Chapter 1580: Breaking Out

Wu Yu continued his search through the memories of Darkstrife Beast.

The Ancient Demon Dragon Devourer technique was a great void immortal technique of the Diabolical Dragon King. When he found Jiu Ying, he had cast this unique technique on him.

This technique allowed him to split out a spirit devourer from his demon spirit and could be used to invade one's consciousness so as to gain control of the target's demon spirit. By using this technique, he could create an avatar that belonged only to himself.

This great void immortal technique was a little similar to what Wu Yu did to the Heaven Devouring Avatar, turning the Heaven Devouring Avatar into his own avatar.

However, there were differences too. The Ancient Demon Dragon Devourer technique was a great void immortal technique after all. It's way more exquisite than when Wu Yu simply splitting his primordial spirit. Moreover, it was more invasive and could be used against living creatures.

Currently, Diabolical Dragon King had left the bit of spirit devourer in Jiu Ying's body.

This bit of spirit devourer was currently confronting the spirit remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon in Jiu Ying's body with no side having an upperhand.

If the spirit devourer of Diabolical Dragon King succeeded, Jiu Ying's body would become his avatar and be under his control. Moreover, after devouring the spirit remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon, Diabolical Dragon King would also learn the location of the heads of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon.

Subsequently, he could instruct Jiu Ying to feast on the heads of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon. Although Jiu Ying would be reborn as the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon, he would be under the control of the Diabolical Dragon King and in essence, be just an avatar of the Diabolical Dragon King.

Therefore, he had introduced Jiu Ying as his adopted son so as to pave the way and create an identity for his future avatar. When the time came, it wouldn't arouse the suspicions of others too.

Through the memories of the Darkstrife Beast, Wu Yu also received a piece of good news.

Currently, the spirit devourer of Diabolical Dragon King was in a stand off against the spirit remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon in Jiu Ying. No one dared to make the first move and this allowed Jiu Ying to hold on to his last breath.

Jiu Ying's consciousness had hidden himself and still lived. Wu Yu was relieved upon learning the news.

Therefore, no one was in charge of Jiu Ying's body right now. Jiu Ying's consciousness had hidden himself while Diabolical Dragon King and the spirit remnant of Apocalyptic Chaos Demon were in a standstill. However, Diabolical Dragon King's spirit devourer was gradually getting the upperhand.

It was just that his spirit devourer's strength alone wasn't sufficient to suppress the spirit remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon.

After years of attempts, Diabolical Dragon King finally decided to put in order a massive Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design. With it, it could use used to defend against external enemies at the critical moments while also greatly enhanced the effects of the Ancient Demon Dragon Devourer technique. These were the main objectives.

As long as the massive Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design was in place, the spirit devourer of the Diabolical Dragon King would be capable of overwhelming and consuming the spirit remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon, achieving true control over Jiu Ying's body.

Subsequently, Diabolical Dragon King could use the identity of Jiu Ying to be reborn as the Great Chaos Emperor and both his bodies would be his greatest assets moving forward. Moreover, the body of Jiu Ying stood a good chance of eventually becoming an eternal demon emperor.  

However, this process was discovered by Bloodsucking Scourge and 10,000 Eyed Taotie. This frustrated Diabolical Dragon King deeply.

The constant harrassment by 10,000 Eyed Taotie and Bloodsucking Scourge made him understand if he failed to eliminate 10,000 Eyed Taotie, his plan would definitely not proceed smoothly. Although 10,000 Eyed Taotie had nothing much to gain by stepping in at this stage, the 10,000 Eyed Taotie definitely wouldn't be willing to stand by the side and watch Diabolical Dragon King succeed.

Therefore, thoughts of eliminating 10,000 Eyed Taotie arose in the mind of Apocalpytic Dragon King. He lured him into the mini Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design and attempted to finish him off.

To his surprise, the demon king that was meant to be Bloodsucking Scourge transformed into a strange-looking demon king with terrifying vibes. The appearance of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast shocked even Diabolical Dragon King as he had never seen an existence like this.

The Darkstrife Beast had died and devoured by Wu Yu. On appearance, it looked like he was consuming and digesting the flesh and blood of Darkstrife Beast so as to replenish his vitality.

However, no one knew Wu Yu was in fact reading the memories of Darkstrife Beast.

The situation had not changed drastically for now. When Wu Yu was done reading all memories relating to Jiu Ying and opened his eyes again, he realized 10,000 Eyed Taotie and Diabolical Dragon King were still locked in a standstill within the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design.

10,000 Eyed Taotie was definitely thinking of escaping the immortal design first. However, with Spectral Fire Phoenix and Nightmare Ink Qilin harrassing from the side, 10,000 Eyed Taotie had no means to escape.

Although the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast had killed and even devoured Darkstrife Beast, Diabolical Dragon King's group had no additional capacity to deal with him.

Therefore, when Wu Yu opened his eyes, Diabolical Dragon King was the first to make his stand. "My friend, don't get involved in this troubled water. Be careful or you might not even keep a full corpse! I can allow you to leave now. However, if you don't know what's best for you, the next time we meet would definitely be the day you die!"

He wanted Wu Yu to leave them and wouldn't want Wu Yu to impede their attempt to kill 10,000 Eyed Taotie.

