Chapter 1648: True Lord Erlang

Empyrean Revered Dragon was too ashamed to face anyone after losing to Wu Yu.

After Sky Heart Dragon Emperor finished treating his wounds, Empyrean Revered Dragon feigned unconsciousness, and let Sky Heart Dragon Emperor take him away.

"I'll take my younger brother back to heal."

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor bid the other eight dragon emperors farewell, and then left with Empyrean Revered Dragon in tow. Before he left, an unkind look flashed through his eyes, although he did not look Wu Yu's way. He left swiftly.

After Sky Heart Dragon Emperor left, the others also began to take their leave.

After this battle, Wu Yu decided that he still could not be too indiscreet at Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. At most he could cultivate with Luo Pin at Qin Yin Peak. If he pushed the issue, news would get out quickly, and might attract Primeval Mighty Miracle God and the others over.

Wu Yu and Luo Pin were now hurrying back to convey the good news to Baiyin Dragon King and Baiqin Dragon Queen.

He was still seriously injured, but the Eternal and Indomitable Vajra Realm was speeding his recovery along. A little rest, and he would be completely fine. He would definitely bounce back to peak condition much faster than Empyrean Revered Dragon.

Together with Luo Pin, the star-crossed lovers followed the other dragon emperors and revered dragons out of Saintly Dragon's Domain.

But as they all exited Saintly Dragon's Domain, they were all shocked to see two familiar figures awaiting them.

Primeval Mighty Miracle God and the Dhrtarastra himself were waiting outside Saintly Dragon's Domain. They showed identical expressions of glee upon seeing Wu Yu and Luo Pin, and prepared to attack.

"Wu Yu, we've finally found you! You dare to return to the sky palaces? You bold brat!"

"You can't get away from us this time now! Just wait and see what we're going to do to you!"

The two said, ferocious vindictiveness plastered all over their faces.

Clearly, they had been waiting outside for a while now, all to catch Wu Yu. This time, they would not let Wu Yu get away!

However, Wu Yu reacted even quicker than them.

Taking Luo Pin with him, he somersaulted. Before Primeval Mighty Miracle God or Dhrtarastra's moves landed, Wu Yu and Luo Pin had already vanished!

Wu Yu knew that the dragon emperors might overlook some things from him, but they would not protect him now that Mighty Miracle God and the Dhrtarastra had come knocking.

Perhaps if he had mystical dragon blood in him, they would defend him to the death. But he did not, and so they would not.

At most, they would protect Wu Jun and Luo Pin, but not Wu Yu. His position was all too precarious, and he had even caused a huge commotion in the sky palaces before this. They would be pitting themselves against the whole of the sky palaces, and they could not afford to do so.

So it was best for Wu Yu to beat it!

Even if they had locked down the entire void space, they could not stop Wu Yu if he wanted to leave. He took Luo Pin with him.

Leaving behind the two immortal emperors outside Saintly Dragon's Domain in disbelief and consternation.

They had been thwarted by Wu Yu yet again!

They had even set up many great void immortal designs outside Saintly Dragon's Domain to lock down the space, all to prevent Wu Yu from escaping. And lo and behold, still he was gone.

They were steaming from the ears. After finally getting word of Wu Yu after so long, they had rushed over excitedly, only to let him slip away again.

It had been Sky Heart Dragon Emperor who had secretly told on him this time. The next time might not be this easy.

"Why was Wu Yu even at Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm?"

Primeval Mighty Miracle God demanded angrily of the dragon emperors.

The dragon emperors had nothing to lose, now that Wu Yu was gone. They told the pair about all that had happened so far. Of course, they skipped over the fact that they were hiding Wu Yu, but only said that he had wanted to challenge an immortal emperor, and they had agreed.

After hearing that Wu Yu had actually beat Empyrean Revered Dragon in Saintly Dragon's Domain, Dhrtarastra and Primeval Mighty Miracle God were both shocked.

The youngster had been improving at an alarming rate. Just from a glance, they had seen Wu Yu was a 8-heavens immortal king. That was much stronger than what he had been, and he was even capable of escaping them now.

Still, to actually be able to beat an immortal emperor!

Under the immortal emperors, all were but ants. This phrase was not said lightly.

