Chapter 1576: Opportunity

Taking advantage of the fact that the Diabolical Dragon King and the three 7-heavens demon kings were currently in the Fiendish Underworld Metropolis, Wu Yu started destroying the surrounding Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design frantically the moment he infiltrated into Underworld Dragon's Den. As long as Diabolical Dragon King had not caught up, he would want to destroy as much of the immortal design as possible.

The Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design was not completed to begin with. In fact, only a small portion was. Now that Wu Yu was wrecking it, the progress of the set up would fall back once again.

If the destruction was allowed to continue, there's a good chance that the few years of preparations would have been wiped out.

Therefore, when Diabolical Dragon King sensed that the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design was being destroyed, anger boiled deep in his body. He bolted back to the Underworld Dragon's Den to pursue and kill Wu Yu.

Diabolical Dragon King was a 8-heavens demon king with prodigious strength. Even though Wu Yu had several incredible Mystiques of the Bloodsucking Scourge, he was almost caught on several occasions. A frenzied Diabolical Dragon King wouldn't be easy to deal with. If it wasn't for the Somersault Cloud, Wu Yu would long have been caught by the Diabolical Dragon King.

Even so, it was alarmingly dangerous for Wu Yu. On two separate occasions, he was almost bombarded by the attacks from Diabolical Dragon King. The other party was starting to feel they couldn't capture Wu Yu and therefore resorted to attacking directly. If Wu Yu had failed to sense the incoming attacks, he would probably be blasted to smithereens.

With his current strength, he would at least be severely injured if he was hit by Diabolical Dragon King's Mystiques or heavenly rule.

Fortunately, Wu Yu kept his vigilance along the way. Whenever there's any sign of disturbance, he would escape with the Somersault Cloud instead of using the Blood Evasion heavenly rule of Bloodsucking Scourge. This was because heavenly rule power would be useless under these circumstances.

The Blood Evasion heavenly rule would be a perfect means of escape if he was facing someone of similar cultivation realm or someone weaker. When facing Diabolical Dragon King, the effects of the heavenly rule would be limited. If he wished to get away, he still had to relied on the ability of the Somersault Cloud.

After several similar encounters, Diabolical Dragon King was starting to question if something fishy was going on. It wasn't that he didn't knew about the Bloodsucking Scourge and was well aware that the Bloodsucking Scourge was scheming and extremely hard to capture. However, he shouldn't be that superhuman such that even Diabolical Dragon King couldn't capture him.

The more Diabolical Dragon King thought about it, the more he was confused. How could a meagre Bloodsucking Scourge grew to a level where even he couldn't do anything against him.

However, he had no time to consider. Furthermore, after getting more and more confused as he pondered, he gave up on thinking. Regardless, his focus was still to capture the Bloodsucking Scourge.

He couldn't capture Wu Yu alone and therefore ordered the three other 7-heavens demon kings to separate to search for Wu Yu. Once Wu Yu was spotted, they should try to trap him or hold him up. This was what Diabolical Dragon King was planning.

Although the three 7-heavens demon kings might not be able to kill the Bloodsucking Scourge, keeping him tied down was still possible. All they needed was to buy a brief period of time and Diabolical Dragon King would be able to catch up.

Regardless, it would be better than the futile attempts to capture him and allowing him to destroy the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design. 

The other party splitting up was a piece of great news for Wu Yu.

Currently, his main concern was that he couldn't handle Diabolical Dragon King. Otherwise, he just have to take down Diabolical Dragon King directly without having to go through the troubles. Unfortunately, he didn't possess the strength currently. Since the other party had separated to intercept him, his opportunity had arrived.

For him, as long as he find the right opportune timing, he could instantly knock out a 7-heavens demon king. By first clipping the "wings" of Diabolical Dragon King, it would be an easier task for him to face Diabolical Dragon King alone in the end.

Now that the other party had separated, Wu Yu had set his eyes on the Darkstrife Beast. This wasn't because the Darkstrife Beast was the closest to him but becase Darkstrife Beast was the furthest from Diabolical Dragon King.

Wu Yu hid himself and vanished by casting Bloodsucking Scourge's Blood Concealment heavenly rule. However, the Blood Vortex heavenly rule he left behind previously was still constantly destroying the design base of the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design so as to attract the attention of the Diabolical Dragon King.

The Underworld Dragon's Den was too huge. Whenever Wu Yu escaped with the Somersault Cloud, Diabolical Dragon King would have to take a long time to catch up. This frustrated Diabolical Dragon King but he couldn't possibly ignore the destruction of the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design.

Therefore, Diabolical Dragon King was currently moving further and further away from Wu Yu.

Darkstrife Beast was a mystical tortoise with three snake heads. At this time, he was wandering around the Underworld Dragon's Den to search for signs of Wu Yu. To him, the Bloodsucking Scourge wasn't a threat at all. Although both of them were 7-heavens demon kings, he definitely wasn't afraid of Bloodsucking Scourge in a direct confrontation.

The Mystiques and heavenly rules of Bloodsucking Scourge wouldn't be able to breach the defence of the Darkstrife Beast. This was the difference in the aspects they specialized in respectively.

