Chapter 1666: Being the Public Enemy

Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi and Luo Pin slowly woke up and regained their consciousness.

When they came to Wu Yu's side, they were as stunned as Wu Yu to see Mo Liyin’s lifeless body lying in the front of them in the void.

"Brother Wu Yu, was he killed by you?" Ye Xixi asked in disbelief.

After all, she clearly remembered how she had no way of defending herself against the Primordial Soul Suppressing Song. Unexpectedly, Wu Yu was able to kill Mo Liyin in that vulnerable state. How much strength did he have?

"We should not be worried about how Wu Yu killed Mo Liyin now."

Full Moon of Nanshan's expression became serious. Although he had just recovered, it did not affect his judgment of the matter: "This Mo Liyin is Patriarch Bodhi’s disciple, and most importantly, he is an eternal immortal emperor. In the sky palaces, everyone knows how important eternal immortal emperors are. We killed an eternal immortal emperor and violated the sacred heavenly rules and restrictions!"

"Oh right."

Upon hearing Full Moon of Nanshan’s words, Ye Xixi realised the seriousness of the situation and became scared.

At this time, Wu Yu did not really panic. Anyway, he had already killed Mo Liyin. Regret was useless now.

It was just that he did not expect himself to gain such a horrifying power after Luo Pin used the Heavenly Dragon Unification to merge with him. With this power, he killed Mo Liyin, a second tier eternal immortal emperor, in one blow.

However, the consequences of this matter were definitely very serious. In the sky palaces, it would be a big mistake to kill an immortal emperor.

Any eternal immortal emperor was very important to the sky palaces, and this Mo Liyin was from the tribes of the Four Heavenly Kings. Among the tribes of the Four Heavenly Kings, Mo Liyin’s status was much higher than Mo Yuji.

One should know that an eternal immortal emperor was the existence of immortality. Just one eternal immortal emperor perishing would affect the entire sky palaces. Besides, from the start, the Four Heavenly Kings were not fond of Wu Yu, and had wanted to capture and torture him.

Now they not only failed to capture Wu Yu. In fact, it was Mo Liyin who was killed by Wu Yu.

"Why not we escape now?"

Full Moon of Nanshan shivered with fear as he thought of the possible consequences that they might face.

He was a daring person. However, he did not dare to go against the entire sky palaces.

"It's too late."

Luo Pin pointed to their surrounding space. They could see that the space started shaking just now. It was as if something extremely powerful was trying to break though the void into their surrounding space.

Obviously, Mo Liyin’s death had attracted the attention of many powerful beings in the sky palaces. All of them had made their move to come here directly.

It was clearly too late to run now.

And even if they escaped, where could they go?

Escape back to the Demon Immortal Realm again and hide for a lifetime?

Regardless, Wu Yu was unwilling to do that. In fact, he thought that the situation was not so bad since he had the protection of Patriarch Bodhi now. Moreover, the fight was started by Mo Liyin himself. Although they killed Mo Liyin, it was just in self-defence.

Wu Yu always felt that the Patriarch Bodhi was kindly towards him and should not harm him. Therefore, it should not be a big problem to wait for Patriarch Bodhi to come and deal with this matter.

Most importantly, even if he wanted to escape now, he could not do so.

When he confirmed that Mo Liyin had died, the surrounding space had already begun to shake. One after another powerful being had arrived at this space.

The first one to arrive was naturally the Patriarch Bodhi.

An ordinary looking old man dressed in grey robes appeared near Wu Yu without a sound. He took one look at Mo Liyin’s body and frowned. This was a very rare sight. One should know, as the Patriarch Bodhi, there were not many things in the sky palaces that could make him frown.

Since Patriarch Bodhi arrived at the scene first, it was even more impossible for Wu Yu to leave. He could only greet respectfully: "Patriarch."

Patriarch Bodhi glanced at him and nodded his head grimly. He did not seem to be blaming Wu Yu. Therefore, Wu Yu felt a little relieved. It seemed like the Patriarch Bodhi would be on his side.

Next, more immortal emperors started to gather near them one after another. They were all Patriarch Bodhi’s disciples.

Just after the Patriarch Bodhi's arrival, the arrogant looking Complete Zen Immortal Emperor also arrived. 

He seemed to know well before that Mo Liyin had wanted to harm Wu Yu, but did not expect Mo Liyin to lose to Wu Yu. Mo Liyin was instead killed by Wu Yu despite initiating the attack.

This was something that he could not believe.

One should know that Mo Liyin had been an eternal immortal emperor for hundred thousands of years. How could he be defeated by a brat who was only a 9-heavens immortal king?

When the Complete Zen Immortal Emperor arrived and saw Mo Liyin’s corpse, his eyes widened: "Did you kill the Dhrtarastra’s brother? How impudent of you to do so! "

He was in total shock. Obviously he did not expect Wu Yu to really kill Mo Liyin. What kind of fighting power and strength did this rascal have?

