Chapter 0167: Nervousness Hidden Beneath the Flesh

Given Wu Yu's previous record, taking close to three months for the Inner Vajra Buddha to reach five zhang was considered slow.

Of course, this was the result of his unhurried and thorough process, which allowed him to condense qi alongside the Inner Vajra Buddha's growth.

On the day that it reached five zhang tall, Wu Yu could reach the eighth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm at the same time! His God's Dip Meridian had successfully condensed qi! The churning Immortal Power of the Great Way created networks throughout Wu Yu's body, imbuing his hands, feet, head, and torso with spiritual power.

His every move overflowed with spiritual power. He was truly majestic!

As he grew stronger and stronger, Wu Yu felt domineering. His body thrummed with spiritual power. Even though he could not have broken this palanquin previously, it now looked extremely fragile.

Most importantly, his worldview had completely changed. The wide world often drowned people in its vastness, causing them to succumb to despair. The mightier a martial cultivator grew, the more this despair would diminish. And as he continued to grow rapidly, the entire world seemed to shrink and weaken before his eyes.

He had succeeded!

Robust spiritual power and the Vajra Body's twin powers. Even though his spiritual power was a far cry from the Ninth Spirit's, in terms of physical power, Wu Yu far surpassed her. Exactly because of this, when he opened his eyes, he was no longer susceptible to the Ninth Spirit's suppression.

At least now he had something to fight with.

Besides him, who else at the ninth tier of Qi Condensation Realm - Night Wishes for Snow for example - could dare to lift their head before the Ninth Spirit?

His successful qi condensation also spelled the end of his lifeline!

Wu Yu opened his eyes, his piercing, golden gaze meeting the Ninth Spirit's. His focus wavered slightly. 

"I must still endure."

Wu Yu quietly reordered his mind as he stood up. Even though he was now brave enough to fight the Ninth Spirit, he knew that this was not the right choice.

The three months of careful planning. Today was the day he ruined her scheme!

"Jiu Er."

Wu Yu walked to stand before her, holding her smooth hands within his own. He said happily, "I have finally succeeded. Now I have the ability to protect myself, and you must fulfill your promise to me. The two of us will leave here now and roam the world together."

Although his face was smiling, his heart was pounding with anxiety. Wu Yu's control of his emotions and expression had been refined to a pinnacle.

Since he was not powerful enough, he would have to fake it until he made it.

"Uhm...." Ever since Wu Yu had begun to succeed, the Ninth Spirit had been a little absent-minded. She could not resist using her little snowy fox's nose to sniff out Wu Yu's scent. The more she sniffed, the happier she grew. The Wu Yu she was waiting for had finally been realized.

"What is it, Jiu Er?" Seeing her strange expression, Wu Yu of course had to ask her.

"Nothing." Jiu Er snapped out of her reverie, looking into Wu Yu's eyes. They had become unbelievably intense. No matter how she hid it, her excitement of a thousand years could not be hidden. Today, she would finally take the huge springboard forward!

"Jiu Er, let's take the chance and leave. Leave this place. Fly free." Wu Yu tugged her towards the door of the palanquin.

As they neared the door, the Ninth Spirit stopped. Perhaps she had finally calmed down. She rushed forward to embrace Wu Yu, looking at him deeply. Instantly, she began to employ her charming techniques. Complemented by her natural beauty, Wu Yu was faced with the strongest attraction ploys that any fox demon had ever employed before!

The woman before him had become the perfect creature. Wu Yu was like a starving man faced with a feast of delicacies.

Wu Yu had already experienced her true powers before. And now, in order to devour Wu Yu, her charms were employed to their peak potency. This was her true strength - everything before had been just a small teaser.

Wu Yu had prepared for three months to face this moment!

Even so, the charms still half-knocked him into a stupor, and he fell into a warm whirlpool.

His world seemed to become dreamy. Only this 1,000-year fox demon's every expression and breath remained in his focus. Her scent, her skin, her hair. Those evocative eyes pinned him, his heart gradually melting.

"Visualizing the Inner Ape!"

Before her, Wu Yu had not used the Inner Vajra Buddha Sutra for a long time.

Because once he did, she would know that he was resisting her.

In these three months, Wu Yu would not have done such a thing.

So he could only Visualize the Inner Ape.

And the process of Visualizing the Inner Ape was like taking a pilgrimage. As Wu Yu's conduct and person moved towards completion, the power of the Inner Ape grew as well, in accordance with his mental power.

He was gripped in a powerful struggle!

Because one half of the world before his eyes was the Unparalleled Monkey King, bathed in gold. Saintly, domineering, rebellious, and awe-inspiring!

The other half was a demon, a fox of such devastating beauty that her like was not to be found in this world. She could lead nations to ruin, and her yin was the ultimate attraction to Wu Yu's yang.

