Chapter 0163: Attacking the Heart

The black and white swords lunged with penetrative power!

Their many days of preparation were for this dangerous moment!

It was likely that only Wu Yu and Feng Xueya's team could capitalize on this moment.

In that instant, the 10,000 Swords Formation solely focused its barrage on the snake demon, with Wu Yu's Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike hidden in the mix.

The green snake sensed it coming and escaped with astonishing speed. It had always been exceptional in escaping without a trace.

However, this was the 10,000 Swords Formation, not his own territory!

No matter which direction he headed in, he was answered with overwhelming sword qi. Within which, Wu Yu's two bursts of Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike struck, one from above, the other from a right flank! 


The snake demon hissed in pain, demon techniques activating. An inky black fog sprouted forth, cocooning it in a hard, metal-like protective sphere. 

However, the rush of sword qi produced shrill pinging sounds, and soon riddled it with holes. Amongst these, two holes were especially deep, and Wu Yu's Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike pierced through them!

The snake demon's two cries could be vaguely made out. But who knew if it was truly dead!

With the 10,000 Swords Formation supporting Wu Yu's twin attacks, the snake demon was at least severely wounded, if not dead. It would not be able to fight for a while!

Objective achieved.

Wu Yu did not dare linger. At the moment the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike landed, he had already turned hurriedly to escape. At this moment, even the Scarlet Sea's Ghosts on the perimeter had sensed his presence and were swarming over.


The situation was extremely perilous. Wu Yu traversed the forest, frantically running. His physical and spiritual power were taxed to their limits as he absconded!

As long as he could leave their perimeter, the 10,000 Swords Formation that Feng Xueya and the others controlled would naturally allow Wu Yu to be cloaked in obscurity again.

This was the moment of highest tension for both sides!

"Where has the Ninth Spirit gone...." Wu Yu seemed to be on the verge of a successful escape, but suddenly, his heart skipped a beat. It had to do with the Ninth Spirit. He had clearly sensed the presence of the Scarlet Sea's Ghosts, as well as the Thunder Seabird, but had not found any trace of the Ninth Spirit. She seemed not to be chasing him at all from the start.

"That's impossible!"

Wu Yu had clearly felt her lust for him. At this juncture, she wanted to capture him most of all.


From the left, a voice came from within the mass of sword qi. And yet, although Wu Yu was within the roiling sword qi, a clamor could be heard distinctly.

Wu Yu could not resist a look. Although the sword qi was roiling there, the picture was miraculously clear. More than 10 servant disciples were gathered, and they were familiar faces to Wu Yu. These were all individuals from Yanli Mountain.

Amongst them, the most striking of all was an old man, face flushed. Sun Wudao.

"Uncle Sun!"

Wu Yu was reeling from the shock. Wasn't Sun Wudao dead? Why would he be here?

His face, manner, and actions all struck Wu Yu's heart profoundly. Wu Yu's greatest regret in his life was that he had been unable to take care of Sun Wudao after he had come to power.

In that instant, Wu Yu's mind wavered, and his actions slowed as well.

In the next instant, a few Immortal Cranes descended from the sky and four youths dismounted.

One of them was Situ Jin, who Wu Yu had known!

"Why is Situ Jin still alive...." Wu Yu clearly remembered killing him. That day, back on Heaven's Lament, Wu Yu had beheaded him.

Under his tremulous gaze, Situ Jin tortured Sun Wudao, causing him the most exquisite pain. And then he ended Sun Wudao's life with a cold laugh. The scene caused Wu Yu to explode.

"Situ Jin!"

He had never seen this before. As the image appeared before his eyes, his rage was unimaginable.

In his moment of impetuous anger, he had forgotten that both Situ Jin and Sun Wudao were dead.

Suddenly, he was frozen.

A pair of slim arms had come from behind to encircle his waist. One hand was placed on his Chest Meridian, the other on his Sea of Breath Meridian. A slender, nubile body pressed tightly against Wu Yu. Their skin was so close to direct contact, and his breathing became laborious!

It was clearly a petite figure holding Wu Yu, but the stance had completely locked down Wu Yu's spiritual power, causing the spiritual power in his body to seemingly rust. It could not activate, and even his Vajra Body seemed to go slack. Wu Yu knew that a terrifying power had taken hold of him. Perhaps it was not spiritual power, but demon essence!

"Ninth Spirit!"

Wu Yu was clear that the demon who was currently embracing him was the Ninth Spirit herself.

"What demonic technique is this! That you can...."

Wu Yu was thunderstruck. He now realized that the scene with Sun Wudao had been an illusion. The Ninth Spirit had created it. She knew that he would be affected, and his pace would slow. In such a life and death moment, the slightest hesitation could change the outcome drastically!

Just like that, Wu Yu was caught by the Ninth Spirit.

"Jiu Er already told you. Wu Yu belongs to Jiu Er. You can't leave Jiu Er's clutches." That fox demon's silken voice came to Wu Yu's ear and struck a chord in his heart. Speaking to her, and being in close contact, Wu Yu needed to Visualize the Inner Ape; otherwise, he would quickly be bereft of reason.

