Chapter 1563: Lure

Outside of Crimson Blood Demon Palace, Green Fire Demon King requested an audience with Kunpeng Demon King.

At this point, Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had left for several days and should almost be done with setting up the traps. Therefore, all that was left was to lure Kunpeng Demon King to the dark forest.

Wu Yu transformed into Green Fire Demon King and waited outside the Crimson Blood Demon Palace. Soon, a beautiful female demon appeared and glanced at him through the edge of her eyes in haughty fashion. "Kunpeng Demon King is cultivating. If you wish to meet him, just wait patiently." Although that was just a female demon servant of the Crimson Blood Demon Palace, she wasn't courteous with Green Fire Demon King. In fact, she was looking down on him with contempt.

This wasn't because Green Fire Demon King wasn't sufficiently strong but because the female demon servants would almost never leave the palace they were in.

In the Crimson Blood Demon Palace, she represented Kunpeng Demon King. Anyone that had thoughts of touching her would have to give face to Kunpeng Demon King. Therefore, when facing Green Fire Demon King, why would she be courteous to him?

Wu Yu wasn't angered. From the memories of Green Fire Demon King, Wu Yu knew Green Fire Demon King was rather fearful of Kunpeng Demon King. Basically, he wouldn't object to anything Kunpeng Demon King instructed him to do. One could even say Green Fire Demon King was a henchman of Kunpeng Demon King.

Therefore, Wu Yu waited patiently outside the Crimson Blood Demon Palace. After three months had passed, Crimson Moon Kunpeng finally strolled out lazily.

Seeing Green Fire Demon King, Crimson Moon Kunpeng was clearly dismayed. He questioned, "You little brat! What do you have for me?"

With no others around, he was lazy to act friendly with Green Fire Demon King and went straight to the point.

He would like to see what this brat had to say. If there was nothing urgent, he would definitely teach Green Fire Demon King a lesson so he would know the consequences of disturbing him for no better reason.

Wu Yu was observing Crimson Moon Kunpeng that was before him. This was a humongous creature with the true form covered in a layer of blood-red substance. He was bloody, mysterious and intimidating.

The Green Fire Demon King that Wu Yu had transformed into put on a smiley face immediately and said, "Boss Kunpeng, I have a secret to share with you this time. Till now, only I know about this and therefore would like to present to you!"

"A secret? What secret?"

Crimson Moon Kunpeng squinted his blood red eyes and questioned with slight excitement.

Wu Yu didn't beat around the bush and said, "I found quite a large amount of eternal demon emperor's blood in a hidden place previously. Initially, I thought of consuming them myself. However, I recalled Boss Kunpeng is at a critical stage before a breakthrough. If you could have the blood of eternal demon emperor, perhaps you would be able to make the leap and join the ranks of 7-heavens demon kings!"

"Are you serious?"

Crimson Moon Kunpeng was clearly a little doubtful.

After all, the blood of eternal demon emperor was an extremely rare treasure even for himself. Over the past several tens of thousands of years, he had not even once encountered any. If Green Fire Demon King had really found it, wouldn't he consume it himself?

"Definitely true!"

Green Fire Demon King spoke with great excitement. "There's no way I dare to lie to Boss Kunpeng! If Boss could take care of me in the future after getting the blood of eternal demon emperor, I would be most grateful of!"

This was reasonable to Kunpeng Demon King. After all, he was also aware Green Fire Demon King wasn't doing too well in Underworld Dragon's Den. Although he could throw his weight around at the edges of Fiendish Underworld Metropolis, his standing in Underworld Dragon's Den was close to the bottom.

If Green Fire Demon King could receive preferential treatment from Crimson Moon Kunpeng, his standing would definitely rise a little. At the very least, the majority of demons wouldn't find him an easy demon to pick on like before.

Nonetheless, the main consideration was that there would definitely not be any scheming plots behind it.

Kunpeng Demon King knew Green Fire Demon King too well. In his eyes, Green Fire Demon King was a coward and wouldn't dare to plot against him. If his plot was exposed, Green Fire Demon King would definitely suffer a terrible death.

Green Fire Demon King wouldn't even dare to offend the other 5-heavens demon kings, let alone Kunpeng Demon King.

Therefore, Kunpeng Demon King didn't read too much into it. To him, the eternal demon emperor's blood was a rare treasure. If he could get it, it would be of considerable help to become a 7-heavens demon king.

"In that case, lead the way. I hope you aren't lying to me or you should know the consequences well."

Kunpeng Demon King snorted. One could easily pick up the intentional threats in his tone.

Wu Yu had wanted to devour him so he could have more opportunities ahead. Naturally, he wouldn't be intimidated by his threats.

However, he still had to pretend to be fearful to fit the conduct of Green Fire Demon King. At the same time, his eyes gleaned with excitement and anticipation. "Boss, rest assured! I will definitely not disappoint boss. All I hope is that boss could take care of me in the future. I would be most grateful for that. If I find other benefits like these, I would definitely hand it over to boss to enjoy first!"

