Chapter 1590: On A Silver Platter

The time-altering property of the Floating Dreams Pagoda was still very effective for Jiu Ying. 500 years outside passed as millennia on the inside, and he finally reached the Immortal Lord Realm.

Jiu Ying had been basically targeted from the moment he had ascended, and so his cultivation realm had fallen behind even further relative to Wu Yu's.

But thanks to the Floating Dreams Pagoda, he now made up for some of the lost time.

After devouring the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's head this time, the improvement in Wu Yu and the others was plain to see. Only Wu Jun, even after devouring all the knowledge in one head, was still unable to breakthrough to the eternal immortal emperor realm.

The breakthrough was too difficult, and definitely not accomplished by a single eternal demon emperor head. Furthermore, the effect would be no different if he ate any more of the same corpse.

This was a pity, but Wu Jun did not feel that way. After all, he had not gotten his hopes up from the start.

"Someone is coming."

Jiu Ying had been cultivating in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, trying to strike while the iron was hot, and reach a higher level of the Immortal Lord Realm. But Wu Yu suddenly sensed that the defensive immortal designs he had put up were being challenged. They were being taken apart one by one!

He was immediately on high alert. He did not know who had come, but this was too much of a coincidence.

After hearing this, Wu Jun stood excitedly by Wu Yu, with a small smile on his face.

"I wonder who it is. Couldn't be that Diabolical Dragon King you spoke of, could it?"


Wu Yu agreed, but he could not be sure. After all, the spirit devourer in Jiu Ying's body had already been consumed. By right, Diabolical Dragon King should have no way to find their location.

Wu Yu and Wu Jun stood their ground, side by side, waiting for the intruder.

If they were to fight, this was a more suitable place. If they went on the offense, they might collapse the void chasm's entrance, and then no one would be able to get out.

Before long, the four demon kings were standing before the two.

"It is them." Wu Yu was surprised to see Diabolical Dragon King, Taotie Demon King, and the two 7-heavens demon kings Spectral Fire Phoenix and Nightmare Ink Qilin!

He had not thought the four capable of reaching such depths.

"You ARE here! Hahaha!" Taotie Demon King crowed gleefully. He had been searching for Wu Yu for forever. He had not given up on the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's skull, and had followed Diabolical Dragon King around ever since.

After centuries, Diabolical Dragon King finally said that he had a trace of the spirit devourer. It was only a faint trace, but still enough for them to find Jiu Ying.

Therefore, they had come on the hunt, and delighted to find Wu Yu and the others here.

Only Wu Yu and Wu Jun stood before Diabolical Dragon King's party. They were deep in the void chasm, in a remote and desolate setting. However, the vestiges of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor's aura lingered in the air.

The dense aura filled the space, even after 500 years since Wu Yu had devoured the head.

"I can already sense the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's aura. But first, let's swallow these two up!" Diabolical Dragon King's eyes were burning with excitement, fixed on Wu Yu and Wu Jun, trying to guess where the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's skull was.

Taotie Demon King sneered, hostility radiating from his entire person.

"In such a short time, they definitely cannot have consumed the entire skull. We just have to kill them, and then we will be rich beyond dreams."

For ordinary demon kings, even a small piece of an eternal demon emperor corpse would require 10,000 years to process.

And from the lingering traces in the air, it was clear that their consumption had only begun a few hundred years ago. Therefore, they were confident that Wu Yu could not possibly have eaten all of it.

What they did not know was the extent of Wu Yu's ability to devour. Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's head was already completely gone, converted into his own energy.

"What a coincidence. Just when I wanted to test my strength." Wu Yu looked at them with an itch building within him. The Victorious Fighting Buddha's nature made him crave battle, especially after he himself had gone through a transformation.

"One each then?"

Wu Jun grinned.

"Aye." Wu Yu nodded. He wanted to deal with only either Diabolical Dragon King or Taotie Demon King. Two on one was not favorable odds for him.

As for Wu Jun, he could definitely take them both on, but since Wu Yu wanted to try his strength, he would leave one for Wu Yu.

