Chapter 1661: Knock Knock, It's True Lord

An epochal immortal treasure was difficult to obtain even for an eternal immortal emperor like Memory Star Immortal Emperor.

Suddenly feeling the aura of an epochal immortal treasure, Memory Star Immortal Emperor's guard went up against the smear of golden light. It was astounding that he had an epochal immortal treasure.

The streak of golden light packed an enormous power behind it, as though it could end the world with one strike. It landed on Memory Star Immortal Emperor's head!

The golden rod glimmered as it hurtled through the air. The world itself seemed to bend slightly before it, as it swept towards Memory Star Immortal Emperor.

Memory Star Immortal Emperor did not even have time to throw up any apotheosis immortal technique in response, but could only scramble for his innate astral lightning, throwing it up in hasty defense against the golden rod.

In the next moment, the void shattered!

Within the immortal energy barrier, Qian Kun world and void space reversed, and wave after wave of devastating energy rippled out. Memory Star Immortal Emperor was soon pinned with his back to the immortal energy barrier.


All of the immortal emperors were shocked to witness this.

Since the appearance of the epochal immortal treasure, Memory Star Immortal Emperor had been forced to constantly retreat. Even the starlight around his body had dimmed, indicating that he was hurt.

Wu Yu had actually won, crushing him with sheer power. That was unbelievable.

"What happened? Memory Star lost suddenly! They were evenly matched a moment ago! And Wu Yu's just a 9-heavens immortal king, he couldn't possibly win so easily, could he?"

"It's the epochal immortal treasure. That's too awesome. It can cause bedlam of heaven and earth. Even I wouldn't have been able to stop that."

"This Wu Yu is a genius, through and through. I just said that defeating another immortal emperor would not be too difficult after the first one. Proved right, wasn't I?"

The unremarkable gray-robed Patriarch Bodhi was smiling with satisfaction from the side. He lifted a hand, and the immortal energy barrier vanished. At the same time, a warm wave of energy flew out towards Memory Star Immortal Emperor.

The seriously injured Memory Star Immortal Emperor actually recovered rapidly when bathed in the warm energy, and the light around his body glowed anew.

Many of the immortal emperors, Wu Yu and the others included, were in awe at this technique.

Wu Yu had never seen it before - to be able to instantly heal a person. Of course, Memory Star Immortal Emperor's body was advanced enough to respond well to it, but even so, this was undoubtedly a miracle.

"Wu Yu, you beat Memory Star today. As we agreed, you are now this old man's disciple."

Patriarch Bodhi said easily, favoring Wu Yu with a smile.

Wu Yu belatedly realized that he had already won. He was still engrossed in the power of the Ruyi Jingu Bang Mystique. That first level Bedlam of Heaven and Earth, combined with Violent Art, had actually managed to crush Memory Star Immortal Emperor in one hit. It was indeed miraculous.

"Disciple Wu Yu greets the Patriarch!"

Wu Yu reacted. He quickly came before the Patriarch Bodhi, and gave him three kowtows!

If he had been reserved about taking on Patriarch Bodhi as master before, he was sold now. To be able to save, not just to kill. In comparison, healing was much more difficult.

This showed that the Patriarch Bodhi would definitely be of great help to Wu Yu for his cultivation.


Patriarch Bodhi helped Wu Yu up with a hand. At the same time, his face turned serious. "You are hereby initiated. Order your heart, righten your attitude. Put all your efforts into cultivation, and walk the path of righteousness! Never fall into sin, or sully your conduct. Do you understand?"

"Your disciple understands!"

Wu Yu bowed deeply with reverence.

At this moment, it was not just the Patriarch Bodhi's acknowledgment. The other immortal emperors were also full of praise for him.

As a 9-heavens immortal king, he could actually defeat Memory Star Immortal Emperor. That in itself was an incredible feat. The other immortal emperors were all convinced of his strength now.

After all, Memory Star was definitely stronger than Empyrean Revered Dragon.

That Wu Yu could defeat Memory Star Immortal Emperor placed him at the peak of the first tier of the eternal immortal emperor realm. Only someone of a higher cultivation realm could face him.

"Wu Yu, you truly live up to your reputation. I have no complaints about my defeat. Haha, I hope to be able to watch your rise from here on!" Memory Star Immortal Emperor had fully recovered now, and had come to offer Wu Yu his congratulations. His eyes were full of respect.

