Chapter 0162: Showdown with the Venomous Snake

Perhaps because Tian Yijun and the others were so close to him, they felt like Wu Yu could not possibly escape.

But in these eight days, they had forgotten one thing: Wu Yu had come flying through on the Art of Sword Flight!

All of this had happened in just an instant!

As the three powerful ghostly cultivators came for him, he used the impact of his killing blow against Wu Shengjun to catapult himself into the air. Wu Yu's speed on the sword far outstripped those 10th tier Qi Condensation cultivators!


The three ghostly cultivators leapt into the air!

In response, a prodigious amount of sword qi rose up, separating them from Wu Yu! None of them were at the Jindan Realm, so they could not fly on the sword. Once they flew, they would trade off a significant part of their fighting ability. And the 10,000 Swords Formation could very easily hold them back while Wu Yu made his escape with reckless speed!

If he had been a moment slower, or not had sword flight, he would be the ghostly cultivators' captive right now.

Wu Shengjun, dead!

Of course, this was not completely Wu Yu's effort, but also thanks to the nine elders. The eight days of lying low was for this precise hit. Before striking, Wu Yu had already given Feng Xueya and the others a signal.

Until the final kill, and then escaping under the layers of suppression - perfect!

Wu Yu rushed out of the danger zone, then quickly descended. The powerful sword qi rolled in anew, concealing him once again within the 10,000 Swords Formation and cloaking him from sight.

It was only now that people actually began to respond!

Wu Shengjun had actually been killed!

It was a sound slap to the tripartite alliance, especially those who said that Wu Yu had long left. They could not face the rest.

Of course, their confidence in battle had also taken a severe blow.

And on the Heavenly Sword Sect's side, they were moved and adulating towards Wu Yu! The passionate cries rang out!

They had killed another!

Although it had been a risky process, it had paid off. Wu Yu and Feng Xueya's team had displayed a stellar example of top-class assassination skills.

Many familiar faces were wild-eyed. Especially Su Yanli and the others; they did not know when Wu Yu had become a hero in their eyes.

Of course, the three ghostly cultivators were stirred into a frenzied rage upon seeing Wu Shengjun's corpse!

That day, Tian Yijun turned his anger on the Ninth Spirit. "Ninth Spirit, why is it that you have been completely silent? You could clearly have shouldered your share of the 10,000 Swords Formation's power. And we could have captured that Wu Yu. We were just that little bit short!"

Compared to Wu Shengjun's death, they were even more enraged by the fact that they had not been able to catch Wu Yu under such circumstances.

Tian Yijun was right. If the demons had run interference at that time, there was a chance that Wu Yu would not have been able to escape.

That was something that Wu Yu had found strange as well.

His eyes pierced the billowing sword qi. The veiled Ninth Spirit coyly replied, "In all other things, I will cooperate with you. But in the matter of capturing Wu Yu, forget it."

"What do you mean by that?" Tian Yijun's voice was thunderous.

"Nothing much. Next, just watch us." The Ninth Spirit laughed girlishly. Amongst the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts, all who remained had completed qi condensation, so Wu Yu would have to switch targets.

Her attitude naturally enraged the ghostly cultivators, but having lost four of their siblings at this time, their abilities were greatly diminished, so they did not have the backing to confront the Ninth Spirit face to face.

"Let's go over!"

They actually chose to go over to the Ninth Spirit's side. Perhaps they thought that they might find a chance to capture Wu Yu while he was slaying demons. They could roughly surmise that the Ninth Spirit's purpose for capturing Wu Yu was different from theirs.

At this time, Jiang Xie had also sent a private sign to Tian Yijun to signal that they had to capture Wu Yu before the Ninth Spirit did.

With the addition of these three, it had become even more difficult for Wu Yu to kill the demons. The intimidating presence of the Ninth Spirit made him wary of approaching the bait. After all, the four demons looked much easier to defeat than Wu Shengjun.

"Wu Yu, why not return? The Ninth Spirit is not easy to deal with,” Feng Xueya said.

At this moment, Wu Yu had returned back to the Stone Gate of a Thousand Swords. He looked at the trap laid down for him and said, "Master, we have already come so far. Stopping now would be meaningless. If the demons and ghostly cultivators continue to attack the 10,000 Swords Formation, then we cannot hold out for long. These Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples won't last either. I see Jiang Xie's heart wavering. The moment it hardens, we'll be in trouble. We should capitalize on his indecision to further weaken the enemy."

"It's true that Jiang Xie is despicably cruel. If not for the elders around him, who still have some humanity left, he would not care less about these disciples," Lan Huayi said exasperatedly.

Elder Shentu said, "Wu Yu, did you hear their conversation just now? The Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts want to capture you so that Jiang Xie can trade you for those disciples. And the Ninth Spirit's intent is something else."

Wu Yu could not help but recall the strange behavior of the Ninth Spirit in the palanquin. She had not killed him, but her intent could not be benign. She had spoken of lovey-dovey matters, and Wu Yu had not gone into the details with Feng Xueya. But no matter what, he would not change his decision. After preparing, he again laid down in ambush, creeping in close.

Within the 10,000 Swords Formation, it was not only a somatic battle, but also a cerebral one!

Wu Yu had spent eight days to kill and dismay the ghostly cultivators. This time around, what would happen?

Not even Wu Yu himself could be certain. He might be turned on by the demons under the supervision of the Ninth Spirit.

