Chapter 0165: Beautiful Fox of the Nine Heavens

Ming Long's words caused Wu Yu to shift his attention. He had planned to continue talking to the Ninth Spirit to see if he could sniff out some clues. But now, with Ming Long's words, he immediately turned to her.

"That seems like something really important to you. One God's Way Pill, thank you very much." Ming Long's greedy nature had asserted itself. She put her hands on her hips, as though waiting for Wu Yu to beg her.


Wu Yu was speechless. To think that she would grub over money at this sort of time....

"Forget it. After all, if this fox demon kills me, your chances at rebirth are gone anyway." Wu Yu was not anxious. He knew he could not indulge her.

"Oh, you little brat, you dare to threaten Granny, do you?" Ming Long leapt up and down, extremely unsatisfied.

Wu Yu did not say anything. He just stared at her. The Ninth Spirit thought Wu Yu was staring at her.

After a short stalemate, Ming Long finally gave in. "Alright, since this matter is so important, I will dispense charity and not hold it against you. An exception. Granny can't always be helping you for free!"

Wu Yu smiled. He just knew that Ming Long was even more afraid of death than he was.

"Go on."

Wu Yu fenced the Ninth Spirit, playing for time while he waited for Ming Long's reply.

Ming Long put her hands on her hips, pointing an invisible finger at the Ninth Spirit. "This little fox is a Beautiful Fox of the Nine Heavens. She must have a mentor who is highly placed, and she walks a different path from other fox demons. Other fox demons shapeshift after absorbing the essence of men, which also helps their growth. But she has reached Jindan through cultivation, and preserved her virgin body for a thousand years. At this moment, the yin energy has caused her to have an extremely feminine body, which is why it holds terrible powers of attraction for males."

The Ninth Spirit had mentioned this before, but Wu Yu had dismissed it as false. Who would have known that this old demon witch was really a virgin.

"And then? Why keep me?"

Ming Long rolled her eyes. "Although you are not a virgin, you cultivate the Invincible Vajra Body, and have the Inner Vajra Buddha within you. That is why your flesh is even more masculine than a body of pure masculine power. The two of you are pure yin and pure yang. Do you know why she has held out for a thousand years, not touching men until she achieved Jindan?"

Of course Wu Yu did not know.

Ming Long blinked. "She was waiting for a fat sheep like you to appear. To the fox demons, you're a nice fat sheep. This fox demon must have been waiting for a Jindan martial cultivator with a pure masculine body. Although you are not yet Jindan, if your Vajra Buddha progresses one step further, you will have surpassed the masculine energy of an ordinary Jindan cultivator. She has used demon techniques to protect her body until today. As long as she finds a Jindan martial cultivator with a pure masculine body, the two will join, and she can devour the yang energy. The mixture of yin and yang is sexual power than can bring someone at the first tier of the Jindan Dao Realm to the fourth tier. This is the reason why she has waited for a thousand years."

"Jindan Dao Realm fourth tier!"

Wu Yu was on the verge of fainting.

According to what he knew, Feng Xueya, Lan Huayi, Jiang Xie, and the Ninth Spirit were all first tier Jindan cultivators.

No wonder the Ninth Spirit treated him with such importance. He was a fat sheep who she had waited for a millennium for. He would catapult her three tiers ahead.

If that was so, then what did it mean if she fell out with Jiang Xie?

At first, he had been weak, and she could release him back to the Heavenly Sword Sect. But now he was a seventh tier Qi Condensation cultivator, and close to her goal. She would lock him securely by her side.

And if it were Wu Yu, he would also stick to such prey till death.

"She has endured for a millennium for this union with a masculine Jindan martial cultivator, which will complete her terrifying rise. Not only will it fortify her demon essence, but she will possess a balance between yin and yang. Henceforth, she can finally walk the dao, and cultivate to become immortal. She will not need to be like the other fox demons, using their inferior arts to absorb yang energy to grow stronger. If she succeeds, she will have evolved from an inferior demon to a truly mighty demon."

Clearly, she had to have a powerful mentor, for the Beautiful Fox of the Nine Heavens to eschew the easy lure of sucking masculine energy for a thousand years, and focus on cultivation. It was all for this encounter with Wu Yu.

"What happens after that?" Wu Yu asked frantically.

"What else? You will be her springboard. All that you are will be hers, and you will be a dry corpse."

Ming Long laughingly scolded, rolling her eyes.

That was the truth….

Wu Yu's change in perspective caused him to realize that the Ninth Spirit was not lovable at all. To him, she was the true monster....

Curses on himself for being taken in by her looks, and to think that she really had his welfare at heart....

That was why she wanted to guard him and give him time to become a ninth tier Qi Condensation cultivator. All for this reason. She did not know that Wu Yu was using the Inner Vajra Buddha to cultivate. The fifth layer of the Inner Vajra Buddha was enough.

