Chapter 1662: Mo Liyin

Patriarch Bodhi had brought Wu Yu out of Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars to meet True Lord Erlang.

Behind True Lord Erlang was Primeval Mighty Miracle God and Dhrtarastra.

"True Lord Erlang, I wonder what important business has brought you to the humble abode of this old coot?" Patriarch Bodhi asked with a benign smile.

Many other immortal emperors had also come out of Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars to watch. True Lord Erlang was a fairly formidable presence, but they were unafraid.

All of the immortal emperors cultivating at Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars were not just disciples under the Patriarch Bodhi's protection, but also important people in their own right, with talent and powerful influence. Otherwise, they would not be able to come and seek the learnings of the Patriarch Bodhi.

Therefore, although they respected True Lord Erlang, they did not fear him, and they were all surreptitiously eavesdropping.

Of course, they knew that True Lord Erlang had come to capture Wu Yu. But they also knew that Wu Yu had just become Patriarch Bodhi's disciple, and the matter was moot. They were sure that True Lord Erlang would not dare to cross the Patriarch Bodhi.

While Patriarch Bodhi addressed him, True Lord Erlang's flat eyes were sweeping up and down Wu Yu. He said flatly: "I have come to capture a little immortal who broke the rules of the sky palaces. Wu Yu!"

"Indeed, we heard that he had appeared at Mettle Sky. We're here to bring him to justice. Patriarch Bodhi, don't shelter this criminal!"

Mighty Miracle God asserted roughly.

They had been prepared to pay their respects to Patriarch Bodhi here at Mettle Sky, but now they had forgotten all courtesies after seeing Wu Yu by Patriarch Bodhi's side.

True Lord Erlang did not betray any dissatisfaction. His impassive face showed how used he was to power. Usually, he could track down anyone and bring them in. But now that Wu Yu was by Patriarch Bodhi's side, he did not dare to move.

Hearing their words, Patriarch Bodhi nodded slowly. "If that is all, you may leave. Wu Yu is now the disciple of this old coot. Besides, this old coot knows that Wu Yu hasn't broken any heavenly rules and restrictions at all. He simply offended these two on the Great Void Immortal Path, didn't he? If it's revenge you're here for, take it out on this old coot."

All three could not believe their ears.

They had finally gotten word about Mettle Sky after so long, and had rushed over immediately. And yet he was already the Patriarch Bodhi's disciple?

No one had ever become the Patriarch Bodhi's disciple so quickly before!

And this meant that they could not possibly capture Wu Yu now, unless they wanted to fight the Patriarch Bodhi. But even if the Jade Emperor himself was here, he would be full of deference before the Patriarch Bodhi. How could they hope to fight him?

Shock and horror on Primeval Mighty Miracle God and Dhrtarastra's faces.

"How is this possible? Patriarch, you can't be purposely hiding him. That punk....."

Primeval Mighty Miracle God blurted out, ready to speak a piece of his mind.

But before he had finished speaking, the Patriarch Bodhi's face had already turned disapproving.

Primeval Mighty Miracle God swallowed back his words, only now recalling that the Patriarch Bodhi was not as soft as his usual tone. Offending him would have grievous consequences. He might live out an existence far humbler than Primeval Mighty Miracle God, but he could easily crush any of them.

The Patriarch Bodhi was someone he definitely could not anger.

"Apologies, my apologies, I was too worked up, Patriarch."

Primeval Mighty Miracle God hurriedly lowered his head, afraid to speak.

Patriarch Bodhi did not bother with him. He waved them off: "If there is nothing else, please be on your way."

Given his status, he did not have to stand on courtesy, not even with True Lord Erlang.

Assessing the situation, True Lord Erlang paused, then merely said: "Since the boy is now the Patriarch's disciple, we will not touch him from now on. Farewell."

Saying thus, he turned and left with Mighty Miracle God and Dhrtarastra.

Despite True Lord Erlang's words, Wu Yu got the feeling that things were not as simple as that. True Lord Erlang had simply hid his true thoughts. It looked like those three were going to become much harder to deal with.

The other two immortals were much more transparent about their thoughts. After all, they thought Wu Yu not even deserving of their caution and cunning.

True Lord Erlang was different.

His parting look at Wu Yu had not been one of content. But with the Patriarch Bodhi around, it had not been convenient for him to act. He could only back down for now.

