Chapter 1585: Back to Ancient Demon Realm

Diabolical Dragon King and Taotie Demon King conferred briefly in private, and then came up with a plan.

However, getting the plan heard was a bit tricky.

They waited for Wu Yu to use the Spirit Chaser Art on the remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's soul, and allow Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer to seize Jiu Ying's body.

Before Wu Yu's Spirit Chaser Art landed, the spirit devourer shouted: "Wait! We have a proposal. Will you hear it?"

Wu Yu wanted to know their plans as well. After all, he was also a little worn out from constantly using Spirit Chaser Art, and would welcome the chance to recover.

He nodded. "Say on."

"How about this. You now hold the power, and I promise you that after we get the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's head, we will give you 40 percent. How's that!"

The spirit devourer appealed eagerly.

Wu Yu was surprised by this development. Such a big concession of 40 percent meant that both Diabolical Dragon King and Taotie Demon King were only getting 30 percent each. And that was not factoring in Spectral Fire Phoenix and Nightmare Ink Qilin's share.

Diabolical Dragon King and Taotie Demon King were sure that Wu Yu would agree to these conditions. After all, for two 8-heavens demon kings to concede so much to a mere 7-heavens demon king was quite remarkable.

The way they saw it, Wu Yu's cultivation realm might be lower, but he was definitely a 7-heavens demon king since he was able to kill Darkstrife Beast. Still, there was a huge gap between him and 8-heavens demon kings.

Historically, no 7-heavens demon king had ever been given such an honor, to get a bigger share of the award than 8-heavens demon kings!

The two 8-heavens demon kings guessed that Wu Yu simply wanted more of the prize. What other reason could he have for stealing Jiu Ying's body?

He could not possibly kill Jiu Ying and sever all clues to the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon. Therefore, they were sure that he would agree to a larger reward.

Of course, they had privately agreed to kill Wu Yu after the deed was done. And being traitorous by nature, both of them plotted to kill each other after Wu Yu was dead, taking the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's skull for themselves.

Between them, Diabolical Dragon King had a higher chance of success. After all, he had his two lieutenants Spectral Fire Phoenix and Nightmare Ink Qilin with him, to repel Taotie Demon King together.

Wu Yu was naturally all too clear as to what they were thinking.

Therefore, Wu Yu cheekily pressed further. "How about 90 percent then? If we don't work together, you two won't even get 10 percent. But now you can get 10 percent. How's that?"

These were fighting words, but both were still in the dark as to Wu Yu's true purpose.

All he wanted to do was to save Jiu Ying!

Therefore, he could not hand over Jiu Ying or allow the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design to be completed. Otherwise, Jiu Ying's consciousness would be devoured and lost forever.

Hearing Wu Yu's reply, both of the demon kings flew into a great rage. They had not expected this level of greed.

However, they could not catch Wu Yu. If he did not cooperate, they indeed would have nothing at all. Therefore, they had no choice but to accept first.

Diabolical Dragon King, in control of Jiu Ying, shouted: "90 percent it is! I hope that you can stomach it, or you will die trying!"

They had even accepted that?

Wu Yu felt that this was all too blatant. Acquiescing to his exorbitant demands was too fishy.

He snorted. "You two are trying to get rid of me later right? These negotiations are over, unless you two can think of a way for me to leave safely after taking 90 percent of the eternal demon emperor corpse."

Obviously there was no such way. How could either demon king be content with just 5 percent?

This was merely Wu Yu's strategy to buy more time.

With this parting shot, he gave them no more chance to reply, but sent another shot of Spirit Chaser Art their way. He blasted the spirit devourer away from Jiu Ying's body, which was immediately seized by the remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's soul!

On the other side, both Diabolical Dragon King and Taotie Demon King were steaming from the ears.

They were truly helpless against Wu Yu. How they wished he would fall into their hands, where they could tear him into a million pieces!