"Do you know why she wants you to fall in love with her? That is because the deeper the love, the more she gains in that moment of union. The more complete she becomes, rushing to the limits. On the contrary, if you struggle and hate her, then what she reaps will not be as complete. And so, when she said that she wanted you to love her, that was true. But a pity that you came from the Heavenly Sword Sect. Her goal is to take the Bipo Mountain Range, and is destined to be your enemy. I reckon that she has an eye on her imminent success, and doesn't really mind how much you love her. After all, she's getting impatient...."

Ming Long's words rang true.

And once the the Ninth Spirit surged to the fourth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm, then Feng Xueya, Jiang Xie, and the others would be like ants, even if they attacked her together. At that time, she would be the real winner. Heavenly Sword Sect? Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts? Zhongyuan Dao Sect? All jokes. She would eradicate one and all.

"That is why she has not given up on this battle. She wants the Bipo Mountain Range...." Wu Yu had guessed that the demons also wanted a haven, and the Ninth Spirit must’ve been thinking of laying down foundations here, and attracting all the demons in the world here.

Many thoughts became clear once Wu Yu learned the truth.

A pity that Jiang Xie, Feng Xueya, and the others did not.

Actually, if the Ninth Spirit had known that Wu Yu would improve so rapidly, she would have immediately pulled out from the fight upon acquiring Wu Yu and spirited him away. With the two travelling far and wide, Wu Yu might really have fallen in love with her. But she had thought Wu Yu weak, and decided to take the Bipo Mountain Range first. After all, the three way alliance would help to reduce casualties.

Who would have known that after her check today, she would realize that Wu Yu was close to where she wanted him!

"This is the truth. As to what to do about it, that's up to you. After all, I can't do anything," Ming Long said, returning to the Jingu Bang. Wu Yu blindly bantered with the Ninth Spirit, shaken by the truth.

"Wu Yu, what's the matter? Start cultivating. Jiu Er is sitting here and watching you." The Ninth Spirit sat cross-legged, smiling at Wu Yu in a blessed manner.

Wu Yu pondered this.

"I have a condition."

"Say it."

Wu Yu said, "Since you will not kill me, I have to tell my master. Otherwise, he might rashly come rescue me."

He naturally could not let the Ninth Spirit know that he knew her true colors.

"You're so thorough. That's why you're Jiu Er's baby." The Ninth Spirit laughed. She took Wu Yu by the hand and brought him out of the palanquin. Those outside immediately looked over. The Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples were not as controlled as Jiang Xie, and they looked at the Ninth Spirit with some hostility.

Only, the Ninth Spirit's beauty soon conquered them, causing their hostility to ebb. They slowly subsided like lazy toads.

Wu Yu faced the Stone Gate of a Thousand Swords, where the 10,000 Swords Formation was still standing. He first saw Feng Xueya struggling, his face grim. Neither side could take the upper hand. Wu Yu could see that he was thinking of many ways to save him, but that would not do.

"Master, the Ninth Spirit treats me well. I definitely will not die, and there is no need to save me. Guard the 10,000 Swords Formation well, and await my return!"

Wu Yu's voice carried towards the Bipo Mountain Range, and the listeners were shocked. They had not thought that in this tense moment, Wu Yu would personally come to tell them not to be hasty.

"Jiu Er treats Wu Yu very well. Please do not worry," the Ninth Spirit said lovingly. She dragged Wu Yu back inside. Clearly, she was getting impatient. At least in this period, she planned to satisfy Wu Yu as much as she could, using her demon techniques and charms to make Wu Yu infatuated.

Wu Yu entered the palanquin again. Feng Xueya and the others looked at each other.

"What does this mean?" Lan Huayi was confused. Why would the Ninth Spirit treat Wu Yu well? Clearly, Jiang Xie and the others were discontent.

Feng Xueya's face was somber. "Wu Yu's own words cannot be wrong. The Ninth Spirit is definitely causing him trouble. There is more here than it seems. But he is my disciple. Since he has said so, I will trust him! Everyone, listen to him. Guard the 10,000 Swords Formation well, and await his return!"


Wu Yu's words had caused them to give up the notion of a final battle. Otherwise, he did not know how long he could continue to ignore the words of his heart.

"Wu Yu...."

Everyone's eyes frequently turned to the palanquin. Who knew what was going on inside....

They might have been imagining all kinds of commotion going on within, but in truth, Wu Yu and the Ninth Spirit were sitting cross-legged, facing each other. The Ninth Spirit cupped her chin in both hands, her eyes huge. She was like a curious creature watching Wu Yu from the snow. And Wu Yu, encased in golden sigils, began a long bout of cultivation.

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