood sprayed out!

This battle was a real test of Wu Yu's ability, and it drew everyone's attention! Naturally, others became nervous as well. The other battles seemed evenly matched.

Tian Yijun was too overpowering. His fights always made others nervous.

"Great Dao of the Golden Sword!"

Wu Yu's eyes were cold as he merged his swords and employed the Great Dao of the Golden Sword. The huge, golden sword would have to face the power of the Paranormal Pillar of Blood!

However, the true power of the spiritual immortal treasure was revealed!

Bang, bang, bang!

A towering pillar of blood clashed against a huge, golden sword. Sparks and blood spatters flew. The destructive burst of spiritual power that resulted leveled mountains.

The crowd could clearly see that Tian Yijun was advancing, while Wu Yu was being forced back. The entire battlefield was moving towards the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples!

Each time Tian Yijun struck, a wave of blood gushed out, while Wu Yu's golden sword started to fade. It was stained in blood, and the sword actually turned red, as though it had been poisoned.

"Wu Yu cannot stop him!"

"What are we to do!?"

Instantly, everyone panicked. If not for the Elder of Imparting Arts and the Elder of Enforcement calming them, they would have scattered in a panic.

Even so, they were still extremely worried as they watched Wu Yu being forced back.

The situation that Wu Yu faced was even worse than it looked.


Tian Yijun laughed. He brandished the huge Paranormal Pillar of Blood and came swinging again. Wu Yu again blocked it with his Great Dao of the Golden Sword. With a loud ting, the golden sword seemed to chip. In the crack, the blood qi from the Paranormal Pillar of Blood rushed in.

The Paranormal Pillar of Blood had a Giant Strength Design. A simple clash would send Wu Yu flying back.

After many strikes, his arms were covered with blood. The Invincible Vajra Body was actually cracked.

More terrifying was that each clash sent forth a multitude of vengeful spirit-like creatures from the Paranormal Pillar of Blood that were even more powerful than the spirits. They entered Wu Yu's body through the immortal treasures. 

This was the paranormal possession of the spiritual immortal treasure!

All kinds of ghosts rushed into Wu Yu's body. Their maws opened wide as they chomped on flesh, bone, sinew, and organ. And even his mind and will!

The ghosts in his body dragged Wu Yu closer and closer to death!

His entire world had gone black. He had fallen into a sea of blood, unable to see daylight. All he could see were evil ghosts rending his flesh with sharp claws and devouring his body.

Outside, Wu Yu was forced back again and again. After more than 10 clashes, the gold on his body had all turned to a dark red. Even his hair and skin constantly bloomed with ghostly faces. Like the Paranormal Pillar of Blood, they howled and wailed....

He grew older and weaker. He seemed to be becoming an evil ghost himself.

"Wu Yu is finished...."

Many sank into despair. They had believed completely in Wu Yu, even worshipping him. But at this moment, they saw that he had followed the path of Elder Shentu. Any moment now, he would lose all strength to resist, and be smashed by a last hit from the staff!

An air of despair. The entire Heavenly Sword Sect was cast into gloom. Many wanted to help, but they were powerless. All they could do was weep and pray....

Wu Yu could feel their despair. His gaze pierced the sea of blood to see their worry and pain.... He saw the entire Bipo Mountain Range cast into the chaos of war....


Within his body was a horde of ghosts. This was the reason why he was weakened!

"The Paranormal Pillar of Blood is so terrifying! Without the Paranormal Pillar of Blood, this Tian Yijun is not my match at all!"

Wu Yu clearly knew that Tian Yijun could best him solely because of the power of the Paranormal Pillar of Blood!

And now Wu Yu was on the verge of being killed. Tian Yijun looked maliciously at him. Looming above him, he raised the Paranormal Pillar of Blood!

"Go to hell! Genius! Once you're dead, that counts for nothing!"

Tian Yijun guffawed.

He was completely thrilled.

Wu Yu gritted his teeth.

Who said he didn't have a final trump card up his sleeve? All that was needed was to take the gamble.

"Great Sage...."

Within his mind's eye, the figure in golden flames stared balefully at him.

Under that gaze, Wu Yu was moved. He forgot all about the spirits in his body. He forgot the grave wounds that he had sustained. All that was before him was a huge road. And at the end of the road was Tian Yijun.

Wu Yu stared at him, his resolve hardening!

"Fixed Body Art!"

The 72 Transformations skill blew out just as Tian Yijun's staff was descending!

"Taiji, yin yang!"

At the same time, the golden sword disappeared, and the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword split into two. The sword dao technique triggered, forming the two yin and yang fishes. They pierced through Tian Yijun's body!

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