Chapter 1659: Apprentice

This was Wu Yu's first time seeing this old man.

Sensing his aura of introversion and mystery, Wu Yu knew that while this Bodhi Old Father might not look like much, his strength and identity were absolutely tyrannical and should not be underestimated. 

He bowed and saluted," Junior Wu Yu, paying respects to Patriarch Bodhi."

Hearing this, Patriarch Bodhi opened his eyes. His eyes were full of peace and wisdom, as if there was nothing in the sky palaces that could shake him. 

Wu Yu suddenly had a lapse; facing the Patriarch Bodhi gave him the same feeling as facing Sun Wudao. 

Both parties were ordinary old men, their eyes wise and unpredictable.

Of course this Bodhi Patriarch Bodhi could not be Sun Wudao, so Wu Yu recovered in the blink of an eye.

Patriarch Bodhi scanned him up and down for a long while before smiling, "Wu Yu, no need to feel restricted; treat this place like home.  Now that you are here, you must be prepared to become the 12th generation disciple, yes?"

Actually facing the Patriarch Bodhi, Wu Yu certainly could not say he was just here to look around.

Most importantly, Wu Yu had a sensing. Patriarch Bodhi was kind, his speech gentle like a spring breeze; perhaps Memory Star Immortal Emperor's personality is somewhat similar to Patriarch Bodhi's.

Talking to Patriarch Bodhi made Wu Yu feel very comfortable.

And now Wu Yu also noticed that Patriarch Bodhi was indeed the most authoritative immortal emperor in the sky palace. It was evident from the innumerable young immortal emperors at Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars that his identity and status were absolutely extraordinary.

If he could gain his protection, even True Lord Erlang would not dare trigger Wu Yu easily. If so, Wu Yu would be able to cultivate in the sky palace with a peace of mind.

"If Senior Patriarch is willing to take juniors as disciples, those juniors will naturally clamor to be noticed by senior," Wu Yu was cautious, not showing too much personal emotion.

After all, he had experienced too many things before, mainly the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor incident, which made Wu Yu vigilant.

Even though he was stronger, caring for him was not necessarily purposeless. Perhaps it is aimed at the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's inheritance he obtained.

Of course, Wu Yu also felt that the possibility of Patriarch Bodhi coveting his inheritance was not high. But defensiveness is indispensable; letting down his guard could very well mean falling into an irrecoverable situation.

Hearing Wu Yu's polite words, Patriarch Bodhi could not help but smile kindly, "Your deeds, Old Man has heard of. Old Man likes you very much, so he went to Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm to pass the news to you. Truthfully, if you can defeat an eternal immortal emperor under the old sect, you will be eligible to become the 12th generation disciple of Old Man!"

"Then, matters at Primeval Mighty Miracle God and Dhrtarastra, Old Man will handle for you. You don't have to worry too much about True Lord Erlang either. You just have to cultivate well, correct your mind, and let Old Man's name flourish."

A few words later, matters were simple and clear.

Wu Yu admired his style, nodding, "Since Patriarch has spoken, junior will respect his fate. Which senior immortal emperor would Patriarch want me to challenge?"

"Good, good.  Courageous."

Patriarch Bodhi smiled gently, "I heard that you defeated Empyrean Revered Dragon at Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. A pity that Old Man could not bear witness personally. Your opponent is Memory Star. Face him in a match, what do you think?"

This matter was meant to be arranged by Patriarch Bodhi. The fact that he consulted Wu Yu made it obvious that he was a little worried that Wu Yu could not bear it.

Memory Star Immortal Emperor, the stronger 1st Tier eternal immortal emperor of the 12th generation. Although he appeared gentle with a harmonious personality, his strength was certainly not. He could potentially even reach the 2nd Tier eternal immortal emperor.

Wu Yu recalled the elegant middle-aged man who greeted him. Memory Star Immortal Emperor. While it seemed like Memory Star Immortal Emperor was much stronger than Empyrean Revered Dragon, he himself was also much stronger than before. He nodded immediately, agreeing, "Your word is my command."

He observed Patriarch Bodhi once again and saw that the old man's eyes were only ordinary. Although ordinary, they contained mystery and wisdom, a kind of long-standing wisdom that had been accumulated over the years. It was as though nothing in this world could escape his gaze.

Although strong and respectable, speaking with Patriarch Bodhi did not put much pressure on Wu Yu.

This highly respected and mysterious immortal emperor was not as radiant as other high-ranking emperors, such as Primeval Mighty Miracle God, Dhrtarastra, and True Lord Erlang.

Wu Yu faced a lot of pressure when facing each of these immortal emperors, but in fact, their strengths were no match for the Patriarch Bodhi before him.

The restrained and even breath was perhaps the biggest difference between Patriarch Bodhi and the other powerful emperors.

"Patriarch Bodhi, not only is he strong, his heart is too!"

Wu Yu quickly realized this. Compared to physical strength, a strong heart was even harder to develop, requiring endless years of cultivation. Of all the young immortal emperors  Wu Yu saw on his way to Bodhi's Palace, not a single one had this quality.