The Bloodsucking Scourge was like an assassin with elusive movements. However, his frontal assault and defensive capabilities were relatively weaker. Darkstrife Beast was least afraid of opponents of this kind.

Unfortunately, he didn't know the true identity of the Bloodsucking Scourge that was wrecking havoc currently.

Wu Yu had his eyes set on the Darkstrife beast. He had been circling Underworld Dragon's Den for a long time, leading Diabolical Dragon King and the three 7-heavens demon kings to split up. Furthermore, they were far apart.

This gave Wu Yu an opening to exploit.

When he got closer to the Darkstrife Beast, he berated and transformed into his Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast form. Terrifying strength exploded from the side of the Darkstrife Beast.

"Void Reversal!"

"Violent Art!" 

"Submerged Cloud Seal!"

The two techniques originated from the terrifying Mystique of Somersault Cloud. The void world and Qian Kun world were reversed, pulling Darkstrife Beast into the void world. Immediately after, Wu Yu unleashed Submerged Cloud Seal that was derived from Somersault Cloud.

In the void world, the powers of Submerged Cloud Seal was reinforced substantially. Together with the support of Violent Art, the destructiveness of the Submerged Cloud Seal had reached a pinnacle.

Darkstrife Beast didn't had much time to react. Just as he used his first Mystique, it was was broken by the Void Reversal immediately.

Immediately following was the horrifying attack of Submerged Cloud Seal. The destructiveness he felt from it was entirely different from his understanding of Bloodsucking Scourge's strength. It was as though it was from an entirely different person. When he caught a glimpse of Wu Yu's form, he was astounded and caught completely surprised by the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast.

"Could there be another demon king other than the Bloodsucking Scourge that had infiltrated into Underworld Dragon's Den?"

This discovery sent a chill down Darkstrife Beast's spine. If this was the case, would there be more demon kings hidden within the Underworld Dragon's Den? If they were to launch an attack together, would the Underworld Dragon's Den be able to withstand?

Initially, he felt Underworld Dragon's Den was an absolutely safe place. However, it would appear that without an elite defensive immortal design, the safety of Underworld Dragon's Den would at most be average. Under ordinary curcumstances, no one would dare to casually cause a ruckus in fear of Diabolical Dragon King.

However, if an emergency occured, the Underworld Dragon's Den wouldn't stand a chance against other demon kings......

Feeling the lethality of the Submerged Cloud Seal hitting his body, the three heads of the Darkstrife Beast berated and cried at the same time. Despite having an outstanding defense, he was severely injured after getting hit by a completely surprise attack.

Near the body of the Darkstrife Beast and above the three snake heads, energy of lightning, wind and wood affinity burst forth frantically. Under the ominous clouds were dense lightning bolts, strong winds and several heavenly rule powers mixed in ready to resist Wu Yu's attack.

However, Wu Yu's current strength couldn't be match by the other party! After he gained experience in handling 7-heavens demon king, it became easier. The key was to ambush and severely injure the other party before he had the time to react.

Although Darkstrife beast berated and unleashed his full strength, it was less than half of what he could have unleashed in pinnacle form.

This wasn't a threat to Wu Yu at all.

Darkstrife Beast was severely injured and Wu Yu was going for the kill. However, a dominating and stifling pressure caged down abruptly from the sky. Clearly, Diabolical Dragon King was arriving!

Initially, Diabolical Dragon King was a far distance away from Darkstrife Beast. However, he was now dashing here at breakneck speed and clearly had foreseen the possibility that Wu Yu might be going for an ambush. He was prepared for it. 

When Diabolical Dragon King show up, Wu Yu had to make a decision swiftly. Either to finish off Darkstrife Beast or to flee for his life.

"If I try to finish off Darkstrife Beast, I wouldn't have time to escape from the Diabolical Dragon King. It seems like I have to give up on this opportunity."

After quick consideration, Wu Yu took the conservative approach. The situation was tense and there's no need for him to take the risk. Even if he couldn't kill the other party this time, there would still opportunities in the future, even if the chances was slimmer. Nonetheless, this wouldn't be more important than keeping his life intact. Clearly, Wu Yu treasured his life more.

Also, giving up on killing Darkstrife Beast wouldn't mean there's no hope of rescuing Jiu Ying. This was just a plot to clip the "wings". Even if he failed, the impact to the overall scheme wouldn't be particularly huge.

Therefore, Wu Yu chose to give up decisively.

Although he could kill Darkstrife Beast by following with any Mystique, he didn't have the time. He turned around at the first instant and vanished from the area. He didn't use the Somersault Cloud in order to confuse the other party.

When Diabolical Dragon King arrived, Darkstrife Beast finally understood he kept his life. He was badly injured but his core wasn't damaged. After a period of recuperation, he would recover. However, if Diabolical Dragon King was a tad slower, he might have departed for afterlife. 

"Other than Bloodsucking Scourge, there is another demon king wandering in our Underworld Dragon's Den?"

When Diabolical Dragon King arrived, the eyes on the nine dragon heads gleaned in frightening glow. He recalled the looks of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast he had seen previously and felt complicated.

Obviously, he wouldn't relate the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast he had seen to the Bloodsucking Scourge as the same existence. Now that he had seen Wu Yu in a different identity from the Bloodsucking Scourge, he had a bad premonition.

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