Chapter 1658: Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars

7200th level of heaven, Mettle Sky.

Wu Yu had come here with Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and Luo Pin in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. He had come here immediately after leaving Demon Immortal Realm.

This was the place that Wu Jun had told him about, where the Patriarch Bodhi was.

As he stepped out of the Well of Eternal Life, Wu Yu saw a scholarly middle-aged man look over at him with a genteel smile. He brightened up when he saw Wu Yu arrive, and he came over.

"I think you must be Wu Yu himself?"

The studious man asked. His voice was as melodic as a spring wind, and there was a peaceful warmth about him.

Wu Yu nodded. "Yes, I am Wu Yu. May I ask who you are, senior?"

He was still wary and suspicious. He could sense that this elegant looking man was an eternal immortal emperor. Although he was only a first tier eternal immortal emperor like Empyrean Revered Dragon, but his aura indicated that he was more powerful.

Of course, Wu Yu could hold his own against a first tier eternal immortal emperor now. And the three others combined could as well.

Ever since leaving Demon Immortal Realm, Wu Yu had constantly been on the alert. Therefore, it was only natural that he was tensed up.

But now here at Mettle Sky where the legendary Patriarch Bodhi was, he relaxed a little, not being over-sensitive.

The man smiled warmly. "This humble creature is called Memory Star. The Patriarch has been waiting a long time for you."

"So it is Memory Star Immortal Emperor. How discourteous of me."

Wu Yu cupped his fists in apology. "The patriarch that senior speaks of. The Patriarch Bodhi?" "Indeed. Please come with me."

Memory Star Immortal Emperor was an urbane personality, friendly and welcoming towards Wu Yu. He even spoke of matters at Mettle Sky to Wu Yu, as well as something about the Patriarch Bodhi, so that Wu Yu would at least have a general understanding.

Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars was the hidden residence of the Patriarch Bodhi. If one was not invited there, few could do anything about it.

Because of the Patriarch Bodhi's presence, many immortal emperors wanted to send their future generations here as disciples. However, the Patriarch Bodhi had stringent requirements, and not all immortal emperor children qualified.

Till date, the Patriarch Bodhi has taken in 12 generations of disciples, and each has a different name. They were Limitless, Vast, Wise, Intelligent, True, Becoming, Essence, Sea, Wit, Revelation, Whole, and Memory. Memory Star Immortal Emperor was the 12th generation.

"Wu Yu, I have heard of you since a long time ago. To be able to make a name for yourself on the Great Void Immortal Path and eventually take the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King - admirable! Admirable!" While introducing the place, he also spoke praisingly of Wu Yu.

His warm nature gave Wu Yu the impression that he was not one of the immortals who paved their way with blood and fire, but one of those who focused on his own cultivation instead.

It was already quite an accomplishment to be able to reach eternal life, and now there was no more rush, given that he had infinite time. As long as one never participated in conflict, there was nothing to chase.

"Not at all, not at all. Until now, I am only a 9-heavens immortal king, and yet to step into the eternal immortal emperor realm. Without that step, I am but an insignificant ant." Wu Yu shook his head.

The two chatted pleasantly along the way.

The Patriarch Bodhi had probably chosen Memory Star Immortal Emperor to receive him because of his warm nature. He could quickly make Wu Yu feel at home.

Wu Yu felt that Memory Star Immortal Emperor was not a bad person. Could the Patriarch Bodhi be the same?

Soon enough, Memory Star Immortal Emperor had led him to a mountain range. Above it, many stars twinkled, and below it, there was an immortal residence amidst the sea of clouds. It looked like paradise.

"That immortal residence up ahead is Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars." Memory Star Immortal Emperor said with a genial smile, as he continued to lead Wu Yu onwards.

Wu Yu could already see many immortal emperor level youngsters moving to and fro. Each was a rare talent in their own right, and their attire belied their high status. They might be the children of elite immortals, sent here to study.

All of them were at least at the eternal immortal emperor realm, and none of them looked old, meaning that they had already reached eternal immortal emperor realm without cultivating for too long.

In just a short time, Wu Yu had already seen more prodigies than the whole of the mystical dragon tribe added together, which spoke of how wonderful a place the Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars was. Wu Yu felt that he had stepped into a sect of geniuses, and was dazzled by their brilliance.

In Wu Yu's eyes, Memory Star Immortal Emperor was already remarkably talented - as was anyone else who had risen to immortal emperor.

