Chapter 1654: The Three Great Fighters

Demon Immortal Realm.

Wu Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief as he brought the others here.

It would not be so easy for True Lord Erlang to find them here. After all, besides Wu Yu himself, he had not seen anyone able to reach this place before.

"Let's rest for a while."

They had just survived a tense situation at Sage's Equal Sky. All of them had been badly shaken, and needed some time to recompose themselves.

"We were saved by our ancestors again."

Full Moon of Nanshan said with deep feeling. However, his face was grim. "Seeing the story on the stele, I'm quite sure our ancestors are already dead and gone. What we were saved by was the power that they stored in the epochal immortal treasures."

"If my guess is right, then these epochal immortal treasures of ours are strong, but limited. They can only save us a few times!"

All of them nodded solemnly. It seemed a plausible theory.

Although the epochal immortal treasures had been powerful enough to even send True Lord Erlang away, but they had to be limited. Otherwise, Wu Yu and the others would be invincible, right? They could do as they pleased in the sky palaces - after all the epochal immortal treasures would save them from any trouble.

Therefore, the gravity of Full Moon of Nanshan's words were not lost on them. They had to be careful from now on as well, and not be complacent, relying on what might be a finite power.

"We have to avoid such situations in the future."

Wu Yu nodded. That had been quite a scare. Luckily the three epochal immortal treasures had appeared at the crucial moment to save them.

Which reminded them - they were here in the Demon Immortal Realm, but what about the epochal immortal treasures?

Just at that moment, three void vortexes appeared beside them, and three little specks rushed out from it. It was the three epochal immortal treasures!

They had come through to the Demon Immortal Realm, to their delight.

"Ruyi Jingu Bang!"

"Supreme Gold Harrow!"

"Demon Subduing True Scepter!"

The three of them took hold of their respective epochal immortal treasures, and felt a surge of familiarity within. However, they could not yet unlock the full strength of these weapons.

The three epochal immortal treasures cut a small gash on their hands, just like the bronze ball had with Wu Yu before. They blood bonded.

These three epochal immortal treasures had taken the initiative to blood bond with them, allowing them to succeed.

With this, the three of them had obtained the acknowledgment of the epochal immortal treasures, and could now use them.

All three had identical expressions of gratification.

Since they had obtained their legacies, they had been coveting these epochal immortal treasures for a long time. They were the weapons of elite immortal emperors, and had the power to smash heaven and earth, if they but had the power to wield them.

Wu Yu hefted the Jingu Bang in his hand, unable to put it down.

A mortal would not even be able to lift this metal rod, but Wu Yu could swing it effortlessly.

He gave it a few experimental swings, and noted it had quite a heft to it. There was an ancient aura to it. Clearly, it had been through much.

All three began to study the usage of their epochal immortal treasures. It was not easy to utilize their power.

"This Ruyi Jingu Bang actually has nine layers of seals?"

Wu Yu soon discovered.

He did not know who had sealed it thus. Only the first layer was broken now, allowing Wu Yu to use the first tier of its strength, an ability called Bedlam of Heaven and Earth.

Bedlam of Heaven and Earth was the first killing move that the Ruyi Jingu Bang granted him. It could destroy space!

Whether Qian Kun space or void space, this move could smash it. This attack was much, much stronger than his Submerged Cloud Seal.

"If I could have used this against Empyrean Revered Dragon, I would not have been in danger at all. One swing of this, and the void would have broken before it. Empyrean Revered Dragon could not even take a single blow!"

The more he thought about it, the more excited Wu Yu got. He continued to swing the Ruyi Jingu Bang, practicing his Bedlam of Heaven and Earth and smashing space all around him.

It was so destructive against both void space and Qian Kun space, that in a big fight, he ran a serious risk of smashing up the place itself.

Wu Yu saw that the space around him was getting fragmented, and immediately stopped. Demon Immortal Realm was already battered enough. If he continued to smash the realm, it might even collapse entirely.

