Chapter 1671: Endless Misery

Spirit Chaser Art collided directly with the silent Spirits of the Universe and seemed to be effective.

Wu Yu could feel the frequency of his immortal spirit being chewed on had decreased slightly. The pain that originated from his soul was also weakened, making him feel a little better. 

However, before he could heave a sigh of relief, he could feel even more gnawing by the heavenly devils onto his immortal spirit. He broke out in cold sweat from the excruciating pain, his pupils dilated and his entire body twitched uncontrollably from misery. 

"Spirit Chaser Art!"

He gritted his teeth and unleash Spirit Chaser Art after Spirit Chaser Art to dispel the heavenly devils around his immortal spirit. However, the effects of his Spirit Chaser Art was weakening. Initially, he could still feel a brief moment of respite.

However, as time passed, he suffered from the retaliation of the Spirit of the Universe. The Spirit Chaser Art had triggered their vicious nature, causing them to rip and tear with even more ferocity. Accordingly, the pain and misery intensified.

Wu Yu was conscious that even if he could cast Spirit Chaser Art constantly, he still wouldn't last through ten thousand years.

He didn't know how long had passed. However, he was clear the heavenly devils had just started and there's a long way to go. Although the Spirit Chaser Art could repel them temporarily, he would be greeted with more attacks shortly after.

Spirit Chaser Art seemed incapable of erasing the heavenly devils. On the other hand, heavenly devils that were smashed by the Spirit Chaser Art were enraged and would only chew more ferociously, worsening his experience.


Wu Yu thought of the word. Other than misery and the will to hold on, there was barely any thought left in his mind.

He could feel the Spirits of the Universe, heavenly devils, gathering around his immortal spirit. In the elusive Heavenly Devil Battlefield, heavenly devils were endless. The frequency of his immortal spirit being chewed on only intensified, almost several hundred times per breath of time.

Furthermore, the increased in frequency was still ongoing!

The chewing and gnashing by the heavenly devils kept Wu Yu in bottomless misery. However, the truth was his immortal spirit didn't suffer any actual damage.

Nonetheless, this was just the beginning. As the frequency of chewing increased, the rate that his immortal spirit was wearing off would only quicken.

Extreme misery with no moments of solace or end.

Wu Yu could only grit his teeth and endure. In fact, he couldn't even muster the will to retaliate now.

The only effective method was Spirit Chaser Art but it wouldn't enable him to last through ten thousand years. In fact, it would only aggravate the heavenly devils, putting him in greater pain.

"Damn! How could there be such terrifying Spirits of the Universe in this world?" Wu Yu was spiralling into despair. The unending pain and misery had halted his ability to think.

He could only remind himself to hold on. Although ten thousand years were long, the pain would amount to nothing as long as he could ensure.

The number of Spirits of the Universe, heavenly devils, was still climbing endlessly. Surprisingly, while his immortal spirit were being chewed on, the toughness of his immortal spirit, the resilience of his spirits and powers of his will seemed to be constantly growing.

The strengthening of his immortal spirit, will and spirits enabled Wu Yu to face more heavenly devils. However, the rate the number of heavenly devils was increasing far exceeded the rate his immortal spirit, will and spirits were strengthening. As a result, he found the chewing by heavenly devils unbearable.

Holes were opening across his immortal spirit. Although the holes were smaller than the tip of a needle, they would only grow larger and larger as heavenly devils chewed incessantly over the ten thousand years.

By then, his immortal spirit would probably fail to remain in one piece and be devoured entirely by these Spirits of the Universe.

"Could Patriarch Bodhi be targeting me intentionally?"

The thought will arise in Wu Yu's mind from time to time. However, he would reject the idea just as it arose.

The punishment by Patriarch Bodhi should be beneficial to him and a form of protection. He had seen True Lord Erlang, the Four Heavenly Kings, Mighty Miracle God and other immortal emperors storming to the Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars, seemingly wanting to rip him apart.

If he had fallen into their hands, Wu Yu was certain he would be in a state worse than death. Moreover, he wouldn't stand the slightest chance of surviving.

Although he's also under intense misery currently and the pain cruising through his immortal spirit was even worse than the torment of Unholy Spirit Abyss, he still had a chance of survival. As long as he could last over ten thousand years, Patriarch Bodhi would definitely hold those immortal emperors back.

Perhaps Patriarch Bodhi had even made a pact with the Four Heavenly Kings and others for everything to be written off. 

"In that case, I just have to walk out of here alive! I just need to stay alive!"

Wu Yu's determination crystalized and the occasional doubts he had of Patriarch Bodhi vanished quickly.

His resolute will empowered him to endure greater pain and more intense chewing by the heavenly devils.

