Chapter 1655: Spirit Designs, Spirit Designs Everywhere

In Demon Immortal Realm, Wu Yu first sought out Perpetual World Tree, the only remaining demonic emperor now.

Most importantly, he wanted to check on Jiu Ying. He saw that he was doing well, growing quickly under the protection of Perpetual Demonic Emperor.

Jiu Ying was cultivating in the former territory of Celestial Demonic Emperor.

Celestial Demonic Emperor had been living in a forest in Celestial Demonic Empire, where the densest spiritual qi was to be found. All of it was Jiu Ying's now.

Although the Demon Immortal Realm was in rough shape, but Jiu Ying's cultivation here proceeded at pace.

Seeing him doing well put Wu Yu's mind at rest. At least here in Demon Immortal Realm, there was nothing which could threaten Jiu Ying.

All of the great void immortal designs that Celestial Demonic Emperor had set were all at Jiu Ying's disposal. Even if Perpetual World Tree were to come over himself, he would not be able to pass them too easily.

Wu Yu explained the situation to Jiu Ying.

"We're now decided on taking revenge for the ancestors of our legacies, along with the Demon Immortal Realm's eternal demon emperors. Therefore, we're headed for the Eternal Emperor Tomb, to use the bodies of the eternal demon emperor ancestors. You should come with us."

Wu Yu said.

Although Jiu Ying had taken up post in the most favorable territory in Demon Immortal Realm, but it was still difficult to improve. Since Wu Yu's last departure, Jiu Ying had not even managed to improve one cultivation realm.

Although Celestial Demonic Emperor's territory was the best there was here, it could not compare to the sky palaces - it did not even have 1 percent of the immortal qi density.

Such was the gap.

Therefore, Jiu Ying readily agreed to Wu Yu's offer. "Sure, let's go."

Jiu Ying was far weaker than Wu Yu, but their friendship was unaffected.

Because Jiu Ying was sure that Wu Yu was not one of those who would turn cold to his friends just because they were weaker than him.

Even if the difference between them was the difference between a mortal and immortal, to Wu Yu a friend was a friend. A brother was a brother. There was no difference.

"Let's go!"

Wu Yu clapped Jiu Ying on the back with a broad smile, and they headed for Eternal Emperor Tomb together.

Perpetual World Tree had already laid down many great void immortal designs at the entrance of Eternal Emperor Tomb, preventing other demon immortals from trespassing.

Wu Yu sought him out, and gave him a few orders. He had him guard the entrance, so that no demon immortal would enter.

As for Wu Yu, he took Jiu Ying, Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and Luo Pin in.

"This is sister-in-law?"

Perpetual Demonic Emperor was sharp enough to understand the relationship between Wu Yu and Luo Pin, and immediately hastened to offer regards: "As expected of a sister-in-law. Such charm and grace, we've never seen such a beauty in all of Demon Immortal Realm.... brother Wu Yu, don't you worry at all. Go on in, and I'll watch the door. No one will get past me!"


Wu Yu was satisfied with his attitude, and left him to it. He turned and left for Eternal Emperor Tomb. 

Activating the bronze ball epochal immortal treasure, the huge bronze gates appeared again before them. They walked in.

Wu Yu shut the door behind them, making it vanish. It would be hard for others to even find the entrance, let alone entering it.

Wu Yu felt a rush of warmth as he entered.

The first time he had come, it was with fear and dread of the unknown dangers.

But now, he was full of reverence for the Eternal Emperor Tomb. It was a place built by the Demon Immortal Realm ancestors, where they had gathered their corpses, biding their time even after death, for the champion who would come to avenge them. It was a humbling thought.

He headed straight for Graveguarding Palace!

From within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, he retrieved the little gray macaque, allowing it to play nearby. It was clearly dispirited that they were back here, but was cheered up a little that it could be out of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. It ran about, chattering busily.

Next, the four of them and the monkey rested at Graveguarding Palace, cultivating for a while.

