Chapter 0164: Ninth Spirit's Motives

"What do you think Ninth Spirit is up to?" Because of her resolve, Tian Yijun and Jiang Xie had no choice but to relent for the moment.

The relationship between the three was strained as thin as paper, and Jiang Xie and Tian Yijun would dearly love to shred it at this point.

But when they recalled the day's events, they had truly been humiliated. At the least, Jiang Xie's reputation had been greatly lessened in his disciples' eyes.

Amongst them, Jiang Xie wanted to take the Bipo Mountain Range the most. He had revealed his desire too strongly, and that had become the Ninth Spirit's card over him. Once they clashed, she would use retreat as an excuse, rendering Jiang Xie helpless.

"I don't know. But when this is over, it's about time to clean her up as well. What do you think?" Jiang Xie said to Tian Yijun.

Tian Yijun gave a cold laugh. "We ghostly cultivators have roamed the East Sea without being held back. This woman is so arrogant. How could we not put her in her place?"

They shared a laugh of mutual understanding.

As for this day, they wanted to see what this 1,000-year fox demon could come up with.


Over at the Stone Gate of a Thousand Swords, the initially battered 10,000 Swords Formation was slowly regaining some strength since their opponents had backed out from it. Feng Xueya and the others were also making great progress in their recovery to peak strength.

However, all of their faces were grave, worried, and grim.

"Master, the Ninth Spirit has taken Wu Yu away but did not commence a hostage trade. What is she up to?" Su Yanli was stressed, and her color not good. Her eyebrows were creased in worry.

"She caught Wu Yu before but did not kill him....." Night Wishes for Snow recalled the events in Sky Region Forest.

The Ninth Spirit was willing to clash with Jiang Xie and the others over Wu Yu. No matter how you looked at it, that was not logical.

This was why Feng Xueya was hard-pressed to make a decision.

Lan Huayi analyzed it. "If we give up the 10,000 Swords Formation to save Wu Yu, the chances of success against superior enemy numbers is low. And if we give it up, that means direct battle We have already held out for so long. Perhaps someone from that place might come to save us...."

Her eyes were fixed on Feng Xueya's face.

"Once the battle starts here, it will be extremely difficult to save Wu Yu. The threat of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples will also vanish. Once we kill them, the Zhongyuan Dao Sect people will only become more enraged. Wu Yu has often been a resourceful one. His luck might save him once again. I feel like we should hold here," the Lone Elder offered.

"The Sect Protector is right. We have already held out for so long. Besides, the Ninth Spirit does not seem to want to kill him. Wu Yu might still have a chance. Plus, he's already escaped once before."

"All in all, if we save him, the Heavenly Sword Sect will have to fight directly, and our chances of being finished are higher than 80%. If we wait and see, we might still have a chance at life. Wu Yu is a tenacious, fearsome young man. If not for this battle, he would definitely be a legend amongst the Heavenly Sword Sect. This level of genius is rare even within the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Given his luck, ability, and fierce intelligence....."

Lan Huayi spoke thus in order to preemptively fend off Feng Xueya's impulses.

It was not that she was sanguine about Wu Yu's survival. Rather, the Heavenly Sword Sect's fate was relatively more important. From a logical point of view, this was the best method.

Besides, it was as she had said - Wu Yu still had a chance.

But as Wu Yu's master, this was a difficult choice for Feng Xueya. On one side, the Heavenly Sword Sect. On the other, Wu Yu. How could he choose? Was he really about to trade the lives of all his disciples for Wu Yu's life?

Feng Xueya clenched his fists tight, his handsome features contorting. His emotional struggle was stupendous. He gritted his teeth, casting his angry gaze heavenward. Everywhere his gaze landed, sword qi blasted out.

"Wu Yu, your master is useless. I could not protect you!"

He lamented. There were just too many conflicts and frustrations. No matter how he chose, he would continue to be struck by guilt. And now he looked towards the palanquin, still in internal conflict.

"Master, I think Junior Brother would not wish for you to lose your sense of judgment on his behalf. When he entered the 10,000 Swords Formation to kill the enemy, he must have considered this outcome. He would have trusted you to take care of the bigger picture...." Night Wishes for Snow knew that these were cold words to offer, but as the leadership, how could they use the lives of so many young disciples as pawns?

Everyone was watching the palanquin. What was the Ninth Spirit up to?


The palanquin was heavily surrounded by demons. When Wu Yu was thrown back in, the door of the palanquin had already been repaired. It looked even more sturdy. As the Ninth Spirit closed the door and relinquished her control on Wu Yu, he began to regain his motor functions.


Of course, Wu Yu was like a fish in the Ninth Spirit's net within this cramped space. He did not struggle needlessly, but instead visualized the Inner Ape, even using the Inner Vajra Sutra to torture himself.

"Ninth Spirit, just what do you want?"

