Chapter 1586: Seeking Help From An Expert

In his immortal message talisman, Wu Yu told Wu Jun to wait for him at Green Lotus Sky.

At his current cultivation realm, Wu Yu could travel freely between the different worlds. Hence as long as he disguised himself and headed towards Green Lotus Sky, basically no one would notice his arrival.

After sending out the immortal message talisman, Wu Yu disguised himself as the mystical dragon Ao Ding and made his way to Green Lotus Sky.

After the previous incident, Luo Pin's movements were restricted and she was kept under surveillance. However, it was not possible to control Wu Jun. After all, Wu Jun was a 9-heavens immortal king, one who was close to achieving eternal life. Moreover, he was not a key person. It would be useless to control him.

So when Wu Yu reached Green Lotus Sky where they had agreed to meet, he saw that Wu Jun was already there.

"Wu Yu, I have not seen you for a long time. How's your situation now?"

Wu Jun looked sagely like before. He came forward immediately to welcome Wu Yu. Naturally, he was happy to see that Wu Yu was well and alive.

"It's inconvenient to talk here. Follow me to a safe place first."

Wu Yu spoke quickly and decided to bring Wu Jun to the Ancient Demon Realm.

The Ancient Demon Realm was like a forgotten corner under the sky palaces. Although it was a lesser realm, there were problems with this realm, so no one in the sky palaces had noticed this place. If they spoke there, it would be much safer.

Wu Jun also knew that it was not safe for Wu Yu to stay at Green Lotus Sky. Even if he was disguised as a mystical dragon, his identity might still get exposed.

So Wu Jun nodded and followed Wu Yu immediately.

They went through the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm quickly and entered the Ancient Demon Realm.

When they arrived, Wu Yu first heaved a sigh of relief. Then he asked Wu Jun: "Alright, we are safe at this place for the time being. How's Luo Pin?"

He was still very worried about Luo Pin and afraid that she would be bullied by others. After all, what happened the last time round was too serious, and to the extent that almost half of the sky palaces were aware of the incident. It was not a good thing for Luo Pin and definitely had a great impact on her.

"Everything is fine at the moment."

Wu Jun said with a smile: "Now she is basically training in seclusion and sealed off from the outside world. However, her movements are strictly monitored by the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, so she can't come out and we can't get in touch with her. What's certain is that she's alright now. As long as you're well, you can come back again one day."

"Then I'm relieved."

Wu Yu was reassured by Wu Jun's words, so he relaxed a little and nodded.

Wu Jun was the only person in the sky palaces that Wu Yu could trust now. He knew that Wu Jun was sincere towards him and Luo Pin. Even now and after the incident, he did not back away but cared more about them.

"Oh right, were you in the Demon Immortal Realm during this period of time? What happened there?" After Wu Jun finished updating Wu Yu on Luo Pin, he started to ask about Wu Yu's situation.

"I'm asking you for a favour now and it has got something to do with the Demon Immortal Realm."

Wu Yu said respectfully: "This is a good friend of mine from the human realm. He ascended to the Demon Immortal Realm not long ago, but he encountered some problems in the Demon Immortal Realm and he is in trouble now. I have no ideas how I can help him, so I can only seek your help."

"I don't know what happened in the Demon Immortal Realm, but it was destroyed by a great battle. All the eternal demon emperors in the Demon Immortal Realm have been wiped out. Now all the demon immortals in the Demon Immortal Realm are those that ascended later. Basically, the 9-heavens demon kings are the strongest."

"The whole Demon Immortal Realm has been torn apart because of the battle. Originally, it was an area as big as the 8000 sky palaces, but it is full of void chasms now. If one gets accidentally sucked in, one will certainly die. The Demon Immortal Realm should also have a very rich immortal qi. However there are no traces of immortal qi now and the whole Demon Immortal Realm has become extremely barren."

"As for what my friend Jiu Ying had encountered, it has something to do with a 8-heavens demon king in the Demon Immortal Realm and an eternal immortal emperor from the past......"

Wu Yu explained briefly to Wu Jun the existing situation in the Demon Immortal Realm and about Jiu Ying.

Wu Jun did not expect for something like that to happen to the Demon Immortal Realm. After all, the immortals in the sky palaces seldom visited the Demon Immortal Realm. As for now, it was even more definite that no one would go to the Demon Immortal Realm. Hence, it was natural that Wu Jun had never heard of what happened in the Demon Immortal Realm.

In fact, Wu Yu guessed that some eternal immortal emperors in the sky palaces were unaware of the situation in the Demon Immortal Realm.

After listening to Wu Yu's explanation, Wu Jun recalled what happened the day when Wu Yu was trapped by the Primeval Mighty Miracle God. The Demon Immortal Realm had indeed really been destroyed......

However, what surprised Wu Jun even more was Wu Yu's current strength.

Wu Jun was in shock after hearing that Wu Yu had defeated a 7-heavens demon king, the Darkstrife Beast, alone. He said: "I can't believe that you have reached such a level in a short period of time, and can defeat a demon king with the powers of a seventh tier Great Void Immortal Realm! This is equivalent to my brother's level. You're too amazing!"

The Baiyin Dragon King used to be a very powerful being in Wu Yu's eyes. At the Primordial Immortal Empire, he and Luo Pin had always been under the protection of the Baiyin Dragon King and his wife.