Back when Memory Star Immortal Emperor had been an immortal king himself, he had only been filled with admiration for the immortal emperors, but had neither the thought nor a shred of the courage needed to challenge one.

But now Wu Yu was a 9-heavens immortal king who had defeated him. His talent was astounding.

And when Wu Yu became an immortal emperor, it would be a huge transformation. At that time, he would probably make a name for himself in the whole of the sky palaces.

Of course, the Patriarch Bodhi always hoped that his disciples would protect themselves, and not go out to cause trouble. Peaceful cultivation was his focus. But given how much of a hot topic Wu Yu was, trouble would come knocking even if he didn't do anything.

Memory Star Immortal Emperor looked upon Wu Yu with wonder. This kid would carve some new legends.

The formalization of initiation had been pretty simple. Three kowtows later, Wu Yu was considered as the Patriarch's disciple.

Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and Luo Pin were all extremely excited.

"The Ruyi Jingu Bang is that powerful? That means my Supreme Gold Harrow must be close in terms of power, haha."

Full Moon of Nanshan was awed anew by the treasure that he had been bequeathed. He treasured the Supreme Gold Harrow more than ever before.

Ye Xixi was watching from the sidelines with shining eyes. "Big brother Yu can even defeat an immortal emperor so easily now. As for you, you ugly pig, that ungainly nine-toothed harrow of yours will never compare to big brother Yu's cool Jingu Bang."

Luo Pin could not help but laugh at this.

However, she was still envious that all of them had their own epochal immortal treasure. Only her Eight Division Heavenly Dragon ancestor had not given her one. She recalled that the stele in Sage's Equal Sky had shown Eight Division Heavenly Dragon being sent away out of the surround.

No one knew what happened after, but it was clear that he had not died back then. There had to be something special about the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon, although she did not know what it was for now.

Seeing Wu Yu accepted as disciple by the Patriarch Bodhi, all of them felt comforted. This meant that Wu Yu would be protected by the Patriarch Bodhi, and neither Mighty Miracle God nor Dhrtarastra could lay hands on him.

Not even True Lord Erlang himself would dare to hurt Wu Yu!

This was the power of the Patriarch Bodhi.

Just as they thought this, there suddenly came news from outside. One of the Patriarch Bodhi's page boys rushed in, announcing that True Lord Erlang had come to visit, and he was already right outside Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars.

"Come with me."

Patriarch Bodhi smiled gently, showing no signs of anxiety. He beckoned to Wu Yu.

He had not seemed to do anything special, but Wu Yu found himself turning around in mid-air, and whisked away with Patriarch Bodhi to the entrance of Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars. He saw three immortal emperors waiting there.

One was clad in magnificent immortal armor, his arms clasped behind his back. He had one eye shut in the middle of his forehead, and his two normal eyes were aloof and yet dangerous. Behind his back, shining moons and fluorescent orbs radiated with light!

"This is True Lord Erlang's true form!"

Wu Yu was shocked to see this.

He had seen it back on the Sage's Equal Sky stele and in Eternal Emperor Tomb. He already could sense that this was an elite immortal emperor, a rare power even in the whole of the sky palaces.

But now, seeing him in the flesh was a thoroughly scary experience for Wu Yu. His aura was deadly indeed.

If not for the Patriarch Bodhi by his side, mitigating it, Wu Yu would probably be on his knees. It was not even a matter of willpower, but the sheer disparity between their abilities.

True Lord Erlang was one of the elite immortals in the sky palaces, and Wu Yu was unable to even meet his eyes.

And behind the stern demeanor of True Lord Erlang, there were two very familiar figures. They were the Dhrtarastra and Primeval Mighty Miracle God. These two could also defeat Wu Yu easily, but seemed like petty lackeys when juxtaposed to True Lord Erlang, their own brilliance overshadowed.

If Wu Yu had met True Lord Erlang on his own, he probably could not even look at him.

But it was different now. He had just been accepted as the Patriarch Bodhi's disciple, and become a member of Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars. If True Lord Erlang wanted to deal with Wu Yu, he would have to go through Patriarch Bodhi first.

Seeing that the Patriarch Bodhi had personally escorted Wu Yu out, True Lord Erlang's eyes flared with a brief look of confusion and surprise.

Did this mean that the Patriarch Bodhi was already protecting Wu Yu?

His face grew even more tense now, and even the ground beneath his feet started to ice over!

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