Chapter 1668: Everlasting Battlefield

Luo Pin, Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi were all very worried. Could Wu Yu really survive 10,000 years in such a horrifying place?

Still, Wu Yu was confident in both the Patriarch Bodhi and himself.

He waved it off. "No need to be too worried. This is definitely the best possible outcome. After all, I killed an immortal emperor. If True Lord Erlang and the others were left to handle this, it would be death for sure."

Put that way, it did seem like a good outcome.

But Luo Pin could not help worrying.

"Of course, it's hard to say for now."

Memory Star Immortal Emperor continued: "After all, Mo Liyin was an important person in the Four Heavenly Kings' circle. And he was an immortal emperor after all. It's not certain that they would be willing to wipe the slate clean. For junior brother, all you need to do is focus on getting through the 10,000 years in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield. Think of nothing else."


Wu Yu nodded.

"Patriarch also mentioned that the Wheel of Taichi has yin and yang sides? Besides the Heavenly Devil Battlefield, there is also the Everlasting Battlefield?"

Memory Star Immortal Emperor replied: "Perhaps you do not know, but it is exactly because of the Everlasting Battlefield that the Patriarch has become one of the most respected immortals in the whole of the sky palaces. That is why even those like True Lord Erlang show him so much respect! Wu Yu, do you know what is so special about the Everlasting Battlefield?"

Wu Yu shook his head. He had only been here a brief while, and naturally had not heard anything about th Everlasting Battlefield.

"It is because within the Everlasting Battlefield, there are Spirits of the Universe in there, which are the complete opposite of the heavenly devils. They are called Everlastings. They can help a 9-heavens immortal king rise to become an eternal immortal emperor! This is the greatest treasure for immortal kings within the whole of the sky palaces. It can be considered a miracle."

Memory Star Immortal Emperor continued: "All of the elite immortal emperors wish for their descendants to be allowed into Everlasting Battlefield. However, only one person can enter every 50,000 years, so the competition is fierce."

"Only one in 50,000 years?"

Full Moon of Nanshan was very curious about it, although he was also worried for Wu Yu. However, there was no point to this worry, since the sentence was already decided.

Learning more about the Patriarch Bodhi would definitely be helpful.


Memory Star Immortal Emperor said. "Because the Patriarch has no children of his own, he gives the chance up to others. That is why his status is esteemed in the sky palaces, and every one shows him respect. There have been too many immortal emperors who beg the Patriarch for his favor, sending gifts and such. The Patriarch found it all too bothersome, and so he set a rule that he would not accept gifts. Instead, the youngsters would compete fairly for a chance to enter. This chance is called the Immortal Emperor Trials!"

"The Immortal Emperor Trials must be very difficult, I presume?"

Ye Xixi cocked her head. "Because it's such a rare opportunity, the best of the younger generation would definitely flock to it. And only one will win. The average immortal king stands no chance."

"That's right."

Memory Star Immortal Emperor nodded. The participants of Immortal Emperor Trials are usually the cream of the crop among the 9-heavens immortal kings. Many of them are the descendants of the elite immortal emperors, such as True Lord Erlang's children. Anyone who wins the chance to enter the Everlasting Battlefield can shoot to the eternal immortal emperor realm!"

"Oh and Wu Yu, do you know when the next Immortal Emperor Trials are?"

He asked.

Wu Yu obviously shook his head.

Memory Star Immortal Emperor smiled, speaking in hushed tones. "10,000 years later! However, junior brother, focus on the problem of the heavenly devils first. After all, your senior brother here has never seen anyone emerge after 10,000 years."


Wu Yu was indeed pretty worried himself, despite how calm he appeared on the surface.

Judging by what Memory Star Immortal Emperor had told him, as well as the general reaction to the announcement, the Wheel of Taichi and Heavenly Devil Battlefield was nothing to be underestimated.

This was a heavy punishment. Wu Yu did not understand why the Patriarch Bodhi had laid it upon him.

"I've said all that I should. Junior brother Wu Yu, make sure you rest well in the next three days. Bring yourself to peak condition. When you enter the Heavenly Devil Battlefield, you will only have yourself to depend on."

Memory Star Immortal Emperor clapped Wu Yu on the shoulder.

He saw Wu Yu as a likable new junior brother. Plus, you didn't come across 9-heavens immortal kings who could defeat immortal emperors every day. And one who was not the child of an elite immortal emperor at that.

How could average immortals hope to have that power?

Besides, even the privileged children would depend on external sources of power such as epochal immortal treasures in order to overcome immortal emperors. It was not impossible, if one but had the resources.

