Chapter 1589: 4-Heavens Immortal King

After going through great lengths to reach the depths of the void chasms, Wu Yu and Wu Jun quickly picked up the aura that must have been from the eternal demon emperor, Apocalyptic Chaos Demon.

The Apocalyptic Chaos Demon and Jiu Ying shared the same roots and probably descended from the same ancestors in ancient times.

As Jiu Ying had nine heads, the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon would obviously have nine too. Now, they were all right in front of Wu Yu and Wu Jun. Those nine daunting heads spanned across the void like nine colossal mountains!

Endless chaos demon qi was still circling around the nine heads. The chaos demon qi was extremely potent and could basically stop any existences that weren't from the Chaos Demon tribe from approaching.

Only Jiu Ying could possibly approach effortlessly. However, the main person involved in devouring the nine heads would still be Wu Yu. Jiu Ying's ability to get closer without effort would be pointless. Therefore, there was still a need to disperse the chaos demon qi.

This was similar to repelling the Baleful Yin qi surrounding the eternal demon emperor corpse when he was in the black sea. Fortunately, it was slightly easier to repel the chaos demon qi as compared to repelling the Baleful Yin qi.

The main factor was because of Wu Jun. At his cultivation realm, although he might not be able to disregard the chaos demon qi completely, it's still possible for him to repel the chaos demon qi. It would just be a little cumbersome.

"I have to set up an immortal design to repel the chaos demon qi constantly into the surrounding void chasms. Wait for me. It will probably take several years."

Wu Jun considered his options and made his decision on using a certain great void immortal design to repel the chaos demon qi.

Other than Wu Yu and Wu Jun, the rest remained in the Floating Dreams Pagoda while waiting for them to repel the chaos demon qi before heading to devour the heads of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon.

After, Wu Jun started putting up the great void immortal design while Wu Yu also put up some defensive immortal designs along the void chasms that they had passed previously. The defensive immortal designs weren't strong but if anyone was to pass through the void chasms into the depths, these immortal designs would buy them some time.

More importantly, once these immortal designs were triggered, Wu Yu would know in the first instance and could get prepared immediately.

Nonetheless, Wu Yu didn't feel anyone would be entering this space. The main reason was still because no one had discovered this place after so many years. Otherwise, the giant Chaos Demon's heads would never be for them to find.

There shouldn't be too many coincidences such that others would enter so deeply into the void chasms shortly after they entered.

Wu Yu was putting up these defensive immortal designs mainly because he had nothing to do. The secondary rationale was for preventive measures.

Soon, ten years had passed. It had been three years since Wu Jun was done with the immortal design. Over these three years, the chaos demon qi in this region was constantly pumped into the surrounding void chasms and had now vanished.

As for Wu Yu, he had put up over ten thousand defensive immortal designs along the void chasms. Some were larger than others. However, they were mainly for alerting purposes and didn't pack much punch.

Once someone approached, Wu Yu would be notified.

When the surrounding chaos demon qi was repelled entirely, Wu Yu knew the time to reap his rewards was here.

Out of the nine gigantic Chaos Demon's heads, Wu Yu had wanted to give one to Wu Jun to try his luck at finding the opportunity to breakthrough the hurdle to become eternal immortal emperor. This was just a gamble.

If one head couldn't do the trick, it would basically be pointless for Wu Jun to devour more heads. This was because the dao enlightenment within the nine heads were identical and shared the same origins, from the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon. Therefore, it wasn't about quantity. All Wu Jun needed was to absorb different understanding of dao from one of the heads so he could apply and assimilate to his own dao.

One head for Wu Jun was sufficient and he was satisfied with it. After all, it didn't take him too long or much efforts to get the head of the Chaos Demon. This amount of time would be equal to a short period of cultivating in seclusion in the Primordial Immortal Empire but the rewards he could get here would be way higher.

Therefore, Wu Jun was interested to follow Wu Yu around Demon Immortal Realm, mainly because of the greater opportunities available. Perhaps the opportunity for him to become an eternal immortal emperor would be discovered when he was in the Demon Immortal Realm.

As for Wu Yu, he took the remaining eight heads of the Chaos Demon. The rest of the group remained in the Floating Dreams Pagoda while waiting for Wu Yu to complete his devouring.

The process of devouring wouldn't take too long for Wu Yu. The most time consuming would be the absorption of dao enlightenment after devouring. The enlightenment from an eternal demon emperor wouldn't be fully digested in a short period of time.

Wu Yu transformed into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast and devoured all eight heads of the Chaos Demon with his devouring ability. Immediately after, he started digesting and assimilating the dao encompassed within!

At this point, Wu Yu couldn't divert his attention towards Wu Jun. The most important task would be the level he could improve to in this opportunity. The optimal scenario would be for him to advance several tiers. If he could reach the level to match a 8-heavens demon king in battle, the devouring of the heads of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor would have been a success.

"The Apocalyptic Demon Emperor was undoubtedly a legendary existence among the eternal demon emperors. The dao lingering in the nine heads is voluminous. If I could digest and absorb all of them, the benefits to my advancement in cultivation realm would be prodigious!"

