Chapter 1656: Devouring Heavenly Rule

Day after day, year after year passed.

Wu Yu continued to study the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere epochal immortal design.

First, he had spent 1000 years just to know how to get rid of the anchor points. By the time he saw the core of it all for the first time, 3000 years had passed.

Next, he began to tackle the actual core.

It went surprisingly quickly. As he grew more used to smashing the anchor points, he bought more and more time to study the eye of the storm.

Finally, he was able to smash through all of the anchor points. 8000 years had passed at this point.

8000 years, to break an epochal immortal design, the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere!

If word of this got out, it would be sensational news whether within the sky palaces or hells. This was a superhuman speed. Ordinary immortals all spent upwards of 100,000 years!

Of course, Wu Yu's record was in no small part thanks to the bronze ball.

Even so, Wu Yu would only have taken 80,000 years to break it without the bronze ball, which was still considerably faster than the other immortals. This was because he had never neglected his study of immortal designs, and the fundamentals he had built on great void immortal designs had helped in tackling epochal immortal designs.


As the eye of the storm core finally broke, Wu Yu huffed in relief. He had not wasted these 8000 years.

At this time, he not only had the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere committed to memory, but could also open the grave of Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor, and get some loot for the first time.

Of course, Wu Yu had already obtained the Violet-Eyed Emperor's corpse puppet before. He could also have devoured that, although he had refrained from doing so before deciding to take up the mantle of vengeance.

Now he could devour it alongside Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor. Wu Yu would definitely improve greatly.

After breaking past the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere epochal immortal design, he was finally within the Grave of Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor. It was a majestic tomb that was larger even than a lesser realm.

On the gravestone, Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor's image was carved.

It was a large sea of clouds. This was the Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor's true form!

Under the carving, there were many tiny words etched in, detailing the great works of the Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor's life.

This was one of the great eternal demon emperors of the Demon Immortal Realm!

Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor was a cloud which had turned demon. He had built Lifeless Demon City in the realm, and had been in charge of destroying rogue demon immortals. Countless demon immortals had grown under Lifeless Demon City's care, and they were always dispatched to rid the realm of criminal demon immortals.

During the combined assault, the Demon Immortal Realm had been in peacetime status, and so the fighters from Lifeless Demon City had been an important pillar of defense.

As godly as he was, Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor had died at the hands of the Four Heavenly Ministers, to the traitorous hand of Old Man of the South Pole and Great Emperor of Middle Heaven North Star combined. He had been buried here, awaiting his Avenger.

Wu Yu read all of it, and then prostrated himself before the grave with great formality.

"I, Wu Yu, hereby swear to find the killers of the Demon Immortal Realm, and take revenge for the demon immortal ancestors!"

Wu Yu swore with reverence and dignity!

He recalled the sea of blood that had washed through Demon Immortal Realm. He had seen the same corroborated on the stele in Sage's Equal Sky, and was convinced.

What could have led them to such drastic action?

And then to forget all of it?!

No matter what, Wu Yu had to get to the bottom of this, to take eye for eye. This was what Wu Yu would do next.

After making his vow, Wu Yu stood up deferentially, and strode towards the huge grave. He opened up the crystal coffin, where the body of the Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor had been preserved, whole.

A shapeless cloud that grew on and on. A musty smell came from it, a smell that told of the Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor's death many Yuan ago.

Within the crystal coffin, the Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor rested peacefully. He had been willing to give up his body to replenish the champion. Through him, the Demon Immortal Realm would be avenged. It was a noble sacrifice.

So few would go to such lengths! To preserve one's body for future revenge.

And yet there were so many graves within the Eternal Emperor Tomb, all of them willing to do the same. Such was the depth of their hatred!

Their hatred for heaven, their hatred for hell. Their hatred for the audacity of the alliance, and most of all, that they did not know who was behind it all.

Wu Yu was thinking - it was very likely that there was a puppet master behind all this. It must be someone that not even the Jade Emperor and other elite immortals could handle. The ultimate power - otherwise, how could they possibly have forgotten everything afterwards?