However, the number of heavenly devils in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield was beyond his imagination. They were endless and Wu Yu could feel his hair stand just by the thought of them. Although he couldn't see these silent Spirits of the Universe, he could feel his immortal spirit enduring more gnashing.

Now, he would be bitten a thousand times in each breath of time and was feeling more and more unbearable.

When the pain crossed his threshold, he could only target his own physical body, hoping the pain on his physical body with help divert his attention. 

At the start, this worked and Wu Yu was able to shift his attention to the pain on his physical body.

However, pain across his physical body was something Wu Yu could endure. After all, he had cultivated to the Eternal and Indomitable Vajra Realm and his Invincible Vajra Body was close to greater mastery. He constantly sliced his physical body with incandescent heavenly rule to ensure his physical body was drowned in sufferings.

As an unknown amount of time passed, the number of times his immortal spirit was chewed on reached ten thousand times per breath of time.

At this stage, the sufferings on his physical body were ineffective in alievating the misery at his immortal spirit. Ten thousand bites in each breath of time were tearing his mind apart and his immortal spirit was full of holes.

The torture was to the deepest part of his spirit. If it was any other person, he might have given up long ago. The chewing of the heavenly devils was too terrifying. Even if one could hold on till now, he would only face more heavenly devils.

Furthermore, Wu Yu was to be imprisoned in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield for ten thousand years. How could he possibly hold on for so long?

Even an immortal emperor wouldn't be able to take the misery. The pain across his spirit, his mind and physical body was pushing Wu Yu to the brink of collapse.

Unending misery was destroying Wu Yu mentally.

He had curled up like a ball, floating aimlessly in the elusive space of the Heavenly Devil Battlefield. A single bite on one's immortal spirit by these Spirits of the Universe would have been devastating for an ordinary person. And now, Wu Yu had to experience it millions of times in each breath of time.

Wu Yu couldn't imagine how he could hold on like this in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield for ten thousand years.

Even if he could, he would be crippled.

Over this period, his longing for his friends was his only motivation to persevere.

Images of Luo Pin were surfacing in his mind constantly. He knew his girl was still waiting for his return. It might be hard for him to endure ten thousand years but Luo Pin, who will miss him, might not be having an easier time.

At the very least, he knew his condition. Even if he could no longer persevere, he would know. However, Luo Pin knew nothing about his condition.

Is Wu Yu in misery?

Will Wu Yu ever walk out alive?

All these were questionanble. There's no way Luo Pin would know about his conditions inside. Her anxiety and fear would come from the uncertainties.

Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi......

Wu Yu tried recalling his close friends. Only then he could shift his attention slightly away from pain. Once he stopped doing so, the bottomless agony would probably overwhelm him, pushing him over the cliff.

His spirit was gradually dissipating under the constant chewing by these Spirits of the Universe. His will could no longer drive him to hold on.

Some matters really couldn't be resolved just with willpower. Wu Yu had experienced too much agony. He could no longer endure the agonizing pain of being chewed by the heavenly devils.

At this point, he was probably experiencing over hundreds of thousands of bites per breath of time.

The piercing agony of one's immortal spirit chewed by heavenly devils would be unforgettable experience for an ordinary immortal. Yet, Wu Yu was going through the same pain over and over again.

One would become numbed to the same pain after numerous experiences.

However, the pain of one's immortal spirit chewed by heavenly devils was incremental. This was because the heavenly devils were slowly gathering and therefore the agony would only intensified.

Just as Wu Yu became used to the pain, it intensified. Under such circumstances, his ,mental state couldn't reach the point of being numb. Fatigue wasn't a concept to these Spirits of the Universe too. Wu Yu's immortal spirit seemed to be the most attractive thing in the world to them and they wouldn't stop chewing for even the briefest moment. 

Wu Yu didn't know how many formless and silent heavenly devils had gathered around his immortal spirit. Their constant chewing had cast a gloom over Wu Yu's spirits, making it harder for him to persevere. Endless agony was constantly triggering his senses, keeping him wide awake at all times and clearly feeling the excruciating pain from the very beginning. 

He couldn't even pass out from the pain.

This reminded Wu Yu of the Unholy Spirit Abyss. Wu Yu was once imprisoned by this epochal immortal treasure of Mighty Miracle God. The unholy spirits within had made him suffered as well. However, he would rather suffer the agony of the Unholy Spirit Abyss than the chewing by heavenly devils in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield.

In fact, Wu Yu even felt it might be better if he was handed to Mighty Miracle God to suffer under the Unholy Spirit Abyss than having to experience the pain he was experiencing. 

The idea that Patriarch Bodhi was helping him was no longer an unwavering thought in his mind.

Patriarch Bodhi definitely knew how terrifying the Heavenly Devil Battlefield was. Could it be that he intentionally wanted to subject him to such misery?

It wasn't just once that Wu Yu had his suspicions!

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