Chapter 1660: Sky Splitter: Starry Thunder Technique

There were dozens of immortal emperors who had come to watch. They were basically all disciples of the Patriarch Bodhi, and from the Complete and Memory generations. Those from the generations before were more or less absent - such matters were beneath their interest.

Or they were not even at Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars. After all, the earlier generations had already reached a fairly high level of cultivation, and staying cooped up in cultivation would not help much.

Before their audience, Wu Yu and Memory Star Immortal Emperor backed up. At the same time, a barrier of immortal energy appeared outside Bodhi's Palace around them.

The strength of this barrier was stunning, and yet it had been casually put up by the Patriarch Bodhi. It was already stronger than what many of these immortal emperors could produce. With this immortal energy barrier, Wu Yu and Memory Star Immortal Emperor's fight would not affect the outside world.

Wu Yu let Luo Pin, Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi out first. They too would watch from outside the battle.

This again raised many murmurs.

"I heard that Wu Yu threw the whole mystical dragon tribe into chaos all for that Primordial Immortal Dragon. Gutsy, I like that."

"That's nothing. He offended Mighty Miracle God and the Dhrtarastra. If he loses this fight to Memory Star, I doubt he'll even make it out of Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars alive."

"I quite like this guy. He's already beaten one immortal emperor. What's another immortal emperor? Memory Star Immortal Emperor is so-so only. Nothing to be afraid of."

"Oh and when did you ever see an immortal king take on an immortal emperor? It's ridiculous. A mere immortal king? He might be able to take down some mediocre immortal emperor, but Memory Star? Dream on."

The immortal emperors continued to discuss. Some were admiring, others suspicious, and yet some others were dismissive. 

But within the immortal energy barrier, Wu Yu and Memory Star Immortal Emperor were oblivious to it all.

As the nondescript figure of the Patriarch Bodhi ambled out, it signaled that the battle was about to start.

Step by step, the Patriarch Bodhi strolled forwards. As he did, all of the immortal emperors outside paid their respects. With a small smile, he patted the air with his hand, and there was a respectful silence from the immortal emperors.

Although he had not flexed his own strength, but all of the immortal emperors here held great reverence for him.

"Both of you, do your best. Let the battle begin."

Patriarch Bodhi did not drag it out, but indicated with a wave and genial smile that the two should begin.

Wu Yu and Memory Star Immortal Emperor shared a look and smile. They bowed to each other, and then their auras exploded forth as they called upon all of their energy. Especially Memory Star Immortal Emperor - his entire body started glowing with starlight!

Memory Star Immortal Emperor controlled the power of the stars. While he was in the Great Void Immortal Realm, he had been Astral Immortal King. Only after he had been initiated under the Patriarch Bodhi had he been given the disciple name Memory Star.

His entire body began to sparkle.

"Sky Splitter: Starry Thunder technique!"

This was an apotheosis immortal technique!

Knowing that Wu Yu had defeated Empyrean Revered Dragon before, Memory Star Immortal Emperor did not underestimate him, immediately attacking with a powerful technique. Sky Splitter: Starry Thunder technique filled the sky with Heaven's Thunder.

The flashing lightning cracked down from the sky, accumulating before it blasted out at Wu Yu. He felt as though he had been thrown into a vortex of electricity. Lightning crackled and danced all around him, powerful enough to smash through the void as well!

"Apotheosis immortal technique from the get go - Memory Star Immortal Emperor isn't giving him face at all eh."

"I think Wu Yu's doomed. I heard that he endured the Empyrean Revered Dragon's Heaven's Despair: Reincarnation Disruption technique for a long while before finally winning. Probably can't even last an instant under Sky Splitter: Starry Thunder technique though."

"Yea, Memory Star is much stronger than Empyrean Revered Dragon."

Both Complete Zen Immortal Emperor and Memory Space Immortal Emperor said, not believing in Wu Yu.

The Sky Splitter: Starry Thunder technique's force shocked even the second tier immortal emperors. In Wu Yu's shoes, they would have to deploy their strongest moves to deal with it.

How could a mere 9-heavens immortal king survive?

"Seems like the kid is about to be thrown out! Haha!"

Complete Zen Immortal Emperor scoffed, amused by the whole charade.

However, what happened next wiped the smile off his face thoroughly. He sat straight up, paying full attention now.

As Sky Splitter: Starry Thunder technique flashed out, Wu Yu did not treat it carelessly, nor was he over-cautious. He could feel that the power was indeed stronger than Empyrean Revered Dragon's Heaven's Despair: Reincarnation Disruption technique, but Wu Yu too was stronger than he had been!