"True Lord Erlang will definitely come for me  again! Besides, he will come in secret. I have to be careful and give him no opportunity."

Wu Yu thought to himself.

He knew he was safe for now, looking at the retreating figure of True Lord Erlang. But he was not safe forever. He had already offended True Lord Erlang by attacking his third eye in Sage's Equal Sky.

And once caught by True Lord Erlang, he would be squished out like an ant. At that time, Patriarch Bodhi would not even be able to pin down the culprit.

Be that as it may, it was still better to be under the Patriarch Bodhi's protection. At least within Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars, True Lord Erlang would not dare to do anything to him.

He could cultivate in peace here for now.

"Show's over." Patriarch Bodhi waved his hand, and the disciples scattered. Only now did he return to his immortal residence and call for Memory Star Immortal Emperor. He had him familiarize Wu Yu with the entire immortal residence and assign him a place to stay.

Wu Yu and the others followed Memory Star Immortal Emperor around the immortal residence.

Now that True Lord Erlang was chased away, he had no immediate worry, and Wu Yu's mind turned to cultivation.

Now that he had reached 9-heavens immortal king, the only step available to him was to reach for eternal immortal emperorhood. That would definitely take a lot of work, and also a lot of time.

Eternal immortal emperor. That was what it truly meant to be an immortal. Only at that realm could one truly belong to the sky palaces, and enter the upper echelons of the sky palaces.

Otherwise, one was consigned to a life of a million years, and then death afterwards. What did it matter how strong one was?

With Wu Yu in tow, Memory Star Immortal Emperor took Wu Yu around, and then showed him an immortal residence. This was quite a lovely place, surrounded by mountains and rivers, and able to host a few hundred people easily.

All of it belonged to Wu Yu alone. Of course, Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and Luo Pin would also stay with him.

Now that Wu Yu was a disciple of the Patriarch Bodhi, he had finally found footing within the sky palaces, and could rest for a while.

Although Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and Luo Pin were not strictly heavenly immortals, but the Patriarch Bodhi had also decreed that they were also to be protected alongside Wu Yu. Here in Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars, no one would be allowed to lay hands on them.

Wu Yu was naturally very grateful for this. As long as he did not leave Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars, he would be safe. This went for his three companions as well.

Wu Yu had been worried about them before. After all, they could not spend all their time in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Now that the Patriarch Bodhi had specified it, their safety was no longer a concer.

"And now we can cultivate in peace, until we all become eternal immortal emperors!"

After Memory Star Immortal Emperor left, Wu Yu and the other three took a good, long rest. They had not been this relaxed in a long while, living in a permanent state of worry and tension. Even within Eternal Emperor Tomb, their safety was not guaranteed, and Wu Yu had remained alert.

But now, finally all was well.

While they were in Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars, no harm could come to them. However, one great aid for Wu Yu's cultivation was devouring. And if he remained in Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars, there would be nothing for him to devour.

"For now, I'll leave it aside. Since the Patriarch Bodhi is here, there might be some special chances. I'll cultivate for a while."

Wu Yu was in no hurry.

He had not been at the 9-heavens immortal king level for long either, and needed to firm up his abilities.

What he did not know was that True Lord Erlang had stopped not far away from Mettle Sky.

"True Lord Erlang, that kid actually managed to get Patriarch Bodhi to protect him. How on earth did he do it?" Primeval Mighty Miracle God grumbled. He would not be content if Wu Yu got away just like that.

"True Lord Erlang, given how mighty you are, you definitely have ways to catch the kid, right? Even if the Patriarch Bodhi is there, it's just a measly kid. That should be a piece of cake for your eminence?" Dhrtarastra was not intending to give up so easily either, and continued to press True Lord Erlang for help.

However, True Lord Erlang maintained his unemotional look.

He said tonelessly: "Shut up. I think there's something fishy about those three. I will check their backgrounds. But from here on, I will handle things. Neither of you are to interfere, or you might ruin my plans. Understood?"

"Yes, yes."

The two hastened to affirm their obedience before True Lord Erlang, fearful of offending him.

True Lord Erlang left.

"I have no idea what True Lord Erlang is planning, but we can't let that punk get away just like that."

Primeval Mighty Miracle God grumbled, but very quickly perked up again. "That's right, I have a younger brother, also a disciple of the Patriarch Bodhi. His name is Mo Liyin, and I can have him watch Wu Yu in Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars. He won't let him have a good time!"

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