Heaven on one side, hell on the other!

"Wu Yu, Jiu Er has waited for you for so long. Do you know why I had you cultivate till you became an eighth tier Qi Condensation cultivator? That's because Jiu Er is a fox demon. Only if you are strong enough can you bear a fox demon's love.

"Before, I didn't couple with you because I was afraid for your body. And finally, Jiu Er's waiting has paid off. It's time to give all of Jiu Er to the Wu Yu who she loves most...."

"Wu Yu, Jiu Er has waited for you for a millennium. You cannot refuse the love that Jiu Er has for you...."

That smoky, lulling voice continued to echo beside his ear. Before he knew it, the Ninth Spirit had coiled herself around him like a water snake, swimming in his embrace.

Her voice, her body, and the powerful attraction of yin and yang caused the Unparalleled Monkey King before Wu Yu's eyes to continually shrink. The Ninth Spirit was about to dominate all that he was. Her demon techniques and three months of hypnosis had made it hard for Wu Yu to resist her. And this was even under the circumstances that Wu Yu already knew the truth about her.

If he had not known the truth, he might even have been taken in by the Ninth Spirit's words, and loved her more than life itself. He might have gone with her will, using his own death to complete her transformation.

Wu Yu entered a frenzied state, his eyes turning red.

"Oi, remember the people you miss. Sun Wudao, Feng Xueya, Su Yanli and the others. Everyone is waiting for you to come out alive. And you're here losing yourself to a fox demon?

"I think you're hopeless. The Great Sage's heir? You can't even resist a small fox demon. You men are all hopeless things."

Wu Yu was just about to enter. The emotional tension between him and the Ninth Spirit had reached a peak, and they were like dry tinder about to catch flame at any moment. And at this juncture, someone was shouting in his ear, disrupting his mood and irritating him.

"You're still bugging me?" 

"Believe it or not, you'll be a dry corpse in just a bit. When your master sees that, what do you think he will do?"

Dry corpse.... Master....

Wu Yu's heart jolted. He could still resist her. And now, with Ming Long dragging him back, his eyes cleared considerably, the blood vessels receding.

"Fox demon, the Ninth Spirit...."

Wu Yu broke out in cold sweat. If not for Ming Long's wake-up call, he would have drowsed on, and perhaps been devoured. The fox demon in his arms hummed gently. He could not look at her face then. A look would have caused Wu Yu to be sucked back into her eyes. And coming to his senses again would not be easy.

For now, the Ninth Spirit was even more engrossed than he was. For this, she too had to be completely absorbed in their love, allowing it to envelop them to attain its maximum effect.

And the deeper she sunk, the better the moment was for the awakened Wu Yu!

In that instant, Wu Yu recalled what he had been preparing for three months for!

He placed his hand on the Ninth Spirit's body.

In that instant, his own heart thudded nervously!

In his semi-stupor, Wu Yu bit his tongue savagely, using the pain to bring him alertness. At the same time, he changed both his hands into swords!

Wu Yu struck!

At this moment, the Ninth Spirit, even as a mighty Jindan expert, was completely defenseless. She had assumed that Wu Yu was already in love with her.

She had been confident - after all, this was her talent.

But the unexpected happened.

Her Yaodan was probably at the Sea of Breath Meridian's position. Wu Yu's hands dove straight in. This was a weak spot!

Yet, despite skewering through her completely, he did not feel like he had pierced her Yaodan. Clearly his plan to kill the Ninth Spirit had been bungled.

Of course, Wu Yu had not counted on the fact that he could kill her. His first priority was still to escape. And at this moment, he retracted his arms, sending her flying with a kick. It was a moment of critical danger, and he was sweating profusely. He rushed to the palanquin door. Given his prodigious physical strength, he smashed the door to fragments easily!

All of this happened in a flash.

But to Wu Yu, it seemed awfully long.

Wu Yu could clearly see her eyes flare open when he had stabbed her. In her stupor, her eyes were filled with agony and disbelief, as well as emotional despair.

In that instant, a fleeting sense of having disappointed her gripped Wu Yu.

The Ninth Spirit's look was branded in Wu Yu's mind. Even as he rushed out of the palanquin, he was trembling inside. His mind was blank as he fled purely with his physical strength!

Art of Sword Flight!

From his Sumeru Pouch, he retrieved his Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword.

Wu Yu had already changed to Jiang Ding's Sumeru Pouch, which had as much space as a house. It was big enough for him to put the Demon Subduing Staff inside.

The black and white sword gathered power. Wu Yu's vigorous spiritual power propelled the Art of Sword Flight even faster. With the Yin Yang Sword Wheel as his immortal root, he could even surpass the Thunder Seabird's flying speed now. He was close to reaching the power of a true Jindan warrior.


A flash of sword light streamed towards the 10,000 Swords Formation.

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