Chapter 1581: Ulterior Motives

In this exchange so far, Diabolical Dragon King had come off much worse.

Not only had he failed to subdue Taotie Demon King, but "Bloodsucking Scourge" had even slain one of his important lieutenants, Darkstrife Beast. The overall strength of Fiendish Underworld Metropolis had been greatly diminished.

Diabolical Dragon King would only become even more aggressive, and would likely direct his aggression at Bloodsucking Scourge. Of course, everyone now knew that it was not the original Bloodsucking Scourge, but some other imposter.

But as to what method he was using to even be able to mimic Bloodsucking Scourge's Mystiques, they had no idea.

"Search the area!"

Diabolical Dragon King mobilized the entire Fiendish Underworld Metropolis, ordering to look high and low, far and wide for information. They were to immediately report anything related to Taotie Demon King and "Bloodsucking Scourge".

He even sent subordinates to 10,000 Demons Ancient Lands as spies. If 10,000 Eyed Taotie returned, he would immediately know.

Diabolical Dragon King could not possibly let Spectral Fire Phoenix and Nightmare Ink Qilin search separately now. Since they were only searching for them, he left it to his other underlings. Even if they met with danger, Diabolical Dragon King would not mind too much.

Mere 3 and 4-heavens demon kings - who would care?

The entire Fiendish Underworld Metropolis was on its feet now, but searching cautiously. They could not possibly stomp around in a conspicuous manner - word of Darkstrife Beast's demise had already spread, and no one wanted to face a similar fate.

Many were secretly in opposition. Once they left, they found a place to hole up in. Many could see that things at Fiendish Underworld Metropolis were looking bleak, and did not want to face danger themselves.

After things calmed down, if Diabolical Dragon King still remained in power, then they would return then.


Wu Yu and Taotie Demon King both fled from Fiendish Underworld Metropolis separately, leaving swiftly.

Coincidentally, both headed for the same direction. Not long after 10,000 Eyed Taotie left, he saw "Bloodsucking Scourge" approaching from behind, albeit now in the form of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast.

"What on earth are you?"

Taotie Demon King whirled to confront him with an imperious attitude.

Although it had been Wu Yu who had just allowed him to escape by holding back Spectral Fire Phoenix King, but after leaving Underworld Dragon's Den, Taotie Demon King regained his former imperious manner. To him, an 8-heavens demon king was nothing to cross.

This guy might have saved him, but Bloodsucking Scourge might well have met a similar fate as Darkstrife Beast at his hands.

Therefore, Taotie Demon King did not feel much goodwill towards Wu Yu.

"I am just an insignificant demon king who stumbled across Diabolical Dragon King's secret and came out to try my luck." Wu Yu answered casually. Now that his identity had been exposed, he had to change his tack towards Taotie Demon King.

Taotie Demon King demanded harshly: "You killed Bloodsucking Scourge?"

"Indeed! However, isn't the great king more concerned about the eternal demon emperor corpse? What does a mere subordinate matter!"

Wu Yu said knowingly, paired with a thin smile.

As he had guessed, Taotie Demon King's heartbeat quickened upon hearing those magic words, Bloodsucking Scourge's fall already far away from his mind. At first, he had intended to punish Wu Yu, but now he simply wanted the information that Wu Yu had.

"What news do you have? If you dare to lie to an 8-heavens demon king like myself, I think you know your fate." Taotie Demon King's face turned serious as he tried to put a scare into Wu Yu.

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast features were unfazed. "You know of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor?"

"Isn't that an eternal demon emperor? You mean you know where Apocalyptic Demon Emperor's body is? And it's related to that Diabolic Dunderhead?" Taotie Demon King guessed.

He was extremely obsessed with such news. He had still been speculating about what treasures Diabolical Dragon King had. If it was an eternal demon emperor corpse, that would explain the commotion at Underworld Dragon's Den.

As for Wu Yu, he naturally did not want to tell him the truth. Besides, he had to erase all traces of Jiu Ying from this tale, to prevent any more unsavory sentiment from heading his way.

In any case, Jiu Ying had not appeared at all in the clash between Taotie Demon King and Diabolical Dragon King, and no one would think him related to this.

Unless they were like Wu Yu, who could know the complete truth by devouring.

Therefore, Wu Yu could keep the details hazy for now, just saying: "Apocalyptic Demon Emperor comes from the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon bloodline. You also saw that I just killed Darkstrife Beast and obtained his body. I have a Mystique that allows me to obtain their memories in a short time. Therefore, I know that Diabolical Dragon King has a portion of Apocalyptic Demon Emperor's body. Moreover, it is the best part, the brain!"

