Chapter 1573: Blood Vortex Heavenly Rule

Within the World Discursor immortal design and 9 Great Illusional Formation, Wu Yu unleashed the powers he obtained from Immolate at once!

Facing the Bloodsucking Scourge who was temporarily trapped within the illusionary designs, Wu Yu raised his hand and followed with crusader heavenly rule. Tyrannical heavenly rule power enveloped his body like rays from a scorching sun, dramatically empowering his aura.

Crusader heavenly rule was Wu Yu's second heavenly rule. When activated, he could enhanced all aspects of his abilities. This was a heavenly rule power born entirely for battle and it encompassed the spirits of the Victorious Fighting Buddha. As Wu Yu activated it, Bloodsucking Scourge felt as though a small blinding sun appeared before him out of nowhere. 

His acuity towards dangers jolted him awake and enabled him to break free from the illusionary designs. However, it was still impossible for him to escape the encirclement of the two immortal designs.

"Take this from me!"

Taking advantage of the lost Bloodsucking Scourge, Wu Yu wielded Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar and came smashing down towards the head of Bloodsucking Scourge with imposing momentum as Thunder Flame heavenly rule gushed down.

Understanding his circumstances, a shade of scarlet instinctively covered Bloodsucking Scourge. Immediately after, a sink of scarlet blood quickly formed outside his body, emanating a nauseating odour. This was one of his heavenly rule, Blood Sink heavenly Rule. 

When the Blood Sink heavenly Rule was used, it could constantly weaken the attack of the enemy in the sink of blood. The attack that eventually reached him would at most be one-tenth of the initial might.

Moreover, if the Blood Sink heavenly Rule was expanded to envelope his opponent, his opponent would be drastically weakened. This was also the reason why Bloodsucking Scourge could defeat several 7-heavens demon kings previously and his greatest trump card to feast on his opponents.

As the Blood Sink heavenly Rule was unleashed, a shade of scarlet dyed the sink of blood and quickly expanded to the surroundings.

Wu Yu's Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar smashed into the Blood Sink heavenly Rule and he instantly felt impeded by an extremely viscous power. This also restricted the damage of the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar. At this point, the might of the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar was barely keeping up to Wu Yu's strength.

Regardless, this wasn't the time to delve into this. Witnessing the unleash of Blood Sink heavenly Rule, Wu Yu cast Void Reversal immediately. This was a Mystique developed from Somersault Cloud.

Under Void Reversal, a void world was formed around Wu Yu and quickly switched out with the Qian Kun world. Immediately after, one could see Bloodsucking Scourge's Blood Sink heavenly Rule was excluded while the true form of the Bloodsucking Scourge was pulled into the void world.

At the same time, Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were brought into the void world. Bloodsucking Scourge could feel his strength restricted in the void, greatly weakening him. This jolted his vigilance immediately.

He had wanted to pull the other party into his Blood Sink heavenly Rule initially. However, he ended up trapped in the other party's world. Undoubtedly, he would be greatly disadvantaged in this world, even though he was facing three little brats that appeared to have just entered the Great Void Demon Immortal Realm......

He even sent an immortal message talisman out earlier, trying to inform 10,000 Eyed Taotie about the situation he was in. After all, he fell into the trap of his enemies and it was apparent they were well prepared.

Therefore, Bloodsucking Scourge had to be cautious. Even if the three brats before him didn't seem to be a threat at all.

However, when they exchanged blows, he immediately realized Wu Yu's group was unprecedentedly strong. They were absolutely way more terrifying than other 2-heavens demon kings 

Initially, Bloodsucking Scourge was still composed. He was certain he just had to persevere until 10,000 Eyed Taotie arrived.

However, he realized his immortal message talisman didn't get out at all as it was intercepted by World Discursor immortal design. His face darkened immediately.

"Who are you guys? How are you related to the Primitive Demon King?"

No matter how hard he thought, the only conclusion he arrived at was Primitive Demon King. This was because he was led here by information from Primitive Demon King. It wouldn't take a genius to tell this had something to do with the Primitive Demon King.

Could it be that Primitive Demon King had turned on them and decided to take refuge under Diabolical Dragon King in the Underworld Dragon's Den? And this was a trap that he meticulously planned to lure him in?

However, the opponents before him shouldn't just be three foreign-looking brats......

The truth was the Bloodsucking Scourge no longer dared to see Wu Yu's group at three little brats. In the brief exchange previously, he could sense danger from Wu Yu. This danger was sufficient to be lethal and if he wasn't cautious, he might just perish in this place today.

This wasn't a situation Bloodsucking Scourge was willing to be in.

With regard to the Bloodsucking Scourge's questions, Wu Yu's group naturally wouldn't waste time answering. Regardless, Bloodsucking Scourge was a dead demon in their eyes and his identity would be inherited by Wu Yu.

Seeing that Wu Yu's group was unmoved, Bloodsucking Scourge hurriedly said, "Wait a minute! Hold it first! We can talk this through. Why don't you guys tell me about your objectives? Perhaps I would be able to help you guys?"