Even Wu Yu himself could not reach this level.

For a stone to fall into an ancient well and cause no ripples, this was rare. Wu Yu recalled the tests he had undergone at the Eternal Emperor Tomb. If any of it were to happen to Patriarch Bodhi, perhaps not even a single ripple would be born.

This was true peace of mind.

Wu Yu could sense that Patriarch Bodhi had reached this state.

The ancient and mysterious immortal emperor was truly different, causing Wu Yu to have a sliver of expectation; perhaps becoming Patriarch Bodhi's disciple was not a bad thing at all!

"You should prepare and wait outside Bodhi's Palace."

Patriarch Bodhi waved, and Wu Yu felt his body being sent out.

Soon after arriving at the square outside Bodhi's Palace, Wu Yu saw Memory Star Immortal Emperor and other immortal emperors arrive, gazing towards Bodhi's Palace.

"Wu Yu, how's the situation?"

Seeing Wu Yu's exit, Memory Star Immortal Emperor greeted him with a smile.

Wu Yu was still immersed in Patriarch Bodhi, feeling the old man's elegant breath flow through his gestures, admirably.

Although the meeting was brief, Wu Yu begun to understand why the ancient and mysterious immortal emperor was still so popular in the sky palaces, with many top immortal emperors sending their children to cultivate under him, in spite of being so low-key.

This was a grand master!

All words and deeds contain The Way. Wu Yu recalled that although the Patriarch Bodhi's expressions and movements were light, they all implied the principles of heaven and earth. If carefully examined and comprehended, Wu Yu would improve by a lot.

It was not until Memory Star Immortal Emperor yelled that Wu Yu recovered, apologizing, "Sorry, I was just caught up in my fascinations."

"It's okay."

Memory Star Immortal Emperor had a little bit of Patriarch Bodhi's demeanor. He waved his hand politely and asked with a smile, "I wonder what test the Patriarch has set for you?"

"Test?" Wu Yu felt odd. He felt that it was a little weird broaching the topic of challenging Memory Star Immortal Emperor.

Fortunately, the gentle voice of Patriarch Bodhi reached outside Bodhi's Palace, "Memory Star, fight with gentleman Wu Yu. If he can defeat you, he will be the Old Man's next disciple!"

Although this voice was gentle, it spread so far and wide that all the young and talented immortal emperors around could hear it.

Many were surprised. They did not expect the Patriarch Bodhi to arrange for Wu Yu to fight against Memory Star Immortal Emperor. This was a good show.

They knew that even though Memory Star Immortal Emperor was at 1st Tier, he was close to a breakthrough and that his strength was the top amongst the 1st Tier eternal immortal emperors.

They immediately sprung into discussions.

As for Memory Star Immortal Emperor, he froze for a moment and then shook his head, smiling, "Never thought that Patriarch would arrange for you to fight with me. In that case, it's time for me to learn the skills of brother Wu Yu! Even though I hope that I can practice with brother Wu Yu in the future, I will not go easy on you this battle."

It was evident that Memory Star Immortal Emperor was also surprised that he would become Wu Yu's opponent.

However, in the battle of immortal emperors, it was impossible to go easy. Even Memory Star Immortal Emperor knew that Wu Yu had defeated Empyrean Revered Dragon before and wanted to see for himself Wu Yu's abilities, much less underestimate him. Under such circumstances, Wu Yu was in for a difficult battle!

"Okay. Please do your best, Senior Memory Star."

Now recovered, Wu Yu's expression was stern.

Since this was the test arranged by Patriarch Bodhi, it could not just be formality. Wu Yu could imagine that Memory Star Immortal Emperor's strength was definitely above that of Empyrean Revered Dragon, and that Memory Star Immortal Emperor could probably even easily defeat Empyrean Revered Dragon.

If he even underestimated his enemy the slightest, he could be defeated by Memory Star Immortal Emperor.

They had originally been standing together. But when Patriarch Bodhi made the announcement, both parties bowed and walked apart. This scene excited the surrounding immortal emperors. This was going to be a very rare and good show!

The immortal emperors who had been talking to Memory Star Immortal Emperor before, namely Memory Space Immortal Emperor and Complete Zen Immortal Emperor, were now fully taking in the scene. 

Among them, Complete Zen Immortal Emperor arrogantly chuckled, "Seems like luck is not on Wu Yu's side. We know the strength of Memory Star very well. It really is impossible to fight Memory Star Immortal Emperor in the realm of the nine heavenly immortals. Memory Star is not trash like the mystical dragon tribe. A proper immortal emperor losing to an immortal king, what an embarrassment!"

Memory Space Immortal Emperor did not think the same. Appearing sharp and with a strange spirit in his eyes, he claimed, "Perhaps Wu Yu can really win. You should know that Wu Yu was a nobody while he was on the Great Void Immortal Path, but he eventually got the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King. This is very rare in the sky palace!"

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