In a blink of an eye, Wu Yu's strength now were on par with the Baiyin Dragon King.

Wu Yu did not feel anything when he did not think about it. However after seeing Wu Jun's reaction, he could not help feeling gratified that his devour ability had improved his strength so rapidly.

"Based on your progress, it will not be a problem for you to surpass me. Perhaps you may even be one step ahead of me in achieving eternal life. Haha!"

Wu Jun laughed heartily.

Since that incident, he had not been so happy for a long time. But now, he really saw what potential Wu Yu had and knew that it would only take a few ten thousand years for Wu Yu to rise to power.

These ten thousand years would just be a flash to the eternal immortal emperors in the sky palaces.

But to Wu Yu, this flash of time was all he needed to be able to reach or even surpass those eternal immortal emperors. When that happened, those eternal immortal emperors would definitely be in shock.

But of course, now was not the time yet.

Wu Yu could only flee when facing a 8-heavens demon king, not to mention an eternal immortal emperor. But the day when he surpassed them would not be too far away.

With his devour ability, Wu Yu was confident to rise to power at a speed that the world could not imagine.

Of course, the most important thing now was to resolve the problem and rescue Jiu Ying. It would also definitely be of great help to Wu Yu if he could devour the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's head as well.

"The Diabolical Dragon King wants to use the spirit devourer to devour the remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's soul in Jiu Ying's body. In this way, he can take control of Jiu Ying's body and transform him into his avatar. At present, the spirit devourer and spirit remnant in Jiu Ying's body are basically suppressed and dare not to come out. However they cannot be eradicated. Under such circumstances, Jiu Ying cannot recover too."

Wu Yu explained the situation of Jiu Ying in detail. Then he asked Wu Jun: "Does senior have any ideas on how to eradicate this spirit devourer and spirit remnant permanently?"

Wu Jun frowned. He thought for a while and said: "The design that you described just now is called the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design? And that spirit devourer is created from the Ancient Demon Dragon Devourer technique. I have to go back and do some research. I can also ask some friends to see if there is any way to break through such techniques. "

"Thank you, uncle."

Wu Yu nodded.

He also knew that it was difficult for Wu Jun to come up with a way immediately to solve the problem, so he understood that Wu Jun needed time to go back and research. Fortunately, Wu Yu was in the Ancient Demon Realm and would not encounter any dangers at the moment.

It was also impossible for the Diabolical Dragon King to go to the Ancient Demon Realm, so they had ample time. What was left was to find a solution.

Wu Jun nodded and went back to the sky palaces to look for clues and search for information.

During this period of time, Wu Yu suppressed the spirit devourer and spirit remnant in Jiu Ying's body and waited for Wu Jun's news.

After half a year had passed, Wu Jun finally sent news to Wu Yu!

Hence, Wu Yu headed to Green Lotus Sky to meet Wu Jun. Very quickly, they returned to the Ancient Demon Realm. At this point, the spirit devourer in Jiu Ying had emerged again and was cursing and scolding away. This spirit devourer would periodically surface when Wu Yu was distracted to curse and threaten him. The spirit devourer wanted Wu Yu to return to the Demon Immortal Realm and admit his crimes to the Diabolical Dragon King.

Once Wu Yu threatened to use the Spirit Chaser Art on the spirit devourer, it would quickly hide into a corner inside the Jiu Ying demon immortal. Wu Yu had no way of punishing it.

It would wait patiently and resurface when Wu Yu dropped his guard to curse and swear again.

However, there was no way that Wu Yu would listen to its threats.

When Wu Yu brought Wu Jun over, Wu Yu knew that it was time for them to discuss of a way to get rid of the spirit devourer and spirit remnant. Hence, together with Jiu Ying's body, he sent them into the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

He would not allow the spirit devourer and spirit remnant to hear what Wu Jun was about to say. Otherwise, they might think of a plan to counter Wu Jun's idea. If that happened, Wu Yu would be in trouble.

Therefore, out of sight, out of mind, Wu Yu directly shut them into the Floating Dreams Pagoda. He would only release the spirit devourer and spirit remnant when he was prepared to destroy both of them.

"Senior, have you found a way?"

Wu Yu was anticipating a solution.

Wu Jun nodded: "From the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design that you've described, I found and studied a similar type of immortal design. This design should be able to handle such situations. Also, before I left, I said that I will be travelling as part of my training for some time. Hence, I'm going to stay with you during this period of time. I'm also quite curious about the Demon Immortal Realm."

Wu Yu was pleasantly surprised to hear Wu Jun's words. This was indeed good news to him.

Most importantly, Wu Jun was a 9-heavens immortal king. In the Demon Immortal Realm, he would be on the same level as the few strongest demonic emperors! He would be a being much stronger than the Diabolical Dragon King. He could only bow down and submit to Wu Jun.

Wu Yu could imagine a brighter future when he returned to the Demon Immortal Realm after saving Jiu Ying from the spirit devourer and spirit remnant. At that time, he would have someone strong backing him. With a 9-heavens immortal king on his side, the average demon immortald would no longer pose any threat. In fact, he could even order those demonic emperors around!

If that was the case, it would be much more convenient for Wu Yu regardless of what he wanted to do – to investigate that great battle or to search for the eternal demon emperor corpse to devour.

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