Chapter 1588: Rebirth of Jiu Ying

It was a one-sided affair moving forward.

Jiu Ying clearly had the upperhand under the reinforcement of the Ancient Immortal Dragon Rectifying Extremist immortal design. He was able to hold down the spirit devourer and spirit remnant. Eventually, admist the constant curses by the Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer, the spirit devourer was completely assimilated and became part of Jiu Ying's strength.

The spirit remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon was constantly groaning and unleashing chilling vibes. However, it was a futile attempt as he ended up being absorbed by Jiu Ying.

And thus, all parts within Jiu Ying that didn't belong to him was removed while Jiu Ying's consciousness received a major boost. When the effects of Ancient Immortal Dragon Rectifying Extremist immortal design was revoked, the strength of his spirit could still reach the sum of the spirit devourer and spirit remnant previously.

Jiu Ying would have to recuperate for a period of time subsequently until he became familiarize with the strength of his consciousness and reestablished the chemistry with his own body.

After all, he had been hiding in a corner of his demon spirit for a prologned period previously. He had no control over his body during this period. Therefore, Jiu Ying would need to re-master with some trainings and time.

Wu Yu didn't disturb him and gave him to recuperate.

Before Jiu Ying recovered fully, he wouldn't have time to catch up with Wu Yu. He had to consolidate his demon soul within the shortest time. Now, his demon spirit was exceptionally powerful while his cultivation realm remained depressed. For a demon immortal, this wasn't an ideal state.

Therefore, when Jiu Ying was resting, Wu Yu was considering to gift him with a certain level of Imparting like what he had done with Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi. In this case, Jiu Ying would definitely improve tremendously.

After five hundred years, Jiu Ying finally consolidated his demon spirit and regained full mastery over his body. Only then he opened his eyes.

Hot tears were welling in his eyes. He finally survived through the ordeal.

Previously, he was possessed by the spirit remnant of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor. He was prepared to devoured and had no confidence of surviving. Death felt like the only outcome for him. Subsequently, Diabolical Dragon King found him in a stroke of luck. With the spirit devourer from the Diabolical Dragon King harrassing, he was able to linger on with his last breath of life.

Even so, the future was bleak for Jiu Ying. He couldn't see any chance of surviving unless the spirit devourer of Diabolical Dragon King and the spirit remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon were both destroyed in a clash......

However, he soon realized both the spirit devourer and spirit remnant were too powerful. Even if they both suffered devastating damage and was left with 1% of their strength, they could still easily decimate Jiu Ying's consciousness.

Therefore, Jiu Ying had not harbored hopes since the beginning. 

When Wu Yu showed up, he finally gleamed a glimpse of hope. At that time, it was still too difficult for Wu Yu to rescue him from the hands of the Diabolical Dragon King. At this time, he had witnessed everything Wu Yu had done for him and was moved to his tears.

One could say that the only reason Jiu Ying was still living was entirely because of Wu Yu. Without Wu Yu, he would have been dead. Jiu Ying's body would just become the avatar of the Diabolical Dragon King.

Now, he was reborn! 

"Before we head back for revenge, let me hand you some Imparting so your cultivation can improve." Wu Yu didn't catch up with him for now but was planning to strike the rod while it's hot by Imparting him some enlightenment in cultivation realms. 

Wu Yu had major advantageous in this aspect and even devoured the blood and corpse of an eternal demon emperor. The enlightenment he gained from both occasions was overwhelming and he still could easily hand down a portion to Jiu Ying through Imparting.

When the enlightenment was given to Jiu Ying, his improvements would be by leaps and bounds. Basically, he was progressing a tier a day. Looking at the current pace, it wouldn't be impossible for him to catch up to Wu Yu.

Obviously, Wu Yu had a limit to Imparting enlightenment. Moreover, Jiu Ying's control over his cultivation realm would be weaker when he progressed too rapidly. He would need time to consolidate his gains.

Wu Yu ended the Imparting.

When Jiu Ying finally exited from the state of constant breakthrough, the first thing he did was to hold Wu Yu in his embrace. He had many words but none could express how he feel fully.

He didn't say "thank you" as it would be too distant between the brothers.

However, he brought Wu Yu a piece of extreme good news. "I've learnt the location of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor's corpse. Once we get back to the Demon Immortal Realm, we can go collect our dues immediately!"

"The corpse of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor is the ultimate goal of Taotie Demon King. Diabolical Dragon King also requires it for his avatar to grow stronger...... The head of the eternal demon emperor is the most important part. Most of the enlightnment will be encompassed within and the powers are beyond imagination. If I could devour it, it would greatly help us out," Wu Yu rejoiced.

"Wu Yu, you have the ability to devour. Therefore, we will leave the devouring to you. After all, if we are to try to devour, it would take at least hundreds of thousands of years to digest. Moreover, there would be huge wastage and the cultivation realm enlightnment would barely be 1% of what you will get," remarked Jiu Ying solemnly.

He wanted to give the opportunity to devour to Wu Yu.