"Senior brother, do not worry. I will definitely do my best in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield."

Wu Yu said seriously.

Memory Star Immortal Emperor nodded, satisfied. He had some faith in Wu Yu. "I hope that you will come out from the Heavenly Devil Battlefield after 10,000 years. Farewell!"

"Farewell, senior brother."

Wu Yu dipped his head in respect.

Memory Star Immortal Emperor had given Wu Yu very valuable information. At least he would be forewarned about what he was to face, and could prepare himself mentally.

"Big brother Yu? What are we to do...... you definitely can't let those heavenly devils eat you up."

Ye Xixi wailed tearfully, a mess of anxiety and worry. She was afraid that she would never see him again.

"All of you, don't worry."

Wu Yu turned back and said to them seriously. "While I am gone, do not wander needlessly. Cultivate well, and wait for my return. That is all. It's just 10,000 years, isn't it? The Heavenly Devil Battlefield is nothing."

Be that as it may, they were all still worried.

Wu Yu had no other choice. In these three days, he had to compose himself well. However, he grew more and more jumpy as the day drew near.

That was because he had heard many rumors in these days regarding the horrors of the Heavenly Devil Battlefield. Many had confirmed that they had never seen anyone emerge alive after 10,000 years.

All of these made it hard for Wu Yu to concentrate.

In the last day, he shut himself up, going nowhere, listening to nothing, thinking no unnecessary thoughts, just waiting for the time to come.

While he was shut away, many immortal emperor guests came to Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars.

These had of course come in revenge for Mo Liyin!

Firstly, True Lord Erlang. Behind him were the Four Heavenly Kings, as well as other important immortal emperors of the Mighty Miracle God tribe. They had come in force.

The Four Heavenly Kings were the Dhrtarastra, Virudhaka, Vaisravana, and Virupaksa. They had come in a dark mood, and the aggression steaming off them was enough to send the immortal emperors in their way scurrying away.


Virudhaka, guards Jade Emperor's south door, he who causes to grow.

Vaisravana, guards Jade Emperor's north door, he who hears everything.

Virupaksa, guards Jade Emperor's west door, he who sees all. 

Dhrtarastra, guards Jade Emperor's east door, he who upholds the realm.]

This death was Mo Liyin, the younger brother of the Dhrtarastra, Mo Lihai! He was an important member of family for the Four Heavenly Kings!

Although Mo Liyin was not considered a very important person, but any immortal emperor was already considered an asset. Especially to the Four Heavenly Kings, for whom he was one of their own.

All four of them were in a rage when they stormed up to Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars. They were clearly ready to get justice for Mo Liyin.

Besides these immortal emperors, there were also others from the hells.

These ghostly immortals could not be indiscreet, but they were all following Wu Yu's case closely. After hearing that Wu Yu had been taken under the Patriarch Bodhi's wing, they had given up thoughts of revenge.

But now Wu Yu had committed a terrible crime and brought about his own death a mere 100 years later! He had killed a fellow disciple Mo Liyin!

This was a rare opportunity.

True Lord Erlang and his large following were here to demand an accounting. Even if he was the Patriarch Bodhi, heavenly rules and restrictions were heavenly rules and restrictions. There was no getting around killing an immortal emperor.

This was the rule of the sky palaces, and not something that Patriarch Bodhi's word alone could bypass.

Although the Patriarch Bodhi was deeply respected, but against such a clear breach of law, True Lord Erlang would definitely have the upper hand.

Therefore, Judge Wangfeng, Qin Sha Forgiveness Sect Heavenly Palace Master, and Beiyin Necropolis Grand Emperor all came in secret to watch.

"Hopefully True Lord Erlang and his people can bring the brat to justice!" Judge Wangfeng said savagely.

"Indeed. Back then we were taken for a ride by that brat. He's tripped up now. Let's see how the Patriarch Bodhi gets him out of this one."

Although Beiyin Necropolis Grand Emperor was in hiding, but the hellish aura he radiated had those around him cowering.

Many other curious immortal emperors had also come to watch the show.

Wu Yu had been making waves in the sky palaces recently, and many had heard of his name. They wanted to see how the killing of an immortal emperor would be dealt with.

True Lord Erlang came in a glorious blaze of light, radiant and supreme.

Behind him, the Four Heavenly Kings glowered, their epochal immortal treasures in hand.

And behind them, the Mighty Miracle God tribe, belligerent and hostile.

True Lord Erlang stopped outside Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars, and looked deep within, a chilling look on his face.

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