He could vaguely make out that unearthly beauty swaying and changing. Her eyes were currently closed in rest as she waited for his own arrival. This woman, this fox demon, with her plentiful charms, did not have a single trace of an old demon witch. No matter how calm Wu Yu was, each time he looked at her, his heart was shaken.

It was a shock that Su Yanli, Lan Shuiyue, and the others could not give Wu Yu.

But he was also clear that this was a demon. She had to have some ulterior motive for him. She was even more dangerous than Jiang Xie himself! The one that Wu Yu was most wary of was this strange Ninth Spirit.

Before Wu Yu's eyes, she was like a dream that caused him to momentarily lose focus.

"Calm down!"

Remembering the heavy responsibility he bore, Wu Yu continued to use Visualizing the Inner Ape. Only with the Unparalleled Monkey King in his heart could his attention on this woman lessen.

"If I were an eighth tier Qi Condensation cultivator, then I could kill anybody in the 10,000 Swords Formation besides the Ninth Spirit! But I've been lucky to even reach the seventh tier. There's no time to reach the eighth...."

This was his regret. But Heaven often did not grant one the time that one wished for. Wu Yu having reached the seventh tier was already a miracle. 

Wu Yu had spent two or three days looking for a suitable opponent. There had been no activity in this time, but no one dared to say anything now. They knew that Wu Yu was lying in ambush somewhere. Exactly because of this, the four demons were even more alert than Wu Shengjun had been. After all, Wu Yu was after their lives. They would not dare to fool around.

"They all know I'm ambushing them, so it's even more difficult to find a chance to strike."

Wu Yu was clear on this point.

Finally, he chose a snake demon.

The Ninth Spirit's position was in the middle of the four demons. The other demons, like the Thunder Seabird, roamed freely, while the Scarlet Sea's Three Ghosts roamed the perimeter. On the snake demon's side, the one that needed guarding against most was the Ninth Spirit, as well as Yu Sanji behind. The Thunder Seabird was close at hand as well. With the Ninth Spirit and the Thunder Seabird around, this meant that even the Art of Sword Flight would not grant Wu Yu the advantage in flight!

Even more dangerous!

That was why Wu Yu had hesitated for a long time on this choice.

"Should I go or not?"

If he did not, it was clear that the Heavenly Sword Sect's chances of a future would not be high once Jiang Xie changed his mind.

If he did, then he would kill all that he could. A ninth tier Qi Condensation cultivator left unchecked could proliferate casualties at a horrifying rate. Wu Yu just wanted to cull as many experts as he could.

"If I kill these four demons, then the tripartite alliance will only have the Ninth Spirit and Jiang Xie as the two Jindan experts. That will also leave the remaining three ghostly cultivators at the tenth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm and two demons at the tenth tier. At the Zhongyuan Dao Sect side, there are two tenth tier Qi Condensation cultivators and four ninth tier Qi Condensation cultivators.

"On our Heavenly Sword Sect side, Master and Sect Protector can take on the Ninth Spirit and Jiang Xie. That leaves five tenth tier Qi Condensation cultivators to take on seven of the enemy. We only have the Elders of Imparting Arts and Enforcement at the ninth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, and the pair must face four enemies at the ninth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. Of course, I'm here too. So that means that the greatest gap lies in becoming a tenth tier Qi Condensation cultivator. At least we're better off than where we started...."

That was why these four demons had to die. Otherwise, when the struggle started, Wu Yu would have to face six of the ninth tier Qi Condensation cultivators by himself for them to have a chance. In a straight fight, he might be able to take down two at most. The remaining four would be enough to wreak terrible destruction on the Heavenly Sword Sect.


Confirming his decision, Wu Yu's eyes lit up with pure killing intent.

He stared at the snake demon. The snake demon was in its original form, a little green snake of just two feet long. It was only as thick as one's thumb, but was much more fearsome than the snake demon Wan Qing. This was an old demon who had been cultivating for more than 900 years. There were nine demon essence cores hidden within that small body. From the triangular head, one could tell that the most frightening part of this little green snake was not demon techniques, but the horrible venom that it had inherited through its bloodline.

This was a creature of the most ultimate venom.

All in all, as long as he was not poisoned by the opponent, this little green snake was the weakest among the demons in terms of demon essence and demon techniques. That was why Wu Yu had chosen it.

This time, the opponent was too alert, and ambushes were no use. The only good thing was that the Ninth Spirit was not as strict a guard as the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts had been, so Wu Yu still had a chance at success.

He had already communicated with Feng Xueya.

Feng Xueya would help him with all his strength!

At the Stone Gate of a Thousand Swords, they shared a look. Feng Xueya said, "The Ninth Spirit is wily. Do your best!"


All their preparations had been for this moment.

Wu Yu stealthily crept in, enfolded within the 10,000 swords. He neared the little green snake. He wanted to strike when he was closest, and also when his escape route was looking likely.

The twin swords of black and white twirled in his hands.

The Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike was flowing throughout the sword blades, not one, but two charges.

This was his secret assassination technique. He hid the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike within the sword qi of the 10,000 Swords Formation. There was a definite chance of success here. If he failed, then he could still retreat immediately. Regardless, Wu Yu could not linger to fight. That would be suicidal.


Two bursts of sword qi, encapsulated within the sword qi of the 10,000 swords, flew silently towards the green snake coiled on the tree.

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