What Wu Yu said was relatively attractive. For Crimson Moon Kunpeng, the chances of making breakthroughs in cultivation realms weren't many. If Green Fire Demon King could really become his henchman and follow all his orders, it would be a great thing.

Therefore, Kunpeng Demon King waved his hand and followed Green Fire Demon King.

Soon, the duo left the territory of Underworld Dragon's Den and out of the Fiendish Underworld Metropolis. Even when they were outside, Crimson Moon Kunpeng was relatively at ease. After all, the vicinity was still under the rule of Diabolical Dragon King. Those stronger demon kings in the vicinity would also not recklessly mess with Fiendish Underworld Metropolis, and especially so the demon kings from Underworld Dragon's Den.

Even extending a large area beyond Fiendish Underworld Metropolis, they were absolutely safe as no one would dare to touch them.

This made Crimson Moon Kunpeng especially proud. There were a number of 6-heavens demon kings outside of Fiendish Underworld Metropolis. Any two of them would pose a threat in a different place. Yet, he wasn't afraid by the slightest currently.

If the other party dared to lay a finger on the demon kings of Fiendish Underworld Metropolis, death would be the only outcome for the other party.

Wu Yu took the appearance of Green Fire Demon King and led Crimson Moon Kunpeng to the area where dark forest was. Along the way, he didn't show any opening. He was just like the Green Fire Demon King, showing excitement while constantly trying to curry favors from Crimson Moon Kunpeng.

Even if Diabolical Dragon King was right here, he probably couldn't tell that Green Fire Demon King was impersonated by someone else. 

After several months, Wu Yu finally led Crimson Moon Kunpeng across a region almost as huge as the black sea and closer to where the dark forest was!

Wu Yu could almost disregard the void chasms at the edges. However, he couldn't just pass through them in a straight line. Instead, he had to pretend to be cautious while gradually leading Crimson Moon Kunpeng into the dark forest.

Although a few months were nothing to any demon kings, Crimson Moon Kunpeng was clearly losing his patience.

When they first started on the journey, Kunpeng Demon King was clearly in a good mood and had a good attitude towards Green Fire Demon King. After all, Green Fire Demon King was giving up the chance of consuming the eternal demon emperor's blood himself. Kunpeng Demon King deemed Green Fire Demon King qualified to be his subordinate.

However, a long time had passed since then and they had just been flying straight without traces of eternal demon emperor's blood in sight. This left Crimson Moon Kunpeng more and more frustrated.

"We are almost there. It's in the forest ahead of us. The eternal demon emperor's blood is right on the leaves of an ancient tree in the forest."

Green Fire Demon King explained in a hurry after seeing Crimson Moon Kunpeng losing his temper. He had to calm him down as they weren't at the location where Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had laid the traps.

Crimson Moon Kunpeng snorted, "If there isn't any eternal demon emperor's blood, you should know the consequences. From today onwards, there will probably not be a place in the Underworld Dragon's Den that could accommodate you!"

If Green Fire Demon King was fooling him around, it's natural that Kunpeng Demon King would be furious.

Nonetheless, Kunpeng Demon King was still harbouring hope. All along, Green Fire Demon King was saying the eternal demon emperor's blood was within the dark forest. After following Green Fire Demon King through numerous void chasms and shattered immortal design, a dark forest finally appeared before their eyes.

If there was really eternal demon emperor's blood, the rewards from the time spent would be astronomical.

As they moved deeper into the dark forest, Kunpeng Demon King could only sense a thin aura of eternal demon emperor's blood but not see even a drop of blood. 

Clearly, something had gone wrong. 

"Bastard! How dare you fool me!"

Kunpeng Demon King's face darkened instantly. His crimson red Kunpeng's body emanated heart-throbbing aura and layers of red waves emitted constantly to the surrounding.

He had realized something was wrong with the place. If the issue wasn't with Green Fire Demon King, what could it be?

There were indeed signs of eternal demon emperor's blood. However, it was gone many years ago. Clearly, Green Fire Demon King was fooling him. Green Fire Demon King had claimed to find the blood reently but it was clear the blood in this place had vanished for several thousand years. 

If this wasn't fooling him, what would be?

Kunpeng Demon King's expression darkened. He really couldn't think of what could embolden Green Fire Demon King to play tricks on him. The only possibility was that this was a scheming plot!

Therefore, his first reaction was to send out immortal message talismans. At the very least, he wanted to let others know about his position and give a rough explanation of what he had encountered so the other demon kings in the Underworld Dragon's Den could make preparations.

Obviously, Kunpeng Demon King still didn't believe he would be in any trouble. He was just making preparations in the event that he might encounter dangers.

Unfortunately, he realized he was blockaded by an immortal design before he could send out his immortal message talismans. He was surprised there were immortal design traps already laid within the dark forest. 

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