Chapter 1652: Eye of Heaven

The bloody words shone red on the stele before them.

The four of them looked on with hot eyes. The questions in their heart had only multiplied. These questions had first taken seed when they had watched heaven and hell attack Demon Immortal Realm, back in Eternal Emperor Tomb.

"Who are the immortals of our legacies? Why would all these immortals and ghostly immortals unite to kill them?"

Full Moon of Nanshan's face was ashen. He had been full of awe at the gigantic black boar demon and his impressive moves.

But now, the bloody words on the stele before him incited all sorts of mixed feelings within him.

Could it be that Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, Marshal Tian Peng, Curtain Lifting General, and Eight Division Heavenly Dragon had all breached the heavenly rules and restrictions? But even so, it should not attract the ghostly immortals over!

"Besides, Curtain Lifting General is a ghostly immortal. Why would he have a sky palace?" Ye Xixi wondered aloud as well.

Marshal Tian Peng and Eight Division Heavenly Dragon were explainable. The mystical dragon tribe were originally part of the sky palaces' forces. As for Marshal Tian Peng, it was vaguely understandable that the sky palaces could accept a boar demon. But Curtain Lifting General was a ghostly immortal, through and through. To actually have his own sky palace was unthinkable.

They had never even seen a ghostly immortal in the sky palaces before. They would definitely be ganged up on by the immortals.

"I feel like it was probably not because of crimes they committed. Rather, something major must have happened. Otherwise, why would it trigger the same group of people as in Demon Immortal Realm?" Luo Pin questioned.

"Most crucially, the immortals of the Heavenly Domain do not recognize the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal or the others at all, not even the likes of Primeval Mighty Miracle God or the Dhrtarastra."

Wu Yu stared at the bloody words and said solemnly: "Both on the Demon Immortal Realm battlefield and just now, I saw the same perpetrators."

He had spotted the likes of Primeval Mighty Miracle God and Dhrtarastra in the attack as well.

And yet they had no impression of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal at all.

"Not just them, but none of the others seem to remember them at all. Including Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor."

Full Moon of Nanshan added.

Suddenly, the huge stele cracked, exploding into dust and fragments. It was sucked into the nearby void, gone before their eyes.

As if it had never existed.

Except for the bloody words, which remained seared into their minds.

They were both anxious and fearful. Clearly, there was something ancient and strange about this whole matter, and yet they could not ask anyone about it.

So what if they met other immortal emperors?

The entirety of the heavens seemed to have forgotten this. Where could they find truth?

"Perhaps the Eternal Emperor Tomb is our final hope."

Wu Yu thought to himself. He was sure that there were crucial details buried in the Eternal Emperor Tomb, which they had yet to discover.

If not there, then the only other option was to scale the ranks of the sky palaces, and become an immortal emperor at least as powerful as the Jade Emperor himself. Perhaps only then could he speak to someone who knew the truth.

But how far in the future would that be?

True, Wu Yu had the Devour ability and superb Mystiques. But even so, the gap between him and elite immortals like the Jade Emperor was still insurmountable.

Wu Yu was sure that even if he devoured every last eternal demon emperor corpse in Eternal Emperor Tomb, still he would not reach the Jade Emperor's level. After all, devouring did not always equate an increase. It had to paired with revelations and knowledge.

And Wu Yu would take a long, long time to be able to digest it all.

His devouring speed was much faster than that of others, but still it had its limits.

The four remained rooted to the spot in silence for a long while. They stared numbly at the empty spot where the stele had vanished, at a loss of what to do.

They had gained legacies, but in price they had laden themselves with a duty. However, they had no more clues to go on.

Just at this time, an oppressive aura filled the skies!

This foreboding aura immediately drew their attention. They looked up, and broke out into a cold sweat!

There was one huge golden eye in the sky, even bigger than the sun here. It split open the void itself, floating above them.

A golden light from the eye fixed on the four, pinning them down with phenomenal pressure. The void around them was frozen, and the four could not even move an inch.

The golden eye was completely emotionless, a cold object that inspired terror in all it caught. As it broke through the skies, even the void fled from in, leaving nothing but the golden eye in the sky.

The eye was above all, the epitome of indifference, an omnipotent object that looked down on all the world as if it was an ant!

"This is......"

The four of them found that Sage's Equal Sky had been plunged into darkness when the golden eye appeared, and that they were well and truly trapped.

Wu Yu could not even somersault. He could not even move a finger.

The four of them had been completely shut down by the golden eye. They could feel an immortal emperor coming. This was a being a million times stronger than the Empyrean Revered Dragon!

It almost felt like the four were about to be sucked into the irresistible vortex that was the eye, but another wave of pressure froze them where they were.

The golden eye had come out of nowhere to absolutely dominate them!

They could not even speak, helpless before its almighty stare.

They could only barely manage to communicate with their immortal spirits. Wu Yu managed: "It's Erlang Shen! True Lord Erlang! He used the same technique in the battle on the stele...... This is his third eye. He might not be here."

"Just his third eye alone can already do this to us? What could the person himself do?" Full Moon of Nanshan paled. Completely immobilized, he could imagine the fate which awaited him.

Wu Yu knew that Primeval Mighty Miracle God and Dhrtarastra must have gone to True Lord Erlang for help.

How could a mere pre-immortal emperor kid be worthy of True Lord Erlang's personal attention?

Therefore, he had simply sent his third eye to hold him. If Wu Yu was guessing right, Dhrtarastra and Primeval Mighty Miracle God would be showing up soon enough.

Right on cue, he heard two people laughing loudly. Primeval Mighty Miracle God and Dhrtarastra!

The two of them had gigantic immortal emperor bodies. They stomped across the broken terrain, and let out maniacal laughter upon seeing the four caught good and proper.

"Haha! No matter how wily you are, can you escape True Lord Erlang's Eye of Heaven?" Mighty Miracle God hooted, taunting the four.

He had never been able to catch Wu Yu. But not once had he treated Wu Yu with respect.

And now thanks to True Lord Erlang, he had finally caught Wu Yu.

He pulled out an epochal immortal treasure, the Unholy Spirit Abyss which he had used before to capture Wu Yu. It flew towards Wu Yu, about to swallow him up again.

"This time, you three are going to experience the horrors of the Unholy Spirit Abyss. How dare you run away from me the last time?" Primeval Mighty Miracle God roared, his face twisted with savage glee.

Nothing in the last 100,000 years had made him this happy.

After all, most of an immortal's long lifespan was dreary.

"With this kid, our lives are going to get interesting from now on." Dhrtarastra said lightly. He was not as worked up as Mighty Miracle God, and he reached out to separate Luo Pin from Wu Yu.

Ultimately, Luo Pin was still an important person to the mystical dragon tribe. She could not be subjected to the same torture and death.

After dealing with the three, they would send Luo Pin back to Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. However, they were fairly unhappy with the mystical dragon tribe's attitude towards Wu Yu. They had actually helped him stay hidden.

Otherwise, they would have caught him long ago, and not needed to ask True Lord Erlang for help!

As they snickered and laughed, Unholy Spirit Abyss flew out towards the three. The ancient unholy spirits within snarled and snapped. It was an agony that Wu Yu had experienced before, an unholy pain which made one beg for death.

However, the cold golden eye in the sky rendered them immobile from start to finish. Not a single trickle of emotion was in the eye. It did not even seem like it was alive.

True Lord Erlang's Eye of Heaven was an unspeakable terror, holding them with no way to escape.

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