Chapter 1583: Kidnapping

"Little rascal, you dare lie to me!"

Taotie Demon King whirled around to face Wu Yu, bristling with anger. His 10,000 eyes were narrowed in fury. He was not only intimidating him, but also trying to hold Wu Yu there.

With this pact between Taotie Demon King and Diabolical Dragon King, he had basically forced Diabolical Dragon King to share the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's head with him. This meant that there was no need to keep Wu Yu around anymore.

Technically, it was thanks to Wu Yu's actions that he could force Diabolical Dragon King to the negotiation table. More, Wu Yu had helped to stall the two 7-heavens demon kings. Otherwise, Diabolical Dragon King would have been able to deal with Taotie Demon King, and leave his two subordinates to complete the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design.

But in the Demon Immortal Realm, where the strong preyed on the weak, strength was the absolute logic. Now that Wu Yu was no longer of use to Taotie Demon King, he naturally wanted to punish the little imp who had deceived him.

Seeing the situation, Diabolical Dragon King wanted to strike at Wu Yu immediately as well. Along with Spectral Fire Phoenix and Nightmare Ink Qilin, they all attacked him!

They had not really wasted too much time, attacking immediately without giving Wu Yu much time to respond.

But neither Diabolical Dragon King nor Taotie Demon King were as prepared as Wu Yu was to beat it.

Plus, Wu Yu's beating-it ability was top class.

Taotie Demon King's aura surged simultaneously as Diabolical Dragon King's Mystique came descending on him. Wu Yu flipped backwards, vanishing from their sight!


Diabolical Dragon King's nine dragon heads sputtered in surprise and frustration. He even knew that Wu Yu had some awesome escape technique, and had come prepared.

He was extremely grumpy. Taotie Demon King had been even nearer, and still not managed to catch Wu Yu. This was a disgrace to 8-heavens demon kings.

"Couldn't resist one last dig from your fat mouth, could you? Couldn't just finish the job at hand, could you?"

Diabolical Dragon King snarled at Taotie Demon King. The way he saw it, if Taotie Demon King had just gotten straight to it, Wu Yu would be dead by now.

But Taotie Demon King was not about to take this smearing. His 10,000 eyes mocked Diabolical Dragon King back in return: "You knew that he had such an escape technique, but still failed to catch him so many times before. And now you're blaming me?"

The feud between the two had not yet ended. They were just about to start arguing in earnest when Spectral Fire Phoenix King interrupted: "Mighty dragon king, that punk has appeared again. He isn't far!"

This got their attention. They saw that Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was indeed on a nearby peak.

Neither 8-heavens demon king dared to act lightly. If Wu Yu again used his technique, they would have lost him for good.

"What do you want to do?"

Taotie Demon King glowered at Wu Yu.

He had once been allies with Wu Yu, and had not sensed anything remarkable about him. But now that they were enemies, the guy was slippery as a mudskipper.

His plucky reappearance was definitely backed by ability. Therefore, Taotie Demon King did not immediately respond. He knew the chances of catching Wu Yu were low.

Therefore, he could only turn and ask Wu Yu what he was up to.

Diabolical Dragon King was watching hungrily as well, also afraid to act, fearful that Wu Yu would run. The main problem was that Wu Yu knew about the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon from Darkstrife Beast. It was as though this guy had Darkstrife Beast's memories, and then altered them to deceive Taotie Demon King.

If Wu Yu exposed this affair, then both he and Taotie Demon King would face a lot of heat.

The Apocalyptic Chaos Demon head was not even theirs yet. It would definitely attract the demonic emperors as well.

Not a situation they hoped for.

Wu Yu knew what they were thinking as well. That was why he had appeared again, to negotiate with them. After all, his ultimate goal was to save Jiu Ying. He could not just leave like that. If word of this got out, Jiu Ying would be in even greater danger.

Therefore, he needed to pave the way with even more chances.

"What do I want?"

Wu Yu immediately answered Taotie Demon King: "I too want a piece of Apocalyptic Demon Emperor's head. Otherwise, I will spread the news far and wide, and neither of you can do anything about it! Haha!"

He was a cocky one, and yet they could do nothing but take it. After all, what was more important than an eternal demon emperor corpse to a demon king?

Neither of them could imagine that Wu Yu's true goal was to save Jiu Ying.

