Chapter 1672: Shattered Immortal Spirit

Neverending misery and having his immortal spirit chewed by the Spirits of the Universe were wearing down Wu Yu mentally.

Now, he was just relying on his yearning for Luo Pin and his other friends to keep his will to persevere.

The chewing and gnashing of the heavenly devils was getting more and more intense, showing no signs of slowing. Wu Yu was no longer able to tell how long he had been in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield.

In the elusive space without a sense of direction, the concept of time blurred. Even though Wu Yu had mastered the chronowarp heavenly rule, it didn't help at all.

His will was slowing wearing down as he struggled. Unknown years had passed and all he felt was the millions of relentless chomping on his immortal spirit every moment. The pain was unimaginable. 

The agony of his immortal spirit tearing caused his soul to suffer endless torture. In fact, he had thought of giving up on multiple occasions.

However, each time he recalled there were many others who were waiting for his return, he held on. Yet, his willpower was no longer having a decisive impact. The masticulating by the heavenly devils was shattering his body over and over again at all moments.

The brink of death.

"Could it be I'll die like this in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield......"

Wu Yu was dejected and about to give up for real. He could no longer hold on. He was in endless misery at all times and couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

However, at the very last juncture, he recalled something. That was the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

At the final moment, he held the Ruyi Jingu Bang tightly. Since he no longer see any hope, he would like to see if the Ruyi Jingu Bang could help him out......

Initially, Wu Yu didn't feel anything special about holding the Ruyi Jingu Bang in his hand.

The immortal spirit of his body was still constantly chomped by the countless heavenly devils and the unbearable sharp pains cruised over him.

However, Wu Yu seemed to gradually feel the spirit and will of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal by holding on to the Ruyi Jingu Bang. He recalled the scene he witnessed on the stele. Despite facing countless immortal emperors from the sky palaces and the besiege of the ghostly immortals from hell, Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was still courageous and relentless!

That was a will that would never bend. Ruyi Jingu Bang was the epochal immortal treasure of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. Some form of his will still lingered on it and gradually affected Wu Yu.

Admist the endless agony of his immortal spirit crunched by the heavenly devils, the sensation was like encountering a spring in desert, enabling Wu Yu to moderately overcome the agony.

It was still unbearable but his spirit and will were better than before. He wasn't just suffering from the agony but seeing the pain as a form of tribulation. Only by going through the tribulations could he achieve true ascension and metamorphosis.

This was a process of strengthening!

Wu Yu didn't know much about the Heavenly Devil Battlefield initially and thought of it as a place of punishment.

However, he could now sense his spirit and will gradually strengthening in this process. It was just that the pace wasn't as quick as the growth in numbers of heavenly devils. As a result, his will was wearing thin and his spirit waned.

As long as he could become stronger after going through pain, it would be meaningful. Wu Yu's motivation to perserve also grew stronger.

At this moment, a new strength orginated in Wu Yu. The strength shifted his focus from the pain he was suffering to the process where his spirit and will was becoming stronger. 

As such, he miraculously held on and his mental conditions were improving.

He could feel indignant and resistance from the Ruyi Jingu Bang. So what if he was chewed by trillions of heavenly devils?

He started visualizing the inner ape!

The golden ape was strengthening endless in his mind and this caused his spirit, will and immortal spirit to grow in tandem. The strengthening seemed limitless like a world without borders. Slowly, Wu Yu vaguely felt he was creeping towards eternal life!

"Is this the cultivation realm...... of eternal life?"

Wu Yu felt he could see the bump ahead of him. As long as he crossed the bump, he would be able to enter the cultivation realm of eternal immortal emperor that all immortals had strived towards.

At this time, Wu Yu felt as though a borderless world was forming in his body. Soon, his immortal spirit started shattering, vanished from his body and fused into a world he couldn't see.

Although he couldn't see the world, Wu Yu was certain it was still in his body. Moreover, his 9 heavenly rules were still present.

This left Wu Yu bewildered. His body was a step from creating the apotheosis realm but his immortal spirit shattered first.

As he experienced the masticulating of trillions of heavenly devils, he did not perish from it. Instead, he completed the most crucial step from breaking an immortal king to an immortal emperor.

However, his current state was a little strange.

"It's just like my mind and immortal spirit had entered the realm of eternal life but my body has yet made the step. In other words, I have a foot into the cultivation realm of an eternal immortal emperor. The remaining part about creating the apotheosis realm in the body has yet to be completed," guessed Wu Yu. 