Hearing him, Wu Yu was perplexed. He had never seen such a cowardly demon king. 

On the outside, he was just at the second tier of Great Void Demon Immortal Realm. The difference between them were five tiers and yet he looked as though he was surrendering?

Just as the doubts flashed in Wu Yu's mind, a viscious look gleaned in Bloodsucking Scourge's eyes. His entire body glowed in blood-red light as he unleashed another heavenly rule power: Blood Vortex heavenly rule!

Compelling heavenly rule power gathered within Bloodsucking Scourge and quickly formed a scarlet sphere. The scarlet sphere encompassed the powers of the Blood Vortex heavenly rule and had a deadly suction force on the blood of any living creatures.

When the Blood Vortex heavenly rule was formed, Wu Yu's group could instantly feel the fresh blood in their body rumbling. It was as though their blood no longer belonged to them as the blood forced their ways through the pres and towards the Blood Vortex heavenly rule!

Wu Yu's group was surprised by the tricks Bloodsucking Scourge had. It's not surprising why he was so well regarded in the Demon Immortal Realm. If it wasn't because Wu Yu's group had prepared well this time, they might really allow him to escape.

Unfortunately, Wu Yu wasn't going to give him any opportunity and so were Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.

When the Blood Vortex heavenly rule was unleashed, a terrifying blood-red vortex started forming between them.

The suction force on their bood wasn't particularly strong initially but was intensifying as time passed. Wu Yu's group wouldn't possibly allow the full might of the heavenly rule power to be unleashed.

"The Flowered Branch of Reincarnation, Green Wood World!"

Full Moon of Nanshan was the first to make his move. A flash of green light blinked through the place. Initially, the green was sparsely distributed across the blood-red surrounding. However,  the green swiftly expanded and even devoured the blood-red surroundings.

A sea of green plants grew out and even blocked out the powers of the Blood Vortex heavenly rule. The plants separating them were so thick that the suction force couldn't act on the blood within Wu Yu and others.

At this point, the trio had lost quite an amount of blood and was covered in them. Their blood was also floating in the space before them.

However, this wasn't lethal to them. In fact, it wouldn't even be considered severe injuries. Losing some blood wouldn't affect their battle strength.

Obviously, if they allowed the Blood Vortex heavenly rule to go its way, they would soon become dried corpses. Unfortunately, this was impeded by Full Moon of Nanshan's Green Wood World. 

This wasn't the end too.

"Hell Incarnation, Death Incarnation Maelstrom!"

Ye Xixi also made her move at the most opportune time. Bloodsucking Scourge was still reeling in shock from the fact that his Blood Vortex heavenly rule was stopped when the maelstrom of incarnation energy from hell quickly covered his body to create a death spiral. Creepy and chilling aura constantly emanated from the death spiral.

Gloomy spirits constantly emerged from the spiral. Although the spirits were fragmented, they were reinforced by Ye Xixi and was extremely effective against the Bloodsucking Scourge.

Almost instantly, Bloodsucking Scourge felt his head splitting and realized he couldn't break free from the death spiral!

"You are...... You are a ghostly immortal! How did you get into our Demon Immortal Realm...... Argh!" Just as Bloodsucking Scourge noticed the abnormality, the Death Incarnation Maelstrom had stripped him of his ability to think.

His vague senses was starting to dissipate.

Full Moon of Nanshan's Green Wood World was starting to shrink too, trapping the Bloodsucking Scourge within. Numerous huge vines circled around him, making it harder and harder for him to move.

The Bloodsucking Scourge was extremely quick and specialized in concealment techniques. If he weren't restricted, Wu Yu wouldn't be able to kill it.

Obviously, if there were only Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, they could only trap the Bloodsucking Scourge. When the Bloodsucking Scourge acclimatized to the Death Incarnation Maelstrom, he would still stand a chance of breaking free. Unfortunately, Wu Yu wouldn't give him the opportunity.

After all, Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were still relatively weak and couldn't possibly hold down the Bloodsucking Scourge for too long.

"Violent Art!"

The next moment, Wu Yu transformed into the golden Immoprtal Ape and his angry roar shook the entire void world. With the activation of Violent Art, his physical strength was raised to a whole new level.

"Submerged Cloud Seal!"

With the reinforcement of Violent Art, crusader heavenly rule and Void Reversal, the destructiveness of Submerged Cloud Seal was off the charts. The powers of Somersault Cloud exploded from within the Bloodsucking Scourge. After the powers were reinforced by Violent Art and crusader heavenly rule, they could even shatter the void space.

Following a cry that couldn't reach beyond the immortal design, the Bloodsucking Scourge was decimated. All signs of life was erased by the Submerged Cloud Seal, leaving him almost no time to even struggle.

Together with Immolate, Wu Yu barely had the strength to annihilate a 7-heavens demon king. The Bloodsucking Scourge was immobilized entirely and had no means to resist the destructive powers. In the end, he was killed instantly by the powers.

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