Wu Yu was speechless. He had thought that he would be immediately traded back to the Heavenly Sword Sect after being captured. He had killed a few of the ninth tier Qi Condensation cultivators, and that was that. After all, they were all going to die in the end. But who would have thought that this Ninth Spirit would mysteriously fight with Jiang Xie again and bring him     back.

The Ninth Spirit tore the veil off her face. That face of sheer beauty was again revealed before Wu Yu's eyes. Her unparalleled charms made it difficult for Wu Yu to breathe, and despite his wariness, he found himself unable to control his body's response. It has to be said that the Ninth Spirit's beauty could drive nations to ruin.

Exchanging a look with her made one's body burn, even if one did not look directly at her. One could not help but want to possess this fox demon, to pity her, to love her.

And the Ninth Spirit was looking forlornly at Wu Yu, saying plaintively, "How could Wu Yu be so fierce to Jiu Er? Jiu Er was only separated from Wu Yu for such a short while. Does Wu Yu not love Jiu Er anymore?"

"Love your ass!" This woman was sidling up again. A 1,000-year demon, cold and cruel in one moment, a pitiable little bird in the next. Wu Yu felt like he was not her match. Clash with her? He might as well go and fight the Jindan Jiang Xie.

"Wu Yu makes the best jokes. How could you just love Jiu Er's ass? If you want to love Jiu Er, you have to love Jiu Er's entire body." The Ninth Spirit sauntered up seductively, compelling his eyes to look. It was the most beautiful art on earth. Her every move, her every laugh inflamed one's passions. Even with Wu Yu chanting the Inner Vajra Buddha, he would at times find himself lost.


He had not finished speaking when the Ninth Spirit's little hand tugged at Wu Yu. That was an electrifying moment. It was not just charm. Demon essence? Demon technique? No one knew what this 1,000-year-old demon witch had up her sleeve, but Wu Yu could not move the moment she tugged at his hand. His entire body's strength was gone!

"What are you doing?"

"Jiu Er is going to inspect Wu Yu properly."

"Check what?"

"Wu Yu is going to be Jiu Er's husband. Jiu Er must know every part of Wu Yu's body inside out. Isn't that right?"

The Ninth Spirit cocked her head to regard him with an impish smile that dissipated Wu Yu's focus. He seemed to be floating in a sea of flowers, drowning in the fragrance.

Before he knew it, Jiu Er's other hand had reached into Wu Yu's clothes, thoroughly tracing his skin. It was like a fireball coursing through Wu Yu's body. That sensation was exquisitely painful. Wu Yu broke out in cold sweat. He could only use the pain from Inner Vajra Buddha to keep himself alert.

The fox demon looked up in wide-eyed innocence at Wu Yu as she “checked” him. Seeing the struggle on Wu Yu's face, her lip twitched with a sly smile. Wu Yu did not dare to look at her. If he did, he would be sucked into the fathomless eyes and drown.

He was still young and full of vigor, his hormones rampaging. The Ninth Spirit's charms were deadly and hard to counter.


She leaned in, using her little, pink tongue to lick all over Wu Yu's neck, face, and fingers. Wu Yu's entire body was stimulated and afire under her touch.

"Get out!"

In his stupor, Wu Yu mustered his energy. Although his body was held in paralysis, he could still shout, startling the Ninth Spirit. She released Wu Yu, a tad embarrassed.

"Isn't it just a catbath? Why are you so angry at Jiu Er?" The Ninth Spirit recalled Wu Yu's agonizing pleasure, and could not resist another laugh. Her moving eyes were both alive and empty at the same time, putting Wu Yu in mind of a white fox on a snowy mountain.

And only then did Wu Yu's mind begin to regain focus.

"I feel like you should be honest. What are your plans for me? Speak directly. Such obfuscation will only make me hate you." Wu Yu's mind was turning quickly, searching for a way to escape.

The Ninth Spirit sized Wu Yu up, then muttered to herself, "Already so good, but just a little bit more."

"What did you say?"

The Ninth Spirit snapped back into focus, smiling slightly. "Wu Yu, you often think of Jiu Er in too bad a light. Jiu Er will demonstrate her goodness to you. Now, for example. We are in the palanquin, and I won't touch you. You may continue to cultivate, and even reach the ninth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. I won't bother you, and I won't attack the Bipo Mountain Range. Is that good? Jiu Er just wants to be with you right now."

Hearing this, Wu Yu was indeed bemused. She had caught him and jailed him in the palanquin for him to cultivate? And she would buy time for the Bipo Mountain Range? What was she on?

This woman was truly a mystery.

"If you really want the best for me, why not pull out of the battle? Or even help us fight Jiang Xie. That way, I will truly be grateful towards you."

Wu Yu was extremely doubtful.

Suddenly, Ming Long shouted excitedly, "GRANNY REMEMBERS! I know what this dastardly fox wants with you!"

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