Making this step also enlightened Wu Yu to another matter.

His immortal spirit could enter eternal life because of the masticulating of the heavenly devils. If he had not been through the agony or had failed to persevere, he wouldn't have reached where he was currently.

The heavenly devils chomped and crushed his immortal spirit but didn't extinguish him. Instead, he got stronger in the process! 

At this point, Wu Yu was convinced the Heavenly Devil Battlefield was a blessing to him so he could achieve the cultivation realm of eternal life quicker. Although the process was unbearable and he almost failed to persevere, he had undoubtedly understood the intentions of Patriarch Bodhi.

On the surface, this was a punishment. However, it was in fact a way to help him.

Moreover, once he exited from this place, Patriarch Bodhi would likely have helped him wrote off the feuds he had.

In other words, the Four Heavenly Kings, True Lord Erlang and their group could no longer bring up the incident where he killed Mo Liyin. After all, the punishment for that was to be imprisoned in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield.

With Patriarch Bodhi around, they couldn't possibly go back on their words after agreeing to how Wu Yu was handled.

Wu Yu could now feel his immortal spirit morphing into a formless apotheosis realm after being chomped by the heavenly devils. He couldn't see this world but it truly existed in his body together with the 9 heavenly rule powers.

As for the Spirits of the Universe, they seemed to have lost interest after his immortal spirit had shattered. Over time, they dispersed into the surroundings.

Nonetheless, Wu Yu still couldn't sense the existence of the heavenly devils. What was gone was only the sensation of his immortal spirit being chewed.

At this moment, Wu Yu felt his spirit and will were never as strong. In fact, he felt just like he was possessed by the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

Perhaps it was his strong will that repelled the heavenly devils after his immortal spirit had shattered. As for the details, Wu Yu wasn't sure. Nonetheless, he was certain he's a step closer to eternal life.

For the Primordial Immortal Dragon, Wu Jun, he took tens of thousands of years to make the step from 9-heavens immortal king to eternal immortal emperor. In fact, the entire mystical dragon tribe didn't see a new immortal emperor during the entire period.

This clearly show the difficulty of making the step.

Even if Wu Yu was constantly devouring the corpses of eternal demon emperors in the Eternal Emperor Tomb, it wouldn't be easy to make this step. At the very least, he had to devour tens or even hundreds of corpses before having a true chance of touching the hurdle to the next cultivation realm.

Under the arrangement of Patriarch Bodhi, he had now made the most crucial step.

This method of help disguised as punishment wouldn't be effective for others even if they were given the opportunity.

Wu Yu had inherited the spirit and will of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and had a resilient nature. Even so, he had wanted to give up on multiple occasions when his immortal spirit was chewed by heavenly devils. Others would only stand a lower chance of success.

Along the way, Wu Yu could claim the pain he had to suffer in his path of cultivation was definitely greater than anyone that wasn't an eternal immortal emperor.

Just cultivating the Invincible Vajra Body had put his body through pain that resembled having all his flesh sliced off his body. The masticulating of his immortal spirit by the heavenly devils was unimaginable pain to his spirit. If it wasn't for the slight support by the Ruyi Jingu Bang of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal that enabled Wu Yu to persevere, he would likely have perished before his immortal spirit was shattered and morphed into the formless apotheosis realm. 

"The heavenly devils seemed to have escaped from around me."

Wu Yu sat with his legs crossed in the pitch-black space. Since he entered the Heavenly Devil Battlefield, he couldn't feel the change or flow in time.

In fact, he felt he had suffered for several tens of thousands of years and this was longer than any of his cultivation in seclusion. He had no idea how many years had passed outside.

"As long as I could exit the Heavenly Devil Battlefield, I'll have a good chance of achieving eternal life. I wonder how much time has passed outside."

Wu Yu could sense the apotheosis realm in his body that encompassed his exceptional spirit and will. This would be his capital in his battles in the future.

Shortly after his immortal spirit shattered and morphed into the formless apotheosis realm, a flashing light emerged before him.

Having been in total darkness for too long, Wu Yu wasn't acclimatize to the sudden light. However, once he opened his Eyes of Fire and Gold, the discomfort quickly left him.

"I, Wu Yu, am finally out!"

He couldn't help but roared. However, his mental state was stable just like an old monk.

He remained seated and was sent out of the Heavenly Devil Battlefield.

Ten thousand years had passed and he felt he had been through a long period of consolidation. He felt he became more mature and his will and spirit didn't just strengthen by a notch.

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