Chapter 0170: Sea of Supernatural Souls Body

To think that back then, Shen Erjun, the Thunder Seabird, and Jiang Ding had lorded over them in the Sky Region Forest. The Wu Yu then was an insignificant junior before them.

And now, Jiang Ding and the Thunder Seabird had both been done in by Wu Yu, and even Shen Erjun was on the run after seeing Wu Yu!

They had truly become a laughing stock.

Outside the 10,000 Swords Formation, the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples and the demons began to doubt themselves after seeing the Thunder Seabird killed and Shen Erjun in full retreat, face grey with fear.

Wu Yu's rise and legendary bravery already incapacitated them, striking at their spirits.

More terrifying was Wu Yu changing into a bolt of golden light and taking off in pursuit. He was dead-on behind Shen Erjun, like a predator chasing its prey.

One had to know that even in the Immortal Ape Transformation, Shen Erjun still towered like a huge beast, and was much taller than Wu Yu.

Shen Erjun did not have much of a speed advantage. Wu Yu very quickly caught up to him, and the attention on the battlefield turned to them.


Shen Erjun could feel a wave of aggression catching up to him and knew that Wu Yu was in pursuit. With no way to escape, he turned back in a fit of hotheadedness and prepared to fight!

In truth, the Thunder Seabird's death had put a scare in him, but now that he had calmed down a little, he felt that he was still quite strong. Besides, help was on the way, and they might be able to take Wu Yu down!

They were not that far from the rest, and there were even a few demons close by!

"Wu Yu, you dared to kill the Thunder Seabird! Ninth Spirit will not let this pass! Today is the day your Heavenly Sword Sect falls! Accept your death!"

With a roar, black mist began to shroud his body and spread out around him. In the gloom, countless ghosts began to emerge, their eyes filled with dreadful bloodlust. 

"Poor Shen Erjun. You're trying to intimidate me?" Wu Yu stopped before him, his Onyx & Pearl Dao Swords splitting apart to be dual wielded. The eight spiritual sources within his body churned. Although they were not incredibly powerful, they had still been fashioned by the Great Way of Immortality Art and had a hidden edge to them. The sight of Wu Yu before him truly undermined Shen Erjun's confidence!

The more afraid he was, the more he would cover it up with his rage and bluster.

"After I gouge out your eyes and turn your corpse into a zombie, you will know the true meaning of anguish and regret forever!"

He roared in his thick, coarse voice. His foot stomped down, shattering the ground. As the shockwave radiated out, thousands of black smoke jets gushed out. From within the black smog, eerie wails began to sound. Scrawny, putrefying ghosts began to emerge from underground. In short order, there were more than a thousand!

The endless years had seen many deaths. At virtually any spot, the ghostly cultivators' dao techniques could stimulate and call forth ghosts. These 1,000 ghosts were child's play. The Spectral Concubine's vengeful spirit technique had been inherited from the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts, and in this aspect, they were the true masters!

These thousand evil ghosts surrounded Wu Yu and Shen Erjun. Wu Yu was soon engulfed in the hostile aura of death.

But that was not all. Within the smog, another thousand eerie ghosts appeared in the sky above Wu Yu's head, flying back and forth.

From the outside, it looked like Wu Yu had already been completely surrounded by evil ghosts and vengeful spirits!

Especially to the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples, who could not help but worry for Wu Yu. After all, the evil ghosts and vengeful spirits were extremely intimidating. Many of the younger disciples turned white as a sheet after seeing such horrors.

"Eat him!"

At Shen Erjun's command, the thousands of evil ghosts and vengeful spirits howled and wailed, swarming Wu Yu. Especially the vengeful spirits, which formed a powerful tempest that blew on him. They began an unstoppable rush into Wu Yu's body.

The thousands of vengeful spirits entered his body. Added to the power of the thousands of evil ghosts, it was a dreadful sight!

The vengeful spirits entered his body successfully. Shen Erjun had gotten over his initial scare, and now he regained his confidence in full. His face contained a smug smirk; he seemed to think that victory was in his grasp.

"All of you step aside. I can handle Wu Yu alone." Shen Erjun waved his helpers aside, commanding the evil ghosts as he charged.

Wu Yu was indeed caught up in a terrifying battle inside his body. He could clearly see each face of the vengeful spirits, their blood-covered maws and mean faces. Some had had their eyes gouged, others their tongues cut. Some were missing ears, noses, or limbs. A gruesome sight!

The vengeful spirits howled and cried. They struggled and battered Wu Yu's mental will!

This was Shen Erjun's way of killing. Even 10th tier Qi Condensation cultivators would be severely affected.

But Wu Yu's face was still composed!

"Visualizing the Inner Ape!"

Visualizing the Inner Ape helped him to steel his will. The Unparalleled Monkey King appeared in a sea of golden flames, his majesty overwhelming. When the vengeful spirits entered his body, they were forced to pass through the golden inferno and were scorched by the flames. All of them died in agonizing howls!

More than a thousand vengeful spirits were reduced to ash in a flash!

The golden light in Wu Yu's eyes had become even more intense. He could clearly see the core of the evil ghosts. His body was as hard as metal. Although he was in the form of a golden ape, he still possessed the mental faculty and will of a human!


