Chapter 1584: Run Away

After Wu Yu snatched Jiu Ying away, he immediately left the Fiendish Underworld Metropolis area.

However, he knew that Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer was still in Jiu Ying. If he did not remove the spirit devourer quickly, his location would be known at all times.

But since Wu Yu had used the Somersault Cloud to get away so quickly, he had bought some time for himself, although it was not a permanent solution.

He took Jiu Ying in tow and reached a remote and barren area far away.

"How can I deal with the spirit devourer and the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's spirit remnant?" Wu Yu continued to rack his brains, but came up with nothing.

Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were both in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, and could not help Wu Yu. With no better idea, Wu Yu could only flee with Jiu Ying.

Suddenly, Jiu Ying's eyes flared open with a violent and threatening glare. "No matter who you are, you seek your own death by messing with me and Taotie Demon King. Stop immediately and leave the body of Jiu Ying behind, and I will let you live!"

From his tone and expression, Wu Yu knew that Jiu Ying was being controlled by Diabolical Dragon King.

Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer currently held the predominant position in Jiu Ying's body, and could easily control him, using him as a vessel to convey his threats to Wu Yu and also learn his location.


Wu Yu laughed unconcernedly, completely uncowed.

Although the Diabolical Dragon King could control Jiu Ying's body, but Jiu Ying's cultivation realm was too low to escape from Wu Yu. However, this meant that Wu Yu had to constantly watch him, or Jiu Ying would fly back to Diabolical Dragon King.

Wu Yu did not reply, choosing to direct his thoughts towards a way to save Jiu Ying.

Even before he had thought of anything, Diabolical Dragon King and Taotie Demon King were already hot on his heels. They would not take long to reach his location.

Spectral Fire Phoenix and Nightmare Ink Qilin were also close behind. The four demon kings were moving together now, bent on catching Wu Yu. If news of this got out, they would be left empty-handed, all of their painstaking efforts wasted.

As they came bearing down, they saw the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast form of Wu Yu, and their hearts leaped. They were anxious to take him down.

But how could Wu Yu be an obedient little sitting duck and wait for them to attack him?

One somersault, and he vanished before their eyes!

Seeing this, Diabolical Dragon King and the others continued to chase. They had already come so far, and could not possibly give up the chase. To acquire the eternal demon emperor corpse, they needed Jiu Ying, and for that they would do anything.

The chase continued. Wu Yu was almost caught a few times, but used Somersault Cloud to easily dodge his pursuers.

If this continued, Wu Yu could not save Jiu Ying. Besides, he had not thought of any way to remove the spirit devourer and spirit remnant from Jiu Ying's body.

Just like that, Wu Yu's figure flitted all around Demon Immortal Realm, each time appearing in a deserted place, and vanishing again when Diabolical Dragon King and the rest caught up.

The Demon Immortal Realm was boundless - originally a place as large as the 8000 sky palaces, although it had been ravaged by the battle.

There had not been many demon immortals who ascended recently either. They were but a modest colony of ants in the wide, wide world.

Demon Immortal Realm had many completely empty areas where demon immortals had never even come to before.

However, these areas all showed signs of that past epic battle, that remained even till present day. The ghastliness of the time still echoed in the shattered remnants, the destruction evident to behold.

Wu Yu had been on the run for a long time, and successfully avoided drawing the other demon immortals' attention. After all, this concerned Jiu Ying, and so they would not let the news spread.

As for Diabolical Dragon King and the others, they too were relieved to know that Wu Yu had not yet exposed the secret. They knew that Wu Yu was also coveting the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's head. In that case, they could afford to hunt him down slowly. When they caught him, the matter would be settled.

But what they did not know was that Wu Yu had hit upon a way to deal with the spirit devourer and remnant.

"Fool of a Wu!"

Seeing Wu Yu run around Demon Immortal Realm like a headless housefly, the long-missing Ming Long appeared in Wu Yu's mind. "Seems like you really can't do without this girl! Don't you remember using Spirit Chaser Art against Nangong Wei?"

Spirit Chaser Art!

Ming Long's reminder made Wu Yu remember immediately.

Back then, Wu Yu had used Spirit Chaser Art repeatedly against Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord in order to imprison her and save Nangong Wei.

Under the constant assault of Spirit Chaser Art, Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord had grown weaker and weaker, allowing Nangong Wei's awareness to grow in strength, until they were finally equal......

This made Wu Yu recall his wedding, and Nangong Wei's unfeeling expression in the crowd. The memory still cut him deeply.

Until now, Wu Yu did not know if the person on that day was Nangong Wei or Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord!

He shook his head, clearing his mind of those melancholy thoughts. All he cared about now was saving Jiu Ying. Since he now had the Spirit Chaser Art as his solution, then he simply had to create a way to use it.

Ming Long had been resting before, and her timely appearance had given Wu Yu that brilliant solution.

"Spirit Chaser Art should be able to target the main consciousness in Jiu Ying's body!"

Wu Yu thought. There were three different consciousnesses within Jiu Ying's body now. First, Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer. Second, Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's spirit remnant. Thirdly, Jiu Ying himself.

These three consciousnesses within Jiu Ying's body would be able to control Jiu Ying's body if they were the dominant one.

Currently, Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer was strongest. As the primary consciousness, Wu Yu's Spirit Chaser Art woudl definitely target it!

Wu Yu did not hesitate, but used the time he had bougth with Somersault Cloud to use Spirit Chaser Art on Jiu Ying's body.

The attack of Spirit Chaser Art was more than Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer could handle. It was diminished, and fled to a corner of Jiu Ying's spirit.

This sudden change startled Diabolical Dragon King.

However, Wu Yu would not care about what Diabolical Dragon King was feeling. He was delighted to see that Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer had been lessened by Spirit Chaser Art. Clearly it had been wounded. Although the damage was not that apparent, but it showed that the Spirit Chaser Art was indeed effective.

If that was the case, then Spirit Chaser Art would probably be effective against the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's spirit remnant as well.

As the spirit devourer fled, the spirit remnant seized control. Jiu Ying's eyes were violent and feral, a chilling aura flooding from him!

This was Jiu Ying, controlled by the remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's soul.

This Jiu Ying did not have much by way of sentience. It could only snarl. When it saw Wu Yu before it, it tried to attack him.

Wu Yu casually dodged those attacks, and then used Spirit Chaser Art to slice off a portion of this spirit remnant. The stinging blow sent it fleeing as well.

With that, Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer again seized control, only to suffer another dose of Spirit Chaser Art. It was again wounded.

This repeated many times, and both spirit devourer and spirit remnant continued to be cut down in size.

Both were far greater than Jiu Ying's consciousness, and so Wu Yu could attack them both freely without worrying about hurting Jiu Ying's real consciousness for now.

After a few more times, the four demon kings had again arrived. As they saw Wu Yu, Diabolical Dragon King immediately struck, but Wu Yu was prepared, vanishing once again.

This agility made Diabolical Dragon King's teeth itch, but there was nothing he could do.

"You damned senile dragon! If not because you gave the kid a chance to snatch the body, would we be in this shitty situation?" Taotie Demon King was frustrated at not being able to catch Wu Yu after all this time, and started to vent it on Diabolical Dragon King.

Diabolical Dragon King was no mushy persimmon. He flared up in return: "Taotie you old rascal, weren't you yipping in agreement back then as well? Otherwise why would I have done as he wished? This is no time for assigning blame. We have to think of something!"

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