As for Spectral Fire Phoenix and Nightmare Ink Qilin, they were assigned to Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi. The two of them had also made astounding improvement in this period of time, and could definitely take on a 7-heavens demon king in a straight fight.

If they knew that Wu Jun was a 9-heavens immortal king, then Diabolical Dragon King and Taotie Demon King would not even have dared to approach.

But the fools did not know!

Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer had seen Wu Jun before, but had actually only seen the Ancient Immortal Dragon Rectifying Extremist immortal design that he had designed. He did not know his true strength. He guessed that any helper which Wu Yu found would definitely not be weak, but definitely not reach a 9-heavens immortal king level.

Even if Wu Jun was an 8-heavens immortal king, they need not be afraid, as there were two of them to one of him!

"Where are you going to run now!"

Diabolical Dragon King's face was contorted with spite as he glared at Wu Yu and Wu Jun with malice gleaming in his eyes. He had been driven thoroughly mad by Wu Yu's Somersault Cloud before.

But now there were void chasms all around them. It would be extremely dangerous if Wu Yu were to land in  a bad spot. Perhaps even more dangerous than facing Diabolical Dragon King.

Therefore, he was sure that Wu Yu would not dare to use such a risky method of escape.

He could entirely shut Wu Yu down, and prevent him from escaping.

After they were done divvying up the enemies, they dove straight into it. Why beat around the bush, when you can beat up the enemy instead?

Diabolical Dragon King sneered and rushed Wu Yu. He was too fed up with him, and could not wait to get rid of him.

A sinister shadow shrouded Diabolical Dragon King, and dark clouds materialized within the void. Nine dragon heads could be vaguely seen within them, an imposing sight!

But unfortunately for Diabolical Dragon King, Wu Yu had already anticipated what his opponent would do. As Diabolical Dragon King neared him, Wu Yu turned into the golden ape, using both crusader heavenly rule and Sanctified Flesh heavenly rule at the same time!

His battle will overflowed even from the top of his head, covering the entire golden ape from head to toe in a red haze.

Crusader heavenly rule continued to boost his will and strength, while Sanctified Flesh heavenly rule fortified his body.

Together, Wu Yu's strength swelled like never before.

"Diabolical Dragon's Breath!"

Diabolical Dragon King, from within the dark clouds, fired his Diabolical Dragon's Breath Mystique from all nine heads, forming a terrifying blast of black light that flew towards Wu Yu.

This was the Diabolical Dragon King's ultimate move. It demonstrated his intent to kill Wu Yu instantly. Even a 7-heavens demon king would not be able to defend himself against its sheer destructive power.

Diabolical Dragon's Breath targeted one's physical body, corroding it so that the diabolical breath could enter the body and continue its destructive work.

If it had been Wu Yu in the past, he would have been helpless against such a Mystique, and would have been forced to pull out the Somersault Cloud and flee.

But right now, he felt that he could completely take it on!

Sanctified Flesh heavenly rule and crusader heavenly rule had already been drawn into his golden ape body. Without using Void Reversal, he instead used his first heavenly rule, incandescent heavenly rule!

Golden flames streamed out, bathing the monkey's entire body, and then rushing into the Diabolical Dragon's Breath.

The gold and black clashed and mingled. Diabolical Dragon King was shocked at Wu Yu's fighting power. He had thought that Wu Yu charging into the Diabolical Dragon's Breath was suicide, and his body would emerge in a rotten state.

But now it seemed that the golden figure was bearing well under Diabolical Dragon's Breath. He suddenly rushed out, and Diabolical Dragon's Breath crumbled to pieces behind him!

Wu Yu was very confident that this battle was in the bag. The golden ape looked invincible. He seemed to have dispelled the Diabolical Dragon's Breath thoroughly and easily, rippling the air around him.

With a primal roar, Wu Yu confirmed his own strength. He was now sure that a mere Diabolical Dragon King was not his match!

It was almost as if Diabolical Dragon King and Taotie Demon King had served themselves up on a silver platter for Wu Yu to try his hand on.

Neither Diabolical Dragon King nor Taotie Demon King had expected Wu Yu to be this strong.

And after Taotie Demon King clashed with Wu Jun, he finally realized that his adversary was a 9-heavens immortal king!

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