He again morphed into golden light, flying towards Shen Erjun. His twin swords cut a swath through the evil ghosts as he flew. Broken arms and legs were sent flying, and those that stood directly in his way were cut to pieces!

Evil ghosts could not stop Wu Yu at all!

The vengeful spirits perished, and the evil ghosts were being shred to pieces like tofu!

"How incredible!" Shen Erjun had finally begun to realize his own weakness. Seeing this scene, he began to panic.

The image of the Thunder Seabird being beheaded replayed over and over in his mind's eye.

"I don't want to die! I can't die!" A wave of fear engulfed his heart. Given a personality like his, the more fearful he was, the more aggressive he became!

Wu Yu shot forth like a bolt of light, his eyes savage. A sharp sword pierced Shen Erjun in the eye!

"Whether it's forbidden or not, I am forced to use that Immortality Art!" Shen Erjun's face changed. He spread his arms wide. As he chanted, he continued to drum against his chest. His movements were strange, and he even retrieved some blue powder which he scattered all over his body. Only when his rites were all completed did he give a twisted smile.

"This is the first time I'm using the Sea of Supernatural Souls Body! You're doomed!” As he spoke, his body began to grow explosively. His physical transformation was even more drastic than Wu Yu's Immortal Ape Transformation. Shen Erjun was already a big figure. And now he became monstrously huge, growing even bigger than normal demons!

By the time Wu Yu reached Shen Erjun, he had already grown more than six zhang tall. His skin had turned completely black, and he was covered in a layer of black, fish-like scales. His body was knotted with muscles. Although his face looked vaguely human, it was becoming fish-like. His maw was covered in razor-sharp teeth, and his huge mouth could swallow a demon in a single bite.

This was a black monster that had come up from the fathomless sea!

His savagery and stench of blood was the embodiment of death in the vast ocean.

"Sea of Supernatural Souls Body?" This ghostly cultivator dao technique was evidently very advanced, and was probably Shen Erjun's ace in the hole. It was probably something like a forbidden dao technique, but Shen Erjun had employed it in order to deal with Wu Yu.

This supernatural body caused a huge stir. The evil ghosts were nothing compared to this monster. If this monster could be likened to a huge toad, then the thousands of evil ghosts were like miniscule tadpoles.


Before Wu Yu, the monster roared ferociously, shaking the entire 10,000 Swords Formation! The commotion here was even greater than the Ninth Spirit and Jiang Xie attacking the 10,000 Swords Formation!


Just as everyone was panicking, Shen Erjun sent a huge claw raking towards Wu Yu's head!

Another dangerous moment!

The most astonishing thing was that Wu Yu was not rooted in fear when facing this monster. Many were worried for him, but he chose to fight!

As the huge claw came whistling towards him, he suddenly sprang back, dodging it. This shook the very ground itself, burying some of the evil ghosts back into the ground.

Bang, bang, bang!

Following which, Wu Yu continued to be forced back by Shen Erjun. He seemed to be completely on the back foot, with no opportunity to counter attack at all!

This made their hopes wane even further.

He continued to take hits, and that only made Shen Erjun even more berserk than ever. Soon enough, the demons and Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples were snickering and taunting Wu Yu. They had finally regained some pride.

"Fools." Wu Yu threw a look at them.

Turning back, Shen Erjun was still advancing. His awesome strength and ghostly cultivator dao techniques were used at their peak. They could completely suppress Wu Yu.

At this moment, Wu Yu was standing on a huge tree.

Both of his hands clasped his swords, but his eyes were shut.

"There is yin and yang in this world, and they are in balance.

"There is yin and yang in my heart.

"In the moment of genesis, yin and yang are one, a cycle. This is known as taichi!"

With his swords held before him, he drew two fishes representing yin and yang. At the same time, his sword qi blossomed to a peak.

"Finally, I will dot the eyes and bring it to life!"

His twin swords drew eyes for the yin and yang fishes.

It was just as Shen Erjun was chopping his way towards Wu Yu, overturning huge rocks and trees in his way.

"Shen Erjun!" Wu Yu shouted.

Shen Erjun roared in reply, leaping up into the sky. At this moment, Wu Yu's twin swords lanced out!

"Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike, Maximum Qi Strike!"

The yin and yang fishes exploded, forming a veritable mass of black and white sword qi that pierced through Shen Erjun's body.

Instantly, blood sprayed through the air, his corpse crashing on the ground!

"Wu Yu...." Shen Erjun's head resumed its usual form, dropping before Wu Yu. He was still conscious. The look he gave Wu Yu was filled with pain and despair.

With one move, Wu Yu had sent him from heaven to hell.

The Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike had been imparted by the ancient martial cultivator, and Wu Yu had painstakingly researched and trained it, finding some progress till date.

All of his efforts were for killing these enemies today.

"You Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts are out of it." Wu Yu regarded him one last time, then sent his skull flying.


Outside, the three-way alliance was completely unsettled. They backed away, afraid to meet Wu Yu's gaze.

Just at this time, the 10,000 Swords Formation gave a final shudder, and then faded. Wu Yu lifted his head. The Ninth Spirit had actually rushed into the 10,000 Swords Formation and was now at the Stone Gate of a Thousand Swords.

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