Chapter 1653: Is the World Ending?

The situation had turned hopeless so quickly that none of them had been able to react.

Pulled apart, Luo Pin was all too clear of the fate that awaited the other three.

The epochal immortal treasure Unholy Spirit Abyss contained ancient unholy spirits that could bring unimaginable pain to its victims. Wu Yu had experienced it before - a misery that made him wish for death.

As the inheritor of the mystical dragon ancestor's legacy, she would be given a free pass back to the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm.

However, Wu Yu and the others were doomed with no chance of reprieve.

True Lord Erlang was one of the most powerful immortals in the whole of the sky palaces. His third eye, the Eye of Heaven, had robbed the entire Sage's Equal Sky of light, freezing them all in place.

They could only watch wide-eyed as Mighty Miracle God's Unholy Spirit Abyss flew ever closer, dreading the ancient unholy spirits within.

"They've really gone and done it now. To think that they would actually enlist the help of True Lord Erlang......" Wu Yu's heart sank. But he could not even use the Somersault Cloud at this time.

They were caught good and proper, and things would only get harder once they were thrown into Unholy Spirit Abyss.

Wu Yu himself was fine. The unholy spirits could not do too much to him. It was just pain.

He could take it!

But Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi would be in with him. Wu Yu's heart ached for them. Besides, if True Lord Erlang was against him now as well, he was truly doomed.

But how could Wu Yu be content to fall here?

The golden eye continued to stare unflinchingly at them, and they continued to feel its fettering power.

"Let's see how you get out of this one. Hahaha!"

Primeval Mighty Miracle God howled with glee. The Unholy Spirit Abyss was eagerly thrust forwards at them!

As for Dhrtarastra, he focused solely on holding Luo Pin apart, preventing her from charging over recklessly to join Wu Yu. It seemed entirely possible given the circumstances.

It would be hard to answer to the mystical dragon tribe then.

"Hmph. If not for the mystical dragon tribe sheltering the brat, he would have fallen to us long ago. Well, at least we have him now." Dhrtarastra said calmly. He had separated Luo Pin from them, and watching with anticipation at the three being cast into the Unholy Spirit Abyss.

"We have True Lord Erlang to thank for this. They have been a thorn in the side of the sky palaces for a long time now."

With a sneer, Primeval Mighty Miracle God lifted the Unholy Spirit Abyss above their heads, about to throw them in!

Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi despaired. They had never experienced the Unholy Spirit Abyss, but knew it could be nothing good. It would definitely be the worst pain that they had ever experienced.

But even now, they still held no hard feelings against Wu Yu.

From the day that they decided to follow Wu Yu, they had decided to share good and tough times alike. Even now that they were caught, they would not shirk away from Wu Yu.

Luo Pin was forcibly separated, piteously calling out to the other three with tears streaming down her cheeks.

No one could have foreseen that their blissful reunion would be so quickly marred by True Lord Erlang himself, plunging them into despair. She blamed herself. If Wu Yu had not come for her, he would still be free in Demon Immortal Realm, wouldn't he?

However, she did not dwell on it. Besides, she knew what Wu Yu would be thinking. It was their legacies which had led them here to Sage's Equal Sky. It could not be helped that they had been caught by True Lord Erlang.

"I wonder - will our legacy ancestors help us out?" That was the last desperate hope in Luo Pin's heart. After all, she had seen that Wu Yu's ancestor had once intervened to forcefully pull him out of the Unholy Spirit Abyss epochal immortal treasure.

As long as they were willing to help, there was a chance to escape!

Of course, three of the four ancestors had already perished, according to the stele. The burden of vengeance was also being laid on their shoulders precisely because their ancestors needed help. To get their help in return did not seem likely.

And yet, since the ancestors had chosen them, they must have taken some measures to protect their lives, right?

Just as Luo Pin thought this, something happened.

As Unholy Spirit Abyss neared, and was on the verge of swooping up the three, a tremendous force roared out in return!

It not only blew the Unholy Spirit Abyss away, but also removed the fetters on the three of them!

Finally, shock was visible in the Eye of Heaven. Before this, nothing could have affected the golden eye, but now this supernatural force had smashed through its shackles, and it flashed in alarm.

"It's an epochal immortal treasure!"

Wu Yu and the others found themselves suddenly free. They shared a brief look of joy with each other.

The epochal immortal treasures within their bodies - the Ruyi Jingu Bang, Supreme Gold Harrow, and Demon Subduing True Scepter - had shown themselves briefly.

In that instant, Wu Yu felt a rush of passion and energy fill him!

In their darkest hour, the Ruyi Jingu Bang had come to their rescue. With an intemperate sweep, it smashed through the darkness in Sage's Equal Sky!

A flood of golden light that confronted True Lord Erlang's Eye of Heaven, which seemed suddenly weak.


A faraway voice trumpeted, and suddenly the Ruyi Jingu Bang grew gigantic. A gigantic pillar reaching to the skies, it thrust itself into the golden eye!

The power of both sides blew up in the air, a terrific explosion that sent shockwaves rippling out, so strong that they even managed to snuff out the light from True Lord Erlang's third eye. 

That wasn't all.

While Primeval Mighty Miracle God and Dhrtarastra were still reeling with surprise, the Supreme Gold Harrow emerged from Full Moon of Nanshan's body, transforming into nine astral rivers that surged towards the golden eye.

The sky itself seemed to be falling!

An epic teaming up of the Ruyi Jingu Bang and Supreme Gold Harrow, as they hurtled towards the eye.

The darkness hanging over Sage's Equal Sky was blown clean away.

The already unstable sky palace began to shudder even more violently now. The place was beginning to crumble all around them.

One move from the Ruyi Jingu Bang and Supreme Gold Harrow alone had caused all of this!

The awful golden eye in the sky finally disappeared, and Ruyi Jingu Bang and Supreme Gold Harrow descended back from the sky. They had laid down a gash in the sky that had cut through even the void of Sage's Equal Sky.

Wu Yu and the others had never seen the likes of it before.

While Ruyi Jingu Bang and Supreme Gold Harrow chased away True Lord Erlang's third eye, Demon Subduing True Scepter appeared out of Ye Xixi's body. It turned into a black tornado, the crescent-shaped blade spinning faster and faster until a vortex appeared. It blew Primeval Mighty Miracle God and Dhrtarastra away.

These two were also mighty eternal immortal emperors in the sky palaces. They were beings that Wu Yu was completely helpless again, but the Demon Subduing True Scepter alone had sent them packing. As for the Unholy Spirit Abyss jail that they were supposed to be in, it had been blown away to goodness knew where.

"How...... is this possible?!"

Primeval Mighty Miracle God's face was frozen in horrified disbelief. Before, Wu Yu had escaped out of his Unholy Spirit Abyss. Now, they had batted it away, and even sent True Lord Erlang retreating!

The Dhrtarastra was even more mind-blown. He could feel the colossal black vortex sweeping him away. It was deadly even to him. But it was just the treasure of a few immortal king kids. How could it have such prodigious powers?

Could they all have some sort of legacy?

Wasting no time, Wu Yu sent Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi into the Floating Dreams Pagoda, and then collected Luo Pin while their foes were distracted.

"Let's go!"

Wu Yu could not think of anywhere that could be safe. Except perhaps the Demon Immortal Realm!

He flipped and flipped, and within a mere moment, he had left Sage's Equal Sky far behind.

Only then did Wu Yu dare to open the portal and lead them to Demon Immortal Realm.

This was possibly the safest place that he knew!

Even someone as impressive as True Lord Erlang would probably only be able to search the sky palaces for them. He might not be able to reach Demon Immortal Realm.

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