Not what he wanted, and so he desisted.

The Demon Immortal Realm was no longer capable of sustaining a fight by immortal emperors, given its poor condition.

"This Bedlam of Heaven and Earth - wasn't it the Mystique used against True Lord Erlang's third eye back on Sage's Equal Sky?"

Wu Yu realized belatedly that this had been the attack which had smashed a hole in the void and shaken Sage's Equal Sky up.

That was the true strength of the Ruyi Jingu Bang!

Of course, Wu Yu's Bedlam of Heaven and Earth was not at that level yet. Therefore, Wu Yu supposed that the Ruyi Jingu Bang would continue to grow stronger the more his cultivation realm improved.

He continued swinging the Ruyi Jingu Bang. A while later, he took a look at Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, who were also testing out their new weapons.

The Supreme Gold Harrow was a nine-toothed harrow. It looked comical, but its power was nothing to laugh at.

One swing from Full Moon of Nanshan, and the nine rivers of stars appeared, surging forth. Their power was comparable to Wu Yu's Bedlam of Heaven and Earth!

"Check out my Unrivaled Celestial Soldiers!"

Full Moon of Nanshan whooped. He swung his rake, and nine destructive streaks of stars trailed from it. They destroyed all in their path, and even weakened the void itself.

"Back then, the Unrivaled Celestial Soldiers joined forces with Bedlam of Heaven and Earth to beat back True Lord Erlang's third eye!"

Wu Yu recalled. Their immortal treasure Mystiques could be combined. First, Unrivaled Celestial Soldiers would pave the way, weakening all that was in its wake.

And then Bedlam of Heaven and Earth would follow, its destructive power doubly effective against the weakened void.

Wu Yu was happy to have this combination at their disposal.

Although Full Moon of Nanshan had yet to grow strong enough, but the Supreme Gold Harrow's Unrivaled Celestial Soldiers would definitely boost his own Bedlam of Heaven and Earth exponentially.

And then there was Ye Xixi, wielding her Demon Subduing True Scepter.

She was but a little girl, and the Demon Subduing True Scepter was double her height. It looked strange in her hands, like a baby wielding a cleaver.

However, she soon wielded it with a practiced hand. It could change sizes to accommodate her height, and she could use a move called Cycle. By spinning the Demon Subduing True Scepter rapidly, she could create a huge black vortex.

Cycle technique left death in its wake, sparing not even a single blade of grass. It was a terrifying move used to harvest lives, and also the move that had forced the Dhrtarastra back and allowed Wu Yu to reach Luo Pin.

Their three epochal immortal treasures had each revealed one power. Both Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had noted the numerous seals on their epochal immortal treasures as well, of which only one had been unlocked. They did not know who had sealed them.

Regardless, all three had grown much stronger, rapidly. At least within Demon Immortal Realm, they would not be in danger at all, even without Wu Yu around.

Luo Pin did not have an epochal immortal treasure, but the encounter had also given her some insights. She would definitely improve a lot during some seclusion.

Most importantly, now they knew the truth from the stele in Sage's Equal Sky - that all of the sky palaces and hells were to be held guilty.

Since Wu Yu had obtained the legacy of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, naturally he would take revenge for him.

Now that they knew the killers of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was actually the same who destroyed Demon Immortal Realm, then it was all too clear what Wu Yu's next step was. Since he would have to fight them sooner or later, then he would also take revenge for the eternal demon emperors of the Demon Immortal Realm.

In the end, it had all come full circle.

Wu Yu breathed out for a moment, trying to process it all.

Although he was still not fully clear of what had transpired, and why the immortals and ghostly immortals had joined forces to kill the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and his comrades, but the next step towards more answers was more strength!

"With that decided, I am now qualified to use Eternal Emperor Tomb! I will undertake the blood debt of the eternal demon emperors and vow vengeance on your behalf!"

Wu Yu lifted his head suddenly, resolve set on his face!

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