The immortal essence qi here was lusher than any other place in the Demon Immortal Realm, although still inferior to the sky palaces. It was not suitable for long-term cultivation.

"I can cultivate more than 10 times faster here compared to the Celestial Demonic Emperor's territory." Jiu Ying marveled.

Thinking of the fall of Demon Immortal Realm under the combined hand of the heavens and hells, bitterness washed through him. But now that Wu Yu was going to help avenge them, Jiu Ying could not help but be moved, as a demon immortal himself.

The way Jiu Ying saw it, everyone else would be fleeing as fast as their legs could carry them from such a monumental task. But Wu Yu had actively welcomed it. Although it was also related to his legacy, but it spoke of Wu Yu's sense of responsibility.

It was no easy feat for him to take on such a heavy burden upon himself.

Now that the mists were gone from the graves, all of the Eternal Emperor Tomb was laid out clearly before him.

All of the eternal demon emperor graves were guarded by epochal immortal designs.

Wu Yu had been studying the bronze ball's epochal immortal designs when he had the time, and now was going to formally deal with them.

Not biting off more than one could chew was a good principle to abide by, even in the study of epochal immortal designs. Wu Yu first set his target, and would only turn his attention to other epochal immortal designs once he had dealt with this one. He first locked on to the grave of Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor, which was protected by the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere.

This was an epochal immortal design that Wu Yu was familiar with, and he had chosen it as a starting point because he thought that it might be easier to crack.

The Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor's grave had lain quiet for eons, warded by the silver daggers. Now finally a willing challenger had stepped forth!

"This Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere is even fiercer than the one the Jade Emperor created back in hell."

Wu Yu first observed the epochal immortal design in its entirety. With the bronze ball's prompts, he could see the network of energy that flowed within the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere. All of this could help him master it even more quickly.

However, an epochal immortal design was not so easily unraveled.

Even with the bronze ball guiding him, Wu Yu would still take a long time to break it down.

The silver maelstrom howled around the Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor. Anyone who tried to get near would be cut to pieces. Even with the bronze ball, Wu Yu was no exception.

Fortunately, he was already an 8-heavens immortal king, and had the power of an eternal immortal emperor. The Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere would take quite some time to even deal damage to him.

He recalled how he had lost quickly the first time, his Invincible Vajra Body unable to withstand it.

The power of this Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere was more than the Empyrean Revered Dragon's Heaven's Despair: Reincarnation Disruption technique. Of course Wu Yu back then could not have held out against it.

Even now, Wu Yu could only hold out for a short time.

Thanks to the bronze ball, Wu Yu very quickly mapped out the inner workings of the epochal immortal design. Of course, it would still take some time to thoroughly understand how to break all of them.

The epochal immortal design had billions of spirit design formations, and Wu Yu needed to spend time understanding each one. Luckily, he could use the bronze ball to understand what their functions were, and therefore expedite the process.

The sheer number of spirit designs was what took a lot of time. Even if one knew the way to break a specific spirit design, to break billions of them was a mind-boggling task.

Without the bronze ball, Wu Yu would probably have spent 100,000 years or more on it.

Thanks to the bronze ball, things were sped up at least 10 times.

Wu Yu had spent much time analyzing the major networks of the epochal immortal design. He was now familiar with the minutiae of these spirit designs, and was sure that he could simply focus on them to take the whole thing down.

Of the billions of spirit designs, only a tenth of them were anchors, placed at relatively important positions. However, each of them required more than 100 times more effort to break compared to the others.

The epochal immortal design lay at the center of the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere. One had to break this defense before one could access the central position and actually tackle the epochal immortal design.

Besides, the various anchor points would automatically regenerate some time after they were destroyed, which compounded the difficulty of the endeavor.

If he was not quick enough, Wu Yu would be unable to destroy the epochal immortal design.

He had to reach the core of the whole thing and destroy it. Robbed of its central core, the epochal immortal design would be much easier to deal with.

But each time Wu Yu smashed the anchor points, he only had a very brief window, and they kept regenerating as well.

He continued to experiment.

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