The leap from 8-heavens immortal king to 9-heavens immortal king, plus the acquisition of the Ruyi Jingu Bang, had made his chances of winning very real.

"Sanctified flesh heavenly rule!"

"Devouring heavenly rule!"

Wu Yu immediately transformed into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast's form. Boosted by the sanctified flesh heavenly rule, he used devouring heavenly rule, which was strongest when he was in the Titanic Beast form.

Wu Yu was using it for the first time in battle, and it clashed spectacularly against the starry lightning.

A colossal explosion blew up between them. The destructive lightning seemed on the verge of smashing devouring heavenly rule to bits.

But in the next moment, devouring heavenly rule turned the tables, and instead much of the starry lightning was absorbed completely!

Precisely because Wu Yu had not even entered the immortal emperor realm, his ordinary heavenly rule power holding its own against Memory Star Immortal Emperor was testament to his strength.

The 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King had helped him improve greatly, and all other kinds of secret techniques had also allowed him to now stand equal to Memory Star Immortal Emperor's apotheosis immortal technique!

The combination of sanctified flesh heavenly rule and devouring heavenly rule had allowed him to assimilate and absorb the lightning powers.

All around Wu Yu, the void continued to burst due to the impact of the apotheosis immortal technique, but this destructive power could not harm Wu Yu, safely cocooned within his abyssal heavenly rule.

"Amazing! Senior Memory Star is a credit to the immortal emperor realm indeed!"

Wu Yu laughed loudly and gaily.

Memory Star Immortal Emperor was startled as well. "I did not expect my Sky Splitter: Starry Thunder technique to be so easily brushed aside. Wu Yu, oh Wu Yu, you are indeed something special. You astound me!"

Even Memory Star Immortal Emperor, who had not underestimated Wu Yu, was surprised by what he was capable of. Let alone the other naysayers.

Their eyes were bulging in disbelief at how casually Wu Yu had handled the first attack.

They did not doubt that Memory Star Immortal Emperor had fought hard. After all, the blast of Sky Splitter: Starry Thunder technique just now had been stronger than what they had seen from him previously. And yet Wu Yu had blocked it perfectly. He was definitely no ordinary 9-heavens immortal king!

"Admirable. Admirable. Seems like he might really defeat Memory Star Immortal Emperor. We might have yet another brother in the Memory generation."

"Hard to call it so early. Memory Star has more than that. I think it would be quite a feat for Wu Yu to force him to use it all already. To defeat Memory Star...... not likely."

The discussions had begun anew after the first exchange, where devouring heavenly rule and starry thunder had canceled each other out.

Memory Star Immortal Emperor admired Wu Yu's attack, but did not let up. With his higher cultivation realm, he knew to press the advantage of initiative. As Sky Splitter: Starry Thunder technique was blocked, his body shimmered again, creating a huge astral palm print in the air!

"Apotheosis Mystique, Heavenly Hand!"

Astral light streamed from Memory Star Immortal Emperor, and a huge astral hand appeared in the sky, smashing down on Wu Yu, giving him no time to react!

The speed of the astral palm was frightening. In a heartbeat it was already looming over his head, and he could sense its cataclysmic power.

"Chronowarp globe!"

"Abyssal heavenly rule!"

Wu Yu reacted instinctively. He needed time, and time he would create, with his chronowarp globe. His boosted speed allowed him to throw up abyssal heavenly rule just before it landed, supplemented by his chronowarp globe!

Abyssal heavenly rule and chronowarp heavenly rule combined.

This was what had allowed Wu Yu to defeat Empyrean Revered Dragon back then.

Again, the power of space and time heavenly rule power roared out to meet the Heavenly Hand apotheosis Mystique of Memory Star Immortal Emperor!

A look of uncertainty flashed across Memory Star Immortal Emperor's face. He had misjudged Wu Yu's speed again, and Heavenly Hand was unable to finish off Wu Yu first.

And now his apotheosis Mystique had been blocked by Wu Yu!

Apotheosis immortal technique, Sky Splitter: Starry Thunder technique. Apotheosis Mystique, Heavenly Hand. Both of these were relatively reliable techniques that Memory Star Immortal Emperor depended on. They could defeat those at his level without trouble at all.

And now a 9-heavens immortal king was blocking them!

More, Wu Yu was still more or less in good shape. Memory Star Immortal Emperor saw a golden flash, and what seemed like a staff was headed for him. He frowned.

"An epochal immortal treasure?"

Memory Star Immortal Emperor wondered, immediately wary.

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