Wu Yu, of course, did not answer that Complete Zen Immortal Emperor. Instead, he faced Patriarch Bodhi respectfully and explained solemnly: "Patriarch, your disciple Wu Yu killed senior Mo Liyin by mistake. I’m willing to be punished! However, this fight was initiated by Mo Liyin. If I don't retaliate, I'm afraid it will be me and my friends lying on the ground now!"

Patriarch Bodhi listened, nodded, and then pressed his hands down, indicating to Wu Yu to stop talking.

Wu Yu saw a kind of calmness in the Patriarch’s eyes. Clearly, even if such a serious thing had happened, the Patriarch Bodhi had ways to resolve it. However in such a situation, even the Patriarch Bodhi would have to face a lot of pressure.

Subsequently, the Patriarch Bodhi’s disciples, such as Memory Star Immortal Emperor, Memory Space Immortal Emperor and so on, had all rushed over and surrounded Wu Yu.

Of course, when they saw Mo Liyin’s corpse, they felt as though the sky had fallen down. This was something very serious in the sky palaces. Even if they lived for a million years or more, it was rare to witness such things happening.

They did not expect Wu Yu to create such a commotion after coming to the Mettle Sky for just a hundred years.

At first, some of the Patriarch Bodhi’s disciples began to blame Wu Yu. To them, Wu Yu's actions would ruin the reputation of Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars. Such incidents were really condemned upon in the sky palaces.

However, there was still someone who sided with Wu Yu.

That was the Memory Star Immortal Emperor: "I'm sure Junior Wu Yu didn't mean to kill Mo Liyin. Before this, I already noticed that Mo Liyin was acting suspiciously. If he initiated the fight, it would not be unreasonable for Junior Wu Yu to fight back in defence and kill him by mistake."

Of course, this kind of argument carried no weight in the discussions among the Patriarch Bodhi's disciples.

"This rascal Wu Yu had created such a big commotion in just his first hundred years of joining. He's a traitor and deserves to die!"

"If Wu Yu committed such a serious crime, he would not be able to survive. Even the Patriarch Bodhi would not be able to protect him this time."

"Yes, it's a violation of the heavenly rules and restrictions. It's absolutely impossible to forgive lightly. The Four Heavenly Kings are not to be provoked. Once they come together, even the Patriarch may not be able to withstand the pressure! He really know how to stir trouble for our Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars!"

Almost immediately, Wu Yu was engulfed by the voices of blame, but he did not feel agitated, because the Patriarch Bodhi was present and he believed that the Patriarch would deal with this matter fairly.

Moreover, the reproaches around were all aimed at him, not at his three friends. This made Wu Yu feel more at ease.

This matter should not affect Full Moon of Nanshan and the other two. Even if they were to be punished, Wu Yu should be the only one to receive the punishment.

"It's not easy for an immortal emperor to appear. The death of Mo Liyin is a great loss to our sky palaces... ... Wu Yu, follow me."

Patriarch Bodhi's expression became serious as he waved to Wu Yu. Then he led everyone back to the Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars. It seemed that he was going to deal with Wu Yu there.


Somewhere else in the sky palaces.

Dhrtarastra, Mo Lihai, who was Mo Liyin's blood brother, was deeply connected to him.

He had sensed it the moment Mo Liyin was killed and used some mystique to view the scene in the Mettle Sky. Mo Liyin was actually smashed to death by Wu Yu's Ruyi Jingu Bang!

Dhrtarastra's eyes reddened as he watched how his brother died: "Wu Yu, I shall kill you. I cannot rest until I take my revenge!"

Virudhaka, Vaisravana, and Virupaksa had rushed over upon receiving the news. They were all furious.

"How dare he kill one of our immortal emperors. This man must be killed!"

The Four Heavenly Kings gathered. Even True Lord Erlang would consider them a strong force, not to mention now when they were four enraged heavenly kings. No one else would dare to further anger them.

The Four Heavenly Kings had not gathered for a long time. However, Mo Liyin's death forced them to reunite. They were adamant on getting justice for Mo Liyin.

"Let's go to Mettle Sky! I shall see how Patriarch Bodhi can protect that brat after such a thing happened!"

"That's right. If they cannot give us a satisfactory answer, we shall report to the Jade Emperor and ask him to be the judge of the matter!"

The Four furious Heavenly Kings made their way to the Mettle Sky.

At the same time, many other immortal emperors were also hurrying to the Mettle Sky. The sky palaces had not seen the death of an immortal emperor for a long time. Moreover, the one who had died this round was an immortal emperor from the Four Heavenly Kings's tribe. This was major news and many were curious to see if Patriarch Bodhi would continue to protect Wu Yu.

In an instant, trouble brewed at the Mettle Sky. Strong immortal emperors landed in a steady stream. All of them were there to see how Wu Yu would be dealt with.

In fact, some of the ghostly immortals from hell had arrived as well, though hidden in a corner. They were also curious to Wu Yu's fate.

Originally, Wu Yu had enemies in both the sky palaces and hell. Now it seemed like all his enemies had gathered. 

When these enemies had heard that the Patriarch Bodhi had taken Wu Yu as a disciple, they thought that there was no chance of them taking revenge. They had not expected the chance to come so soon. If there were no incidents, Wu Yu was now in a fatal situation!

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