This wasn't a bad choice. As Wu Yu had the body and ability of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, devouring the heads of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor would probably just need a few months. Moreover, the cultivation realm enlightenment he could get after devouring would be a lot more than others.

When the time came, Wu Yu just had to Impart one-tenths to Jiu Ying and that would be more than what Jiu Ying could benefit from if he had devoured everything on his own.

This was the superb benefits of Wu Yu's devouring. If there was an eternal demon emperor corpse and assuming his efficiency was 100%, others including Diabolical Dragon King and Taotie Demon King would at most be 10% efficient. More likely than not, it would be a single digit.

"Alright. Let's head back to the Demon Immortal Realm and find the heads of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor. Uncle Wu would be following us." Wu Yu made the decision for the group.

Wu Yu was in a state of ectasy. With Wu Jun around, they would be bullying their way in the Demon Immortal Realm. A 9-heavens immortal king in the Demon Immortal Realm would be the most elite expert. There were few demonic emperors that could be an even match.

As long as they didn't encounter the alliance of those demonic emperors, Wu Yu's group would basically be invincible in the Demon Immortal Realm.

"Uncle Wu, when we find the eternal demon emperor corpse, you should devour a portion too. It would likely still be beneficial for you to break into the ranks of an eternal immortal emperor,"Wu Yu said to Wu Jun.

Wu Jun was several tiers higher than Wu Yu in cultivation realm. Therefore, Wu Yu couldn't use Imparting to him and Wu Jun had to devour the corpse on his own. As to the extent of enlightenment he would get, it would be dependent on himself.


Wu Jun smiled brightly. He wasn't particularly concerned about it as he wasn't stuck before the hurdle to eternal immortal emperor for just a mere year or two. In fact, it had been over ten to twenty thousand years. Therefore, he wasn't in a hurry at all. He also had many years left. Even if he failed to make the breakthrough this time, there would be other opportunities in the future.

Nonetheless, when the opportunity presented itself, he still wanted to fight for it. Perhaps he could advance to become eternal immortal emperor directly if his cultivation realm metamorphosized.

Eternal life and longevity were two completely distinct concepts.

"Let's go."

Wu Yu led the group back into Demon Immortal Realm. As he had the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm, it wouldn't be hard for him to return to the Demon Immortal Realm.

If it was any other demon immortal of the Demon Immortal Realm, he would definitely not be willing to return to the dead and stale place with no future.

Nonetheless, it was a treasured land for Wu Yu. This was because there were still numerous corpses of eternal demon emperors around. Once he was able to find one, it would be a great opportunity to make a breakthrough.

For example, he wasn't just able to rescue Jiu Ying this time. Furthermore, he received news of where the heads of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon were. If he could devour them, it would be hugely beneficial to Wu Yu.

In fact, it wouldn't just be him. Everyone beside Wu Yu could improve greatly.

As Wu Yu's group vanished from the Ancient Demon Realm, they reappeared near the Peak of the Granular Wooden Realm in Demon Immortal Realm. This place was too distant from the Fiendish Underworld Metropolis where Diabolical Dragon King was.

Even if Diabolical Dragon King was to rush here personally, it would take several years. More importantly, Diabolical Dragon King wouldn't know Wu Yu's group would be in this direction.

It seemed like he would always reappear near the Peak of the Granular Wooden Realm when he entered the Demon Immortal Realm from the Ancient Demon Realm.

Fortunately, the heads of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor were relatively closer to where the Peak of the Granular Wooden Realm was. Heading there wouldn't take a long time.

When they arrived in Demon Immortal Realm, only Wu Yu and Wu Jun stayed outside while the rest returned into the Floating Dreams Pagoda to consolidate their cultivation realms or continue cultivating.

The duo moved together and along the way, those weaker demon lords and even demon kings could sense their presence from a far distance away. They hid themselves immediately in fear of offending existences like them.

Even though it wasn't intentional, Wu Jun had the disposition of a 9-heavens immortal king. For these demon lords and demon kings, that would be an existence that could dictate their lives.

As for Wu Yu, his cultivation realm wasn't sufficient to intimidate other demon kings to flee. Nonetheless, even 7-heavens demon king might not be a match for him in battle.

Soon, perhaps he would even be qualified to challenge a 8-heavens demon king. The determinant would be the extent of his improvements after devouring the heads of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor.

The location of the heads of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor was in the depths of consecutive void chasms.

The void chasms of this region were endless. If added together, it would exceed the size of ten Fiendish Underworld Metropolis together. In the eyes of other demon immortals, this was a perilous region. Perhaps most of the demon immortals had assumed there was no longer a safe spot within this region of void chasms.

Jiu Ying had assimilated the spirit remnant of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor and therefore was aware of the extreme depths of this region of void chasms. Ordinary demon immortals would unlikely be able to find this place.

To reach the extreme depths of this region of void chasms, it was already fraught with dangers for Wu Yu and Wu Jun. On some occasions, they only got through by working together seamlessly. Otherwise, they would be drowned in the void chasms.

The void chasms were a part of the Demon Immortal Realm in the past. However, it was destroyed in the major battle that caused the actual territory of the Demon Immortal Realm to shrink substantially from before.

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