"Rest in peace, senior."

Wu Yu again prostrated himself before the Grave of Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor. As a sign of his highest respect, he executed three kowtows. Only then did he step carefully into the crystal coffin and begin devouring.

Wu Yu had done this countless times before, but this time, he ate with a full heart, filled with a heavy sense of duty.

Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor, he would even sacrifice himself for revenge. That was something that left Wu Yu in awe.

Since he had devoured the Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor's body, then he had to carry out his wish for revenge.

"Wu Yu, you must not fail in this duty!"

Wu Yu thought to himself as he devoured. Because Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor had been dead for so long, none of his memories lingered, despite his eminent status. All that were left was his dao understandings, although these were of great help to Wu Yu.

After spending many months, he had finally devoured Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor's body completely, along with Violet-Eyed Emperor's corpse.

The two eternal demon emperors' understanding of dao and cultivation had given Wu Yu enough to continue his cultivation with great effect.

His current cultivation realm was an 8-heavens immortal king. Only the Dao of Devouring remained unconverted to heavenly rule power, and this was what he would work on now.

"Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor was indeed an eminent demon immortal. His understanding of the essence of dao is profound and rich. All of it is in this cloud-like meat!"

The more Wu Yu cultivated, the more admiration and respect he felt for the Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor. This eternal demon emperor was definitely the equal of the Dhrtarastra or Primeval Mighty Miracle God. He might even be able to give True Lord Erlang a run for his money.

If not for the sky palaces and hells joining forces, Demon Immortal Realm would not have fallen so quickly or thoroughly either.

Through the revelations he gained from both corpses, Wu Yu improved at a ferocious rate. This was exactly the frightening potential of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. If he had not merged with the Heaven Devouring Avatar back then , Wu Yu would have taken thousands of years to achieve the same effect.

Back when the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal left his legacy, he had probably not anticipated that his successor would also get the Heaven Devouring Avatar and merge it into a single body with the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast's powers.

This was another pillar of Wu Yu's miraculous rise. It even supported the legacy of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

The culmination of the two made Wu Yu what he was today.

Through his absorption of the Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor and Violet-Eyed Emperor's dao, Wu Yu appreciated anew how much the Heaven Devouring Avatar had helped him on his cultivation journey. Without it, he would have had his body stolen by Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, and been wiped from this world......

"But devouring is just one of the options I have. I can never allow myself to become obsessed with it, Otherwise, I will fall into madness and disaster!" Wu Yu knew that he had to be the master of this skill, and not the other way around.

His understanding of the nature of devouring helped him to create devouring heavenly rule especially easily.

1000 years later!

An iridescent devouring vortex appeared on Wu Yu's kingly immortal spirit. He had finally completed his ninth heavenly rule power - devouring heavenly rule!

When Wu Yu opened his eyes anew as a 9-heavens immortal king, his eyes shone with a new light.

He was now another tier stronger than when he had won Empyrean Revered Dragon. This meant that he could probably take on even two Empyrean Revered Dragons. With the completion of devouring heavenly rule, it meant that he could use devouring even in the middle of battle.

Devouring heavenly rule was about equally strong as his other heavenly rule powers, such as golden eyes heavenly rule and doppelganger heavenly rule.

However, devouring heavenly rule had a special characteristic. It could consume his opponent's powers in battle, and turn the odds of victory to favor Wu Yu. Along with his power growth, he now also had the awakened Ruyi Jingu Bang and its Bedlam of Heaven and Earth skill. He was at least 10 times stronger than when he had fought Empyrean Revered Dragon.

This was a tremendous step forward. Although Wu Yu still had no idea how he would fare against someone like True Lord Erlang.

"An immortal king might be able to defeat some first tier immortal emperors, but definitely not a high-level opponent like True Lord Erlang. I would have to reach the eternal immortal emperor realm for that!" Wu Yu mused. However, he had just made a breakthrough, and it seemed unlikely to make a successive one.

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