But all of the other immortal emperors he met along the way seemed even more talented!

Some even stopped to size Wu Yu up, although very few recognized him. His reputation was infamous, but not many had actually laid eyes on him, especially for the immortal emperors secluded in Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars.

Perhaps they had been in seclusion through his entire escapade. It was normal that they did not recognize him.

"That's the Bodhi's Palace ahead. The Patriarch awaits you." Memory Star Immortal Emperor pointed to a palace in an empty area ahead, smiling. He indicated that Wu Yu should continue alone from thereon.

"Many thanks to senior for showing me the way. May we meet again."

Wu Yu paid his respects to Memory Star Immortal Emperor, and then turned his attention to the Bodhi's Palace ahead.

The Bodhi's Palace looked completely unremarkable to him. It looked no different from the other halls in the Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars. If not for someone pointing it out to him, he might not have been able to find it at all.

The residence looked so ordinary that it was hard to distinguish.

As Wu Yu took his leave and headed for Bodhi's Palace, Memory Star Immortal Emperor sent him off with a warm smile, and then turned to leave. "Even this Wu Yu came to accept disciplehood. I hope that I can roam with him one day. Perhaps I can learn something from him......"

Memory Star Immortal Emperor looked favorably on Wu Yu. Although he had yet to reach the immortal emperor realm, but Memory Star Immortal Emperor had heard the news of Wu Yu defeating Empyrean Revered Dragon, and so he did not look down on him at all.

To be able to defeat an immortal emperor as an immortal king was even harder than reaching the immortal emperor realm in the first place. Besides, Wu Yu had become an immortal king with the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King, and his rise to immortal emperor was only a matter of time.

Memory Star Immortal Emperor turned and saw a few young immortal emperors walking up to join him. 

They looked curious. "Senior brother Memory Star, who was that who just went to see the Patriarch?"

"Junior brother Memory Sky, that was Wu Yu. The immortal king who recently defeated one of the mystical dragon immortal emperors." Memory Star Immortal Emperor explained with a gentle smile.

Although the fight with Empyrean Revered Dragon had taken part in Saintly Dragon's Domain, but word had still gotten out.

"What? That Wu Yu?!"

They were amazed, and then anticipation and curiosity followed. "I heard that Wu Yu is quite something. He even managed to rile up Mighty Miracle God and Dhrtarastra to come after him. Now he's here to see the Patriarch. Will the Patriarch accept him?"

Memory Star Immortal Emperor said: "From what I know, the Patriarch went out recently. He probably headed for Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, intending to accept Wu Yu as disciple."

"Oh? That's really something then. I wonder if the youngster qualifies as disciple. After all, he's not even an immortal emperor yet."

One haughty looking immortal emperor turned an eye towards Bodhi's Palace. "Although he defeated some half-cocked immortal emperor of the mystical dragon tribe, but the mystical dragons are nothing compared to us. If he wants to become the Patriarch Bodhi's disciple, then he has to be tested."

"All in good time. I believe the test will be announced very soon." Memory Star Immortal Emperor said peaceably. He knew of this person's fiery character. Besides, he was in no position to rebut him. This person was called "Complete Zen", and was from the 11th generation.

Whether in terms of cultivation realm or seniority, he was above Memory Star Immortal Emperor.

Just like that, word of Wu Yu's possibly imminent initiation spread around Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars. Many immortal emperors were interested. After all, Wu Yu's name was making the rounds around the sky palaces recently.

Although they were relatively removed from those events, but it made good conversation fodder. And for such a person to be here tickled their curiosity.

Some were already trying to guess what the Patriarch Bodhi's test would be.

"Maybe he'll have to fight someone. But all of us are already immortal emperor, a mere 9-heavens immortal king can't compete."

"Don't say that. He's defeated a revered dragon from the mystical dragon tribe, you know?"

"That half-baked immortal emperor? I could beat him with one hand tied behind my back. What does that count for? It's not that easy to become the Patriarch's disciple!"

The members of Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars all gathered, gossiping about the news.

As for Wu Yu, he had been proceeding carefully towards Bodhi's Palace, on the lookout for any dangers.

When he came to the middle of Bodhi's Palace, he saw a gray-robed elder. His eyes were shut as he sat on a futon. He looked like an extremely ordinary old man, and not at all like a super-strong immortal emperor of the sky palaces.

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