Even for Primeval Mighty Miracle God and the Dhrtarastra, they had never heard of such a case before. Even a heavily wounded immortal emperor could not possibly lose to an immortal king, even one at the peak of his cultivation realm.

Besides, the mystical dragon tribe's immortal emperors were not inept. Even if it was a first tier immortal emperor, Wu Yu's victory still proved his uniqueness.

"It seems like we have no choice but to call True Lord Erlang now!"

"That's right. We don't even know where the kid is, and it's too hard to hunt him down. Only True Lord Erlang can find him now. He can run, but he can't hide!" The two came to this conclusion.

Before, they had considered asking True Lord Erlang for assistance before. But to the mighty True Lord Erlang himself, what was a mere Wu Yu? There was no basis to call upon him.

But now that Wu Yu was just an immortal king but had already defeated an eternal immortal emperor, it was definitely news to make True Lord Erlang sit up and take notice. Of course, as one of the strongest in the sky palaces, he would not take it too seriously, but he might decide to catch Wu Yu just to study him.

Naturally, Wu Yu was oblivious to this turn of events.

Taking Luo Pin with him, they left Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. Since the Dhrtarastra and Mighty Miracle God had appeared here, it was no longer safe.

They should leave immediately.

This time, none of the other dragon emperors seemed to have responded badly to Wu Yu taking Luo Pin away, making no moves to stop them.

Their reactions had been flustered when Primeval Mighty Miracle God and the Dhrtarastra had showed up.

"The other eight dragon emperors seemed caught off-guard by their appearance. Otherwise, they would definitely have found an excuse to keep you there." Wu Yu said solemnly to Luo Pin.

"Indeed. Seems like it was Sky Heart Dragon Emperor who secretly leaked the news. Only he was not there, and he probably did it in secret."

Luo Pin was ticked off. Why would he do them like this?

It was true that Wu Yu had killed Sky Heart Dragon Emperor's children before, causing him to lose face. Perhaps he still bore a grudge from then.

"No point worrying about that now. Let's find another place to cultivate in peace for a while. A pity that I can't say farewell to uncle and auntie." Wu Yu said, shaking his head regretfully.

Both Baiyin Dragon King and Baiqin Dragon Queen were waiting for news of the battle.

Wu Jun would inform them. They would not be kept hanging.

"Mm." Luo Pin would definitely listen to Wu Yu's counsel. However, she did not know when she would be able to see her adoptive parents again. They could not possibly return to Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm for a while, or risk being caught.

"Let's find a place to cultivate in peace for a while."

Wu Yu said softly, taking her away from Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm.

This time, their four great legacies were finally reunited. A pity that it was not openly in the sky palaces, but rather in secret.

They came to the 6210th level of Heaven, finding a secluded place to cultivate. It was just the two of them. Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi seemed to gain a new burst of liveliness now they were back in the sky palaces.

Besides, they did not want to bother Wu Yu and Luo Pin, and so they went off to cultivate separately.

They were already of a considerable cultivation realm, and also had their own Mystiques and techniques to protect themselves. Full Moon of Nanshan had Gone from the Skies, and no one but the eternal immortal emperors could find him.

This time, Full Moon of Nanshan was also aiming to refine his Gone from the Skies Mystique one level higher, so that even immortal emperors would not be able to find him. At that time, he could truly do as he wished in the sky palaces then.

As for Ye Xixi, her black sand Mystique had also been improving well recently. It too was unbeatable by anyone below the eternal immortal emperor realm.

Of course, it would not be that common to run into an immortal emperor in the lower levels of heaven. And they could send an immortal message talisman to Wu Yu if an emergency occurred.

"Let me continue Imparting to you."

Wu Yu said to Luo Pin. He had limited time previously, and had not yet Imparted all of the eternal demon emperor insights to her. Now they could continue. He would soon help her reach the level of Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.

They were closeted above the 6000th level of Heaven, and it would not be that easy for Primeval Mighty Miracle God and the Dhrtarastra to track them down. And even if they did, they could not do much to Wu Yu. Therefore, he was pretty reassured to cultivate in peace, and continue Imparting.

In between their cultivation, the two got hot and heavy in their lovey-dovey world. Occasionally, they would wonder after Baiyin Dragon King and Baiqin Dragon Queen.

In the blink of an eye, 10,000 years had passed!

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