After hearing Wu Yu's demand, Taotie Demon King and Diabolical Dragon King looked at each other and then nodded. They could only concede now. They could not possibly chase him away. They had to keep his mouth shut.

"10 percent for you. That's decent. Satisfied?"

Diabolical Dragon King gave a tight-lipped smile. This was the most that he could offer. Although they would definitely find a way to get rid of Wu Yu, but they could not see a resolution yet. And if they offered too much, Wu Yu would get suspicious.

"10 percent is the same deal as with Taotie Demon King. Not enough. I want 20 percent. 10 percent from each of you will do it." Wu Yu demanded. He was just a 7-heavens demon king, but could already bargain as an equal against Diabolical Dragon King and Taotie Demon King. He was really something different.

Neither Spectral Fire Phoenix nor Nightmare Ink Qilin would have dared. They too wanted a part of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon, but they did not have the right to speak!

Wu Yu had an escape technique that could slip past the two demon kings, which was why they were afraid of his loose tongue. If either Spectral Fire Phoenix or Nightmare Ink Qilin showed signs of doing the same, Diabolical Dragon King would cut them down without a thought.

That was the difference between them, between Wu Yu and other 7-heavens demon kings.

Taotie Demon King and Diabolical Dragon King conferred, and then decided that 10 percent each was something they could live with. They grudgingly agreed to Wu Yu's terms. With this, the three came to a temporary truce.

Next, Taotie Demon King suggested to Diabolical Dragon King: "If that's the case, you go ahead and set the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design, old dragon. Devour the remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's soul, and find out where the skull is."

This was precisely what Diabolical Dragon King was intending to do. Once the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design was up and running, he could deal with Jiu Ying. As for the head, that was another story. Perhaps he would find a chance to get rid of both Taotie Demon King and Wu Yu......

Diabolical Dragon King nodded, preparing to give the command to his underlings to continue building the great void immortal design.

Only the two 8-heavens demon kings, two 7-heavens demon kings, and one Wu Yu knew about this. Diabolical Dragon King first went to call his underlings.

But this was no good news for Wu Yu. He was not here for an eternal demon emperor corpse. He was here for Jiu Ying,and hopefully not as a corpse. If the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design was completed, Jiu Ying was in danger. Once Diabolical Dragon King's devouring abilities were effective against Jiu Ying, his consciousness would be vulnerable once the remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's soul was gone. He would be killed easily!

Therefore, Wu Yu quickly interjected before he could call the demon kings. "Wait a moment. We haven't seen any evidence of your story up till now. We don't know if it's true. Unless you can bring out the body which hosts the remnant to show us. Only then will we believe what you say!"

This was a fairly sound request, and Taotie Demon King also agreed upon hearing it. They could not simply trust Diabolical Dragon King on the basis of this "Jiu Ying body".

Therefore, Taotie Demon King agreed neutrally. "Indeed. Bring out the Jiu Ying body and show it to us, old dragon. That will be proof enough."

Diabolical Dragon King had no reason to refuse their request. After all, they had already hammered down the details of the plan. If all they wanted was proof, that was no danger to Diabolical Dragon King.

Therefore, he pulled out Jiu Ying from the Diabolical Dragon Palace, bringing him before Taotie Demon King and Wu Yu.

"This is the body of Jiu Ying! The remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's soul is within. Once I devour it, I'll know the location of the head. This process requires the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design's aid." Diabolical Dragon King said candidly.

"Wait, I want to inspect it."

Wu Yu's heartbeat quickened upon seeing Jiu Ying, and an idea came to mind.

"Go on then."

Diabolical Dragon King stood to one side. He was unafraid of any tricks Wu Yu might have. He even had an evil gleam in his eye. Perhaps he would kill Wu Yu as he approached.

Of course, he would not strike unless he was 100% sure.

Otherwise, if Wu Yu escaped again, persuading him would not be so easy.

Wu Yu inched closer to Jiu Ying. Just as he was within arm's reach, he lunged forth, grabbing Jiu Ying and immediately somersaulting. He vanished with the Somersault Cloud!

Taotie Demon King and Diabolical Dragon King were left gaping open-mouthed at the scene. The kid had stolen Jiu Ying's body?

They were completely gobsmacked. The body of Jiu Ying was just an incomplete husk. What was the kid going to do with it? Could he be trying to find the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor's head all by himself?

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