Taotie Demon King's face changed immediately. All 10,000 of his eyes screwed shut, evidently trying to keep his thoughts from Wu Yu.

He was definitely shaken.

The head of Apocalyptic Demon Emperor, an eternal demon emperor, was in Diabolical Dragon King's possession. If he could just consume it, it might very well take him to a breakthrough to the eternal demon emperor realm. A shortcut that meant unspeakably much to Taotie Demon King.

Eternal life was the goal of any martial cultivator, even demon kings.

Wu Yu's news rang with truth, but Taotie Demon King was shrewd enough not to swallow it whole.

Therefore, he harrumphed and countered: "And what is your purpose of telling me so much? Are you looking to work together?"

He had acutely sensed out a possible intent of Wu Yu's. Wu Yu indeed seemed like an adept helper. If he had killed Bloodsucking Scourge, that meant that he was stronger.

He had been suspicious at first - given Bloodsucking Scourge's abilities, how could he have held out for so long against the Diabolical Dragon King? If he was in Fiendish Underworld Metropolis to cause trouble, he should have been captured quickly. But Diabolical Dragon King had been frustrated by this guy.

Therefore, he was inclined to work together with Wu Yu. Alone, he would be unable to threaten Diabolical Dragon King. Once he showed himself there, Diabolical Dragon King would attack him relentlessly, giving him no breather. At that time, he might well come out on the losing end.

But he could send this kid to suss out the situation......

Wu Yu nodded. "Indeed. I want to work with the mighty Taotie. And after the deed is finished, I will be content with 30 percent of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon's brain. Not too demanding a request, is it?"

He could not possibly reveal his real goal of saving Jiu Ying. A 30 percent share of the prize was enough greed and motivation to convince Taotie Demon King.

Taotie Demon King's 10,000 eyes widened, gleaming with sinister light. "30 percent? Getting beyond ourselves are we? I'll give you 10 percent at most, or I will ignore this matter. After all, Diabolical Dragon King's preparations are ample, and any head-on conflict might well fail!"

Inwardly, he was sniggering.

Forget 30 percent - he would not even give Wu Yu 10 percent when the time came. He planned to finish Wu Yu off after the matter was completed.

However, he obviously could not say this.

Both Wu Yu and Taotie Demon King were hiding things from each other, different intentions that they could not speak, hidden behind honeyed words to buy trust.

Taotie Demon King had wanted to accede to Wu Yu's demand of 30 percent, but felt that it might make him suspicious. Therefore, he pretended to haggle it down to 10 percent.

Wu Yu showed his dissatisfaction, but then mulled over it for a while, finally answering grudgingly: "Alright, 10 percent it is. I alone wouldn't be able to get the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor's brain anyway."

"A few more questions. Answer them fully, or I will not trust you."

Taotie Demon King stared straight into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast's eyes. "Since that old dragon has gotten Apocalyptic Demon Emperor's corpse, why has he not devoured it yet? If you have Darkstrife Beast's memories, you should know this!"

"Very simple. Diabolical Dragon King cannot yet devour the brain. He must rely on the aid of the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design in order to digest much of the soul remaining. Otherwise, there will be negative effects that might cause the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor to take over Diabolical Dragon King's body instead."

Wu Yu answered casually. This cocktail of lies and truth was entirely plausible.

Taotie Demon King nodded. He continued with a few more questions that Wu Yu answered to his satisfaction. he answered all of these as though they were from Darkstrife Beast's memories, and completely elided Jiu Ying from the story while completely drawing Taotie Demon King in.

Wu Yu's story was riddled with lies, but Taotie Demon King was not to know. To him, all that Wu Yu said was reasonable. Apocalyptic Demon Emperor's head was in Diabolical Dragon King's possession, and immortal designs were needed to dispel the remnant spirit before it could be eaten.

In truth, Diabolical Dragon King himself did not know where Apocalyptic Demon Emperor's head was, and all he had was Jiu Ying, the vessel.

Diabolical Dragon King planned to devour the spirit remnant of the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor and then take control of Jiu Ying's body to find out where the skull was.

In any case, the collaboration between Wu Yu and Taotie Demon King seemed to be sealed for now. Both kept their own agendas to themselves. A pity that Taotie Demon King did not know that he was being completely played.

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