Unfortunately, Wu Yu now knew the full plan of the Diabolical Dragon King and definitely wouldn't allow 10,000 Eyed Taotie to be killed in this place.

Without 10,000 Eyed Taotie to hold Diabolical Dragon King back, Wu Yu wouldn't be a match for Diabolical Dragon King's side. The task to foil his plan would only become harder.

Although Diabolical Dragon King had given Wu Yu a way out and asked him to leave, Wu Yu wasn't going to compromise. He smirked and sent a message to the 10,000 Eyed Taotie. "I'll hold back a 7-heavens demon king. Take the opportunity to break out of the encirclement!"

10,000 Eyed Taotie definitely knew what to do after getting the message.

Although he didn't know Wu Yu's true identity currently, he knew Wu Yu definitely wasn't with Diabolical Dragon King. With both of them trapped within the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design, they could form a temporary alliance.

As for the matters after leaving the immortal design, they could talk again.

10,000 Eyed Taotie felt he might really be killed by Diabolical Dragon King if he was trapped within this place for prolonged period. Although the other party could do nothing to him for now, his strength was constantly depleting in the immortal design. On the other hand, Diabolical Dragon King's strength was replenished by the immortal design at all times. As the battle progressed, it wasn't impossible that 10,000 Eyed Taotie would be killed.

If he could escape, he would definitely strive to break free first!

With Wu Yu's aiding from the side, 10,000 Eyed Taotie became even more ferocious. Previously, he was trying to break out by dashing left and bolting right. Unfortunately, Diabolical Dragon King and the two 7-heavens demon kings were constantly intercepting him, making it impossible for him to escape.

Wu Yu was worried for the safety of Jiu Ying and naturally wouldn't be courteous with the Diabolical Dragon King's group. Moreover, his identity had been exposed and even 10,000 Eyed Taotie knew he wasn't Bloodsucking Scourge. There wasn't any need to continue hiding.

His true identity was foreign for both parties.

"The 10,000 Eyed Taotie is indeed impressive. Diabolical Dragon King had gathered so many people and is reinforced by the immortal design. Yet, they failed to kill him. Nonetheless, he definitely would still be killed if this goes on." Wu Yu thought to himself. He hesitated no more and made his move swiftly!

His target was the Spectral Fire Phoenix. The 7-heavens demon king was known as the Spectral Fire Phoenix King and slightly stronger than the Darkstrife Beast.

Therefore, it wasn't too realistic for Wu Yu to kill Spectral Fire Phoenix. Moreover, she now knew about his identity now and would be more cautious.

Wu Yu could only unleash constant attacks on her. While in his Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast form, he bombarded her with the Submerged Cloud Seal!

Terrifying powers burst forth. Spectral Fire Phoenix King had wanted to intercept 10,000 Eyed Taotie initially. However, she was forced to split his attention to defend against Wu Yu's attack. She had witnessed Wu Yu finishing off Darkstrife Beast with this attack. If she was careless, she might follow in the footsteps of Darkstrife Beast.

"Rascal! How dare you go against our Fiendish Underworld Metropolis. You wouldn't have an easy death!"

Spectral Fire Phoenix King shrilled in anger. She attacked furiously and used all her powers to withstand Wu Yu's Submerged Cloud Seal. However, she also lost the opportunity to intercept 10,000 Eyed Taotie in the process. 

Making the best of Wu Yu holding up Spectral Fire Phoenix King, 10,000 Eyed Taotie moved in swiftly and broke out from her end. The next instant, all 10,000 eyes on him released heart-throbbing green light to the same spot, blasting a hole out of the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design.

Although Diabolical Dragon King and Nightmare Ink Qilin had tried their best to stop him, they were still lacking a little. In the end, Taotie Demon King managed to blast out an opening and escaped from it.

If Spectral Fire Phoenix was in place, she would be able to stop Taotie Demon King from escaping. Unfotunately, she was held up by Wu Yu.

Once he blasted an opening, Taotie Demon King escaped from the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design immediately without turning back once. He had no intentions to check on Wu Yu. Since Wu Yu wasn't Bloodsucking Scourge, he wouldn't be his loyal subordinate and wouldn't warrant his attention.

With 10,000 Eyed Taotie successfully escaping, Wu Yu had nothing to worry further. He used Somersault Cloud and vanished from within the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design instantly.

This left Diabolical Dragon King's group in shock. In just a split moment, they had allowed two people to escape from the immortal design.

More importantly, they even lost Darkstrife Beast!

First, they had underestimated the strength of the "Bloodsucking Scourge". Considering that "Bloodsucking Scourge" had disregarded their warning to hold up Spectral Fire Phoenix and rescue Taotie Demon King, they could see "Bloodsucking Scourge" was determined to foil Diabolical Dragon King's plan.

After Taotie Demon King and Wu Yu had escaped, it was silence in the immortal design. The nine dragon heads of the Diabolical Dragon King looked extremely gloomy with endless rage burning in his eyes.

"I don't care if you are Bloodsucking Scourge or what. Since you dare to ignore our warnings, you have to die!"

Diabolical Dragon King was fuming over his inability to suppress a meagre 7-heavens demon king.

Since the other party was determined to help Taotie Demon King, no one could blame him for not showing any mercy!

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