The negotiations had failed. They could not possibly think of a way for Wu Yu to leave safely. That would be a huge slap to their own faces.

They continued to chase Wu Yu.

As for Wu Yu, he had thought of another problem after using Spirit Chaser Art for a while.

Nangong Wei had grown stronger under repeated uses of Spirit Chaser Art against Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, and finally grew strong enough to take her on.

But Jiu Ying's situation was a little different. Jiu Ying not only had the spirit devourer inside him, but also the spirit remnant. If Jiu Ying's consciousness grew stronger, the spirit devourer and remnant would definitely work together to eliminate his consciousness first.

Not what Wu Yu wanted to see.

That would be a regrettable outcome indeed.

"Being chased around by Diabolical Dragon King is too unsettling to get Jiu Ying back up and running... Best leave Demon Immortal Realm."

Wu Yu was not a demon immortal, and had only come here to find Jiu Ying, and perhaps investigate the major battle of the past.

Therefore, he could leave at any time.

Now that he had found Jiu Ying, he might as well leave to settle that first.

Thoughts clarified, Wu Yu did not hesitate, but immediately opened the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm, pulling Jiu Ying through with him to the Ancient Demon Realm!

As Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm closed, neither Diabolical Dragon King nor Taotie Demon King could follow him. Diabolical Dragon King even lost his feeling of the spirit devourer.

This made him panic. He had never encountered such a situation before.

Taotie Demon King was equally shocked to hear this.

The two 8-heavens demon kings had completely lost Wu Yu's trail. They were both alarmed and antsy. With the trail going cold, how were they to find that slippery guy in the boundless Demon Immortal Realm?


Wu Yu had no time to care about their feelings.

He was now in Ancient Demon Realm with Jiu Ying.

The spirit devourer still had its own awareness, but was also shocked that it was in a new place, the connection with Diabolical Dragon King broken.

This place had rich spiritual qi, far beyond the Fiendish Underworld qi in Demon Immortal Realm. It even had a better quality to it, that was more conducive for cultivation.

This was definitely not the barren world of the Demon Immortal Realm!

How had the kid left Demon Immortal Realm?

Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer was reeling. Of course, he was astounded. Severing the connection meant that Diabolical Dragon King had lost the trail.

A big blow to Diabolical Dragon King. Devastating.

Before Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer could respond, Wu Yu had hit it again. Regardless whether spirit devourer or remnant, Wu Yu smacked at it. Without Diabolical Dragon King chasing him, Wu Yu could completely lay into the attacks!

Spirit Chaser Art blasted out with a frenzy, continuing to cut away at both. Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer continued to scream, but Wu Yu was relentless. The screams fell on deaf ears, and he was unswayed from his goal of saving Jiu Ying.

This process continued for a few hundred years!

At this time, both spirit devourer and remnant were worn down, cowering in Jiu Ying's body. As for Jiu Ying, he probably also sensed Wu Yu's help, and therefore had not appeared, quietly hiding himself.

"Stalemate, it seems."

Wu Yu frowned.

Both spirit devourer and spirit remnant were cowering, and yet both were still far beyond what Jiu Ying's awareness could defeat. Therefore, Jiu Ying's awareness could not come out, or risk being wiped out by the other two.

But if they were all hiding, Wu Yu's Spirit Chaser Art could not work.

Jiu Ying's body was currently in an ownerless state, sitting blank and wooden, as none of the demon immortals took control of it.

"I have to find someone who can help me. But who?"

Wu Yu thought of somebody. The dragon king of Primordial Immortal Empire, Primordial Immortal Dragon Wu Jun!

Wu Jun was a 9-heavens immortal king, and also Luo Pin's uncle. Wu Yu considered him the only possibility. Besides, as a Primordial Immortal Dragon, he might have something suitable to deal with Diabolical Dragon King's methods.

Wu Yu immediately sent an immortal message talisman to Wu Jun.

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