Wu Yu didn't waste a second and started digesting and assimilating the voluminous dao within the eight gigantic heads. The dao enlightenment was from the eternal demon emperor and far exceeded the current Wu Yu. Therefore the benefits to Wu Yu were clear and apparent.

Moreover, the dao within the eight heads far exceeded the segment of tentacle of the Black Sea Grand Emperor. The segment of tentacle of the Black Sea Grand Emperor in the black sea wouldn't even match one of the eight heads.

Therefore, Wu Yu's rewards were basically close to ten times more than what he reaped in the black sea. 

Obviously, Wu Yu's cultivation realm was higher than when he was at the black sea. Therefore, even though the dao enlightment and power enhancement were greater this time, the advancement in cultivation realm for him was still limited. He wouldn't be able to achieve the drastic improvements like what Jiu Ying had achieved.

Before this, Wu Yu was a 2-heavens immortal king and possessed the incandescent heavenly rule and crusader heavenly rule.

After devouring the eight gigantic heads of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor, the third heavenly rule power in his body quickly gathered. In the end, it was in the shape of a golden heart, hung above Wu Yu's immortal spirit and became his third heavenly rule power. 

Sanctified Flesh Heavenly Rule!

When Sanctified Flesh heavenly rule was used, limitless combat strength covered the entire body, lifting the physical body strength to a whole new level. In short, his physical body would be strengthen several times over instantly. Wu Yu's understanding of the Eternal and Indomitable Vajra Realm was also encompassed. The pain and misery he endured when he was sliced by swords and sabers previously were also engraved into the Sanctified Flesh heavenly rule, enhancing the intensity of it.

Other demon immortals that had similar physical body strength enhancing heavenly rule would at most be one-tenth as effective as Wu Yu's Sanctified Flesh heavenly rule!

One could easily imagine Wu Yu becoming way stronger than before. Although he still wasn't at the level that could go against a 8-heavens demon king, he wouldn't be in a disadvantage even when facing two 7-heavens demon kings.

Previously, when Wu Yu was facing the alliance of Spectral Fire Phoenix and Nightmare Ink Qilin, he could only dodge and escape. If he was held up by both parties, he would be dead for sure if not for the Somersault Cloud.

However, with Sanctified Flesh heavenly rule, Wu Yu was confident of going toe-to-toe with the two 7-heavens demon kings. In fact, even if there was an additional demon king, he was convinced he could give them a run for their money!

This was the drastic change brought upon by the Sanctified Flesh heavenly rule.

However, the energy from the eight gigantic heads of the Chaos Demon wasn't exhausted yet. After forming the Sanctified Flesh heavenly rule, Wu Yu continued his dao enlightenment and path to become a 4-heavens immortal king.

As he progressed to higher cultivation realm, the difference between each tier became even greater. Therefore, even though Wu Yu could face 7-heavens demon king even before this, he still couldn't handle a 8-heavens immortal king after becoming a 3-heavens immortal king.

He had to make further progress!

Wu Yu absorbed the energy and dao enlightenment from the heads of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor incessantly. The fourth heavenly rule power was starting to form over his immortal spirit. This time, all his hairs stood up and started dancing around him.

The hair formed the foundation of creating numerous doppelgangers. Under the influence of dao, the golden air started gathering and formed the image of a golden ape above his immortal spirit. This heavenly rule power was none other than the doppelganger heavenly rule.

The doppelganger heavenly rule could be cast with his 1 million doppelgangers. This was an extremely powerful offensive technique that belonged to his 1 million doppelgangers.

In fact, it would be Wu Yu's strongest technique for now! The doppelganger heavenly rule!

When used with the Void Reversal and his other Mystiques and techniques, Wu Yu felt he could be a match for the Diabolical Dragon King!

Obviously, how it would go was still uncertain. After all, Wu Yu had not tested the might of this technique. Nonetheless, his gut feeling was telling him even if this technique couldn't kill the Diabolical Dragon King, he wouldn't die in a counterattack from the Diabolical Dragon King.

Soon, Wu Yu completed digesting all the enlightenment he could get. His advancement had basically stopped here. For him to make two consecutive breakthroughs from 2-heavens immortal king to 4-heavens immortal king, Wu Yu was satisfied with his rewards.

After, he started Imparting the excess enlightenment to Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi so they would experience an enhancement in strength too. Intially, they were able to battle 6-heavens demon kings. With this improvement, they would be able to face a 7-heavens demon king individually.

However, this required time as the enlightenment couldn't be easily assimilated.

For Wu Yu, the most crucial was Jiu Ying's current condition. Therefore, he made Jiu Ying accept his Imparting before sending him to cultivate in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

The Floating Dreams Pagoda could no longer change the flow of time for the current Wu Yu. However, for existence below the fourth and fifth tier of Immortal Lord Realm, it was still effective. In fact, the flow of time could reach a hundred times quicker!

500 years had passed outside while several tens of thousands of years had passed in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. During this period, Jiu Ying's advancement was stark and he finally broke into the Immortal Lord Realm! 

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