"Release me."

"You killed Jiu Er's little green snake. Jiu Er will not forgive you this time," the Ninth Spirit said, a little miffed. Wu Yu forced his head around. From beneath the veil, he could see her huge, blinking eyes, the very picture of innocence.

"Wu Yu!" Although Wu Yu had successfully killed the snake demon, he had been captured by the Ninth Spirit's demon technique. Instantly, Feng Xueya and the others panicked. If Feng Xueya came to his rescue, then the 10,000 Swords Formation would fall.

"Master, don't move!"

Wu Yu was most worried that this would happen.

Feng Xueya trusted him. Wu Yu was clearly in the Ninth Spirit's hands now, and he could not wrest him away by force. He could only wait for the subsequent negotiations.

What was most surprising was that the Ninth Spirit did not even bother. She took Wu Yu and the other demons, leaving the 10,000 Swords Formation directly.

At this moment, the remaining three Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts and Jiang Xie had converged. Seeing that the Ninth Spirit had captured the troublesome Wu Yu, all three parties cheered!

Although many of their number had died, this humiliating time was finally over! Ever since Wu Yu had kidnapped the disciples of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect, they had been extremely resentful.

Jiang Xie was all smiles as he came to welcome them. "Congratulations to Ninth Spirit for capturing this troublesome junior. This is good news indeed. Feng Xueya treasures this disciple, and we can exchange Wu Yu for the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples. Without captives, we can put an end to the Heavenly Sword Sect in a few hours."

Ultimately, Wu Yu had only killed one demon. In the larger scale of things, the tripartite alliance was still far stronger than the Heavenly Sword Sect. Especially with the disciples and the evil ghost army of the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts.

Tian Yijun also chimed in. "Ninth Spirit is truly powerful. Now the Heavenly Sword Sect's death day is finally here. By capturing this Wu Yu, the Ninth Spirit has done the most work indeed."

Shen Erjun challenged Feng Xueya in a loud voice, "Members of the Heavenly Sword Sect, cut the crap. We give you two choices. One: kill those Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples, and we will also kill this Wu Yu. Two: we can exchange Wu Yu for the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples. Feng Xueya, if you don't want Wu Yu to die here, then stop your bluster. We four are gathered here for a real fight. Is the Heavenly Sword Sect nothing but a bunch of turtles hiding in their shells?"

Their quarrel would also pressure the Ninth Spirit.

However, they had underestimated the Ninth Spirit. Before Feng Xueya could reply, the Ninth Spirit spoke. "Jiang Xie. And you Ghostly Cultivators. Wu Yu is my prize, and has been from the start, although he escaped in the middle. He is mine, and not a stake for you to exchange for hostages."

Jiang Xie's face was cold as he said, "Ninth Spirit, if we return Wu Yu now, is he not still yours once we end the Heavenly Sword Sect?"

Tian Yijun spoke up as well. "Sect Leader Jiang speaks reason. With the three of us allied, we naturally have a huge advantage."

The two of them stood on the same side.

However, the Ninth Spirit was heedless of such things. She laughed lightly. "Neither of you need to worry. I have a method that will easily take down the Heavenly Sword Sect, and also guarantee the safety of Sect Leader Jiang's disciples. But I need some time. I ask of you to wait a few more days."

Jiang Xie said, "The three of us are on the same side. Ninth Spirit, how can you hide so important a secret? If you have an idea, we should discuss it together. After all, the Ninth Spirit should also show some sincerity in our work. Is that not so?"

Although the Ninth Spirit had always said that Wu Yu was of paramount importance to her, Jiang Xie and the others had no idea what he was for.

Why had she suddenly found an easy resolution after acquiring Wu Yu?

The Ninth Spirit was unhurried in her reply. "Does Sect Master Jiang mean to say that he does not trust me?"

Jiang Xie replied, "Not at all. But we cannot wait here blindly, can we? Besides, my Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples are still in the enemy's hands. How can I answer to them?"

Tian Yijun said, "That's right. I also feel that you should hand Wu Yu over and bring this all to an end. This is our best opportunity. We should have taken the Heavenly Sword Sect a long time ago. We have delayed too long."

Both continued to pressure her, but the Ninth Spirit laughed. "You two are ganging up to bully Jiu Er, but Jiu Er is not easily bullied. Wu Yu is Jiu Er's prize, and he escaped last time. This time around, no one will take him. All I can say is that Jiu Er's actions in this period of time will definitely not leave Sect Master Jiang disappointed."

Saying thus, she left with Wu Yu for the palanquin. Her subordinates, such as the Thunder Seabird, blocked Jiang Xie's path.

"Hrrngh!" Jiang Xie was extremely angry. He exchanged a look with Tian Yijun. Both were enraged and ready to kill. But despite their frustration, they needed the might of the Ninth Spirit. Otherwise, all their efforts and sacrifices till date would be for naught!

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